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  1. After a character has been hit directly by the spell or has stepped on it while still in effect on the floor, it will prevent him from either ever getting back up or ever attacking again. If they do manage to get back up they can still do disengagement attacks. I have no idea why this is happening. Edit: Oh and also the visuals where the effect animation latches on the character still isn't fixed for most of the spells.
  2. [Description]: AFter starting a game in normal mode, if you select big head mode from the options menu and play for a while the renderer will start to crash, slowly whittling away at all objects. You start to get the item disappearance bug again, your chracter doesn't show up in the inventory screen, and npcs start to disappear from the map (with their weapons still showing). [How to reproduce]: 1- Start a new game with normal head mode. 2- Run around a little. 3- Activate big head mode from options screen. 4- Go to inventory screen. The first character that is currently selected shoul
  3. [Description of the issue] Slow mode persists on the main screen if it is on when quitting a game. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game. Turn on slow mode. Quit game and return to the main screen. Notice how the screen fade in is much slower. Start a new game. Notice how the background panning is much slower. It's also possible that the background will zoom out too far and show black bars around it. [Expected Behaviour] Slow mode should not persist past the current game. [Other Remarks / Comments] The slow mode does not persist when the actual character creation starts, so that
  4. [Description of the issue] The secret door in the portion of the Scaen temple that's opened after talking to Wymund doesn't look any secret when viewed from the other side, where the stone beetles live. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Reach the stone beetles section of Dyrwood Ruins. 2) Take a look at the wall in the northeast corner. 3) You visually spot there is a secret door. [Expected behaviour] You shouldn't visually spot there is anything peculiar about that part of the wall (ideally). [Other remarks / Comments] This is a minor is
  5. Walking into the Herbalist's house, there's a weird graphical glitch for me. The area kinda "vibrates" in a disconcerting way. Also, there is a backer NPC in there. When I exited the location, the "eye" icon that the backer NPCs have was "stuck" to my screen afterwards at the same space where the NPC had been. This is playing at 1920x1080 resolution with Vsync on.
  6. [Description of the issue] By slightly moving the view left and right, I get this glitches when calculating the shadow of a dead Forest Lurker. I can't really reproduce the problem. It just happens from time to time. [Other remarks / Comments] It may have to do with alt-tabbing. I think I had alt-tabbed at least once before I noticed this happening.
  7. As you can see from my attached image Moon godlike head 4/4 is missing its head
  8. [Description of the issue] Basically, what the title says. When You level up while in a conversation, which is often the case, the highlighting of the levelup "+" icons is visible through the dialogue's overlay although the portraits are not visible themselves. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Finish any quest that allows you to level up while in a conversation 2) The highlights are visible in the lower left corner of the screen. [Expected behaviour] The highlighting shouldn't be visible. [Other remarks / Comments] Screenshot a
  9. At least my explanation is that these icons have been exported in a wrong color mode. Probably the issue is something different but here are some examples: The description says this is a copper coin. The same image is shown for the Golden Duc, although I haven't taken a screenshot of that too, it looks the same. Maybe the idea is that it will get progressively closer to gold, as the game gets closer to gold? I suppose this book should actually have a dark-orange or yellow cover as well.
  10. Here is what my portrait should look like (1st position male) and the 6th character (6th position female). Now here it looks like when I bring up the 6th character in the character screen: Now here it look like when I bring up/switch to my character: As you can see my chosen port and name have been overwritten from the 6th character in the character screen. Also saving and reloading does not fix this issue.
  11. Here is a good reference image for what I am about to go over: As you see from my next attachment I picked up and returned the fruit looking icon back to the same spot as I pulled it from. 1) Despite the fact 'Weapons' is selected all object in my wizards inventory lost their haze/fog for not meeting the requirement. 2) The haze/fog effect only returns if the player makes a different selection like 'Armor' 3) If you also notice my 2 handed classed specter the second slot is not hazed/fog here in the image. This is because when I picked it up and returned to the slot the 2nd sl
  12. When you get to the point to pick your hair for human. Hair selection 1/20 is the same as 20/20 which is bald
  13. [Description] What it says in the title. [Test case] 1) Start and finish a battle. For example Medreth's gang, although I noticed this in the spider cave. 2) Save your game. 3) Load the same save. 4) All dead bodies are gone, only loot containers are visible [Expected behavior] Dead bodies should persist after loading a savegame. [Other notes] This bug was present in previous versions. I would have thought it falls in the category of "Do you need me to test your game to point that out?", but since it persists, I thought I should report it.
  14. During the creation of the ranger for about 1 to 2 secs this image is drawn After that it is replaced with this As you can see the arrow is now missing from the second image
  15. A slight, but noticeable change. Here's the gif that shows the problem. It's quite heavy, so wait till it's loaded. http://gyazo.com/c16b4906283d70dfb7b2c3e597c11dce
  16. [Description of the issue] If you enter stealth, then open the inventory, after you exit stealth your character is still in stealth stance, but his 3d model is no longer semi transparent. I can't say if he is effectively in stealth from game rules perspective. I also forgot to check if this happens only with the character whose inventory was opened, or with every character in the party. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter stealth 2) Open any character's inventory screen 3) Close the inventory screen 4) Take a look at the character whose invent
  17. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well
  18. [Description of the issue] When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object. These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter scout mode 2) Approach hidden object. 3) Recieve message spam. This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden st
  19. When going into the Options Menu from the Main Screen and going under the language options, the selected option is not shown. There is only a black bar. If I click on the black bar, the options will show, but my selected option is not visible.
  20. I've noticed that after clicking the Level Up cross on a character, the level-up screen is still mostly black when the Talent selection icons appear. Thus they look like they're showing up in a black void before the res of the level-up screen fades in. Managed to ninja a screenshot:
  21. Switching between characters on the character screen sometimes causes the text to go over text. Probably because of different lengths of the string (due to different % number) between the characters. See attachment.
  22. First, you can see the things they hold (but not them) when you just go upstairs (see attachment). Seconds, you can see the three of them over the fog of war before opening the door. Third, when you TAB, their names are all bundled up. I'm guessing that's a general bug if you TAB and named characters are next to each other. The game doesn't know to move the name labels away from each other (see another attachment).
  23. This video demonstrates that the shadow map for the Dyrford Crossing is inaccurate relative to the shadows shown in the level. Blending character shadows and darkening characters in the level happens in sunlit areas. Because I've been sneaky, I happen to know that Shadow Maps for areas in Pillars of Eternity are 512x512 pixels in size, whereas the areas themselves are 16:9 perspective Is it possible that using a 1:1 scale shadow map and a 16:9 area is causing the issue? Or is the shadow map just inaccurate ?
  24. For the fighter class. You'll notice with the attached image for the Aumaua, Dwarf, Elf, and Orlan their boot buckles are floating/separate from their boots. Repeatable: 100%
  25. Elves can't wear helmets right. Dwarf hair shows through. That's one shaggy helmet. The poor wizard can't see!
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