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  1. (BBv435 linux) [Description] There is an issue with text adjustment to the box in the the loading screen. When the loading starts, it looks like this: And after a few seconds it adjusts to the right formatting: [How to reproduce] The issue doesn't occur often. The highest probability for me to make it happen: 1) Change a font size to the higher (eg. 130%); 2) Start a new game; 3a) Observe it on the loading screen after the character creation; 3b) If not happened return to the point 2) and try again. [Comments] It looks like there is a change of alignment from center (doesn't
  2. Hi, I have been playing for about 15-20 minutes and I am experiencing low frame rates. I first noticed it during the character creation menu, my laptop usually gets these on most games but lowering the graphics settings usually fixes the problem. The game looks fantastic, but that's what is slowing down my game and I can't seem to find any useful graphics options anywhere, other than vsync and the resolution. Is there any way to tone down the graphics to up my frame rate? Or I am stuck in low fps? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  3. Just started the game and what struck me first as a rather large inconvenience was the dialogue representation in the game. PoE apparently chooses to go the way Planescape: Torment did (as opposed to BG series) and along the regular dialogue replicas, it gives you also some fluff information around, describing the general circumstances (i.e. that you interlocutor shrugged or that he is looking at you very strangely or some such). Now I admit I am not a huge fan of this, however I respect this design choice. However I think it is implemented rather poorly. I beleive the fluff text and d
  4. I am not sure if anyone else experiences this issue or if this issue was already addressed in some other topic. I checked but I couldn't find anything relevant so if this issue was already addressed elsewhere or is otherwise known please feel free to remove this topic. I am experiencing some slight fluidity issues during the graphic transitions between one character design and another during character generation and a similar issue is present during gameplay as well. When I switch between character appearances (e.g. between male and female or between races) for the first time the transitio
  5. When I click on items on the ground, my character runs off in a random direction, generally on the other side of the map. Once they finally stop moving, the item selection box thing opens and I can take the objects. ​Additionally, my companion(Calsica? I think thats her name) does not show up, but I can still give her commands and everything. I've actually managed to get her to show maybe 2 times, but I have no idea what I did to do it. Thirdly, the game seems to crash whenever I save. Despite it crashing, it doe actually save Link to important files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i
  6. Hi, I'm on Mac OSX. Character creation is smooth as a whistle, then I click Done/ Accept and it takes me to a black screen with only ambient noise, music and the hand cursor. I've tried in a different resolution and in windowed mode, no cigar. I'm going to keep trying to disable graphics options, as I assume it is related, but this is deeply frustrating - if someone has a solution I'd be very grateful!
  7. Hey guys, I hope it's good subforum to ask this question. Apologies if it's not. I have a question regarding minimal requirements for the graphics: I remember when I was checking this information literally 3-4 days ago the requirements for graphics for Mac were described as: so I added PoE to my GoG shopping cart (didn't buy it yet, fortunately?). However, when I checked it again today when I wanted to actually buy it, that's what I saw: which, from what I can see, both are "a bit" more powerful than HD 4000. I verified that information in Obsidian shop - it says the sa
  8. Is there a way to change the actual graphics of this game? the graphics option doesn't really seem to support that ability.
  9. As mentioned in my post, spell effects and lighting are occluding selection/targetting circles and engagement UI, making any combat situation featuring spell effects practically unplayable. I would also like to submit a report for overwhelming spell effects in general, but it's not a bug per se.
  10. A big shortcoming of the game so far is that combat is too difficult to read. This is caused by 2 main factors - the UI feedback (which Sensuki has discussed in depth) and the actual visuals themselves. Even when ignoring the bug causing characters to overlap each other, it's evident that the "readability of characters and enemies in battle is poor. Here is a screenshot which captures some of the issues: In it, the characters are correctly spaced and the overlap bug is not in effect. There is a spell effect going off, and the battle is partly obscured by an arch. While these situa
  11. [Description] When you kill a corpse, and there's lighting around, you see a bunch of squares centered on the corpses. [Reproduction steps] 1) Create/load game. 2) Go to Dracogen Inn 3) Kill everyone 4) Take BB wizard and cast Fan of Flames on the next to some corpses Notice the visible squares due to the uneven lighting. [Expected behaviour] The lighting transition from corpse to non-corpse should be as one would expect it, free of squares.
  12. If you equip the Mail Coif, there will be clipping issues on the dwarf head (BB Fighter), and on the elf head (BB Wizard).
  13. [Description] When standing in front of a highlightable something (like a door, chest, container, trap, etc...), the door highlights over the character. This is really jarring. [steps to reproduce] 1) Create new game (any character) 2) Go up to Berath temple, stand in front of door. 3) Press tab 4) See that the door highlights over your character. See or [Expected behaviour] Highlighting should be done under characters / have the same front-back "priority" as the object they are meant to represent.
  14. The Facial Hair 3 bear is wonky/bugged / ugly as hell. It looks as if there's an extra mustache on the left hand side of the face. See pictures for what I mean. Edit: Also the Character creation/Adventurer's Hall tag cannot be selected in the forum, because tags need to be between 2 and 30 characters.
  15. This is not a bug new to [480], but I did not recognize with a cursory glance through the known issues lists. I'm using a 1680 * 1050 resolution - not sure if that matters. (Also appears on 1280 * 720) When (in-game) clicking on a selected portrait, there's a white border at the top and left side of the portrait inside the frame. Also, when depressed, the bottom of the portrait punches through the bottom frame. When clicking on an unselected portrait, that white border is transparent, which isn't very noticeable. Likewise, I can't really tell if the portrait bleeds through the bot
  16. Facial Hair 3 is displaced, all races.
  17. Issue: I started a new game as a paladin, spoke to Medreth, and the selection cursor, instead of changing to the hand icon for making selections, was stuck as the box-size-adjust cursor (the double-arrow you use for resizing windows). I was able to do everything as normal with the cursor, so it seems to be a purely graphical error. I haven't been able to get the issue to repeat; tried for several minutes.
  18. I find it very obstructive to have 'Action Icon', 'Recovery Bar' over PCs' head right in the middle of combat. Apart from that, it's ugly to look at, being that it takes away from the stunning game visuals. As has been requested by many backers in different threads, it would be an easy task to pass that info down onto the character portrait. PCs should have *nothing* above their heads, that is why the UI is there. Please, do that.
  19. Issue: When i removed the default breastplate that comes with your BB Wizard, his skin turned grey. Detail: This has happened to this particular character a number of times across multiple playthroughs when i removed his armour Note: I have attached a screenshot, i should have zoomed in sorry. You can see him at the back of the party.
  20. [Description of the issue] Pink textures when shading/obscuring characters. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load attached savegame 2) Move the characters behind any building or across any grass or in front of each other. 3) Observe the pink textures. [Expected behaviour] No pink textures. [Other remarks / Comments] Tried different resolutions, HDDs, redownloading off Steam, switching to single monitor solution [Files] Savegame jpeg of image issue dxdiag 2b1ae21d-334f-4be8-914d-1c8f8e83e7e1 autosave.zip DxDiag.txt
  21. (Character creation, linux version) [Description of the issue] Simple clothing and Aedyre clothing show graphical glitches on Orlan (resp. goodlike) males. Simple clothing shows glitches on elf male models too. See attached image. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start a new game; 2) Select a male, race Orlan or Elf; 3) Choose a Cipher class (+ Aedyr culture -- implicit); and/or in case of Orlan a Wizard/Monk class; 4) Graphical glitches should be visible on the character creation screen already. [Expected behaviour] Clothing should be w
  22. Playing Torment I find that I am perfectly content with the graphical fidelity on display, in terms of quality I can see that it can be improved in many ways, but it is in no way hampering the game for me, especially with the Widescreen mod installed. (Much obliged dear mod makers.) What is strange is that sometimes I am finding stylised, graphically inferior pixelated games preferable, for instance the remake of the Monkey Island game just do not have the charm of the originals, for me it was worth switching to the original mode even though I lost the voice acting. Now is this a preferenc
  23. [Description] After loading an autosave in Hendyna's house, the background appears to be vibrating. And the trapped chest is no longer able to be interacted with. [DETAILED] Issue should be immediately obvious upon loading attached save. [Files] Save file: autosave.zip [special] DxDiag: DxDiag.txt
  24. [Description of the issue] Characters' shadows disappearing near map edges [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Run to the map edges with your party; -Notice how shadows disappears while your party is near map edges; -Notice how shadows reappears as soon as you walk in the opposite direction of the map edge. [Expected behaviour] Characters shadows should be always visible, even near map edges [Other remarks / Comments] It looks like this happens only when party is near East and West edge of the map. [Files]
  25. Specs: 1920 x 1080 @60hz Started a new game and as soon I got into the game I moved my camera to the right and noticed the shadows on my characters disappear. Here you can see the fighters shadow on the ground Here you can see the fighters shadow disappears if I move my camera a little Where I made my squiggley lines appears this is a dead area where shadows will not draw. So it appears no off screen shadows.
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