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Found 2 results

  1. Disclaimer : I know that Stronghold shouldnt even be in game.It was thanks to massive support on kickstarter.That doesnt mean its should be lifeless. So, i just repaired everything i could in my stronghold (and descend about 8 lvls in endless path).When i travel to it, i expect something.A cutscene, event, or even few lines...Nothing I realy hoped i could customized the look of stronghold, its halls.I hoped that Library, prison or lab will be interactive.I realy looked foward some personal chamber where i could stash all my special weapons etc.. Atacks on my keep are futile, only serve as anoyance because i had to re-hire my hirelings.Even if i defend it myself, they are all dead.Wardens bounties are challenging, nothing else.Only good thing is random creature parts and plants for my enchanting. How can i enjoy my stronghold more?Will there be any change in course of story (im 9 lvl)?What do you do in your stronghold?
  2. Hello all, I've been a long time inactive on the forums lately, so apologies if this has already been addressed, but I've just gotten to wondering of how many 3D models can be rendered on screen in a 2.5D game, and of how many of these models can have advanced or basic AI. Actually, I feel this is a gameplay impelementation request more than anything, but what I really want to see in game at some point or another is full scale battles being played out. In the old IE games, technology limited what could be rendered and controlled on screen, and so battles were always fairly small and isolated affairs. Given that our computers have improved quite a bit since then, I wanted to be able to play out a battle or two on even grander scale. Everyone on these forums has seen the LOTR movies, or at the least read books depicting epic battles of full armies I can fairly assume. The battle at Helm's Deep, Minas Tirith, etc - you get the picture. Those are abolutely awesome, and I'd love to be a part of one, even if just as a little game avatar. Full scale battles crop up now and then in modern games, but as I've seen them in full 3D games tend to be extremely limited by rendering capability and processing power. This usually means static battles - groups of warriors fighting endlessly around you in simple animation, untouchable by the PC. While this itself is perfectly acceptable to me, I wonder if using 2D maps in PE can reserve some more horsepower for drawing more 3D models (bigger battles, better animations). More, I wonder if modern processors can handle advanced scripting of several models or groups of models (platoons) such as to create a dynamic battlefield. This doesn't mean that each indivual combatant on screen needs to have advanced AI, or even that AI needs exist at all outside of PC combat. Maybe the battles could advance in real time along a prewritten script in response to player events (for pacing). Maybe the player needs to respond to battle events to shape it accordingly. Anyway, what I'm getting at is: how feasable is this? How big, dynamic, and epic do you speculate these battles can get? Are such scenarios even an element you would like to experience in PE? Should I add a poll?
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