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  1. Here's an early draft of the Lady of Pain build for the Deadfire backer beta. Most things are subject to change as newer beta versions are rolled out with balance changes; more so once the game is out and we get to see whole ability trees and all unique items. These were the defining traits of the original build, which I'll pursue again with this one: Maxing out its MIG score. Packing as many damage bonuses as possible. Pumping Accuracy as much as possible. Reaching 0 recovery (or getting very close to it.) Turning its low Deflection into an asset. With this in mind, my Lady of Pain build for Beta 1.0820B is as follows: Race: Coastal Aumaua Aumaua gets +2 MIG bonus; Iit is crucial to go for the Coastal subrace in order to get Resistance to Might Afflictions, which makes us immune to Stun. Background: Any Attributes: MIG 20* CON 10 DEX 10 PER 18 INT 15 RES 05 * Can be 21 if you remove one point from another stat. I chose 20 to stick to an even number; I didn't want to dump CON (as you'll see, this Lady of Pain is quite the glass cannon compared to its PoE counterpart) and I wanted to allocate all points from RES to INT in order to make up for the Will defense penalty while profiting from a longer duration on all self-buffs. These attributes include the bonus point from your chosen provenance. It can be anywhere so long as you rearrange your stat points to look like the above. Class: Devoted/Helwalker In Deadfire, synergies between the Fighter and Monk classes abound and nothing screams Lady of Pain like this combination. A few highlights: Helwalker gets +1MIG per Wound up to +10. This is what turns low Deflection into an asset: Let them help you hit them harder. The bonus MIG from Wounds increases your Healing received, including Constant Recovery—this beautifully offsets the extra damage per Wound you take from the Helwalker. * Duality of Mortal Presence can be used to gain up to +10 CON (1 per Wound) in a build that already encourages you to hoard Wounds. Thunderous Blows gets you +5 MIG and +4 penetration; Lightning Strikes adds a whopping +50% lash and +35% attack speed. The Devoted adds +3 penetration and +25% critical hit damage off the bat, plus access to Weapon Specialization, Armored Grace, and fighting style talents. * as of the upcoming beta build, MIG will no longer affect healing, thus eliminating this synergy. Proficiency: Sword Here is another deviation from the original build, as Deadfire makes heavy armor + two-handers a rather impractical combination. Namely, heavy armor's recovery penalty was doubled from 50% to 100%. Based on the information we possess from the beta, it is not possible to reach 0 recovery in heavy armor unless you dual-wield—and even then, you must sip a Potion of Relentless Striking to achieve it. Additionally, the modal for Great Sword is rather underwhelming. Swords have a nice modal that gives +2 penetration in exchange from -20 Deflection—a good trade-off for the Lady of Pain, since its Deflection already sucks Granted, there will be fights where taking the Deflection hit will have you killed pretty fast, so we can't have the modal on all the time; however it's a nice-to-have and Swords have good base damage. Talents: Many good talents in the Fighter/Monk trees. Here are my picks for the beta in no particular order: Disciplined Barrage Two Weapon Style Disciplined Strikes Fighter Stances Knock Down OR Force of Anguish* Confident Aim OR Into the Fray OR Determination Rapid Recovery * Now that Prone no loner has a duration and merely counts as an interrupt, Knock Down is no longer as powerful as it used to be in the first game. The push back from Force of Anguish may prove useful if you're taking too much of a beating, as it shoves the enemy and gives you time to drink a potion. Mortification of the Soul Swift Strikes Lesser Wounds Lightning Strikes Clarity of Agony Bull's Will Note that I am not taking any active Monk abilities that may cost Wounds (we want to keep Wounds high in order to benefit from the extra MIG) or Mortification (we want to use it to pop Lightning Strikes back up when it expires.) Confident Aim is only really "necessary" in this first backer beta build, since Disciplined Strikes is granting Miss-to-Graze conversion without also granting the ability to Graze. From the next update on, I suggest Determination to gain a +20 bonus against Charmed/Dominated effects which could prove ... hurtful, if they landed. Clarity of Agony is very good in case those Afflictions landed anyway, since it will make them last 50% shorter. Bull's Will is highly recommended to make up for the relatively low Will defense. Going into higher levels, make sure you pick the following: Armored Grace Weapon Specialization Body Control Unstoppable Fearless Duality of Mortal Presence Thunderous Blows Clarity of Mind Recapping: Damage Up to 35 MIG with no spell or item buffs (20 starting + 10 Helwalker + 5 Thunderous Blows); that's a multiplicative 75% damage bonus. 50% lash damage from Lightning Strikes. 15% damage bonus from Weapon Specialization. 25% crit damage bonus from the Devoted sublcass. You can get an extra 20% from the Potion of Relentless Striking, which becomes 40% with 10 ranks in Alchemy. Penetration +3 from the Devoted subclass. +4 from Thunderous Blows. +2 from Half-Sword (Sword modal.) That's +9 on top of the extra penetration from the Swords' enchantment; should be enough to guarantee over-penetration every time you land a critical hit. Accuracy +8 from Perception. +5 from Conqueror Stance. +5 from Disciplined Strikes. 50% hit-to-crit conversion from Disciplined Strikes. That's +18 Accuracy on top of that from the Swords' enchantment with no spell or item buffs. You can get +20 from Devotions for the Faithful, which also gets you another +4 MIG that I think stacks with everything else we've been using so far. You can also get +6 from a Potion of Deftness, which becomes +8 if you have 10 ranks in Alchemy (which I dearly endorse for the extra attack speed.) When you crit, you get extra damage and extra penetration; with over-penetration, everything gets a 30% multiplicative bonus, including your MIG which was already multiplicative. That's pretty massive. Recovery: -35% from Lightning Strikes (20% from the ability; 15% from the Dexterity boost.) -50% from dual-wielding. -20% from Two Weapon Style. -20% from Armored Grace (can't get it as a multi-class in the beta, but eventually you will in the game.) That's -125% recovery and some of those abilities also boost your attack speed. If wearing medium armor (e.g. Scale Armor, +50% recovery) you must get to 150% to have 0 recovery. Based on the above, a speed weapon would already get you to 5%; an item that gives +2 DEX would get you to 0 without using potions. If wearing heavy armor, that's another 50% penalty—you'll need the Potion of Relentless Striking to get to 0 recovery. Alternatively, a Potion of Deftness with 10 ranks in Alchemy gives you a 75% attack speed bonus, which is enough to reach 0 recovery in Plate armor with no speed weapons and no other boosts to DEX. It is not known how many potions of that kind we'll be able to hoard in the game, nor do we know whether speed weapons still exist and how they work. Hopefully there will be at least one end-game sword with that ability and the potions will be available in large supply. In the beta you can reach 0 recovery wearing medium armor and popping the potion (150% recovery - 155% recovery bonuses.) Defenses: Your Fortitude is unconquerable, especially once you get Duality of Mortal Presence (can't get it as a multiclass in the beta.) Your Reflexes are pretty good owing to the bonus from Perception (further increased by the PER bump from Disciplined Strikes and the DEX bump from Lightning Strikes.) Your Will is relatively weak, as it's only getting a bonus from Bull's Will. You may want to take the talent Determination for another +20 against Intellect Afflictions (that's +30 total against Confusion/Charmed/Dominated before any item bonuses, which is solid.) You are immune to Stun thanks to your racial; with Body Control, you are also immune to Dazed. You are immune to Paralyze thanks to Unstoppable and to Terrified thanks to Fearless. Your Deflection is poor. Granted, the Conqueror Stance makes up for the 5 points you lose on Resolve, but you're gaining no bonuses from anywhere. Popping a potion of Relentless Striking gets you -10 and using the Sword modal gets you another -20. You'll need to either boost it with spells and items, or watch out when you use those to avoid getting critted too much (enemies will over-penetrate your Armor Rating and hit you for a multiplicative 30% extra damage that also applies to the extra damage you take from the Helwalker ability.) You should wear Scale Armor at the very minimum—better Plate or Brigandine. With low Deflection, you want to boost your Armor Rating at every opportunity.
  2. =================================== The Unstoppable Wave =================================== Difficulty: PotD v. 3.05 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Fighter -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Coastal Aumaua -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Deadfire Archipelago - Aristocrat -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: MIG: 16 CON: 10 DEX: 12 PER: 16 INT: 14 RES: 10 Note: I'm not a min-maxer, and I didn't count special talents for a main character. -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: 7+ Survival ® 10+ Lore (!) A bit of stealth and athletics are always good to have. -------------------------------------------------------------- Talents (a=auto, ®=recommended, !=important) Two Weapon Style (!) Vulnerable Attack ® Superior Deflection Bonus Knockdown (!) Weapon Focus : Ruffian ® Weapon Mastery : Ruffian ® Apprentice's Sneak Attack Spirit of Decay ® Abilities Constant Recovery (a) Knockdown (!) Confident Aim ® Disciplined Barrage (!) Armored Grace ® Weapon Specialization : Ruffian ® Unbroken Charge (!) Triggered Immunity Note: Unbroken and Triggered Immunity are mostly there because I like feeling invincible. This might be too much defense, and they are unecessary for this build. --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional echantments; (!)=important, ®=recommended): Weapon set 1: Bittercut x2 (*Legendary, Corrosive Lash, Durgan Reinforced, Duplicated with Helwax Mold) ® Weapon Set 2: Abydon's Hammer (!) Boots: Boots of Speed (!) Head: White Crest's Helm Armor: White Crest (*Superb, Durgan Reinforced, PER+2, Crush-Proofed) (!) Neck: Swaddling Sheet (!) Belt: Looped Rope Ring 1: Pensiavi Mes Rèi Ring 2: Ring of Protection Hands: Siege Breakers ® Quick slots: Scroll(s) of Maelstrom, Scroll(s) Paralysis/Confusion ®, Potion(s) of Major recovery, Potion(s) of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion Abilities from items with regular set (feel free to change between battle to get even more per rest casts): Per Encouter: 1x Ring of the Ancient Forge 1x Abydon's Labor 1x Overwhelming Wave (triggered on crit, Foe Only) Per Rest: 1x Dancing Bolt 4x Vile Thorn (fast cast) 1x Recall Agony 2x Infestation of Maggots (fast cast) 1x Clear Out 1x Overwhelming Wave ----------------------------------------------------------------- Principle Good Old Fighter... The plainest of all classes... It does not mean the lamest. However, it's not that easy to build around them. I had the idea of this build when I realized there was a huge potential with one of fighter's 1st level ability: Disciplined Barrage. Disciplined barrage is an instant +20 accuracy for limited but significant time (15s +Int modifier for something like 20+s) No other class has something similar that high. You can get up to +15 from consumables, but that makes a lots of consumables if you want to use this every battle. And that is still not +20 and it is not instant cast. My thought was: What can one do with +20 accuracy and a naturally high basis ? And my answer was: About everything !!! Accuracy works for damages, and works even better for crowd control. The problem was: A fighter has a limited number of active abilities, and they are usually not comparable with High level spells (apart for charge and its crapload of damages). But it is possible to add them through items and scrolls. Item Choices So, accuracy works for CC and damages, so what about picking the best CC and damages spells from items ? Overwhelming Wave from both White Crest and Swaddling Sheet drew my attention. So that was the basis of the build. These waves are quite powerful. Sure, White Crest is only once per rest, but when you start a bounty battle with a “Disciplined Wave” in their faces, you're pretty happy to have it. Swaddling Sheet's wave is uncontrollable, but does not cost casting time, and often works with pretty satisfying and fun effects (especially with that +20 accuracy). I also liked the idea of the wave. It really fitted the fighter's gameplay, with charge and Knockdown, running into the fray and crushing anything. Coastal Aumaua fitted this theme quite well by the way. Duplicated Bittercut was my choice for dual wielding. In addition to be a popular choice for DPS, these 2 Bittercuts also bring some additional castings, which was nice for this build based on item's abilities. Plus Wave -> Water -> Acid and Wave -> Sea -> Pirate -> Sabers, so it fitted nicely with the theme. Abydon's Hammer is not in this build as a weapon. Abydon's Hammer is here for Ring of The Ancient Forge. 1x per encounter mass stun with +20 Accuracy pretty much wins the fight by itself once you have it. Siege Breakers were another good choice for even more Crowd Control. +4 Resolve brings various benefits including half of the Deflection from a regular deflection bracer, a bit of Concentration, and Will Defense. This is decent raw power, but Siege Breakers are of course in this build because of the Clear Out casting. Boots of speed were necessary to compensate for White Crest movement penalty ; mobility is always nice anyway. Apart for this, the other items are pretty much just passive boosts. I thought that I already had enough abilities, and I didn't found something reallly appealing for the other slots. And yes, I find diving wave a bit weak, especially when you have already 3x Full Attack Knockdowns... Consumables are another way of getting interesting abilities. Some good endgame choices for scrolls are scroll of maelstorm and paralysis, to cover the damages and CC aspects. Apart for them, some potions of deleterious alacrity of motions help for important battle, as you won't have sanguine plate to auto-cast frenzy for you. Gameplay This character is made to take the initiative, and to quickly “break” the battle. That's why I call him a siege breaker. In my current experience, 20s of disciplined barrage might not be enough to last for the whole battle, but it is often enough to WIN it. 20s are enough to kill the most dangerous foes, encapacitate several others and deal a lots of damages. Instant cast is INCREDIBLY convenient when you try to get the initiative at the beginning of a fight, so it fits very well with this strategy. The most intersting openers are Overwhelming Wave from White Crest or Ring of the Ancient Forge from Abydon's Hammer. You will often hit or crit, and you'll pretty automatically graze even in PotD. Fighter's incredible toughness is also a very convenient for optimal positionning as you don't really fear standing in the front. In my latest fight Concelhaut himself didn't have enough time to recover from stun before getting killed and most of his party shared the same fate. Disciplined Barrage + Knockdown is a very interesting combo that you can access very early game and repeat on every fight. Knockdown is a full attack, and you get 2 rolls also for the prone part. This was my main reason to choose dual wielding. Very few ennemies can avoid being prone with 2 rolls at +20 acc. You are also likely to crit, causing around 10s Prone with decent Int. This is probably the best guarantee of single target Crowd Control in the whole game, even if it is not the longest. This fighter gets great potential for assassinating any dangerous ennemy in the back row when Charge finally shows up. Charge is combined with a (full) attack on the main target. That deals a lots of Single Target damages in addition to AoE from Charge. It is also 3 separate attacks on the target, which means 3 interrupt rolls. This build has a high Perception, mostly for accuracy, but the bonus to interrupt also results in pretty much guaranteed interrupt on Charge. This might not sound that awesome, but this means you're likely to recover and Knockdown a caster before he got enough time to react. And due to fighter's durability, you're not likely to get killed even if isolated in the back row. Due to this combination, this Fighter is able to act as the perfect assassin, except for the stealth part of course... These abilities will be your bread and butter(cut) for minor encounters. On major ones, you'll have a lot of item abilities at your disposal, especially when consumables are included. So this build is quite versatile. Infestation of Maggots deal a lot of DoT (now that it is not bugged anymore... maggots... bugged... got it ? Got it ?) and fast casting Vile Thorn can deal a fairly good amount of AoE. Clear Out acts as a Backup AoE CC once your powerful openers have been used. Fighter's single target DPS and physical damages resistance are very high, so you'll have a quite decent team member even after all these abilities have been used. I have almost finish the game in PotD so now I can confirm this character was nice as a MC. The “Charge Assassination” part was really what really fun to use, and having all these ennemies stunned by your waves was quite enjoyable. My MC Fighter is above my barbarian for damages and close to my dragon trasher chanter for kills. This might be because of MC's slight bonuses and additional micromanagement. But it was efficient for sure. -------------------------------------------------------------- Various side notes : - Vulnerable attacks also work with Charge. - I picked up Disciplined Barrage and Knockdown early and Weapon Focus (and the likes) quite late. That enables you to choose whatever single handed weapons you find for dual wielding, which is very convenient. For example, Ravenwing isn't an awesome endgame weapon, but is really strong and easy to get early on. - Fan of flames scrolls are of course your early game joker. Hello Caed Nua ! - Clear Out should be nice with this build, except I don't like it (per rest are ok for items, but I don't like them as abilities. Totally subjective...).
  3. Perhaps one of you people who live and breathe the mechanics can help me out. As I understand it during combat, Endurance on your party members goes up and down as they receive damage and are healed. At the end of the fight, any missing Endurance is topped up from the Health pool and when health is low, its time to rest up or your characters may not survive the next encounter. The Fighter's 'Constant Recovery' mechanic restores Endurance during combat at a rate of (formula). The problem is that damage taken by my fighters and restored by constant recovery seems to STILL be deducted from their Health. For example: Fighter receives 100 damage over the course of a fight. By the time it ends, he has recovered 80 points of it through constant recovery, another ten from healing effects and is left ten points short of maximum Endurance. But I am consistently seeing health pools on fighters fall by not the 10 points missing from Endurance but by all unhealed damage AND every point restored by constant recovery. As if the effect of the ability were not to restore endurance, but rather to transfer points out of Health and into Endurance while combat is still on-going. In the above (hypothetical) example, Health would drop by 90. This leads to situations where despite ending every fight close to his total Endurance, my party fighter is sitting around with a red Health bar while the remainder of the party are nowhere near needing a rest - the fighter has now become a drag on the group by forcing constant naps to recover his Health. Am I imagining this? Are the tool-tips on the ability grossly misleading? Is Constant Recovery really this much garbage? While its nice of my fighter not to lie down and die mid-combat, id rather be able to heal his damage through spells and procs that don't make him a one-fight wonder than be forced to watch his Health pool irrevocably slurped up by a passive before it even becomes worth dropping a moderate heal on him. The endurance enhancing ability is making him much less durable than everyone else - at this stage id sooner swap him out for a Strange Mercy+Lay-on-Hands paladin.
  4. Guardian stance does not apply deflection bonus to Eder. Here is my Eder without shield having 34 deflection. With the shield (34 + 12 from shield + 6 from shield specialization) = 52 so far so good. Here during the fight with guardian stance enabled. It is still 52 also in combat log. Please note it shows on active effects -10 acc + 10 deflection. This bonus is not applied however. (Penalty of acc is applied). Deflection bonus does work on my other party member. It just doesn't work for Eder (source of aura).
  5. So there is a big nerf to Defender Fighter coming, but it is not topic about it. Lets asume that devs want to push Fighters to be more than meatshields, and be usefull in combat. However, there is little builds of DPS fighters, and i hardly see reason to build one, since for bruiser there is Barbarian and Mon, for DPS Rogue, for utylity Paladin/Chanter. And if we want it all there is always Druid/Cipher/Wizard. Being tought is nice, but dosnt help much if you dont do much. So far the best things to say about Fighters is that hey offer "blunt and passive gameplay" (quote), and they always "can pick neutral talents and learn Lore skill" (also quote). So the question is: what need to happen to DPS Fighter be a viable party member? What new items, abilities, talents should aprear? Which existing talents, abilities need to be changed? Of course there is a big challenge how to even balance with 4 time per encounter slicken bunch of enemies prone. But the hope is that fighters could combine some tactical debuffs, and normal attack dmg in one ability, and have it avaiable 2 times per encounter. Existing talents/abilities: Disciplined Barrage - Is just soo weak. Accuracy is not big problem for FIghters, and if is, there is more than enought ways to buff accuracy or debuff enemies deflection, all this in longer duracion and as aoe. Could be +20 Acc, +30% attack speed, 20 sec, 1/encounter. It is barrage after all. New talents, abilities: Shatter - Powerful Strike which tears enemy armor into pieces. Reduce DT for -10 for 30 sec. 2/encounter. Also deals normal dmg. Pommel Strike - You forgot to stick them with pointy end, but they are stunned now so its ok. Normal attack.Stuns for 10 sec, 2/encounter. Under the plate - Fighter is master of armors and knows every weakness. Gain passive 3 DT reduction with all attacks. Higher Ground - What falls down shall never raise again. Against prone targets fighter gets +50% dmg bonus. Passive. For synergy with knock out, and also some weapons, and other classes. Synergy builds are fun. Shake it Off - Could be used always as long as fighter is alive. Instantly ends all negative status. Like stuns, paralyze, blidness. 2/encounter. Neutral Talents (all classes) Weapon Precision: WeaponType - You learn how to use your favorite weapon type in most deadly way. Gan +0,25 critical multiplier in your favorite weapon type. That could be better as neutral talent since we can't exacly say that critcals fit better fighters than barbarians, or rogues, or rangers. End there could be much more. Much more is needed. So this topic is often for other suggestions. Some may look like overpowered from level 1 perspective, but in comparison to end game caster it is just what needs to be done to bring some fun, and at least click something. EDIT: Disciplined Barrage is more widely viewed as lucklaster. There is more need for offensive Fighter class abilities than talents, since as talents you can always pick neutrals, and for abilities you do not have choice.
  6. Heya, So I've completed another enjoyable play through with a primary all caster party and it was fun, definitely got into the whole spell slinging thing. I'm thinking of doing it again, a fast run, but knowing most of the game fairly well, I can do completionist type campaigns pretty quick now. I don't find the game terribly difficult, but I enjoy casually playing so no Expert Mode (hey, I like maimed as an option!) and no Path of the Damned (though I'm tempted to attempt this with a well thought out party, just not yet, want to do a few more play throughs with different approaches to the game first). So I'm thinking of doing what I haven't done yet, and that's a melee based party. I'm also imposing that my character's choices are going to be cruel where possible, and likely kill anyone and anything I can get away with. Will probably steal as often as possible. Will choose aggressive stances in dialogue where cruel is not available. So melee... and cruel. No talking out of things. Just straight up horrible attitude. And I'd like to do it with martial characters since that's not my norm at all. Here's what I'm thinking (feel free to suggest something else!): PC, Paladin (Bleak Walker, Cruel) - Melee DPS (two hand, Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Faith & Conviction, Fighting Spirit, Lay on hands, Liberating Exhortation, Reviving Exhortation, Righteous Soul, Zealous Focus *** The Black Path, Critical Focus, Two hand style, Weapon Focus Adventurer Fighter - Primary Tank (Per, Res, Con and some Int; Althetics & Lore) *** Constant Recover, Defender, Knock Down, Vigorous Defense, Unbending *** Rapid Recovery, Wary Defender, Weapon & Shield Style, Superior Deflection Fighter - Melee DPS (two hand, estoc probably for DR; Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Armored Grace, Confident Aim, Constant Recovery, Knock Down (2), Fighting Spirit, Weapon Spec Adventurer *** Two hand style, Vulnerable Attack, Weapon Focus Adventurer, Weapon Mastery Adventurer Barbarian - Melee DPS (two hand, reach weapon, AOE; Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Blooded, Brute Force, Carnage, Fighting Spirit, Frenzy, One Stands Alone, Savage Defiance *** Barbaric Blow, Greater Frenzy, Accurate Carnage, Two hand style Rogue - Melee DPS (primary mechanic, condition & sneak attacks; Mig, Int, Dex; Mechanics & Lore) *** Crippling Strike, Deep Wounds, Dirty Fighting, Fighting Spirit, Reckless Assault, Sneak Attack, Withering Strike *** Backstab, Viscous Fighting, One-handed style, Bloody Slaughter From here, I'm wondering.... off-tank Priest or melee reach Priest? Or a 2nd Rogue? Interested in some thoughts. Very best,
  7. (Scroll all the way down for example fights and lots of screenshots of various battles). Portraits (for use in game) Difficulty - Path of the Damned - Trial of Iron Class/Role - Fighter - DPS, off tank, flanker or second tank to form shield wall with eder - Laborer (+1 athletics & mechanic) Race/Origin - Orlan - +10 chance to critical when attacking same target as ally - Living lands for +1 might Stats - Might: 18 - Con: 3 - Dex: 18 - Per: 18 - Int: 3 - Resolve: 18 NOTE: Fighter have constant recovery which heals you for +3.9 endurance, this is why you can get away with low constitution for this build. This was my health after clearing all of magran's fork at level 3 with the following party, compare it to eder's. NOTE: I was able to kill all the wolves in Valenwood solo by backing into a corner and fighting them two at a time, I drank one beer, made and ate Duc's Own Beefloaf and pearlwood chicken, used one minor recovery potion. Weapons/Food 1st weapon slot - Estoc 2nd weapon slot - Pollaxe or Warbow depending on intel gathered before fight. Optional Hatchet & Large shield is a great choice too which can put the Orlan in high deflection mode in case he needs to temporarily tank. He already gets high deflection from the perception & resolve being at 18. NOTE: Estoc for piercing DR bypass, Pollaxe in case you need slash/crush, Warbow in case you need to range if path to enemy is blocked. NOTE: Estoc penetrates heavy player enemies extremely well. Always drink Ale + Pearlwood chicken for fights you think may be tough. This applies to all companions. Minimum, make sure eder and this character eat chicken and ale before tough fights. pearlwood chick gives +2 constitution, +10 endurance and the ale gives +2 damage reduction. Skills - Disciplined Barrage - Increase accuracy which means higher chance of critical - Weapon Focus Adventurer - Gives +6 accuracy for Estoc, Pollaxe & Warbow. - Confident Aim - 1.2x minimum damage, 20% of grazes convert to hits - What you pick after is your choice since the above three skills is most important. NOTE: On POTD you'll need all the accuracy you can get. Accuracy ensures higher chance of getting those criticals. NOTE: In order of priority increase Mechanic, Athletic, then a little bit to survival, lore and sneaking. I like having multiple utilities at my disposal. ARMOR - Plate or Brigandine - Heaviest armor you can get Tactics - Let tank go in first, once enemies have chosen their targets, move behind an enemy to flank with your estoc or pollaxe. Have the entire party also focus your target with ranged attacks. - Save disciplined barrage for the most dangerous enemy in the group. Damage - VS WOLF, When you're level 3 you'll do 25-36 damage with each hit and rarely miss. - VS SHADE, When you're level 4 you'll do enough damage to a shade to take it down even with it's 16 DR. - VS Plate Armor Tank Enemy, you'll do enough damage to take him down with no problem. Survivability & Recovering from Mistakes - This build is all about surviving mistakes, but still being a powerful DPS. Rogue, Barbarian, Monk and any other class would normally go down if you make a mistake, but with this build you can make a mistake and still recover due to high high deflection and constant recovery which make it great for blind play through. Level 3's VS Boars Positioning First, Notice the tree to right of Eder, notice our orlan fighter slightly behind and to the left of eder. We're going to let eder handle as many of the boars as possible. Boars attack, notice how they are confused, so I don't attack with the Orlan fighter and patiently wait, situation is under control. Young boar moves in, now is a good time to move in our fighter, I make durance, kana & aloth help focus fire the young boar. After young boar dies, two boars move in and attack the Orlan fighter, THIS IS BAD. I MESSED UP. I I should've moved the orlan fighter back after killing the young boar, which would of resulted in one of the boars attacking eder and the other engaging the orlan fighter. At this point have aloth, durance & kana focus fire the boar on left. Two hits from both boars took the Orlan down to two bubbles of endurance, so I have Durance heal him back to four bubbles. Our orlan is still taking a bit of damage, boars hit hard, due to constant recovery I have enough time to have Durance put down the consecrated ground healing circle. Even with consecrated ground boars hit real hard, so I have durance throw a healing iconic projection toward our fighter. Our orlan fighter kills boar, constantly hitting for 25-30 damage and NEVER missing. He has not missed once up to this point. Next boar, focus fire with party. You can check out the damage numbers on the bottom right for our fighter orlan, note that he has still not missed an attack up to this point, reliably dealing 25-30 damage with each attack. Boar hitting our orlan fighter stats. Our orlan fighter doesn't miss any atttacks, continuing to reliably deal 25-30 dmg per hit. Move in to flank and get that flanking bonus, normally this is what you want to do at the start of the fight, but the BOARS WERE TOO MANY. The orlan did not miss one attack during the whole fight and was able to take damage from two hard hitting high level boars on POTD until Durance came in for the heals. Conclusion The beauty of this build is in recovering from mistakes which is vital if you're playing POTD, Trial of Iron in a blind play through, while still being able to dish out DR bypass critical damage. Remember to let the tank go in first, let the enemies settle into position, assess the situation, then decide if you're going to use the orlan fighter or patiently wait. The point of this build is to deal high damage criticals without missing and having that constant recovery to stay on the front line. I've tried rogues & monks, but they go down too fast before I have time to heal with durance. I make mistakes and recovering from them is important. Another thing you can do is equip a large shield & hatchet, if your orlan fighter gets into too much trouble, just switch him to hatchet & large shield and he'll go into HIGH deflection mode. *cheers*
  8. So, been wondering this for a while: does the One-Handed Style talent negate Weapon & Shield Style, or vice versa? I honestly don't think it does but just wanted to check.
  9. Greetings fellow watchers. So im planning a 2h dps fighter on hard. Im thinking of maxing might, per, res, then dump int3, leave con and dex at 10. Now considering other related posts i have a few questiions. 1. Is knockdown or disciplned barage better at lvl1 and why? (Knockdown seems like a dps ability in disguise since it lowers def) 2. Which talents/abilities should i take and why? (i have settled on most but the descriptions are so vague sometimes, i am not sure) 3. For 2handed ive read you should leave dex at 10. Why? isnt attack speed always good for dps? 4. Estoc or greatsword? Estoc seems so good even considering the great sword dual dmg type. 5. Armor? (thinking of heavy) How much more durable is he considering barb and rogue? Any other advice is appreciated Note: I have settled on the 2handed dps fighter thingy so no need for "rogue, barbarian are better at dps, or go dual wield" posts. I will also much appreciate corroborated answers from players that have tested stuff. Thanks in advance
  10. So, how far i would get in hard mode with party of 2 fighter as tanks (10/10/10/19/10/19, kinda ballanced), priest, cipher, wizard and chanter.Fighter with shields, and casters with guns. What do you suggest as dps?Is chanter worth just for reload speed aura?I got cipher and priest using pistol and arbuegus and is pretty good.Should i make chanter as off tank when some mob pass my fighters? I played party with 4 melee dps, and i ofted dont have room for them to properly place on target.
  11. Hello Theorycrafters, I'm thinking about running a Hybrid Dual Wield Fighter as a main. The idea is to use Dual Weapons and KDs as crowd control in one slot, while still being able to tank when switching to a handaxe and shield in the second slot. I do intend to run a main tank alongside him though. anyway, currently the plan looks like this: Might 14 Constitution 06 Dexterity 18 Perception 14 Intelligence 10 Resolve 16 Level Ability Talent 1 Knock Down 2 Bonus KD 3 Defender 4 Wary Defender 5 Disciplined Barrage 6 Two Weapon Style 7 Weapon Spec 8 Vulnerable Attack 9 Vigorous Defense 10 Weapon Focus 11 Into the Fray or Clear Out 12 Weapon Mastery I'm leaning towards Wild Orlan and Maces/Noble weapon Specialization. As it stands, the build will come out 18 points short on deflection compared to a dedicated Tank fighter and a few points short on other defenses. On the offensive side, his damage increasing talents hit late and are few. though from the whole fighter set, what I miss out on is only savage attack and confident aim; and of course 6 points of might. Of course, the fighter is already a bit short on +% damage talents compared to other classes, but then again, most of it is covered by enchantments in late game anyway. I know, PoE isn't the best game if you enjoy hybrid builds, but what are your thought on the build? viable (I know it's playable, which build isn't)? Any comments for improvements (aside from: stop trying to make a hybrid of course)? Thanks and happy discussing!
  12. So, i realy enjoy hiring adventures even if they are 1 lvl below me.Last time i go with 4 chanters (Godlikes) and now i want to make this. I want 2 Fighters for my party.2 tanks, big shield and plate armor.Their weapons will be burning sword and freezing war hammer. I just have question about stats.I want to give them 19 Per/Res, race human.But how important is Inteligence to fighter?Does he have any skills (like prone) that require spell durration?Is 12 Con enough?Should i aim at Dex or make ballance between Mig and Dex. What are the essencial tallents for tanking with fighter?
  13. So I was wondering, does the Might stat affect the amount of health healed via Constant Recovery or Ancient Memory, or are they calculated independent of the Fighter or Chanter's (respectively) might? Thanks in advance.
  14. Description: Eder ,the fighter, can't use the ability Into the Frey. The ability tooltip shows "Already activated". This is permanent, in or out of combat. Rest, client restart, removed from party did not fix the problem. This is save specific, once it occurs it will affect all new saves files. The only fix i found is to use a prior save not affected by the issue. (i lost progress once i discovered the issue was present over 1h or gametime played) Important Files: Added save file before and after and screenshot Your upload limit prevents me to upload the files, please advice how i can give you the save files. Screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415938187 Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Not verified, but i belive the fight ended while the ability was casted, maybe the char had a pathfinding issue while trying the use at ability and the fight ended before activated. (Already activated")
  15. I unfortunately lack access to the backer beta, and so in my research to figure out what class I'll play on my first runthrough of the game I'm finding myself wondering about how 'active' some of the classes are. Specifically I'm interesting in rolling a more melee oriented character, however I'm concerned about how many of the abilities on the melee classes actually involve active use vs. giving passive buffs. From what I can tell it seems like the Fighter and Paladin, for instance, have a lot of abilities that just buff their own combat capabilities or that of their party whilst having relatively few abilities which are actively cast. Any suggestions on what melee oriented classes are the most 'active' to play?
  16. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director In this, our final class update, we will be discussing fighters and barbarians. Along with the wily, pain-powered monks (covered in Update 52), these three classes form the front line. The front line defines the heart of any battle, where two sides tangle face-to-face. The responsibility of the front line is more than simply dealing damage. It means holding the line no matter what tries to break through. If the party rogue needs a breather, the characters in the front line need to be able to cover her retreat. If a swarm of xaurips descends on the group after the wizard hurls his fireball, the front line needs to be able to neutralize them en masse or absorb their attacks before they overwhelm the entire party. Designed to take punishment and tackle hordes, the front line are the first in and, more often than not, the last standing in any battle. Next update will focus on some brand new creatures that we haven't shown yet, so be on the lookout. Each class holds the line in its own way. As covered in Update 52, the monk absorbs damage to fuel special attacks through the use of accumulated Wounds. These attacks can stun, push, or weaken individuals or small groups around them. While monks have to be monitored to ensure their Wounds do not overwhelm them, they can absorb a large amount of punishment and hamper enemy movement on the battlefield. In contrast, the fighter holds the line the traditional way: by standing her ground, blocking opponents, and being infuriatingly difficult to knock out. Barbarians are designed to jump into the fray swinging wildly. Lacking the accuracy and strong Deflection of the fighter, the barbarian makes up for his lack of discipline through sheer speed, savagery, and abilities tailored for fighting groups of enemies. We've already covered the monk's Wounds and how they play into their use, but the other two front line classes differ in how they stem the enemy tide and how players monitor and use them over the course of combat. To show you how they differ, let's look at the details. If one of Pillars of Eternity's eleven classes is the rock (we'll skip the obvious "pillar" joke), it's the fighter. All across Eora, fighters are known for their discipline, skill, and durability. In the Eastern Reach, they are often employed as caravan guards, soldiers, and personal bodyguards. Accustomed as they are to long marches, strange places, and life on the road, all fighters gain a minor skill bonus to Athletics, Lore, and Survival. In combat, fighters are steadfast and stalwart. Even novice fighters enjoy the highest base Deflection defense of any class and the ability to passively recover a small amount of Stamina every second. As the levels rise, fighters gain access to weapon specialization, modestly increasing their overall damage for all weapons in a specific category. These categories are broader than they were in the Infinity Engine games. E.g. the Knight category covers battle axes, swords, morning stars, crossbows, and war bows. The Peasant category includes hatchets, spears, quarterstaves, hunting bows, and blunderbusses. The selections are designed to cover a variety of damage types, to include one- and two-handed options, and to always feature at least one ranged weapon. At even higher levels, fighters gain abilities to recover Stamina immediately after being wounded, to protect nearby allies from incoming attacks, to knock down groups of enemies, and even to yank enemy passersby into the fray. Overall, fighters are designed to be low-maintenance, reliable, and long-lived even in marathon battles. Here are more detailed descriptions of some of the fighters' abilities: Defender (Modal) - Allows the fighter to trigger Melee Engagement on up to three enemies and increases the fighter's Deflection. While active, the fighter's attack rate is reduced. Vigorous Defense (Active) - Dramatically increases all defenses for the fighter for a short period of time. 1/encounter. Unbending (Active) - For a moderate time, the fighter will recover 50% of lost Stamina from an attack over the 5 seconds following it. This has no effect on the amount of Health lost and does not prevent the fighter from being knocked unconscious from a temporary dip in Stamina from a strong attack. 3/rest. Confident Aim - 20% of a fighter's Grazes are converted to Hits. Additionally, the minimum damage for any melee weapon they use is increased by 25% of the range between the minimum and maximum. Critical Defense - 20% of all incoming Crits against a fighter are converted to Hits. Crippling Guard - When a fighter Hits or Crits with a Disengagement Attack, the target is automatically Hobbled for a brief duration. Unbroken (Active) - This ability can only be activated when the fighter is at 0 Stamina. When used, the fighter will stand back up with 50% of her Stamina. For a short while, her defenses and Damage Threshold are both increased. 1/rest. A QA (Quality Assurance) favorite at Obsidian, barbarians are the wild, unconventional counterparts to fighters. Barbarians need not be from the "hinterlands" of Eora, though the vast majority are. In the Eastern Reach, barbarians most often come from Eir Glanfath, though some can be found in rural Dyrwoodan communities or drifting in from abroad through port cities like Defiance Bay and New Heomar. Barbarians are often used as shock troops for dealing with mobs or simply to intimidate the easily-cowed with their ferocity. As the Dyrwood has settled down over time, the regular employment of foreign barbarians has slowed significantly, but they still make up the majority of Glanfathan front-line forces. Barbarians all have a strong skill focus in Athletics and lesser focus in Survival. While fighters rely on disciplined adherence to proven combat techniques to weather difficult battles, barbarians charge furiously into melee and wreak enormous damage to everyone around them. Barbarians are relatively inaccurate, but every melee attack they make gives them an opportunity to strike out at bystanders. Barbarians have the highest Health and Stamina of all classes, which they need given their low Deflection -- a defense that suffers additional penalties when the barbarian frenzies. A barbarian's Frenzy is one of his most valuable tools, allowing him to dramatically increase his damage output and Stamina for a short period of time. However, in addition to suffering penalties to Deflection, the barbarian's Stamina and Health meters are obscured for the duration. It's not uncommon for barbarians to suddenly drop unconscious -- or dead -- when their frenzies come to an end. Many of the barbarians' higher-level powers shine when they are surrounded by a throng of enemies, outnumbered and often badly-wounded. Even so, they are designed to burn brightly and expire brilliantly in the unfortunate event that a battle drags on. Due to the nature of their abilities, barbarians are a higher-maintenance class than fighters. Carnage - When barbarians hit with melee attacks, they automatically make reduced-damage attacks at all additional enemies within a short distance of the target. Wild Sprint (Active) - The barbarian gains a large movement bonus that lasts a few seconds. While active, it allows the barbarian to ignore the stop effect from Engagement as well as the hit reaction from an Engagement Hit. Additionally, his Deflection is reduced during the sprint. 3/rest. Blooded - When a barbarian falls below 50% Stamina, he gains a bonus to damage for as long as his Stamina is below 50%. Thick-Skinned - Allows the barbarian to take only 1 Health damage per 8 Stamina damage received, instead of the normal 1 per 4 ratio. Brute Force - When finesse fails, barbarians rely on brute force. On any attack that normally targets Deflection, the barbarian will automatically target the enemy's Fortitude if it is the lower defense. One Stands Alone - When barbarians are Engaged by two or more enemies, they gains a bonus to melee damage. They cannot be Flanked unless they are Engaged by more than three enemies. Vengeful Defeat - When barbarians are reduced to 0 Stamina and have melee weapons equipped, they immediately make instant Carnage attacks at every enemy around them. 1/encounter. Heart of Fury (Active) - In a blur of movement, the barbarian performs a melee attack with each equipped weapon at every enemy within 2m. Each attack does increased damage and Carnage applies. 1/rest. Our take on the traditional front line classes attempts to capture the spirit of their Infinity Engine predecessors while introducing some interesting and fun differences for players to experiment with. We hope that you've enjoyed this and all of our other class updates. More importantly, we hope that you enjoy making all the parties you can imagine when the game comes out. As always, let us know what you think in our forums. Thanks for reading. Update #52 - Monk Update #56 - Paladins Update #62 - Ciphers Update #71 - The Heavy Hitters: Rogues and Rangers Update #74 - The Mob Rulers: Wizards and Druids Update #78 - The Leaders of the Band: Chanters and Priests Eternity at E3 Hey, everyone. This is Brandon Adler. I just wanted to give you a quick update about our E3 presentation. Everything went really well and the game was well received by the gaming press. We gave short ten to fifteen minute demos in which we showed off the first few areas and explained the basic concepts of the game. After the demo we had a quick question and answer session and gave any interviews that we could fit in before the next batch of journalists. All in all, it was a grueling, yet rewarding, experience. There have been some questions about why we chose to do a closed door demo for the press and have not released footage from the demo. While the demo looked great, there are still parts of the game that need more polish before we release videos to the public. In addition, a lot of the demo footage was filled with spoilers and we would like to show off portions that are less critical to the story. Look for a video that shows some non-spoiler, polished gameplay sometime in the next couple of months. If you would like to learn more about the demo and what was shown, take a read through some of these great articles: GameCrate Joystiq Kotaku PC World Polygon The Escapist Kicking it Forward: Harbour Our friends at Tasty Minstrel Games have a new Kickstarter that needs your support. Harbour is a light-hearted fantasy board game where you and your friends play as ambitious entrepreneurs in a bustling port city. Play as one of the many colorful characters as you buy property, sell goods, manipulate market prices - and at times break the rules.
  17. So, given how the classes act in Beta (yes, I know Chanters are going to be nerfed, but let us face facts: they are way too powerful), what do you think your makeup will be? So far mine is thus: - Paladin Main - Chanter Support or Barbarian with max Might Paladins are amazing with their stacked traits and their passives.
  18. I would first like to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking around the forums for a long time but I've only made a few posts. I thought that a party composition discussion would be interesting now that we have all of our class updates out of the way. In the IE games my PC would usually be on the front line as a fighter, paladin, multi cleric/fighter, or something along those lines. So I was really looking forward to update 80. How do you think paladins will compare to fighters in a tanking role? A damage role? Do we know if the Paladin abilities such as coordinated attacks, zealous march, and inspiring triumph will stack if more than one paladin is in range? If these abilities do stack would it be better to have a few paladins in a group working off of each other rather than having a mixture of other classes on the front line? For my first party I was considering having 2 paladins and a barbarian up front. If the barbarian's accuracy can be boosted by both paladins then his/her carnage ability might put out some crazy damage. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for possible synergies? I'm sorry if some of these questions have already been answered.
  19. Hello, friends. The elves have been hard at work on Project Eternity, and we would like to show you our fine goods. This is a long update, but we wanted to give you more information than usual since it's the end of the year and we will be in our elfhomes for the next few weeks. First, I'd like to talk about what we've been doing with the engine and second, I'd like to talk about some of the design work we've been doing. Resolution and Scaling - We want to run the game at various resolutions and scale properly. We've been talking about our target resolutions and looking at the best way to implement scaling. If you've played any of the Infinity Engine games lately, you may have noticed that running at high resolutions can make the game look like an RTS. Though it's nice to be able to scale up and see more of the environment, at a certain point dungeons start looking like ant farms. That's what happens when you take a game designed for 640x480 and run it at more than double the resolution. It is now the year 2012, so we're looking at supporting a range of resolutions that runs from modest laptops to Macs with crazy Retina displays. To do this, we're going to render the game out at a target high resolution and a target low resolution. Currently, we're looking at a base resolution of 1280x720. A large number of laptops run at this resolution or its slightly bigger brother, 1366x768. It's not quite twice the resolution of the original games (640x480) due to the 16:9 aspect ratio, but pretty close. We believe that this base resolution will scale well up to 1920x1080, which would be roughly equivalent to going from 640x480 to 1024x768. In the old IE games, this gave you a slightly larger view of the world, but didn't get too crazy. For our higher resolution, we are likely going to render out to a ~2560x1440 screen size, as we did with our environment during the Kickstarter campaign. We will likely downsample these to run at 1920x1080. With resolutions above "mere" Retina displays, we will zoom out, which should allow the backgrounds to scale into outer space (close enough, anyway). Movement and Combat Feel - We've been working on implementing all of the basics of party selection, movement, and combat. This includes working on personal space, ally and enemy pathing, friendly "bumping" during movement, ranges of melee attacks, attack timing and delays, target selection, and response time. A lot of work goes into making these elements feel good and feel "IE-ish" (while excluding the IE-ish things we didn't like). We’ve also been building block-in weapon meshes and putting them in the game to see how they look in terms of scale. This has gone well, but we're still working on proportions. Some thin weapons, like stilettos, rapiers, and estocs, can be very difficult to discern, especially at lower resolutions. Their thicker cousins, daggers, swords, and greatswords, need to be "beefed up" a small amount to help distinguish them. Even though we need to make a few slight adjustments, our overall approach of making weapons with realistic... ish proportions is working well and feels similar to the characters and weapons found in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Along with implementing the visuals of the weapons, we're experimenting with weapon statistics and mechanics. Weapons are currently classified as slashing, piercing, or crushing, which is a pretty common division of types. We're not currently using damage types vs. armor types in Project Eternity, but the damage types all have properties that suggest a certain type of usage. Slashing weapons do the most damage when compared to their counterparts from other categories. E.g., if you compare a greatsword to an estoc to a maul, the greatsword does the most damage. When targets have little to no armor, slashing weapons are the ideal choice. Piercing weapons negate a fixed amount of Damage Threshold, which is the primary way in which armor reduces damage. Though they don't do as much damage as slashing or crushing weapons, their ability to ignore even moderately heavy armor means that it is superior to other weapons in those circumstances. While armor can negate a large amount of damage, there's always a small amount that gets through. Crushing weapons do much more through armor, which makes them the best choice when dealing with very heavily armored targets. So far, this works well on paper, scales well, and seems to hold up in the game, but it is very "mathy" and not necessarily intuitive because you can't always guess a target's Damage Threshold simply by looking at them (as opposed to armor types, which are usually visually apparent). We will continue to experiment with this to see how it feels in the long run. Our goals are to provide tactical challenges to the player and give them to feedback and tools to adapt and overcome when they're in a difficult spot. UI Design - Tim and I have been talking about our user interfaces recently. We want to make sure that we improve the functionality of the original designs without completely losing the feeling of those interfaces. One thing we want to avoid is making the UI too "minimalist". We don't want it to feel bloated, of course, but we also recognize that the IE games had "solid" interfaces. They looked like they were made of materials -- wood, stone, and metal -- and had substance to them. When you look at the interfaces for the IE games, they help immerse you in each setting. We'd like to do the same for Project Eternity. Functionally, we're using Icewind Dale II as our starting point. We've been looking at inventory recently. Tim and I have designed a system that uses three types of gear storage: equipment, top of pack (this name may change!), and stash. Equipment is what your characters are currently using and have ready to use. This includes weapon sets that you can swap between during combat. "Top of pack" is a finite amount of gear that you can access outside of combat for a variety of purposes: replenishing consumables, checking out a shiny new sword you picked up a while back, etc. The top of pack cannot be accessed during combat, but is present as a strategic pool of items that you can access while exploring. The stash is where all of the "other stuff" goes: things you aren't using, items you want to sell, and various doo-dads you'll be looking at later. When you find gear, you have the option of placing it wherever you'd like as long as there's room for it. You can use it immediately, put it in your top of pack, or just chuck it in the stash. Once an object is in the stash, you can access it at camps, your home, and similar locations. We've created this division of inventory space to add strategy to your gear loadout decisions instead of having a weight limit, while also allowing flexibility for backup equipment. Most importantly, it doesn't prevent you from doing what adventurers love to do most: loot everything they find that isn't bolted down. Core Four Class Design and Advancement - We want our classes to feel familiar but flexible, so we've designed our "core four" (fighter, priest, rogue, wizard) to reflect traditional D&D roles and allow you to build outside of them. In our current design, each of the classes starts with two active use or modal abilities and one passive bonus. Fighter Defender (Mode) - In the Defender mode, fighters' melee attack rates decrease while their melee defenses increase. This is a particularly useful mode to enter when a fighter is blocking a route of attack to protect other party members. Surge - This active ability allows fighters to rapidly regenerate Stamina for a short period of time. Melee Accuracy - Fighters have inherent skill with melee weapons that is reflected by a small accuracy bonus. Priest 1st Level Priest Spells - Priests gain access to all 1st level priest spells. Priests can cast a fixed number of 1st level spells before they must rest to recover their uses. They can cast any combination of different spells up to the per-rest limit. As priests gain levels, their 1st level spells will eventually become per-encounter resources. Recovery - The Recovery ability regenerates a modest amount of Stamina for allies (including the priest, if in range) in a Medium-sized area at Short range. Sacred Circle - All allies standing within a Small area around the priest gain Accuracy bonus. This bonus does not include the priest unless there are no conscious allies in range, in which case it applies to the priest. Rogue Escape - The rogue may hop a short distance away and all hostiles lose him or her as a direct target for 3 seconds. After the 3 seconds are up, enemies can target the rogue normally. Reversal - Reversal prepares the rogue for the next melee attack against him or her. When it hits, the rogue takes reduced damage and instantly rolls to the opposite side of the target and executes a powerful melee attack. This will even allow rogues to move past enemies that are fully blocking a path. Sneak Attack - This damage bonus applies whenever the rogue "flanks" an enemy or when the rogue is hidden from an enemy. Flanking means that the rogue is within a short distance of the target and on the "opposite" side of that enemy from an adjacent ally. Wizard 1st Level Wizard Spells - Wizards can access all 1st level wizard spells immediately. Unlike other wizard spell levels, the wizard does not need to find scrolls or grimoires to use any 1st level spells. Wizards can cast a fixed number of 1st level spells before they must rest to recover their uses. They can cast any combination of different spells up to the per-rest limit. As wizards gain levels, their 1st level spells will eventually become per-encounter resources. Blast - When wizards use any implement (i.e. a wand, rod, or scepter), they generate a Blast on the target. The Blast does a modest amount of damage to all enemies in a Small area around the target (excluding the target). Familiar - All wizards can summon and dismiss familiars. Familiars are mobile "totems" for the wizard, providing defensive bonuses to allies near them and inflicting defensive penalties to enemies near them. Players can also access the master's spell list through the familiar, though casting a spell through the familiar still requires the master to physically cast it; it's simply targeted from the familiar. Familiars are weak and fragile. If a familiar is killed, the wizard takes damage and is unable to summon his or her familiar until he or she rests again. As players advance their characters, they have the ability to choose class-specific abilities and more class-neutral talents (more like perks or feats) to customize their character capabilities. If you want to keep your fighters very low maintenance, there are a large number of passive fighter abilities and combat-oriented talents that you can buy. If you'd like to make a fighter that's much more "active-use" (more like a 4E fighter), you can choose to buy more modal and active abilities. Similarly, while all wizards gain additional spells, you can use talents to boost a wizard's damage with implement weapons and Blasts, making them more useful when you're not having them chain-cast a series of limited-use spells. The same also applies to skills, which are used for a variety of non-combat purposes. All classes start out with bonuses in the skills that their classes most commonly use, but players can choose to reinforce or play against that top. If you want to make a paladin who delights in picking locks, you can do that and get a lot of utility out of the skill -- though the character will never be quite as good as a rogue who specializes in it. We hope that these approaches use the strengths of a "role-ready" class system while allowing players a large amount of helpful flexibility in how they develop characters over a (hopefully) long and fruitful adventuring career. That's all for this week, and this year! We'll be back in January with more details on what we're up to and where we're going in the months to come. Thanks for reading! Update from Josh Sawyer
  20. Paladin - Male Priest - Female Wizard or Sorceror - Male Witch or Sorceress - Female Barbarian - Male Amazon - Female Now, these would be the same in skill set and such, but it could imply lore into the classes. Meaning you could have a frenzied Male Barbarian throwing spears like an Amazon. Likewise, having a strong Female Amazon that you play like a close combat Barbarian. Barbazon Mainly about Barbarians, but I see them as stemming from some sort of Barbaric culture (bandits and vikings). Orcs are an excellent example at a "civilized" strand of Barbarians in my opinion. "Stronghold" in Heroes of Might & Magic as well. An established Barbarian society. I've always viewed the women of these tribal Barbarian settlements as something less masculine, namely something more akin to Amazon. The hunters of the strong and proud male dominated Lion pack. Unisex, but: Barbarian Fighter or Soldier? The rest of the classes feel to me pretty unisex. Fighter doesn't really say "Male/Female" about it, but it could be a part of the aforementioned Barbaric culture. Unless "Fighter" gets a different title, such as "Squire" or "Soldier" or whatever else is fitting the role of the Fighter in the world. About Squire: I absolutely love the feature in the original Final Fantasy for the NES, when you meet Bahamut for the very first time and it's "Oh snap". Then you do a long quest for the Rat's Tail, which you then return and you become "Knighted" (Fighter becomes Knight). Can Factions help you grow in status among the people? Or hide from their sight? What's the difference between the Barbarian and the Fighter and what is it that makes the Fighter a Fighter and the Barbarian a Barbarian? Wizitch Wizard and Witch, to me, feel pretty granted as is. A female "Wizard" does, however, sound a bit odd. The skillset wouldn't differ between the two, only their titles. And whenever "Class" is mentioned it accounts gender as well in dialogue? So the result becomes "Witch" instead of "Wizard" if you have a female "Wizard". The same goes for Barbarian/Amazon, they would both have the same tools as the other in terms of character building. Palaest Paladin and Priest, would not be the same skillset (A Paladin is a Paladin, a Priest is a Priest), but only female can be Priest and only male can be Paladin. I'd like to advocate for dialogue options if you create a female Paladin, meaning it wouldn't be "off limits" at character creation, but lore-wise for your own party it could be something interesting. With few male Priests in the world, having one in your party is like having a Paladin "defect" perhaps. Trash, in their "Glorious" eyes, even if you can woop their ass right on the spot. Of course, reputation should play a big part too. Thoughts?
  21. What kind of weapon types should the game mechanics allow us? Should characters be able to use same size weapons like katana and long sword or off hand weapons should be smaller in size? Also, should the game restrict us to use different types of weapons like you will not be able to use long sword as main and flail as off hand weapon? What's your opion and choices?
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