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Found 66 results

  1. Whole family is really enjoying the game so far. Though those spiders are a bit daunting! . A few suggestions for the game below: Would be great if you could change or customise the difficulty in game. That way if you are finding it too hard/too easy you don’t have to start over from the beginning. Having the grass and clover move or sway as you walk/run around. Keep getting stuck on them and being killed by insects as the grass and clover act like a wall. When playing with another person; being able to bring your inventory into their game would be great. That way you or the host are not having to craft doubles of gear and weapons when you want to play together. A ground leveling tool for building would be great to smooth out the dirt where it forms mounds. And being able to chop up fallen leaves (possible resource?). Having the option to upgrade the backpack so it has more inventory space (maybe a purchase with burg.l?). Equipped items not taking up backpack space and items such as dandelion tufts, weapons etc stacking in the backpack (maybe up to 5 per stack as they are bigger/heavier items). That’s it for now. Really enjoying the game though
  2. Hey obsidian! Loving the game so far I am HOOKED! I'm about 20 hours in here are my thoughts and suggestions; 1. The inventory could be a little more complex, shouldn't have to carry armour that we have equipped and it should re equip when you pick up your back just like the tools and weapons 2. Add some alternate control schemes or at least re vamp the custom control mapping for xbox because i can't place 2 commands on the same button, eg; swimming up to be added with jump on A button cant be done. 3. Make the wolf spider head bust bigger meaner, scarier and hairer than the orb weaver one, they look the same! Also found a bug where i cannot place the bombadier bust anywhere on my stem walls. 4. Whilst having the bow equipped and holding grass planks I cant place them down without the arrow selection popping up which is just irritating. Things I would love to see I would love to see the neighbours gardens become additional areas to explore, adding different landscapes, insects (would love to take on a centipede) and materials. Bigger map means transportation so a pedal gyrocopter, tamed ant sled, polystyrene boats or even the ability for mounts for the larger insects. Additional tools like a compass and telescope would be handy especially for newer players. You may already be working on most of this or at least thought of it but I'm a big fan of your game and I just want it to achieve greatness! Thanks for reading. Gamertag - jibblerz
  3. Here are just some overall fixes and feedback I have for the game after playing it the first few days it came out. Keep in mind I have not played since so these may already be fixed. -Faster way to transfer larger quantities of items from inventories as well as for crafting. -The enemy Ai and health is difficult to deal with if you have just started. -The areas that you are able to build structures onto need to be more clear. Or make a way to terraform or flatten the ground. -When holding a stack of planks or grass, if you are selected on a bow in your hot bar, you are unable to drop the planks and are instead forced to shoot the bow. -There needs to be a little more info/tutorial around the UI and inventory. -The hot bar slots should be separate from your actual inventory spaces. -Hard to figure out which high tier tools you need and how to obtain them. Theres a lot that I really appreciate about the game, but sometimes these issues definitely took away from the gameplay experience.
  4. One of the biggest problems in Grounded is to find even surface to build on it. Or, there is place I want to build the base, but terrain is too uneven? For something relatively small like buildings it can be solved by using scaffolds and clay foundation, but for something bigger like home surrounded by a fence? It would be great to build first simple home without floor near the first field station, but the ground is too eneven there. This leads to the situations when you start planning the base from one side, and when you came to the opposite side, you have a fence or the door hanging in the air, digged in the ground, or worse structures is impossible to place. This kind of things making buiding something a nightmare. It takes too much time to plan your base, because each time something go wrong, you need to dissolve all that you planned and start anew. To prevent that kind of situations I want to suggest a feature that will help in the beginning of the game and further on. What if we could have analog of clay foundation, but that is essentially dirt? It will be the way to terraform surfaces to prepare them for buildings or fences. Thus I suggest to add new structure to the game: Dirt foundation. (+Dirt ramp, +Triangle Dirt foundation) Available from the beginning of the game. Building requirments: none (well, maybe shovel + some kind of digging animation, so building it would not be instant). Structure HP: immune to damage. (It is terraformed ground, no one can damage it.) Restrictions: impossible to build on other structures, can be built only one level high (Two prevent players from building invincible dirt bases). Over restrictions may be needed, so people could not block anthill entrance (cannot be placed on a thin air?) Also, this should prevent grass and other things from spawning inside the fence. So, please, consider this idea. For those who against "invincible structures", it is not a structure, it is emulation of terraforming. I do not know if it possible to make terraforming in unreal engine, but I'm sure if yes, it is not that simple or maybe not even worth time spent. What I suggested is workaround of terraforming by using existing mechanic.
  5. It would be super helpful if you could flag an item/tool/ETC to alert you when you have gathered all the parts to craft it. That way you wouldn't have to repeatedly check your inventory to see if you've got enough of something to craft it. I imagine you could either have all the needed parts on screen, or a less intrusive system where it just pops up when all the parts have been gathered. Loving the game! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone! I’m brand new here and I just want to start by mentioning how excited I am to have found this game! I think it has a lot of potential and I’m really interested to see how it grows and changes. This post is intended to give devs (and whoever else is interested) an idea of what the game looks like to a player that is brand new. Hopefully you can glean some interesting ideas or useful pieces of information from it. Let’s get right into it! Progress through the game so far: Spent roughly 10 hours (over about 3 sessions) in a single world on moderate, playing with 2 others who are also brand new players All three of us are on XBOX Completed the story mode objectives Built a small but substantial base (more than a 2x2, but not a sprawling castle or anything…) Challenged most insects we’ve come across to a fight (won some, lost many) Initial Spawn and First Hour On our initial spawn, we immediately loved how things looked and were very excited to get started. There was a little bit of “information overload” while moving through the inventory and crafting menus, and it took a little bit of getting used to but we eventually figured out how everything was organized. After about an hour of playing, moving through the menus became quite easy and intuitive. I was also impressed with how well the starting zone was set up. It shepards new players to the first research station very well. When starting out in a new survival game, I usually get lost almost immediately and have very little idea of what I’m supposed to be doing, but Grounded does a nice job of keeping that from happening. One issue we ran into on the first day (but haven’t experienced since) was a stampede of ants. At one point we had over 20 ants all crowding around the research station. This wasn’t much a problem while the ants were only workers, but whenever a soldier showed up we would get swarmed and almost instantly die. This was the source of a lot of our deaths during our first day, but eventually the ants dispersed and we were allowed to continue. My suggestion would be to severely limit the bug spawns around the research station during the first day so as to facilitate low risk exploration and learning of the game mechanics. That way new players don’t get discouraged in their first 10 minutes (which as we all know, are some of the most crucial minutes). Combat My younger brother quickly became the “combat expert” of our crew. He led the charge in most of our battles, and is always itching to take on whatever bug may be crawling around near us. He was the first of our trio to craft new weapons/armor, perform a perfect block (which he now declares that he has mastered), and challenge both variants of spiders. From what I can gather so far, the combat seems fun and engaging. We are punished (usually with death) for engaging bugs without a plan or the proper equipment, but dispatching them becomes pretty easy with a little bit of practice. I think this is the perfect balance for new players because it offers them a challenge while not being too cruel. (Note: this is excluding wolf spiders…we will get to those below) We do have a few suggestions! The first is to show us numerical stats on weapons and armor! That way we can quickly compare the equipment and be totally sure that wearing our ant helmet is better than the eyepatch. (is it?) Second is we want an indicator as to how much damage we are doing to enemies! This could take the form of numbers that float in the air for a short while which display the damage done on that attack or something of that nature (making that feature toggle-able is also a good idea). Finally we just want more stuff! I don’t want this to turn into an “Add this and this and this” thread so I won’t push all my ideas on you just yet, but keep adding more! (ok maybe just one real quick…maybe think about some special weapons that aren’t craft-able? These would have to be placed in specific locations around the world, and probably protected by some type of strong enemy, but they would provide unique properties to players who obtain them!) Base Building If my brother is the “combat expert” then I guess that would make me the “building expert” of the crew. I’ve spent the most time out of our trio working on the base and doing “basely” duties, and here are my conclusions… I like the concept of the building mechanics a lot. I’ve spent some time playing Ark, and let me tell you, I like this so much better for two main reasons. 1.) Building one wall piece doesn’t take an obscene amount of resources. 2.) The blueprint concept. Messing up and misplacing a wall no longer means sacrificing resources. 10/10 on that one. The building UI is also well put together and easy to understand, and I really like how holding blades of grass and other building materials is different from them just being in your inventory. Very neat idea. Of course its still rough around the edges, but that’s to be expected. Sometimes I’m able to build a wall that’s half in the ground and other times I’m not. If I put my head at the just the right angle while in blueprint mode, the wall flashes blue to red and teleports around my screen like its in the middle of a fight in DragonBall Z. Etc. You guys are aware of these I’m sure, so I won’t spend any more time talking about them. In short, I really like the building mechanics! Continue to polish them and they will be great!! Surviving I wouldn’t say I’m a survival game expert or anything, but I have spent some time playing a few. Ark, The Long Dark, Minecraft and Terraria (I know, I know…but they have survival game aspects) is what I’m basing this off of. Food and Water: Food is pretty easy to come by. At first we starved a lot but once you figure out where to look/what to kill you can get by fine (and you can’t call it a survival game without a little starvation). However, WATER. Always THIRSTY. Never ENOUGH. Really though, there should be more dew drops around the starting zone. I get not wanting to make it too easy, but we were practically fighting each other for the few dew drops we came across (with the loser often “Giving Up” just to get a full water bar again). Health: This circles back to the combat section, but give us some numbers! That way I can know exactly how many more ant bites I can take before its time to take off in the other direction. Stamina: Honestly I think we have a very fair amount of stamina, and it refills fast which is AWESOME. Miscellaneous: Please, please, please do not ever add a weight factor. I don’t care if its unrealistic for my character to carry an entire inventory of pebblets…this survival game is clearly not one that is striving for realism, so don’t add a weight factor (and actually ants can lift like 5000 times their own weight so…just pull that tidbit out if any of the survival purists come around complaining and whatnot). Spiders Why do spiders get a special section? Because, they are actually what enticed me to try the game in the first place. While watching Youtube clips of Grounded, I noticed a key element in most videos was wolf spider attacks. I would watch in fascinated horror as Youtuber after Youtuber would have a wolf spider seemingly materialize out of no-where and utterly obliterate them. So let talk about our spider experiences… Orb-Weavers: I think this enemy is well balanced. We need to keep our eyes peeled for them, but they seem pretty docile, and only really attack if you engage or wander too close. Fighting them is challenging, but we’ve killed most of the ones we’ve attacked. They are a good warm-up for Grounded’s real beast… Wolf-Spiders: The first 3 in-game nights were pretty much spent in anticipation of a wolf-spider attack of our own, but one never came. To be honest we were a little disappointed. We eventually set out specifically to look for them, and find them we did. I can confirm that they are every bit as vicious as they were in the videos. But there wasn’t any stalking! Come to find out, it was toned down significantly in a recent update. We were bummed! Personally, I kinda like the horror aspect of running around at night and constantly having to be hyper aware of my surroundings. Currently it doesn’t even feel that dangerous to be outside at night. I get that you guys probably toned it down in response the community, but bring back some spider stalking! One idea would be to make it so that 1 out of every 5 (or something) wolf spiders is of the stalker variety. That way it brings down the number of spider related deaths, but still forces players to stay on their toes. The wolf spider is currently your flag-ship insect (okay, arachnid, you get what I mean). Changing how they work too much might seriously affect how many new players you are drawing in. Story (no spoilers here) I really like the story so far. If we are getting more stuff like that, then I’m excited to see how the rest of it turns out! Keep up the good work and keep doing what you’re doing! Alrighty, that wraps up my post. It is very long, but I had a lot to say. In short, keep up the great work! We are very excited to see where this game goes! I plan to be hanging around on the forums here for a bit, so expect to see more posts from me (hopefully not as long as this one). Thanks! :) ~Nyr1n Oh, also shoutout to Sthen0z and Hawkeyeboy1 for being sick teammates!
  7. Posting this here as the interview covers a lot of threads I've read under this category. Some things covered or hinted at during the interview: Equipment no longer taking up inventory slots. Shared/dedicated servers Dungeons / boss battles Additional ways to travel around the world World changing events Road map coming Improvement to combat Interaction with items (sitting on chairs) Naming saved games files If it's already been posted, sorry but didn't show after a quick search.
  8. Having played about 10 hours of the game on Xbox so far, really enjoying it and love the world and story so far. With that said, here are some observations and suggestions I have (some of which have already been shared by others) in a hope they may be considered for future enhancements. Ability to name save files, or at least differentiate Auto-Save files between Single and Multiplayer Multiplayer Accessibility Ability to invite Friends into game from the Xbox menus (current option where you have to host and then they have to join from the menu is a bit clunky) Ability to set game to "Private" (we had a random person join our game multiple times and had to keep kicking them) Hotpouch Control - change to "Tap LB" to quick cycle through the Hotpouch items, and "Hold LB" to open Hotpouch radial menu. Currently very cumbersome to quickly or easily swap things in certain situations, especially if your items break or run out of consumables. PC players can easily assign these to 1-8 keys for example, so Xbox would benefit from another option and would be similar to Minecraft. Xbox can remap some of the Hotpouch spots to the D-Pad, but then you'd lose other commands (not that Non-verbal comms or emotes are that useful for Single player, I've also reassigned D-Pad Right to Open the Map) Find a new function for the Y button, as toggling the markers could be moved to the Map screen. This would allow for another remapped command as the Marker Toggle exists on the Executable Radial or to activate your "off-hand" items like torches, maybe an eventual Shield, Another option would be a "Ping" command for a temporary marker to highlight an item or location, and would be especially useful for Multiplayer (preferred option) I've currently mapped it to Swap to Previous Item, which is useful only if the equipment you last used compliment each other (I likely will be remapping it again to be Hotpouch Slot 1 and putting a weapon there) Inventory Quality of Life Armor once equipped should not take up an inventory slot Option to move stacks of items into storage Sort functions Being able to "tag" areas of interest (i.e. a juice box) on the Map to set a waypoint or marker for slightly easier navigation, but then disappears once you get to it. Adding a basic compass marker to SCA.B HUD/UI Currently very easy to get lost as the biomes are visually mostly the same in the majority of the map, and large defining structures (i.e. Oak Tree) aren't always visible. Option to slide by pressing crouch while sprinting, or to roll by double clicking crouch while moving (would be helpful for dodging bug attacks) Option to clamber up small heights by pressing or holding the jump button (this has become such a staple in games now that it just feels missing here) Ability to interact with "friendly" insects Petting Ants are a must, and feeding them food Option to "tame" temporarily Ladybugs and Ants to help you harvest or get somewhere Item/Equipment Requests Slingshot with different ammo types - rock, multi-shot, AOE effect shots (smoke bomb, sap trap, diversion lure) Bug Net - to capture Gnats and Aphids Shield - (alternative form of blocking) Healing Ointment - for immediate health recovery instead of recovery-over-time like the Bandage Baitball (Lure? - haven't tested those yet so unsure if this already exists) - throwable consumable that attracts predators so that you can escape/sneak past Crossbow - for more damage but slower rate of fire, and as optional "Zipline" alternative ammo type Zipline - for quick traversal of the environment from height Bug Types for the future - praying mantis, caterpillars, fireflies, bees/hornets, Or other animals that act as "world-events" - frogs, birds, snakes Building controls are a little wonky with the controller and how structures snap to build points, in that walls don't always align with each other or doors, or can float above the ground leaving gaps. Also, small observation - there are currently 4 characters, but when you first spawn into the world the canister with the body cutouts has 5 spots...is there going to be a 5th character, or option to "create your own" in a limited sense? I think that is it for now. As stated above, loving the game so far, and looking forward to see how it develops. Thank you Obsidian.
  9. Here is the few things I figured out after 20 hours of playing in WOAH! Difficulty Solo and Co-op. Insects: Spiders should be alot fewer and be a more lethal threat: The Orb Weaver's web spit never hit its target, and its bite is really easy to perfect blocks, the same with the Wolf Spider's bite, its jumping attack is a bit more complicated to perfect block and deal alot more damage, that really the only thing that make the Wolf Spider a bigger threat.More patterns should make them more difficult, maybe multi-attacks like the Larvae's one where you need to perfect block each of one to not take damage, an improvement of the web spit which create a AoE in the ground like the Bombardier Beetle that stuck you in the ground if you walk in, there is alot that can be done. Now talking about the number of spiders that can be encountered: too many. I really don't know if a population control like the ant is planned later in the game, but currently you stumble every 5 minutes on a spider. Plus the fact that they are really easy to kill when you have the experience make it only an annoyance, there is maybe just too much spider's den. Bombardier Beetle probably the hardest bug, but not for the good reasons, In short: its acid splash cone AoE attack. Too quick, too lethal, very few cues that it will make it and super hard to dodge, sometimes you only need to strafe around him to dodge it, but most of the times it just lock you and turn during the animation making it impossible to dodge. I don't know if it's intended but it makes this bug a pain in an ass to beat. Plus the fact that its charge attack has almost the same animation make cues that it make this attack really hard to spot in the short amount of time before it make it. Larvae, probably just a bug, but its multi-attacks have difficulties to connect, even when you're really close to it. Inventory management, chests management: Armors and quick bar items should not take places in inventory: To go to the adventure, you need a Armor (Three pieces) some foods, a canteen, bandages, a weapon, a hammer, an axe, maybe a shovel, a bow and arrows (maybe multiples types of arrows), just by stuffing yourself, the third maybe the half of your inventory is taken, I think it's an intended Game Design, it discourage greatly long trips in the wild, and encourage short trips to seek specific things. For the moment it's not hyper bothersome, but when the game will become larger with more differents items to pick, it will become a real problem. Just my 2 cents on this specific thing. It doesn't seem to be enough slot in the quickpouch bar, eight is too few, again you need weapon, tools, drink, foods in it and maybe more in the future, it's not convenient to swap items between hotbar and inventory that often. Also the fact in PC you can't scroll items in your bar to select them (like in minecraft) is really downside to this feature and push mouse and keyboard user to play with the radial menu. It's hard to have the perfect world for this, maybe allow to have 1 or 2 quickbar swappable with a touch, or expend to quick bar to 10 is a solution (solutions which ask heavy UI redesign), or a smart system that switch to the correct tool when you press a button, or a auto feed button. There's a lot of solutions for this I think. It will be cool to have the now famously requested deposit stacks button, but I would also suggest more, like a quick sort (in inventory and chests) , a quick deposit: there's already tag management for containers why not utilise it fully, that would be the caviar of Quality of Life (but maybe a pain in the ass to implement in the game?). Bases and building: In general base building is really intuitive and fun, but when you decide to build on top of a rock or on a soda can and the fun is gone, there is just too much of restriction when it come to clipping stairs, roofs, walls into pre-existing object (rocks, can etc.) and make really hard to come up with fun ideas that work. Regrowth mechanic, don't seems to work or work as expected: cutting down the root of a grass doesn't prevent it to regrow, if it's intended then it restrict base building a big downside. Larvae raids are really too destructive when it come to grounded base, if you can't take them down quickly they destroy your base an chests really to quickly, even if you try to build reinforcement, and if they break a chest with stuff in it, be ready for 3 minutes of diaporama at 1FPS. The mechanic of raids, and having to protect your base in really fun, but there is issues when it comes to bug destroying your chests and lagging the **** out of you when all the items pop off, the fact that it take 2 or 3 hits of a larvae to destroy one is maybe too few. Perfect blocking/armors on WOAH! Difficulty: I think it's a big issues right now, perfect blocks should prevent armors from taking damage, in WOAH! Difficulty and solo, the only defensive option to take down bugs is to perfect blocks, tanking it is just madness, and strafing doesn't seems to work consistently. All of this making you repairing your armor after one fight, maybe it's intended but here's what happen next: I just don't wear armors anymore, and there's no death penalty and most of the bugs are easily manageable with perfect blocking. (Btw Pefect Block feels really good and is a cool mechanic.) Now a thing that is a personal point of view : Death Penalty and Save System. I think Grounded qualify itself as a survival game, but it is in a really bizarre ground: you can manually save the game, and if you die you can re-pickup all of your stuff. There is no real penalty to dying beside making the road to your stuff and try again, and better you can save before taking a combat and reload until you succeed. Once you get that there is not really any tension anymore and the game lose of his "survival" side. It's inherent to a another survival game which I played name Green Hell, where the death penalty is so inexistent that letting you die is the easiest way to cure from sickness, replenish your hunger, sanity, etc. and Grounded is no stranger to that. Miscs: Swimming at 1st person view is a tad broken when it come to swim above the water The blurry depth of field should be configurable, and turned off. You should be able to write feedback like this, in the feedback tab in-game. Hope this insight will help the game, i'm not native English hope it's understandable.
  10. First I'd like to say I absolutely love this game. My first play through no Raw Science ever spawned. I didn't realize this until I had played for 3+ days IRL. I had to restart witch was fine. . . My second playthrough around 20 days in game my clock stopped. I was able to load a save and get it going but every time my friend on Xbox joined it stopped again. I'm not sure if that was the cause OR if it was building a sky fortress. . . The next day when I loaded up a good save everything was fine until I started building the same stairs we had been working on the day previously. So I didn't build anything on that side of my fortress and time continued normally in solo mode. A few hours later I realized my lady bugs were extinct and I hadn't seen one in forever. Completely gone. I found 2 lady bugs stuck in the rock in the South with some Stink bugs. My friends said in their games all the lady bugs are stuck in rocks too and went extinct. I'm super sad about this because I spent the beginning of the playthrough building instead of exploring/fighting lady bugs so I never got lady bug armor. Love love love love love this game. Just needs a few less of the icky bugs and more scary ones Can't wait til it's a bit more playable. Ill try to find a work around ... maybe I'll restart again. Feedback: It would be SUPER awesome if my armor didn't take up inventory slot when I was wearing it .
  11. So after much deliberation over the course of the weekend, my friends and I (more commonly known as the Cheesebags) love the game to bits so far and have come up with some cool ideas for things we'd love to maybe see in future updates. I will sort the lists into categories for convenience. Possible new Creatures: We decided to ballpark some new ideas for possible future creatures to add to the garden. Due to the wasps in the banner image on the steam page we assume you already intend to add them into the game. So we have left them out of this list, but below we have some of our other suggestions. Bees Mosquitoes Butterflies Moths Dragonflies Caterpillars Centipedes Fleas Earthworms Silverfish Snails Frogs/Tadpoles Utilities: Ladders We reckoned that ladders would be a useful way to ascend a built wall that might take up less floor space than stairs. Zip-Lines These could be a great method of travel between two fixed points, they could work either in a traditional sense and you'd slide from one higher point down to the lower. Or maybe they could work with some kind of pulley system from two points of equal height. Rope Swing For this we figure like in lots of games you could either have a fixed anchor point built and you could jump to grab it and swing back and forth to clear some kind of gap. Or maybe it works on a portable sense somewhat akin to Indies Whip but functionally works the same, maybe with a sticky tip of some kind to attach to surfaces. Elevators/Dumbwaiters These could be excellent for those that built raised bases. Perhaps using some sort of pulley system one might be able to raise/lower a platform with chests on or a grass pallet. This would for sure help for more convenient item hauling in a vertical sense. Rowboats We assume that the pond is going to have more to it, but we figure that a boat of some kind would be fantastic in traversing across the water. They would possibly be made from acorns leaves or lily pads. Rain Catcher This Item is dependent on a weather topic that will follow below. But if rain was ever implemented a receptacle of some kind to catch the rain would be brilliant. Stationary Slingshot Turret This idea came about thinking about a kids slingshot, and maybe moving forward with that in mind maybe there could be some kind of stationary slingshot style item to launch the players over a great distance for easy travel with the gliders. This could be a really high demand recipe as it is a rather strong item to have. Quality of Life: Inventory sorting function This was one of the first things we came to yearn for in game, we fell that the ability to auto sort a storage container, your own backpack & and easier way to merge you personal inventory with that of the contained would be a much welcome addition. Inventory stack increase Due to the limited amount of storage space in the backpack and the containers, we really feel that the stack size of items could be increased to some degree. It feels like 10 is far too low as the inventory in your backpack alone fills up too quick and maybe increasing up to at least 20 would be great. Craft 'X' quantity of item function This comes about due to the fact we feel crafting larger quantities of items takes too long when doing them one at a time. For example, being able to adjust the number of how many woven fibres you want to make based on the amount of planet fibres in your backpack and craft all at once would be a huge time saver. Pallet capacity increase Similar to the inventory stack quantity feeling too low, we feel the same issue extends to the pallets. Considering how many grass planks in particular you need to build larger structures it would be very handy if the amount of planks you can get onto each pallet could be increased to maybe 30. This would prevent having to stop building and gathering planks almost every living second of the game as you burn through them so fast and building. Storage Chest Naming This one isn't nearly as major as the custom markers on the chests a already pretty cool. But maybe being able to add a name to a storage container just to further mark it with a specific kind of item would be neat, Equipped items not taking up an inventory slot So far we feel that we dislike that the tools and certainly the armour take up a backpack slots while equipped. I'm not sure and the best way to go around dealing with this in the game in the cleanest way for the UI. But its definitely a thought we'd like to put out there to discuss with everyone. Ability to move built structures For far it's been a bit of a pain placing a structure or utility item down in the wrong place and having to recycle it (receiving less materials) to move to another spot. Only to then to not have enough materials now and having to stop and go harvest more. Maybe having just the ability to move a completed base piece would be handy but obviously could be avoided currently by being very careful with where you but down blueprints. It would still however be a very handy feature to have. Custom Blueprint Group This one is inspired by other building games, namely Planet Zoo. In this game you have the ability to create a 'group' blueprint based on a structure you've made so that you could save it to a library and the whole blueprint of the structure could be placed in one motion to make it easier to make duplicate structures. This would be a fantastic feature to add as I would like to repeat a few structures we have made within the garden. Filter Specific Trail Markers This one is another minor one, but even though there is already a way to hide the trail markers from the UI. We feel that being able to isolate certain ones, namely the quest ones while keeping all the other ones could be great. Because in our game at least, we know where to go for each of the major landmarks now but still use a lot of our own custom trail markers. But having our own in addition to the quest ones can be quite overwhelming and would like the ability to filter certain ones away. Additional 'Major' Features: Different weather variations This one I'm sure has been brought up by others, but a weather feature with some of the usual classics, rain, drought, snow, overcast, humid could be neat and effect the game play in various ways based on each individual weather. I wont go through all of them as this paragraph would be gigantic but maybe a few examples might be that some of the games creatures might act differently or perhaps the rain might be very dangerous to travel through but would obviously be a plentiful source of water. Season Variations This one is similar to the weather note prior where maybe just some of the games features, game play mechanics and of course visuals might change up to complement the passage through the different seasons throughout the year in the garden. Understandable this one is a giant effort to bring to life but would be awesome on the less. Base Building: Below are just some off the cuff ideas we had for other base building items that could be added to spice things up. Bunk Beds Slime Mold Ceiling Light Flower Petal Roof Pieces Support Pillars/Columns Bug Cage Trap Equipment: This is the same as the above category but for general equipment. Thistle Armour (returns damage back to attacker) Wing suits (possibly made from insect wings wasps/dragonflies etc) At this moment in time these are all the suggestions for game play changes and possible future content that we the Cheesbags have come up with. We hope that future readers of this like some of our ideas and would be open to discussing their opinion on what we have brought up below, or even add their own ideas! And lastly to the team over at Obsidian, we hope this might be useful information to all of those working on the game. Keep up the great work, even in early access we are having a blast and cant wait to see the next content update from you guys. Stay Fresh! - Corey. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just under here I'm going to keep the ideas from everyone in the thread so that in the event of crazy amounts of ideas flooding in we can keep most of the coverage from the topic up near the top for easy reading. I will credit everyone accordingly for their ideas Tamable creatures This is one that I reckon comes up a lot for many players. But I do really like the idea of being able to tame certain insects to maybe just have around player bases in order to defend them from threats. Then also down that same vein even have some mounts to ride around on much like in honey I shrunk the kids. Being able to ride an Ant or a Ladybug would be terribly fun and a great addition to the game.
  12. Ok, I’ll make this a straightforward feedback and opinion post... Played now for 40+ hours between the demo and this pre-release. I’m a veteran of larger survival games, so my views are based on that experience. This game has so much potential, but it seems even in it’s early state, there are core design decisions that lend itself to a entry level (easy) survival game and that’s all. - There isn’t much here. The story literally takes you 15 minutes to complete if you follow the queues. Then you do dailies to waste your time on building components that shouldn’t require this much effort to get. You don’t get grass floors by default? Cmon... Even as early access, I would have expected at least a full quest line that takes you through the Initial story, at least 10 hours of content for the $30 price tag. You don’t need community feedback from early access to tell the story YOU want to tell. - Where is the threat? Playing on Whoa difficulty, the only pressing thing is the annoying eat/drink cycle. You can outrun or dodge most insects, and spiders path the same routes if you watch them from high up, easily avoided if farming resources. Tunnels and caves? What do I need there to enhance my base or self after one visit? And even if I make my own dangers...I can just Load a prior Save and be fine again....what? (Covered more below) - Bases have zero risk if you place them anywhere above the ground. It doesn’t even need to be high up, a root of the oak tree or on the soda cans is good enough to avoid all danger. What’s the point of the game past the story if your bases have no threat? Why build re-enforced walls? The game has no longevity if it’s not about protecting your base and your possessions. - Retrieving your dead body backpack is far too easy. If you even die In the hardest difficulty, I would expect your backpack to be guarded or even looted by territorial insects. Why did they care to confront or kill you in the first place if they didn’t find you a threat to their territory? And wouldn’t they be interested in your stuff? Food, drink, components for their own nests/homes...all in your backpack. - A survival game with a manual save system? Again...where is the danger or consequences of your survival decisions if you can just load up a past save? The Save option in the menu should be removed and Auto- Save should trigger internally off system events, including death. That way you can’t go back to avoid a bad result or decision. Save and Load = no threat or consequences for your actions. - The enemies. How is it that with all the great AI you have for these insects, all I have to do to avoid their attack is jump on a rock and watch them leave or spear them to death at the right angles? And how is it that I can kill a Spider by spearing them through my partially completed grass wall and yet the spider doesn’t damage the wall at all? Simply build a small hut, 2x2 and leave some of the walls partially done. Then spear through the translucent blue parts...dead spider. Again, I thought these insects were supposed to pose a threat to your base? If there is no threat in a survival game, there is no longevity and it turns into a creative base building lego game. - Dev, please play with a controller and tell me what the purpose of the hotbar is at the bottom of the screen? You can’t quick swap or interact with any of the slots on the fly. The action bar should be removed imo. Also, control flow in the menus and crafting is just off. I spent a lot of time remapping most my controller buttons through the options to try and get to something close to other survival crafting game interfaces that do it correctly. Managing inventory by moving single items(No stack move or pull), no split stacks, armor that stays in your backpack even when its equipped, tools mixed in with weapons in crafting, crafting station that has no storage of it’s own or that can pull from a chest connected to it, etc etc. - Great looking game, nice visuals...until you look into the distance...well, i guess it’s distant. Why is the house and any structure over 20yds away fuzzy and blurry on console? Are we saying we can’t render these assets on Xbox One X? Find that hard to believe given there are plenty of larger survival games on the Unreal Engine render far more. - The HUD needs options to turn off elements. Too much clutter with constant ‘hand popups’ on every environment item. But I already posted A full detail on that In a separate thread. Harsh post somewhat, sure. But all too often game preview or ‘early access’ often becomes an excuse to deliver subpar, inferior games and still charge a significant price for a game that isn’t worth in it’s current state. Early access seems to somehow give a ‘pass’ for developers to deliver no story, broken systems, and bad design....all with the excuse of ‘it’s still early access’. I wouldn’t say Grounded falls in most these categories, but first impressions mean alot. We play early access games, and most the time we play the game through the early access development cycle, become bored or frustrated and never come back to the actual release of the game because of the bad taste the game left us during early access. Just hope a MS 1st party, AAA dev like Obsidian doesn’t end up with the same result.
  13. Suggestions as far as building... I think it would be a good idea for you guys to continue adding to the base building. Great start with what is offered, but I think there’s great opportunities to add more. Such as making “metal” or “aluminum” walls and doors from salvaging soda cans. Defenses against bugs like traps and large spiked barricades. Railings, fences and walls. Carts to haul large loads of items like weed stems that we usually have to search large areas for small amounts of. P.S. Bug taming with cages to lock them up in would be such a cool idea. I think you guys have created a special game here, a great twist in the survival world aspect. What a unique experience, I cannot wait for future updates keep up the good work. Thanks, ItsMrJoker
  14. I'm truly having fun in Grounded and can't put it down at the moment. Throughout the past few days I noticed a few things I would like to give feedback on. - I'm loving the jump mechanics, please don't change anything. - The building got me carried away and I would love to see more pieces, ie inverted corners, half fences for balconies, hanging lights, pillars, etc. - Craftable option for the pollen. For example a beehive or a fly lure to get these pesky gnats away. - The big rock in the Flooded Zone and the rocks along the Pond have insects get stuck inside them and are able to attack you from inside, esp with the FZ rock. - Ladybugs get way too distracted by those cute little green things. They're all underneath the Pond rocks and ladybugs chase them, even without visibility. Ladybugs then sometimes seem to get stuck inside those rocks or ever dive into water, struggling to get back onto shore. I have noticed these things can easily divert them from their path. - Right now it's nearly 11pm. However, my game saves show as 3pm. This has happened after I had to revert to a much earlier save because the Oak Lab's door were closed. As end note, I really like the routes of insects in proximity to farmable materials and great base locations. They really make you look twice before you run off to chop down some grass.
  15. Big fan of many aspects of this game -- charming art design, great concept, and I really like that the story so far has been clear and easy to follow unlike other survival games I've played. Alas, the spiders and larva feel extremely unbalanced at the moment and kill the fun for me. I'm playing on medium difficulty and even with armor, larva take off a third of my health in a single hit and as we all know, larva like to come in swarms of a dozen+. This becomes extremely unfun when they spawn camp you and your base becomes a prison, and the only gameplay mechanic is trying to escape your spawn point without being killed. This might all be fine if it was in a higher level zone where high risk play comes with high rewards, but it's literally right next to the starting area. I'm at ten in-game days and I'm being constantly swarmed by larva who are hell-bent on destroying my base and anything I built in or around it. I can't go long enough without a swarm attacking to actually build defenses. Spiders too have become overwhelming. What feels like an end-game monster can be encountered in a swarm within five minutes of starting. I keep trying to build trail markers to mark resources and research stations and a spider will immediately show up and destroy the marker, and then me. I'm currently trapped inside by two spiders who are at the entrance. Because of their speed and damage, the only way to kill them solo at the moment is by using cheesy tactics like hiding in a can and stabbing their legs as they clip through. Personally, that doesn't feel like it does them justice.
  16. OVERALL EXPERIENCE (This part won't be really elaborate, this is just my raw experience with the game, felt like it could also be useful but you can skip to "BUGS" for the "real" feedback) When I first tried the game my first impression was really positive, as soon as I entered the world it felt really immersive and every little detail I saw gave me even more desire to explore Grounded's wrorl. The start fel quite relaxing, which was very appreciated since I was still learning the basics of the game, then the first night came. The first encounter with a spider was terryfing: I started hearing some very scary noises coming from behind me so I turned around and saw this massive wolf spider. I tried to run away but it obviusly got me. Had quite harsh first encounters with the stink bugs and the bombardier beetles too, as well as the orb weavers, in fact these first encounters were so traumatizing that I feared these mobs for a long time. I finally started building a base, but during exploration I found an interesting rock with a flat surface, it was really inviting me to build there, especially since after I found it some ants decided to destroy my walls, that made me decide to move and so I started building my new base. Many in game days have passed by now: I've a base with sustainable food and water sources, the main activity is exploring to get higher tier tools but at some point fighting my fears became inevitable. I needed spider chunks, since the area close to my house was often patrolled by orb weavers I decided to start with them, so I prepared myself with an ant club, a bow and acorn armor. My first idea was to shoot arrows form above some grass ,but the spider was getting away, so I went face to face with it. It was scary, evey hit was dealing me quite a lot of damage, but the problem was solved pretty quickly. I realized how important perfect block is in this game so I started playing very patiently: hit, wait for the spider attack animation, perfect block, repeat. Quickly orb weavers weren't to be feared anymore. Bombardier beetles were next. I tried to use the same tactic but the acid was quite problematic. Went back with a plan: turn around it until it shoots the acid, then attack. This worked even better than expected since, if you turn around it, it misses most attacks on its own. Stink bugs were next. With all this knowledge it very easy to plan a tactic: combine perfect blocks with calculated attacks and run away when the "gas animation" starts, done. Lady bug was easy too at that point, I even discovered there was no need to perfect block its attacks: attack, move backwords a bit, lady bug misses its attack, get closer, repeat. I succeeded in all these fights but I needed the spider fangs for the spider hat, the wolf spider was next. My biggest fear... one mistake and I'd be dead. I went to a wolf spider nest and started the fight with some arrows. It leaps on me, I fail the perfect block and get poisoned... PANIC. I recognize the orb weaver attack animation, perfect block. Calm. I tried to attack but I was out of range... PANIC. I died. Not gonna lie, it took me some attempts to understand how it works, but in the end I found a strategy that works fine for the wolf spider: get as close as possible so he doesn't leap (probably the hardest attack to perfect block in the game), attack, perfect block, move forward to stay in range and attack, repeat. I had crafted almost all craftable items, overcame all my fears, built a cool and safe base with all the stuffed insects exposed, explored most of the map and discovered many secrets. It was quite a journey, but once my fears were defeated it felt less engaging to explore or gather resources. The way you defeat mobs in this game isn't very challenging once you understand the trick. It doesn't even feel dangerous because of the high damage big insects deal because their attack animations are very forgiving and easy to manage. Now, let's go into more laborate feedback that I hope can help this game to become the next big suvival game! BUGS Before talking about bugs I just wanna say that I think we need sparate folders for saves so we can have different survivals at the same time witohut messing with the saves or mistakenly delete them. Let's start with the most problematic bugs: Small mobs often get stuck in or under things like terrain and rocks. For example: whenever I've entered the anthill most of the ants were stuck. Big mobs, especially lady bugs and stink bugs, have a hard time finding a path to the player when he's above them. I'm not talking of grass or rock but of surfaces that they should be able to reach just by going around an obstacle, liek the oak tree roots for example. This makes killing them with the bow very easy since they can't react, which is a quite boring, but safe, way to kill them (I instantly stopped doing this as soos as I discovered how to perfect block). Obviusly spiders can't be killed like this since they flee as soon as you hit them with an arrow while being in a position they can't reach. But, if they have a wall behind them, they usually get stuck, making this strategy work against them too. Wolf spiders can sometimes reach you with their leap, it is very inconsistent tho and most of the time they get through stuff they shouldn't be going through. Another very annoying bug happens when you get stuck on a spiderweb and remain stuck even after destroying it. If you are playing with friends and you are not the host it's easy to solve, you just need to exit the game and log back, but while playing solo or hoting the game it can be quite problematic. Mobs tend to miss most of their attacks if you turn around them while being very close to them. This make some fight exploitable. During my whole playthrough I couldn't craft one item: bombs. This is because I couldn't find ant eggs in the anthill. I even looked on youtube and tried some solutions but i couldn't get them to spawn. It can also happen that the game crashes while loading saves. You can easely exploit the building system: if you set the project of any building and then place something else on top of it you can start building this second project even if the first isn't complete. This means you can make a column of unbuilt projects and the build a flying base on top of it. Mobs can't destroy it because they can't damage projects or reach the base. Minor bugs: When your armor is broken you can't equip it by pressing left click on it and hen "equip", however you can still equip it by draggin it over its slots. If your dandelion tulft breaks while in mid air, your camera locks in 3rd person untill you open and close a menu. Stink bugs gas AoE ability still deals damage to the player for like 1 or 2 seconds after the VFX has ended. MOB/COMBAT SYSTEM I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug: when you get damaged by a mob your armor obviusly gets damaged, the problem is it still gets damaged if you perfect block an attack. As I said I'm not sure if this is meant to be like this or not, but I'm really against it: if you perform a perfect block your armor should NOT break. Stink bugs and lady bugs have a big problem in common: they can easely be killed by exploiting their AI. As I said before, these mobs aren't very good at finding a path to the player, which makes getting them stuck easy. This should be fixed, but I'd also make these two mobs immune to arrow damage, it makes sense to me because of their thicc exoskeleton but it could also be an easy fix for this issue untill the AI gets fixed. (maybe this change could be done to bombardier beetles too). Another big problem with this game's PvE in my opinion is the too much similar kits "big mobs" have. They all have the same main headbutt attack plus one additional ability but with different stats. Having the same main attack makes learning to deal with the various mobs not as interesting as it could be, since once you've learned how to defeat one of them you basically know 50% of how the other mobs work. I think these mobs should have more personality, both in attacks and behaviour. Bobmardier beetle: it should try to stay away from the player and shoot acid, but once it reaches 50% HP or it has a wall behind it that prevents it from going back, it should try to go melee with a more aggressive playstyle. Stink bug: right after using the gas ability it should stay inside of the AoE instead of going for the player, this way the player is forced to stay inside the gas if he wants to go melee, but if he try to use the bow then the stink bug would close up and go melee. Lady bug: its charge attack should instantly destroy grass/clovers etc... so it can easely go through the environment and hit the player (stuff destroyed this way may drop a lower quantity of resources to avoid farming grass planks or weed logs by abusing lady bugs). Orb weaver: in additions to its main attack it should have a different attack with different animations and timing, maybe a poisonous 2 hit combo? Also, the spiderweb ability should be faster, he never got me with that. The fact that it's smaller than the wolf spider makes me think it could get scared by the player if he deals enough damage to it, once he reaches 25% hp it should flee and try to shoot its spiderweb to stop you from killing it. (Maybe also change his sounds to something that feels like its scared?) Wolf spider: I really think this game needs a frightening alpha predator, this is how I've seen the wolf spider until I realised how simple defeating it was. I really think the game benefits from having a major threat that is dangerous regardless of your gear tier. Unfortunately the wolf spider needs a bit of rework and a ltitle buff to maintain this role. In the future we'll probably get higher tier items, I expect the higher tier to reach at least 5 before the game officially launches, and I also hope that if these items make wolf spider easely killable we can have a new big threat, like a hornet maybe? Anyway, its main attack should have a slightly different timing from the orb weaver's main attack. The leap is fine but it needs at least a third attack in its kit, a bigger leap maybe? Wolf spider should decide to either jump at the player (like it does now) or to jump over the the player to get behind him so it can immidiately charge its main attack. The animations, the sound, the damage it deals, everything makes it look like a very aggressive spider so what if once it reaches 25% hp it goes berserk? Its eyes open up a bit more, the sounds get worse. Instead of doing its main attack it does a combo of 3 faster main attacks that you need to individually perfect block, every single of these hits oneshot the player. Also, after it attacks, instead of going 2 steps backwords it quickly moves to either your left or right and you need to keep up with his speed in order to hit him and perfect block. Little note on spiderlings: their sounds are way too loud and scary for their size, it feels off. Spider fang dagger is bad. There's no point in building it: not only the poison dmg and dps of the weapon itself are bad, but on top of it it breaks super fast: killing an orb weaver with it makes the durability bar go down to 50%. Also its raw stats are overall worse than the larva blade, I mean the stun is a bit higher but the damage is lower, not worth it in my opinion, especially since we have the ant club that is easier to make and works way better. INVETORY SYSTEM One thing I didn't like in this game is managing the inventory, it NEEDS improvements. Take example from minecraft, just play with its inventory system fon 15 minutes and you'll have all the information you need. I understand having such limited resources in the inventory, but you could make stacks go up to 15 or make chests have more slots, or at least the stack cap is doubled when inside a chest. Hauling resources is quite annoying with such limited stacks. This may be very personal but I hate how the equipped items and armor occupy inventory slots. It not only make you lose a lot of inventory slots and it also makes managing the inventory more annoying. BUILDING SYSTEM First of all I want to say that I really like the building system, having the ability to "pre-build" your base so you can have a look at the final result before starting to put time and effort into building is very nice. The only 2 problem I've encountered with building a base were: 1) it felt like gathering resources and moving logs and plank took too much time. I'd lower the resources needed to build and/or higher the maximum amount of planks you can carry at the same time. I'd also change the desing of pellets so they can store more grass pllanks and weed logs. 2) while trying to place a project down it clips through stuff and glitches more than not. An interesting part of this game is that it has a kind of tower defence mechanic since mobs will try to destroy your base and you'll have to defend it. This mechanic gives the player one more thing to keep in mind while building the base and I love it. I mean.... I'd love it if it wasn't enough building on a rock to avoid any type of danger. I don't think the building system should be restricted to avoid player from doing so, I think you guys should add some more threats that can reach your base regardless of its location. For example: why can't spiders climb walls? is this a technical limitation? because if it's not you should immediately give spiders the ability to climb walls so they can reach your base even if it's on a rock, log or wathever. For bases built in extremely good spots, flying threats like bees, wasps or hornets should fo the trick. Thinking about how to defend your base is cool, but we need more tools to do so. RESOURCES "Farms" are way to good right now, they need a nerf. As soon as you build 2 mushroom garden and 2 dew collectors you won't ever feel the need to look for food or water again. The problem isn't even how good these farms are, at some point in a survival game it is completely normal to have automated farms for basics resources for various reasons, the problem is that you are able to build these items too early imo. To balance the mushroom garden you just need to lower the "grow rate" of the mushrooms to a maximum of 4 per day AND add a mechanic that requires the player to add spoiled meat to it every now and then to keep it working. For the dew collector I think the solution is making so it needs a higher tier resource to be built (like lady bug parts for example?). Farming water by collecting it with a canteen form dew or juice boxes and storing it in the water container is a quite unique and interesting mechanic, giving players a way too have a sustainable source of water too early wastes it. Meat spoils way too quickly, it just makes no sense trying to get it when 2 mushroom gardens are enough. I know you can dry it so it doesn't spoil, but at that point you get the negative side of getting more thirsty, mushroom/nectar/acorn bits are still the best choice. I think meat should spoil after 3 days, not less, if you rellay want to keep it that way at least give cooked meat a reason to be prepared, like a slow hp regen after eating it. Acorns are pretty annoying to farm since each of them gives you acorn bits, 1 acorn top (which isn't used in many things) and 1 acorn shell (which is used for crafting many usefull things like acorn armor and chests) which makes farming acorn unbalanced since you'll end up having stacks of acorn tops that you'll never use. Cane we make it so acorns drop 2 or more acorn shells? Not sure if this is intended or not but resources do not depsawn. This can get quite annoying even if you can just pick stuff up and trash it in the inventory. If this is intended... change it, make droppped items despawn after a day or two, maybe more for planks and logs. I don't really like using just quartzite to repair stuff, I think using some of the resources used to craft the item would work better. For example: in order to repair an ant club you'd need 1 quartzite and 1 ant mandible. BIOMES I don't reall see the pont of having so many spiders BEHIND the oak tree, there's nothing there, move them to the other side were acorns are situated to make farming them more dangerous. Fungal growth and mite fuzz are the only reasons to go to the haze biome, I think it needs some more interesting reasons to go there. EXTRA I'm not going to say anything about exploration because it's perfect. I just want to add that making spiderweb more transparent and harder to see may make the player be more alert when exploring spider areas. SUGGESTIONS FOR NEW CONTENT I'll talk more deeply about the se suggestions in future posts: New anthills with different ant species (like leafcutter ants) New spiders like: some sort of stalker spider that will follow you, hiding everytime you look back, once close anough to your back it will attack dealing high damage; or smaller spiders hanging from grass or ceiling that drop and bit the player when he walks under them to make the player work on his awareness when walking in their biomes. Ability to tame and/or ride certain mobs.
  17. The game is great! I'm having a blast, awesome work, nicely done!! Here some suggestions: 1) Block attack button should draw back the arrow from the bow 2) Resources tab under crafting should be listed alphabetically 3) Filter option to show Trail Markers on the map 4) Larva Blade is tier I, so it should show first in the Workbench Tools tab Here some other things that would be great! 1) If we could create a dedicated server and have more than 4 people playing together 2) More character options, skins, clothes, etc. 3) Pets! Besides that, I would like to suggest some changes to combat, so far you don't have much chance against spiders in melee combat, and is kind of forced to "cheese" the combat by jumping some place or bug the spider someplace where it can't pass.
  18. Ladies and Gents. First thankyou for all your hard work so far, you have produced a gem. Understandable that grounded is in early access but even so it is still FAR better than other survival games that were at similar stage. My tupence worth. 1. Content content content ! The coninuing problem with most survival games is keeping the interest and not just a grind.. please continue to expand the already intriguing story line and the excellent enviromental effects.. (Really like this aspect). 2. Without knowing your dreams for the future i can only advise on what i know from survival games, but dont recreate Ark, this game has too much potential for that eg NO PVP, let the community use its imagination on builds etc. 3. Allow further expansion of tribes allowing trade or territory expansion through missions etc. Multiple tribes on one map. 4. Continuing point 1. Lots of building items and decor, wether you choose this side to be micro transactions or holiday events for example, i expect would be supported by your ever expanding community. 5. I have a 101 ideas for content and development and couldnt put it all down here. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Please please please follow your dream for this and dont break from it, this is your dream to make come true. Keep up the great work
  19. I am playing on Xbox one X. My game is having some issues: 1) the door of the oak laboratory closed after I did a quest of the robot. 2) When I create a clay foundation, I cant put structures on the top of it. 3) When a berry get into the water I cant pick the berry chuncks cause the option to use the axe is disabled. 4) when I get in a place with a lot of insects togheter ( such as an ant nest, for example) my game start to freeze. 5) Sometimes when I fighting a big insect ( ladybug, spider,etc) and it get with low healt the insect glitches and run without phisics) and then the healt restart full. 6)the time on my game stopped working and the things are not respawning. 7) my game is always showing high ping but I have good network speed. I cant play anymore cause the time issue is the worst problem and I dont wanna to restart the game .
  20. Feedback/Experience/Suggestions This feedback is based on 8 hours of playtime on medium and easy difficulty. I play coop with my girlfriend where she gathers most materials and I do the main of the combat and building schematics in the game. After my playtime I’ve got a grasp of the main gameplay and experience of this early access and would like to hereby share my highlights and suggestions for the game to hopefully better help the future design of the game. I see a lot of potential in this game and love the way it makes you feel so small and fragile in the backyard. The ambience and setting of the game is already great and fully immerses you into the character, ants feel cute and creepy at the same time with their small head tilt they feel alive. Already the game runs smooth for me and the game hasn’t crashed on me yet which is pretty astonishing for a game in early access. Main feedback is that I would like there to be identifiable attack waves based on progress or time survived or bosses/raid spots in the game which I believe would boost the longevity of the game. The game already offers a really challenging experience. I’d love to see this game get more challenging on the medium and high difficulty by implementing more insects and improving the AI. If the team keeps balancing the players cooperative power and insect diversity this will become a game that just doesn’t get old. Written below I have categorized my suggestions/ideas or just missing features for the game which I believe might help add on the experience. To elaborate on each point I’ve written an experience and explanation for each. Settings Advanced graphical options More in depth graphical options would help run the game on all systems Multiplayer private lobbies / Search server filter Haven’t encountered this but seen other people have issue with this. I know this probably is already in the make but still needs to be mentioned. Difficulty mode Better Description with modes In the menu there is a description present at the difficulty modes which explain the different modes. When our base got destroyed in the medium mode my gf wished to switch to the easy mode to try and survive there for a less stressful experience. When I read the description of the easy mode I found it rather vague on what to expect from it (wondering if I even would like the mode). Are there attack waves in the medium mode that aren’t in the easy mode? Are there more or less attack waves? Are the monsters stronger? What is the health and damage boost of the insects in game? How much % does the hunger and thirst drain between the modes? This information should be mentioned before choosing so the players know better which mode they would like to play rather than try by trial and error to prevent fatigue of gameplay / bore them. Medium and High difficulty should invoke some kind of attack wave system based on progress or amount of days survived. Iron man mode I’ve seen some players complaining about the challenge and I could see a very big challenge for the developers to try and balance the 3 modes all out for everyone. To create that bit extra challenge for veteran survivalists next to the 3 standard modes I would recommend the implementation of the iron man mod. Only one save file. I’d recommend implementing this mode just before release of 1.0 after most kinks are solved because some would get frustrated by bugs/crashes destroying their save files Hardcore mode Only 1 life or set # life’s and then you’re game over. This would satisfy players that like a more challenging experience and give it to them without their voice/vote changing the main balance. I’d recommend implementing this mode just before release of 1.0 after most kinks are solved because some would get frustrated by bugs/crashes killing their character. HUD Compass Standard or creatable compass that appears in the HUD. Personally I love looking at the landmarks and map to find my bearing. My gf though is frustrating herself and has difficulty moving around and finding out where to go. A compass would help, and with such a high tech watch around our wrist shouldn’t be hard to implement in the story of the game. Could be a hidden legendary item or creatable item Inventory and Crafting Tooltips Armor/tools/healing. The current tooltips of all the items are too vague. I would like there to be a more in-dept explanation of what exactly the tool, armor or healing provides. As example I see diablo 3 doing it better. They have an option in game which can be turned ticked on to increase the amount of information given to the player. Increase max health, by how much? Increases carry capacity, by how much? Inventory slots Armor slots. Mentioned by others. Wearing armor shouldn’t take up inventory space. More = More. Of course I would like to see the game expand on its current amount crafting option. Tier 3 weapons and tools ( maybe from bosses), Legendary items, higher tier crafting base building, ladders, etc. devs prob already have this planned. Gathering Mule. Currently we need to walk far for our weed stems and to build a wall around our house is a drag/chore. It would lighten the load if we had a way to mule the grass and weed stems to the working area. Maybe as mentioned by others here on the forum by a tamable ladybug or cart. Combat Classes by equipment If players could get gear to support the other players in close combat in a way that would open the game up for a more challenging late game. If the players could heal, buff or keep aggro it would open up for a higher amount of insects attacking the players or designed choreographed boss fights with phases. For players that don’t like fighting it’s also a fun way to participate in the combat. Example; Shield with taunt ability. flower stem/ bee honey spray for healing (healing slows both players while healing so should be used carefully). Insects Flying enemies Building high up floating building removes all danger. Implementing some flying enemies that want to keep the sky to themselves or are attracted to sweets it will remove the safe feeling some players have up there and gives them a reason to choose between a ground or floating air base. All players get a reason to build a roof as well. More = More Same as with the building/crafting/weapons/armor I also would love the dev’s to expand the enemy roster further Butterfly, passive neutral, difficult to catch due to speed and being high up. Materials. Caterpillar, passive neutral. Eats grass structures but very slow. Bees, passive neutral, Dangerous. Dodgeble stinger attack. steal. Wasps, aggressive, Dangerous, Dodgeble stinger attack, stuns. Charge (Advanced programming Ignores you when standing still unless attacked), steal. Bosses I’ve seen some players implementing the idea of giant monsters and bosses. Animals seem to be unrealistically big and don’t seem fitting to me in the power balance. Maybe a rat is manageable or a snake that is stuck where you need to avoid its choreographed attacks. I’d rather suggest; Mantis, Swipe attack. Grab attack, Can cut down grass and grass structures easily. I hope you build some of your base out of weed stems Giant Horned Beetle. Swipe attack with clippers. Dodgeble by jumping Queen ant/wasp/bee. Lives in hive. Protected by multiple guardians. Queen keeps spawning adds slowly when engaged but is passive herself. Hornet, Giant wasp boss. 2 phases or modes. Flying and landed. Stay clear of its stinger, it stuns. Dodgeble charge up attack. Hornet can grab you and will fly up then drop you from damaging vertical distance. Black widow, poison kills you slowly unless you take antidote. Poison doesn’t expire. Weather and world Rain/storm Damages the player and provides water. Building a roof or taking shelter prevents damage. Rain doesn’t or barely damages buildings. Biomes Bee hive, stuck to house, corner of map. Crawling space under house. centipedes Coolbox, move slow due to frost. I hope some of these points help or inspire.
  21. Im not sure if my feedback sent before i made my account so im going to post it again just in case. Ok so me and my freind have been playing through the game and so far we have really enjoyed the game, although there are a few small bugs that we have found that i feel should be fixed, plus i have some suggestions that might help the games growth. Ok so the first problem we have had is when we go to harvest berries, the berries arent in the same place for both of us so we cant both harvest the berries. Its not a massive issue but it is an issue because we cant both harvest the berries, only one of us can. The second issue we have had is that when we were fighting a wolf spider, we got killed through a wall. Other than this, we have not really seen many bugs, but we will keep you posted on our experiences. Next are a couple of suggestions that i feel would make the experience a bit better: The first thing i feel, is that on normal mode, the hunger and thirst goes down a little too quickly. I feel that for normal difficulty, that it should be a little slower to make normal a bit more fair, as we were constantly having to replenish them afer a small trip. The next thing i think would make a good addition to the game is something about swimming. Ok so me and my freind are playing on xbox, and when we are going in the water, it feels a bit awkward trying to stay on the surface to not drown. I feel a good fix to this would be to have it so if you hold the jump button, you will stay at, or float up to the surface this would really make that specific part of the game less awkward to control. The final thing that i feel should be updated is when you sleep, your hunger and thirst goes down to a bit below half. This itself isn't much of an issue but it is a little annoying, the real issue is upon doing this, all of your food spoils, I do feel like this should be changed as it feels like there is no point to stock piling food because it will just spoil. A good way to fix this would be to add a visible timer in the inventory screen showing how long it would be until your food spoils, and when that timer runs out then the food spoils, having the food spoil instantly just feels a bit pointless. I hope my feedback was helpful and im excited to see where this game is headed
  22. Been playing multiplayer for almost 3 or so days and I gotta say, the game is very pretty and I love it! This said, I have encountered a few bugs: Spiders randomly spawn en-masse in area near and around the neighboring area of the Oak Tree, making it impossible to run to it (found 5 spiders in a singular clump) or even navigate the area. Spiders also spawn outside of the Oak Tree lab and attack from behind walls. Larvae spawns are insane, after 1 hour or so of playing, we found a spawn of six Larvae around a Fruit Punch that almost killed us. Bombardier Beetles de-aggro immediately from you as they tend to look away from you and just waddle out of your aggro distance, resetting their health even if you keep throwing spears or arrows at them. Ants can poach through lifted foundations by snapping at them? Spiders, Bombadier Beetles and Ladybugs all share the spawn camping issue. The Arachnophobia Safe Mode... is okay? But it doesn't show their leg's position and that makes fighting and kiting a whole lot more difficult. That should be all for now!
  23. Online servers official server for several people, unofficial servers the same in the ARK: Survival Evolved game, if it is not possible to increase the number of friends from 4 to 8, it would be great if my friends did not depend on me to play, bad with 4 people I have to leave the connected PC, for them to play, for an online server to be better there, I would not host for them
  24. So I've Played about 24 hours Or more. besides exploration gearing up and besting the enemies already available in the game. Opting to Building a base with a nice View in Lieu of a courtyard made around a can and a research centre. I was allowed to place my storage in said can, but ants would still poke their head through and steal my precious aphid honeydew. And spiders still finding ways to bite me through the can and my poorly constructed fence. So I had to move. Now I live under the oak tree. Blinded by the light of a solar powered lamp. Upon occasion the wolf spiders that lives there likes to get inside my foundation and break it from the inside out. But only sometimes! So it's not that bad But enough with setting the story. This game isnt without its kinks what without. Sometimes Spiders can be lurking inside logs (Solid ones) so one has to watch out for that. Spiders though extremely large have found there way into the smallest of places. Often yielding rewards. A bit to easy... Acorns explode incessantly to the point they break time itself. Only to find the remains respawn there from the follow day this isn't guaranteed daily. But eventually missing items reappear in follow days. Most issues have been deftly spotted by the community thus far I've have seen Larva do incredible things.. But it's a Glitch love. There is nothing more terrifying than the alien like cave of 40 horrible creatures of indescribable origin. They have there own mind often attacking the abandoned ant hive.. just what do they do when they roam around in packs of 40 . It's like the larvae have A hive mind Ai. more so than the ants do Ants Don't Act as much as a group unit as I would have expected. They do respond to your aggression and send a soilder unit to your base eventually. But I've yet to see anything of an actual raid. Of sorts. So I hope that's coming. Lack of raw research as collectable. I saw that in the demo access this was in the fame but has since been taken out or reworked. I hope they return as the current research grind is lacking. I do understand at full release there will be many more items to learn from. Bees. Please make bees work when you can I'm sure everyone would love that I also see there is wasps in the cover art. So having a more aggressive flying insect would he awesome not to mention two possible hives to visit. Perhaps a few passive. Imagine a handful of butterflies. The pond. The pond is a great biome that needs lot of love and live. I can imagine Dragonflies at the pond. Water skates, beetles. A few Koi to make swimming challenging. More water based resources to force player to go to depths.. Perhaps a craftable diving suit might be in order. Maybe a big old boss bulltoad sat on the edge. Birds would also be a good addition being a random event where if your too high they may swoop in and attack. even better take you up to their nest. Feathers could be another form of glider. Or be used to make a more refined sort of paraglider People want to go in the house and if you can do that I'd be impressed. But I won't hold you to it. Maybe one room? Or the shed. The story build up so far has a little hint to some sort of story already there. What with the various little skeletons around the map. And the mysterious Doctor that surely can't be father to all four children right? Wonder if we will see this doctor or did he too succumb to the backyard. Also I may or may not have seen that behind a locked door, there may or may not have been some weird experiments with berries too. Anyway just a couple of bugs and suggestions I have. Don't normally even write bug reports or just general feedback and suggestions. What the heck is it even a larvae of anyway. No really
  25. I think there should leaf boats or some faster way to carry grass and stuff around like a wheel barrow
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