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Found 8 results

  1. Finally finished the game for the first time. While I was mostly okay with the endings I got, it mildly confused me that neither the gods, nor the effects of the Wheel now being broken on the peoples of Eora were mentioned. After the last conversation with the Gods, I expected the ending to mention something like factions being formed and battle lines being drawn between the gods, and their various organizations of fanatics gearing up for war. And regarding the kith and the Wheel: no one seems to panic, and besides animancers and scholars making breakthroughs courtesy of Eothas' inspiration, there doesn't seem to be any great effort happening. Except the Huana and the Rauataians fighting over Ukaizo and the VTC profiting from the conflict, the state of the world post-Eothas isn't mentioned at all. Wasn't a central point to Eothas' plan that everyone immediately would have knowledge about what he'd done to the Wheel and the nature of the Gods?
  2. Will there be mods support? Any planned DLC? Season Pass? What endgame going be like? Multiple Endings? Character creator? Any pre order benefits? Anything else I should know?
  3. I'm wondering about the True to Form sidequest for Hiravias, and just which direction to steer him in in the end. While I'm inclined to follow Galawain's request in the end and send the souls to strengthen the Dyrwood, Hiravias seems happier in the end if he sticks with Wael instead of going back to Galawain. If I encourage Hiravias to follow Wael, though, he'll also encourage me to break my promise to Galawain and do what Wael wants, which will mean the Dyrwood will suffer (and the dragon fights in Deadfire will harder, from my understanding). What's the more ethical direction to encourage Hiravias in? What way did YOU steer him in and why?
  4. So I just recently finished my first playthrough of Deadfire and am looking forward to getting the DLC and playing through it again. However, I had two endings that really bothered me. The first is due to a bug where Pallegina leaves me for absolutely no reason, but I've already reported them. The second, however, bothers me 100% more, because I could have changed it. So. I romance Maia and max out her relationship, but her ending slide results in the "Dishonorable Discharge" ending which ultimately ruined my Watcher's relationship. My question is, is there a way to side with the Principi (Furrante) AND get the ending where Maia remains in the Navy, but she is convinced what they are doing is wrong? Any help would be dope. Thank you.
  5. Discuss/post some of the new ending slides. Let us know what you got and why you think you got it. These were mine: http://imgur.com/a/EC79P#1 Devil's stuff: Obviously I let her murder the logger guy, no other opportunities to change this really stood out to me. Zahua: Seems to me that influencing him will be left for part 2. Even though he told my character about his clans troubles, he kept saying my stuff was more important and wouldn't give a quest to help him out. So I guess this is the default "personal quest: Incomplete" ending. I should also mention that the narrator says more than what appears in the ending text for some reason. Not really anything different, just more. "Under Taena's guidance the mines..." : I didn't awaken Taena, I awakened the Orlan. Now, I have started another playthrough and gotten to the point of awakening Taena and that lead to her attacking me (after giving the required info) and I don't know if it can go any other way. But that would still change this slide I imagine. Not really sure about the "half a dozen others had been excavated in the nearby peaks" bit. May be related to helping the girl with her gem-finding device and telling her it works (rather than lying and saying it's junk)? I figure this because I imagine she sells the tool to a bunch of people and tells them to use it in the White March. Seems a bit of a stretch though, perhaps they just come because DB is now safe. Stuff about the new generation being eager for exploration: Could this be related to me making a deal with the Ogre Matron? Maybe because it's kind of siding with the son's new way of thinking over the mother? Or this is possibly given to everyone who bothers with TWM content. Smuggler's opportunities: Probably got this because I returned the woman's stash to her and told her to cut me in, rather than reform her, kill her or turn her in to the mayor. Owynna's midnight errands: Clearly from awakening Owynna. Watcher's visit seen as an ill omen: I don't really get this one, who are they praying for ("prayer for the dead left in the Watcher's wake")? The dead that result from smuggler's prospering? The loggers I killed with the Devil? Possibly a reference to the threat that we'll deal with in Part 2, but can't now (the "eyeless" (I think this is what they called them, may be wrong) that killed the dwarves of Durgan's Battery), coming and killing some of them. Could also be referring to the people I let burn in the house at the start. Or perhaps the thieves-pretending-to-be-priests that I killed? I am most interested in knowing if anyone didn't get this one/got something different, and why. Finally, I chose to send the lingering Battery souls back to the Wheel, but I can't see this effecting any of the ending slides I got.
  6. So, community, will you please help me with an unanswered question of mine (?): Does using cheat, I roll 20s, command codes change the game history and/or it's ending in any way? Like, in: is there some ending(s) that is(are) only possible to achieve if you never use "IRoll20s" command ever in the game? I take this opportunity to ask, please keeping spoiler free, how many different endings the game has and if there is any kind of "true ending" or "best ending of all" of any kind, please. Thank you much for a the help.
  7. I'm not going to bother with spoilers tags since this is a spoiler forum so just assume I wreck every single detail of every possible ending. In the last few scenes of the main story arc I found myself agreeing with Thaos' motivations, albeit not necessarily his methods. I convinced Aloth to take up the mantle of the leaden key after Thaos' death and I agreed with him in his conversation options during the final face off. I was really disappointed that there didn't seem to be any opportunity to be convinced that freeing Woedica is the right idea. I might have been able to be persuaded. Instead he kind of ignores my agreement with continuing to spread religion and just attacks me. I guess because I got too close to him and didn't really agree with his slaughter of countless innocents. I had high scores in benevolent, honest, diplomatic and rational, so its possible I just didn't play enough of a psychopath to get that option. I guess I still don't really understand Thaos' motivations for siding with Woedica and why the Leaden Key would sacrifice themselves just to provide her with souls. Isn't the huge mob of Leaden Key that sacrificed themselves in the huge chamber at the end in the final vision the Engwithans who invented the gods in the first place? I'm sure I'm missing something about that. I'll probably be able to figure it out on my next play through. Anyway I'm a little disappointed that there didn't seem to be an option to side with Woedica. Maybe they tried to make it so her side was always too horrible to consider. But I did agree that Thaos was doing the right thing by supporting the gods and preserving them.
  8. As excited as I am for PoE, one thing really has me worried: western RPGs have a problem with endings. Anyone remember the Mass Effect 3 debacle? Everybody got mad about ME3's ending, and they were right to be, it was crap. But to be honest, it was probably the best ending Bioware had ever done - not because it was particularly good, not because it was head-and-shoulders above the rest, but because it was perhaps the only ending they had ever done. Think back. How did BG1 end? BG2? Jade Empire, KotOR? NWN? Each game reaches its climax, final challenges are overcome, and then, they just sort of ... stop. An authority figure tells you about the rest of your life. Maybe you get a 30-second cinematic. A scene where assorted peasants cheer meaninglessly for you. Paragraph-length written epilogues for your party members. This isn't strictly a Bioware problem, although they certainly exemplify it. It's an issue with the entire genre of RPGs in the west1, including everything from older, pure-action games like Diablo and newer turn-based games like Divinity: Original Sin with the familiar abrupt cutoff, to sandboxes which don't have any ending at all until you inevitably get bored. It's a trend that Black Isle/Obsidian has sometimes ducked partially - in having protagonists that are more complex and involved with the narrative than just "HELLO MY NAME IS PLAYER SURROGATE," games like PS:T and TSL are slightly better than most. In other cases, like Stick of Truth or MotB, they've dodged the bullet entirely and delivered a really genuine wrap-up that left me with a feeling of being finished. But then on the other hand we have games like the IWD series, or the NWN2 OC (light spoilers) ... Maybe this isn't as important for most people as it is for me, but since I'm here for the narrative, I want things to wrap up in a way that's satisfying. I want a proper denouement, and an ending more emotionally substantial than just watching something explode while someone narrates ominously. That doesn't necessarily mean wrapping everything up, or answering all of my questions in life, or giving me 15 minutes of Hobbits getting patted on the head in different locations. But it does mean that I want a story to end like a story, not like a game of Connect Four. All of this leads back to my greatest worry about PoE: that, like so many of these otherwise excellent games, it will fail to deliver an effective ending, or even a closing act. It's not that I don't have confidence in Obsidian's ability to write an ending - as I've mentioned, it's one of the very few developers that definitely has the know-how to write and direct solid endings. But it is something I hope they give active thought to avoiding, because this is such a plague on Western RPGs. So much time is devoted to giving players things to do that core narratives lose emotional significance, and become little more than an arbitrary - and often extremely sudden - stopping point. I hope that, as a spiritual successor to the IE games, PoE can surpass them in giving real emotional satisfaction to its ending. (Sorry if my thought process here is a bit disorganized - this is the kind of thing I have an essay's worth of thoughts about, but no desire to write a paper on, so I'm trying to sum it up.) tl;dr - In developing PoE's story, I encourage Obsidian to carefully consider the historical flaws in the endings of IE games and other CRPGS, and how to avoid them. Japanese RPGs are by no means necessarily better, but in my experience it's a less persistent issue for them, in part because JRPGs often duck the biggest underlying causes of No Ending Syndrome.
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