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Found 45 results

  1. So, I would like to change my Druid's spiritshift without restarting the game for the 10th time (I haven't made it past Black Meadows/Angslog Compass because I found a mistake in my character choices--and every time, I restart). I'm hoping to avoid another restart, as I've just finished the Temple of Eothas for the first time, and was hoping to continue on with the main quests. Console commands/tools welcome--thanks!
  2. Straightforward question--in Hard/PoTD, which Spiritshift provides more early-game survibability (I know they're no good mid-late game)?
  3. Hi, I'm torn about how to build my druid, and have started the game about 5 times, based on different things I read/discover about the engine (I was trying to do the "full immersion" by going into the game completely blind, but no respec option means I don't want to risk gimping my PC for the late game). I'm playing in Normal, maybe Hard. I want to build a ranged/spellcasting druid (Wood elf), and I'm debating 2 things: Should I use War Bows/Wands or Rods/Scepters (with their corresponding Weapon Focus talents, skipping Bonus L1 spell)? Whether I should grab all 3 elemental damage talents, together with Bonus L3-4 spells (skipping Bonus L2 spell; or is there something better than either Bonus L2/a third elemental damage talent)? Re: 1, while War Bows have more damage than Rods, I really like the idea of having 3 damage types from Rods/Scepters (pierce/crush/slash), as opposed to 2 from War Bow/Wand (pierce/crush). Also, flavour-wise, implements go better with the intended build, and I can grab the unique implements later in the game. However, not sure if that extra damage type will be THAT useful, as opposed to just more damage. Re: 2, since I'm not soloing, having 10 instead of 8 spells per encounter might not be that useful, because I'll have 2-3 other casters throwing out 8-10 spells per encounter--chances are that, for most fights, I won't run out of encounter spells. And pre L-9, I think +6 Accuracy with a warbow will be more useful than just 1 extra spell per rest (while I'm playing on normal, I really don't like abusing Rest... which is why I'm thinking of playing Hard, just so the Rest "limit" is actually hard-coded). Any help much appreciated (I don't mind item/stats spoilers, just no story/lore spoilers please).
  4. Hi All, I wanted to make a list of spells affected by elemental talents for Wizards, Druids and Priests to plan my next builds. I think it could be a good idea to share it. If you see anything that isn't true or something missing, don't hesitate to correct me. ??? means that I'm not sure. I also assumed summons are not affected by Elemental talents. Wizard Spells : Fire : Fan of Flames (Lvl 1) Combusting Wounds ??? (Lvl 2) Ray of Fire (Lvl 2) Rolling Flame (Lvl 2) Fireball (Lvl 3) Flame Shield (Lvl 4) Wall of Flame (Lvl 4) Torrent of Flame (Lvl 5) Corrode : Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon (Lvl 2) Necrotic Lance (Lvl 2) Concelhaut's Draining Touch (Lvl 3) Noxious Burst (Lvl 3) Death Ring (Lvl 6) Ice : Chill Fog (Lvl 1) Kakaloth's Sunless Grasp (Lvl 1) Blast of Frost (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Bitter Mooring (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Freezing Pillar (Lvl 6) Lightning : Jolting Touch (Lvl 1) Crackling Blot (Lvl 3) Chain Lightning (Lvl 5) Special : Kakaloth's Minor Blight (Lvl 3) : summon a wand with a random element. Druid Spells : Fire : Sunbeam (Lvl 1) Burst of Summer Flame (Lvl 2) Firebrand (Lvl 2) Boiling Spray (Lvl 4) Firebug (Lvl 5) Sunlance (partial) (Lvl 6) Corrode : Autumn's decay (Lvl 2) Rot Skulls (Lvl 6) Ice : Winter Wind (Lvl 1) Blizzard (Lvl 2) Hail Storm (partial) (Lvl 4) Lightning : Dancing Bolts (Lvl 1) Returning Storm (Lvl 3) Relentless Storm (Lvl 5) Nature's Terror (Lvl 5) Priest Spells Fire : Divine Mark (Lvl 2) Searing Seal (Lvl 4) Shining Beacon (Lvl 4) Pillar of Holy Fire (Lvl 5) Cleansing Flame (Lvl 6) Lightning : Warding Seal (Lvl 3) Spark the soul of the Righteous ??? (Lvl 6) And that's all for the priest ! Apparently, PoE gods like fire. EDITED ON 30/05/15
  5. Using the search function I can not see anyone reporting this, but I have the feeling two spells have been switched around in the druid spell list. Level 3; Returning Storm; base duration 30 secs.; base damage 20-30; stun duration 3 seconds - Speed: Slow Level 5; Relentless Storm; base duration 15 secs; base damage 9-12; stun duration 2 seconds - Speed: Average All other variables the same, though the description says that Relentless Storm strikes frequently and Returning Storm says periodically - if this means that relentless storm strikes two times in the time returning storm strikes - it is still less damage output, less stun and less duration. Even if it is tripple as fast the duration and taking DR into account it is very debatable if the level 5 is worth it at all. Frequently and periodically are too vague a terms to see the advantage of a level 5 spell that casts a little faster but seems in all other methods weaker. Nothing is stated in the 1.0.5 patch about this (except that wind blight can cast returning storm only once per encounter) - which I can not check as I got this wonderful game through GOG and not Steam. The forums also did not came back with this while using the search function. Hope I did not by accident adress something that was already known/clear.
  6. I've been thinking of starting a solo triple crown run with a druid, and I'm looking for suggestions. I haven't used druids much since the beta, and I've only used tank characters in a solo environment, so any input would be useful. In terms of race, I'm thinking probably Wood Elf, Aumauauauaua, Moonlike ... I dunno. Like I said, any input. For the attribute spread, max Int/Might and minimum Perception are obvious, but I'm not sure whether to bother with Con and Dex. I hear Fast Runner or whatever it's called is good for lighter characters in solo play, as well as Deep Pockets. Is that accurate? Aside from that, should I just stick to the elemental damage bonus talents? And obviously spiritshift trails off pretty quickly, but since it's supposedly good at early levels: what's a reliable shift to start with?
  7. First of all, this is fairly untested idea for potd alternative Druid/Mag build that deppends on perceived dump stat of Perception by dumping Might. Yes, I'm indeed dumping Might... I ran a test with custom companion Wizard against potd Arda Dragon with same stats, and it worked remarkably, nevertheless low Might may pose problems early on when dispatching enemies quickly may be a better option. The idea is that you forget damage done for a high interrupt values. Focus is on interrupting enemies to such effect that they can't even retaliate. That's achieved by big aoe and lingering spells, and by just overloading enemies with cointinuous spellcasting when on higher levels. For that effect high Dex and light armours are needed. With low Might there is also not much need for weapon specializations and effort put into druids forms, so it's better to just equip the caster with as heavy shield as possible and be done with it. Druid is better overall choice, since Wizard should have a really hard time early on, nevertheless his endgame is arguably even better than Druids. His two walls and Thrust made me look into it in the first place. Race: Orlan for +2 on Perception Subrace: Hearth Orlan, for hits to crits, although I'm not quite sure that ability works for spells as well. Alternatives: Elf with 20 Dex, Godlike with three 19s, and nothing is preventing other races to join as well. Attributes: 2 Might 9 Constitution 18 Dexterity 21 Perception 18 Intelligence 10 Resolve Dex, Per, Int as high as possible, the rest can vary. In this example I went for higher protection offered by Constitution and Resolve. The idea is that character can take some damage while using shield, and wearing light armour. Around the field protections are high, except offcourse for fortitude, making this build truly glassy. Talents: Interrupting blows, weapon and shield, veil for Wizard, everything else into bonus spells. Spells: The higher the interrupt value the better, just as important are lingering area effects, and big aoe. More potential victims, higher the chance to interrupt someone. Walls and Druids storms work wonders. Notable Spells: Mage: 1st level: Thrust!! 3rd: Fireball 4th: Dimansional Shift, Wall of Flame!!! 5th: Wall of Force!!! Druid: 1st level: Talon's Reach!!, Tanglefoot 2nd: Blizzard, Insect Swarm 3rd: Returning Storm!!! 4th: Hail Storm 5th: Malignant Cloud, Wall of Thorns!!!
  8. First, congratulations for the great game you have delivered. I am enjoying it a lot and can't stop playing. Second, I am playing a druid with cat affinity and I have found 2 bugs that are annoying. 1. The charm Beast spell is not working properly. Its durations says 9.6sec (8sec base). It is charming for about 2 seconds, maybe less. That make it useless and It should be a signature spell of a druid. How to replicate the bug: Just use the spell in any animal. 2. This is a graphic bug. When I shapechange, sometimes (like 1 in 3) it shows the human form AND animal form, making it a mess. It happens randomly, often when I use Flurry attack. How to replicate the bug: This one is tricky. I have tried myself to replicate it and dont get it. Even loading again the file and doing the same things it does not happen. This is the print screen: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/34115347319209648/31AA92461F67BBBCD502AD92BCCBBC85DAFCFD79/ Thank you for everything and good luck fixing these issues. I really like the druid and this can discourage people who wants to play it (not me for sure). oh, the dxdiag upload have failed twice, so I will paste the first block: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 3/28/2015, 07:50:10 Machine name: GERARDO-PC Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850) Language: Spanish (Regional Setting: Spanish) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: GA-A75-UD4H BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Processor: AMD A8-3870 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16382MB RAM Page File: 5893MB used, 26867MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 11 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 32bit Unicode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. it's a simple question for my build for druid: i choose ranged attack with bow, crossbow or fire arms, or i go to melee attacks? and if i go to ranged attack, i up dex for my third choice (after int e might)? ty for answers ^^
  10. Hello, Actually knockdown for druid wolf is recharged per rest. Is it supposed to be like this? Just wondering because of other spiritshifts. Per encounter would be better in my opinion, and would make the wolf spiritshift less useless.
  11. Hello, Seems that the damage bonus from Wildstrike talent (at least Fire for Wildstrike Fire), is not working at all. It is supposed to add 30% of the damage with Fire, but according to combat log i only see piercing damage while in my spiritshift wolf form. Is it normal or i am missing something? edit : i am playing with the lastest updte as of 04/04/15 edit2 : disregard this post. When checking in detail for the damage done, it is shown that the burn damage is applied.
  12. My human druid with stag spiritshift always has Stag Defense's attribute boosts active, even when not in stag form out of combat. The character was made on release day and I was hoping 1.03 might fix it, but it did not. I started a new human druid on 1.03, but that did not recreate the problem (the druid lost Stag Defense when he changed back to human form). It's a minor bug, but am I the only one who has it? Is there any way I can fix it, short of starting over? Thanks.
  13. Hey folks! After checking in with the Beta on and off since its release I've been struggling with some of the mechanics of this game and I truly have no idea where to even begin with building my character. I'd like to play a druid as I'm a fan of spellcasters and the themes of the class but I'm confused as to which stats I should be selecting for and which ones can safely be dumped. I'm a veteran of RPG's so I have a pretty strong understanding of how to build good characters in 2ed through 3.5ed dnd and I think what I'm lacking right now is detailed information on how things are running under the hood. I find the current stat descriptions to be pretty vague and many of the talens are just written descriptions without any actual numbers; which I find makes it very confusing to pick and choose and see what works without having to make two douzen characters which I dont have the time or interest at present to do. So my question for those who have taken the time to delve deeper then I have: How do I build a good druid? What stats should be focused on? What skills? Which weapons to use? Which talents to select? Which spells are worth using? My thanks for your time everyone! Excited for the final release!
  14. Hy Folks I got two questions conserning the clasess Druid and Wizard First: Will there be a description, which shapeshifting Form gets which Bonus/Malus (quicker, sturdier, more life), is there gona be something like this and it's simply not implemented jet? Second: Are the Wizards gona get Spells like the BG2 lvl4 Spell Minor Sequencer? Or any other Spells you prepare in advance so you can cast them without delay? Thanks for your answers greez
  15. Update by Rose Gomez, Jr. Producer Hello everyone! My name is Rose Gomez - I'm the newest Producer on Pillars of Eternity. I'll be handling a lot of the Kickstarter related duties for the game from here on out. I've been working at Obsidian Entertainment for a little over three years now. My previous titles include South Park: The Stick of Truth and the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs. I'm thrilled to be able to work on Pillars of Eternity and can't wait to interact more with all of you in the coming months. For this update, we've got some awesome new character, area, and concept art that we're excited to show. However, before we get to the art, we wanted to officially update everyone that we are looking good to release Eternity by Winter 2014. So, look forward to getting your hands on Pillars of Eternity later this year. Our next update will be all about Pillars of Eternity lore by Eric Fenstermaker. Stretch Goals After much discussion and consideration of the poll on our forums we have decided not to pursue any additional stretch goals. Rest assured that the team is working hard on completing the game and including our current stretch goals. Surveys Our designers are working hard to implement the designs that our higher tiered backers have come up with. If you have a survey that needs to be filled out, please do so by March 31st. It's important that you get your surveys completed by the deadline because we are closing in on Alpha quickly. The team needs ample time to get your content into the game. We can't guarantee your in-game contribution will make it into the game if you are late. This includes inn/tavern designs, adventurer party designs, portraits, NPCs, and items/weapons, so make sure you get your idea in before the deadline! You can fill out your surveys on our Backer Portal after you've finished managing your pledge. They can be found on your account page under the Surveys tab. Worried that your design won't fit into Pillars of Eternity lore? Not sure if you want that innkeeper to be an Orlan or an Aumaua? Take a peek at the Pillars of Eternity Wiki to get some inspiration or clarification on the world. Characters With all that news out of the way, let's get to the art. To kick things off this week, we'd like to show you all some of the awesome new Godlike variants Dimitri has finished up - the Death Godlike. As we've mentioned before in previous updates, the Godlike are people that were "blessed" before birth by one or more of the deities of the world. Godlike manifest their divine heritage in a variety of ways, and in the case of the Death Godlike that heritage can be seen through their wicked looking horns and the misting darkness that shrouds their visage. Death Godlike. Another type, the Earth Godlike, can be seen below in some new portrait variants that Polina whipped up. These are just a few of the combinations that will be available to use for your character during the game. Earth Godlike portrait variants. Areas The environment artists are flying through their various scenes and churning out awesome looking pieces week by week. Below you can see a cool new interior from a Blacksmith's shop by Holly Prado. Blacksmith interior. Up next we have a really awesome piece by April Giron from an area called Ondra's Gift. This area is still a work in progress but we thought you all would enjoy taking a look at what we've got so far. Ondra's Gift interior. Both of these areas have a lot of cool detail in them so make sure you view them at full resolution. Creatures In Pillars of Eternity, Druid characters will be able to shift into a few different spirit forms. Druids start with specific spirit forms and can find additional spirit forms in the world. One of these forms is the Cat, shown here in a concept drawing by Polina. Druid Cat Form concept. Below you can see what the Cat form looks like when modeled and textured, rendered out of our engine. Druid Cat form in engine. That's all for this week. Don't forget! If you need to fill out a survey for any Pillars of Eternity pledges please do so on our Backer Portal by the March 31st deadline. In the meantime, keep managing those pledges and commenting on our forums.
  16. I have always loved the concept of a shapeshifting. The idea of being able to morph into different creatures as the situation dictates is incredibly appealing to me. While it's been attempted in several games I feel it falls short in most of them mainly because it hasn't been thought through. Common pitfalls (to avoid): Forms don't scale Baldur's gate 2 gives you a bear form at level 7 unless you have TOB you have that same form (same AC/attacks/damage) for the entire game. In general you either need level based bonus (like monks in most games), or forms that improve/get replaced as you go. One useful form You can be a spider, bear or wolf. They are similar except the bear hits harder and has more attacks per round. Why would I ever turn into anything else? If you're going to have different forms ask yourself why/when would the player use this form. Nerfed forms You can turn into a mindflayer but you can't stun, you can't drain intelligence and are pretty much a druid who looks like a mindflayer. I understand sometimes unlocking abilities over time, but if I can turn into a form let me use it's powers. Spiders can poison, basilisks can turn things to stone, nymphs can charm ect... What's important to me: Distinct Defensive Advantages I want defensive resistances/abilities that matter. The ability to turn into a serpent and be immune to poison, or a fire elemental and walk on lava, or a creature that's skin is so tough arrows bounce off. Abilities, Abilities, Abilities I don't expect forms to be as good in melee as a well equipped berserker, but I assume that comes with the tradeoff I can do things a fighter can't. Can a werewolf howl and cause enemies to flee? Can a demon curse opponents? The ability to have unique and meaningful powers is a major part of what makes classes like this fun. Appearance matters I want forms that look cool and are interesting. Wolves are nice and all, but I want forms that are visually impressive. Creatures like: towering minotaurs, fiery elementals and trents.
  17. Hello everybody.I want to tell about the druid class in Project Eternity.How do you think Obsidian can make our beloved class more interesting to play?A big choice of nature powers,shape-shifting,summoning the creatures of mother nature-an ancient treeman is may favorite=). Some things about how the druids can look-good for me=) Watch attached pics.
  18. Just had some ideas about the wizard and Druid classes and wanted to see what people thought. It's been mentioned a few times that the class's are adaptable so I was wondering what people thought of being able to focus the wizard more on their familiars creating a sort of summoner/Pokemon trainer class. How vulnerable will familiars be in game could they be used melee combat or would they be to easily destroyed. How many familiars can you have at once would having several engaged in combat unbalance the game. Could they be used out of combat for non combat skills (like having a flying creature carry you) Could you use a grimior to summon powerful limited time creatures I would like to see more diversity in the kinds of creates you can have beyond the basic glowing animal kind of thing but I'm not sure what direction it should go For Druids it has been said that they take on different forms but the whole turn into a wolf thing has been done to death I think it would be more interesting if they took on aspects of different animals like claws of the wolf for melee combat, speed of the hare as a boast. It would also be a lot easier to represent this in game because you could have something like a set of ghostly claws appear over the characters hands similar to a piece of equipment rather than the full transform.
  19. First of all, is this role even desireable? A scenario: Ragnar and Erule went first down the thick of the forest, shadows all around them. Sparkles of slight light, eyes in the blackness. One of the beasts lunged forward, and as if appearing out of the very shades themselves appeared Orianna and pinned down the beast to the ground by its neck. She whispered some carefully laid words into the beasts ear and shortly thereafter it ran away back to the pack, now leaving each other respectfully and knowingly alone. Later, accidentally falling into the beasts lair, the Wolves Den. At the heart of the pack. Though instead of lashing out and biting, they notice Orianna in the back, huffing and puffing. Sighing as if annoyed but respectfully abides to the "Truce". No words have been spoken, but simply put Orianna's knowledge of the wilds, human to beast, is what allows for such an interaction. ----- What I am suggesting is that the tribe of wolves you slaughtered mindlessly on Playthrough 1 could actually be a sentient tribe of Wolves that you can interact with on Playthrough 2. A Druid or Barbarian too, or a Scholar.
  20. As these are the three classes which haven't really been talked about by Obsidian, I thought I'd bring them up for discussion, particularly as to some degree I think they are all classes which have had conceptual problems in some games, so more or less just opening this up to have a place to debate a bit at what these classes are about/how to fix the problems. MONK Issue 1: Monks as the loot-poor class. I think this is perhaps the most pressing issue of the class historically in D&D as far as IWD2, NWN and NWN2 had it - because the whole point of monks was that they are a class which relies on their own body as a weapon they don't really get to partake in looting in the same way as all the other classes. This can be fixed to some degree by having robes for their armour slot, but I found many of the robes from the Neverwinter games not very exciting, finding a robe with resistance to 1 point of slashing just isn't even the same as finding, say, a +1 suit of chainmail. You obviously don't want them to become too similar to fighters as part of their appeal is that they are so different. This is also putting into account that Obsidian have stated that they want to be able to have anyone wearing any armour if they want to. The weapon thing is similar. So how do you make them be able to get loot (which I consider a cornerstone of the genre) without ruining the class concept? Issues 2: Monks as a low choice/linear class. The other big problem I see with monks is how they were handled in the D&D games had very little "give" in their levelling up/character creation. You would level up and though there were certainly feats you could use, there weren't really any designed for them. You got lots of cool abilities but you didn't have any say over them. How do you inject some player input into the design of a monk, without either breaking the class concept or going the opposite end and becoming overly "move" based? DRUID Issue 1: Druids, wildshape and spellcasting. I think one of the biggest problems with any class is that Druids are a two focus class, and those focuses don't really mesh well in combat - a cleric can go whack someone with a mace on the front line and then cast a spell the next, but when you have wildshape it doesn't gel well with casting. Yes, there is the NWN2 solution of giving the player a feat to cast spells while in animal form but that didn't quite work for me - it felt a bit silly to have a wolf stop in the middle of combat to cast a traditional spell, and if you are going to do that it should have been built into the class rather than having to take a feat to make the basic premise of the class useable. So, how to balance shapeshifting with wildshape? Issue 2: Wildshape becoming redundant At this point I'd like to clarrify, I really feel like wildshape is something that really makes druids stand out as a class, sure wizards can do it too, but not to the same degree. However, I do think the focus should generally be on versatility - in the 3rd edition games there was a bit of an issue where really, only the most recent shape you learnt was actually useful, the rest became gradually more redundant. This especially felt a bit of a shame when you progressed onto the elementals, which although technically less powerful, felt less cool than turning into, say, a polar bear. Is there a way to keep the wildshapes relevant throughout? Issue 3: Wildshapes outside combat This has never really been addressed in any of the IE games/NWN, but one thing I feel hasn't really been done is use of wildshapes outside of combat. Even if it were limited to anonymously scouting as a fox or eagle or something that wouldn't arouse suspicion (with some risk of being detected from other spellcasters perhaps so as not to be too useful) or to reach a certain place quickly using the form of some fast animal, it's never really been explored. RANGER Issue 1: Making Rangers stand out. I do feel rangers have been sometimes treated as a bit of a generic hybrid between rogue and fighter, but how do you make them more unique compared to those two? This was done in D&D by use of favoured enemy, spells and animal companions, but are these things you want in the class? Could they be elaborated on more (having favoured enemy options including classes perhaps?) or is there some other feature that you think would fit the archetype? Anyway, I do have my own ideas on these but for the mean time I mainly wanted to see what everyone else's thoughts on these were?
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