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Found 6 results

  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on November 18, 2014, in North America, and November 21, 2014 in EU. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released on March 24, 2015, four months after Dragon Age: Inquisition. We will see a lot of denials, but the two games are direct competitions. Both are the third installments in the series. Both belong to the same genre, i.e., medieval fantasy open-world sword-and-sorcery RPG with a strong focus on storytelling and characters. Both have very similar gameplay and execution, (i.e., third-person camera view, real-time tactical action combat with pause, dialogue choices that impact stories and characters, cinematic dialogues and dynamic cuts, etc.) Both will be released in the same time frame within a few months. Both are in the same generation so they are comparable in terms of technology and graphics. Most importantly, both games will require intensive time investment. Supposedly either one will consume over a hundred hours to complete. Most adults will have the time to dedicate to only one of the two - unless someone has no job, no school, no family, and no life; then he can certainly sit in his parents' basement and play video games all days. Otherwise, adults will have to prioritize and choose, and one has to come before the other That is why the two games are competitions. Let say you can choose one and only one. Which would you choose? Explain your choice. Even if you say you will buy both, you must prefer one over the other. So choose.
  2. I believe the discussion was about whether or not Leliana's french actress' french accent was a real or good french accent at this point. Continue.
  3. Hi! This is related to the Development Process and it is more of a question about Beta Testing than a suggestion (although I think it looks like a wise thing to do). This came across my feed somehow, between 2:00-2:30: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2013/08/21/exploring-the-world-of-dragon-age-inquisition.aspx The question to Obsidian is, does Obsidian plan on doing something similar for Project Eternity with their play/beta/early-access testers? I think personally that it looks healthy for both the developers for the sake of development (getting a better game) and, of course, the players can directly communicate in-game matters with the developers more in-depth about what's going on around them. Not fishing for a beta-access (Though I might buy an Early-Access copy if it ever appears on Steam at whatever stage it is in, Alpha or Beta doesn't matter~ in whatever way I can help ^^), but I just think that getting raw data from the Player decision in-game might help out Obsidian a lot in terms of physical development Members: Thoughts? Obsidian: Possible answer?
  4. Official Website The Fire's Above - trailer. From IGN: Release Date: Fall 2014 Supported: PS3, PS 4, XBox 360, XBox One, PC Engine: DICE's Frostbyte ----------------------------- Why Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't Called DA 3 - article Open-World Re-Imagining - video interview First Look: DA:I Concept Art - blog DAI Wallpapers A Look Inside Dragon Age: Inquisition's Development Dragon Age: Inquisition Coverage Trailer - Game Informer
  5. Hi everyone, My long-in-development Dragon Age: Origins campaign, Thirst is now close to content complete and available for beta testing. This beta is designed to gain feedback from players, to fix any outstanding bugs, and to make tweaks and changes based on suggestions. Thirst is a 10-20 hour campaign containing over 50 new areas, dozens of side-quests, a story heavily sculpted by choice & consequence, 3 companions to bring into battle and interact with, a wide assortment of new items to use, and more. You can download Thirst from the page here: http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/mods/3496/ Please also keep an eye on the patches, as they will fix issues as they are discovered and resolved. Note that due to the size of the campaign and the amount of new content added, I recommend disabling all mods (and possibly even official DLCs) before playing, in order to avoid conflicts. Thanks, and have fun!
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, but one of the main things I'm curious about is the visual functionality and presentation of the game. I'm very curious as to whether this is going to be a purely isometric, top-down affair like BG, Icewind Dale, PlanetScape: Torment, Fallout, etc. or whether it's going to have a more dynamic camera that allows you to play isometric, but also zoom in closer, such as Dragon Age: Origins PC, NWN2, The Witcher, etc.? Personally, I'm hoping for the latter. While I mostly play with the camera pulled out during combat in the likes of DAO and NWN2, it's nice to pull it in for more personal matters and nice to have the more cinematic angles during conversations. I think DAO and NWN2 got the perfect mix of classic RPG and the more cinematic nature of modern games, and I hope this is what Project Eternity employs. I feel my character becomes more personal when I can get a good look at them up close and see them interacting more directly. I'm curious as to what other people feel about this? Has there been any direct indication as to what Obsidian are going for here?
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