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  1. Hi, I'm playing the latest Steam version and I've purchased the Season Pass which means I have all the DLC. I would like to report 2 bugs: 1. Missing Strings found on some items aboard the Deck of Many Things Captain's Inventory (see attached screens) 2. Dragonwing Sails went missing after I purchased and equipped them. I accidentally equipped the Trollskin Sails after, and the Dragonwings disappeared. The save file is too large to upload here, please advise if you need it.Thank you. Thank you for your kind attention.
  2. In Pillars 1, one of the most coveted items was the Helwax Mold: a keep mission reward that could duplicate a single piece of gear - especially popular with fully upgraded one-handers like Bittercut. With an upcoming DLC focused on wizardly pursuits, I can't help but wonder if we'll see the return of our magical, mystical Eoran sculpy; and in that vein, I'm curious what this forum would duplicate given the opportunity. For me it would be a hard sell between Grave Calling, Pukestabber (for my waifu), Magran's Favor, or Miscreant's Leathers. You could also upgrade a one-hander to legendary,
  3. Is it possible to convince her to attack Rymrgand or 18-19 skill checks just provide a different "No"? I'm going to respec and check it after completing the DLC, but if anyone has already done it, the information would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi, As the release of new DLC is approaching (or has already approached) I was curious whether I will be finally able to receive key for "Digital Download of Expansion Pack" - however I have no such luck. Perhaps there is something I am missing? I have backed the game on Fig and paid extra for expansion pack, which is properly detailed on my order page. I have later upgraded my pledge, which is also propery detailed on my order page. Both orders are marked as having shipment status "done". Unfortunately, on "My Products" page I don't have any entry remotely related to PoE2
  5. I recently finished my first run through the story and enjoyed it just as much as POE1. I'm currently playing through on PotD and focusing on tweaking the AI scripts... It's making the already enjoyable combat that much better. It got me to thinking that I would love to have a DLC Arena, separate from the story, where we could build custom parties and test different AI scripting strategies against endless waves of random enemies. It seems like it would be fairly easy to build (many other games do this) and would keep me playing over and over. If this is already in the future plans, t
  6. So... I love her! Is there *any* chance that she can still be fleshed out to a full companion in a DLC? I would happily pay. My love for Aloth as a character was the primary reason I dropped +$200 on the kickstarter!
  7. So after installing the beard and face DLC pack, it appears the npcs in my game now have darkened heads. When not nearby them, their heads are totally black. Illuminated by Xoti's lantern they are merely several shades darker than their bodies. This is most noticeable in the Luminous bath house.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a patch bug, a general bug or just how it's meant to go, but looks like it's impossible to even have a proper conversation with Mirke if you only talk to her after you've resolved the Benweth quest, let alone recruit her.
  9. Hi! I preordered the deluxe edition and Im wanting to find my soundtrack? I have in game pet, so how do i get the soundtrack? I'd like to listen to it on the way to work.
  10. Good day Guys, Let me start by saying, I'm loving the game thus far. I have been playing on my Macbook Pro, I've had very little time to play so squeezing it in there. Game is over Steam I went to go play on my big computer 5k iMac. And for some reason, steam shows that DLC are installed. However, in the games load screen, it shows "Missing DLC". How do I fix this? I've included screenshots I've also tried unchecking the DLC's in steam shutting it down the starting and putting it back. Which, didn't seem to make a difference. I've also tried the validate ga
  11. I post thread to this by mistake. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97573-hello-can-you-add-critical-role-pack-dlc-to-store-pre-purchase-packages/ Can you help us~ Thank you for your Chinese localization indeed! We can play this epic game in our native language.
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/app/855930/Pillars_of_Eternity_II_Deadfire__Critical_Role_Pack/ this app is FOD, and notice that it contains in some pre-purchase CD-Key's package. Could you please add it to Store (pre-)purchase packages? or change this DLC's package type from Free On Demand to No Cost. Sorry to bother you. Thank you in advance. BTW, Thank you for Chinese Localization. It's a perfect translation. Thank you Obsidian
  13. Simple. Next month will be globally dedicated to bug fixing. And full game will be released. What do you want after that for DLC ? Give what you want to improve or new things to add. References can be WM part 1 and 2 and things already known in BETA 4. Here my list : - No particularly more levels (12-16 in POE1). Good thing if it happened but not my first need if all 20 levels are well built. - More class. Like +1 class (3 subclasses...) give already a ton of new combinations. (And I think no more, because it is already a great amount of work for base game...) - One additionn
  14. I got the game a few days ago. Played the tutorial liked it played through the first missions with my cleric and thief. it kept prompting me to look at the store other things. I bought the goblin that did nothing all campaigns and characters are locked with no way to get them . also if this game is ****e how do i get my cash back for the non existent dlc i bought, very dissapointed.
  15. https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/19/16174510/mass-effect-andromeda-no-dlc-last-update https://twitter.com/masseffect/status/899030727089569792 Sad day in the Milky Way, This looks like a little death for the Franchise. The critical disappointment at launch, regarding the Game's Issues, seems to have led to this. I wonder what can we expect for the Future of this IP. I personaly don't want the so-called "highly awaited" Anthem to replace this Franchise. Maybe it's time for Obsidian to save another IP ! (I know this will probably never happen but... Never Say Never) Seriously thoug
  16. Hi! I bought yesterday the new Valeros campaign on steam but I can't play it on my android. As if have merge my 2 accounts I expected that my dlc will be shared. Is it normal or not? Thanks
  17. Greetings, I bought pillars of eternity on the Mac Appstore. I've also purchased the 2 White March DLC from MacPlay/Appstore. However, after finishing the main plot (killing Thaos and releasing the souls), it is impossible to play the DLC content. As a matter a fact, returning to caed Nua is impossible after killing Thaos. Loading the last save before "releasing the souls" from the machine won't do anything either. I'm so disappointed. i've only purchased the two DLCs because I finished the main plot and wished to continue playing Pillars of Eternity. This was the only reason I bou
  18. I have just remembered that there are still the two DLCs. Right now I am on the way to Caed Nua. If I buy the two DLCs, can I still access the DLCs with my current savegame? What would be the point (story progress) of no return?
  19. Hello, My problem is that I have deleted all my saves files prior to the boss fight at the end of Pillars of Eternity and this makes me unable to play the DLC that I have bought. The problem is that after the final boss fight the game ends, credits roll and I'm I'm unable to play after this point. Unfortunately I was unaware that I can't leave the final dungeon once I enter it and without the save games that I have deleted (without knowing the impact of it) my only choices is killing the boss and ending the game. Without your support the only way I could play the DLC is by starting a n
  20. Hi Obsidian, Super excited for Deadfire. It looks amazing. Congrats on your E3 showing. I'm currently playing through Pillars with both expansions. What took me so long? Having resolved the major conflict, I was kind of meh on exploring chapters "4a" and "4b" of a book I'd already read. A quasi-sequel would have seen me loading up the White March immediately, to pick up where I left off. I'm glad I took the plunge; the expansions are great fun, but they may have been better served up like other games do it: Following the main game rather than alongside it. Now, it's awesome to
  21. Hello, I am playing on Steam. PFID# B52F9BF5E3B2A649 edit: disregard problem with missing card resolved itself. However. i still would like to report a bug where the error message displayed for trying to move a card from the deck to the Unclaimed box did not clear it self when i clicked "continue" it just zoomed in on the cards underneath the "continue" button.
  22. When I completed the main story I had hoped to continue the adventures with that character from that point in the expansion. To my knowledge this is how rpg expansions usually work and the official information I had read about The White March did nothing to dispel that expectation. While I'm not sure how convincingly the DLC will fit in with the main story as a basic principle such an expansion is fine. I would have appreciated to have been better informed before buying it as I started an Iron Man game and so have no save from which I could immediately enjoy the expansion. Also I usually don'
  23. Hello, I just bought the white march I extension, But I do not know how to enter it. I read that it was necessary to make a backup before the pit to get back to CAD NUA. Unfortunately my last backup are all in the pits where I killed Thaos. Should I start the whole game? pfffff I do not want. is there another way? Thank you for your answers Jerome
  24. Hi, I unlocked my backer code for a Royal Edition. Game is ok but the DLC page on Steam is empty. Something I can do about it? See screenshot http://i.imgur.com/0FKF78x.jpg?1 PS: there is no search feature in this forum? Also, uploading the screenshot here failed 3 times.
  25. Regardless of what will happen, what would you personally prefer to see in terms of content being added post launch? A system of DLC, such as in Mass Effect, where you pay a small fee for extra characters, armour, missions, etc A system where you pay a larger fee for an expansion pack which adds onto the end of the game, like Throne of Bhaal for BG2 Or a system incorporating both together?
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