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Found 3 results

  1. Since plenty of people are playing this game but nobody seems to want to be the one to make the thread, I'll go ahead and take one for the team. Maybe then the Random News thread can be about something else now, screams the armchair moderator in me. I'll take Raithe's post as a basis as it's the one with the most substance so far. I've only played about 15 minutes of story myself. I already hate my dad and the fascist/communist/liberal/authoritarian axes along which the dialogue choices are written. WHERE ARE MY RENEGADE INTERRUPTS, BIOWARE? For some reason, I'm not getting any of the creepy vibes I did with the faces from the trailers, in the actual game. They look better than ME3, but the art style is different. Shrek-ified isn't actually a bad description. On the other hand, I've played ~5 hours of MP matches. Combat is much much better than ME3, from what I've seen. Faster, more focused on mobility, and the verticality element they've added to the levels is great. Controls seem more responsive and the cover system is much improved from ME2/ME3, being contextual and not as gamey. You can now "take cover" behind something and still take fire from the opposite direction if the angle of fire allows it, for example, but this also makes it harder to use "soft cover". The addition of different cooldowns for each power gives more flexibility, but I think individual powers are weaker now. For example Charge no longer ragdolls enemies if they are unprotected, no matter the rank. I don't really remember how it was back when ME3 dropped, but here I'm getting my ass handed to me in freaking Bronze, whereas I could solo Gold in ME3. I'm loving it. Come at me bros
  2. Between v392 and v435, Obsidian has removed the 2D textures and sounds from the external assetbundles that we use for modding. We assume that this was done to optimize memory usage. However, the external assetbundles for items and spells are not used by the game by default, and are not loaded into the memory unless the game is told to use those files explicitly. They are duplicates containing most of the necessary files. In previous BB versions, the assetbundles contained almost everything one would need to mod. We only had to export Obsidian's custom shaders and assign them to items and spells. Now, all of the item and spell files are also missing 2D textures and sounds. This effectively takes away our ability to mod, or at least in order to mod, it would take us weeks to repair the damage done to the assetbundle files by this change. (yeah, that's right. I save the files for every BB version) We (Bester and I) are not sure if this was done deliberately to optimize memory or fix a problem, or if it was an unintentional side effect of said optimizations, but we have poured many hours into learning how to mod this game so far, and such a setback is both frustrating and demoralizing. We ask that if possible, that this be rectified by release.
  3. So, after (allegedly) North Korean leet haxxors broke into Sony's computers and leaked juicy bits such as some producer accusing Angelina Jolie of being a big poo-poo head, the studio decided to pull an upcoming movie, The Interview. Some cinemas protested and offered screenings of what probably is one of the worst movies ever made, Team America. But now, in a proverbial exercise of doing the right thing for the wrong reason, Paramount have decided to pull Team America too! *puts on tinfoil hat* Anyone else think this is just an elaborate publicity stunt?
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