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  1. Just installed, and on my first attempt to run the executable, I went into the main menu just fine, messed around with some options, clicked to start a new game. Ding! And suddenly: Going to try restarting my computer and running the game again.
  2. Freezing when entering combat. What I did before (Have not tried to reproduce): 1- Options with Big Head Mode On 2- Loaded Cave savefile 3- Loaded Stormwall Gorge savefile 4- Turned off Big Head Mode 5- Defeated the first lion (BB Rogue became invisible after using Escape) 6- Loaded Stormwall Gorge savefile again 7- Defeated the closest lion, and the one nearby it. 8- Went up to attack lion above the first one 9- Pressed tab quickly and then targeted lion 10- Freeze then Crash to Desktop Expected: Not freezing. Comment: I had some Auto-Pause Options as well, but now they have been reset (I have started a couple of "New Game" between these save files as well). Does "New Game" reset all options universally? Because the Load file is on Hard, but the enemies feel like Easy (which was my latest "New Game" creation). Attachments: - Savefiles (in links above) - Outlog.txt - dxdiag Question: Do I have to post the dxdiag more than once or does it suffice just once? (e.g. Do you have some sort of administration on this?)
  3. BUG: With Death enabled in Game Options, any party member dying makes saved games created after this moment unloadable. Background: While trying to get around the artificial limitations on creating a custom party, I killed off the default NPCs by using the "death" option in the Options menu. This freed up party slots and allowed me to finally create a full custom party. However, once I tried to load a save made after this, turned out the save was broken (wouldn't load, stuck at the PoE logo loading screen). After some investigation, I discovered that if any of the default party NPCs dies permanently and is removed from party, this makes all subsequent saved games unloadable. Please fix this.
  4. I saved my game, and clicked on Quit. The screen remained the same (with the Quit confirmation panel), but the music changed to the main menu music after a while. I waited for a normal exit to happen, but instead a message box informed me about a game crash, and asked to upload log files. So here they are. 2014-08-24_014348.zip
  5. [Description of the issue] While exploiting the move between areas to double itmes for selling [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Started a new game, selected nothing other than the first choices -> Male Human Fighter - etc 2) Killed the people outside the church thing -> ie. the first people you see besides your own crew 3) Took their stuff, went into the church took the scroll in the jar, went out again. 4) The (now) dead guys stuff was back again, so rinse repeat. 5) Kept doing that until the game crashed, which was around the third time. [Expected behaviour] Well obviously I was trying to exploit the game bug ;-) But it shouldn't have worked in the first place. [Other remarks / Comments] I also equiped the stuf when I first found it. [Files] I have got no Savegames I have got no Screenshots Crash dump attached DxDiag attached [special] My computer is not top of the line, I have included the DxDiag file DxDiag.txt 2014-08-23_234646.zip
  6. Hello, After I create my character the game starts and works perfectly fine until i try to add points in my character abilities (f.e. athletics). When I confirm my choice the game goes black screen. I can hear sound/music, but the game itself dosen't show up. Can I help it somehow? Or I need to wait for some patching? DxDiag.txt
  7. Hey all, I am super excited to be playing the backer beta, and I hope that my input will help make this game better So I started the game and I had some issues while making a new character. Maybe I should write down my Machine stats before going further: -> CPU: IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz -> RAM: 8 GBytes DDR2 -> OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (of course updated) -> GFX: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 (I also attached a txt output from CPU ID, I guess it's fairly standardized by now) First I got some errors that froze the game while I was switching around from type to type, specifically when switching to and from Wizard. Then I tried not selecting anything to get a bit further, and when trying to get my character to look like my portrait (Because it has to match else you are doing it wrong, in my book) I ended going back and forth between portrait screen and character look screen and then suddenly I only got to look at an big pixelated question mark and then the game quit and told me to tell the devs. So that is where I am at now. Now I will get lunch and get back into this forum later... maybe much later, new Doctor Who comes out today. Anyways I hope this helps, tell me if you need more information. 2014-08-23_140730.zip ANDERS-PC.txt
  8. I am a self-admitted Mac fanboy, but just couldn't wait for Pillars beta. So I decided to reboot into a YEARS old BootCamp partition. I think its running some old copy of Windows7. I honestly have no idea. (Steam was already on it from when I decided to replay Diablo2 one time). Anyway, Steam took a long time to update, but eventually worked. PoE linked to my account fine, and I downloaded the beta. Didn't get much further than character creation though...crashed several times (all during character creation). One time I got into the game, but crashed shortly after walking around a bit. I have a few crash dumps somewhere on my machine, but I'm not sure where it saved them. If it would help, I'll happily go track them down, but I probably should just wait for the Mac version, yeah? For example, this crashes everytime: 1) Human -> next 2) Meadow Folk -> next 3) Click Wizard (pauses a sec) 4) Click Chanter (pauses, then BOOM....every time). I don't know if its useful though, as I probably am using a very ill-advised setup! (As I said, just couldn't wait!). Everything I saw looked amazing though! Looking forward to the OSX version! -pj
  9. when I leave/enter and area you get the standard black screen with a stylized loading message in the corner. I notice my cursor appeared long before the loading screen would disappear revealing the area. Just had a hangup where the loading screen would not disappear, I could move the curser about and it would shift from the move to target to the cannot move there slash as if I was in the area. sorry if this has been reported but I did not see it in the known bugs sticky post.
  10. I don't remember the name, been there twice but "L.. R.." something. The language feels new, even though I've read it in theory, it's good. Description: Lag in the Stormwall Ruins when entering and disappearing Rogue and unfinishable fight. 1- Dwarf, Rogue, Old Valia, Dissident, Noble Focus 2- Went to Stormwall Gorge 3- Defeated some Lions 4- Took a Settler's Arrow 5- Owned the Pwra (sp) 6- Entered Ruins. #7- Super sudden slowdown lag, not "Slow-Motion" but really laggy and unresponsive. Icon bug. #8- Engaged spiders. The did not engage back all the way. #9- Used "Escape" with Rogue, became invisible (Hobbled+Escape bug). Party died. Unkillable spider. Expected: #7- If the spell bar is out it should take priority above icons underneath. And no lagging when entering. #8- VFX to be displayed underneath the target and not duplicated on the party. #8- Spiders attacking/engaging in combat, or in-combat/terroritorial spider behavior~AI. #9- Rogue successfully escaping and/or getting visually hobbled. - Output_log.txt Comment #1: I was downloading Dishonored GOTY in the background in Steam. Suspecting lag due to that. Comment #2: I was playing a "no save game" unfortunately so I don't have a save this time.
  11. While I was looting some corpses, I noticed something odd: even though BB Fighter had a free slot in his inventory, the looting window claimed that his inventory was full and did not let him pick up any loot. While investigating, I tried moving an item into BB Fighter's inventory from another character and had it disappear completely. The bug seems to work like this: moving items around BB Fighter's inventory works fine. Moving items from another character into any slot in BB Fighter's inventory works fine as long as he has at least two free slots. However, if my BB Fighter only has one free inventory slot, attempting to move an item from another character into it will delete the item. Steps to reproduce: 1) Load this save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hydixt9o3m5ikmm/1ac4bee9718543c783dceaf8318bb199%20DyrfordRuins%207850236.savegame 2) Open the inventory window 3) Move any item from any other character's inventory into the open slot in BB Fighter's inventory Also, after playing around with this for a while, I tried to quit into the main menu and the game froze. I've not been able to reproduce it so I'm not sure if it was related to the inventory bug or just a coincidence, but I've attached the output log regardless. output_log.txt
  12. Hi, This appears to be a repeatable bug. It's happened to me twice with my Cipher. Description Basically anytime after defeating Medreth and his crew at Dyrford I cannot return to the village after visiting any other location including buildings within Dyrford. I just get a never ending black load screen.Hitting esc on that load screen allows assess to the menu. Reloading the savegame will load the map but does not resolve the map loading bug. Visiting other maps appears to work okay. To Reproduce. Kill Medreth and co. Visit another location and then return to the village. Files I have before and after save files for the fight but I'm unable to attach them due to forum file size restrictions but please find attached my output_log.txt Edit: After reading another thread it appears pressing space to unpause allows me to continue on. output_log.zip
  13. I was playing, adding notes in the journal as I went along, specifically to explore and bug-test Dyrford Village and instances. Saved and loaded in every area inside Dyrford Village. Crashed when I was trying to save next to Merdreth. I never leveled up or engaged in combat (Killed some NPCs but they are one-hit kills). All of the steps should be found in the Journal (Notes). Asking you to check and see if my Journal entries are recorded/saved when you open them. They are more or less observations and I tried to write one for almost every action I took. Attachments: - Save File folder (Latest date-time save file has ALL notes). Saves from ALL areas in Dyrford Village (Interior+Exterior) - Crash Folder (an outlog.txt file is in there) - output_log.txt (not sure if same as^ but I included this as well) Screenshots of various instances in the Note section of the Journal: - Character Class (It felt smooth with the Paladin in terms of disappearing gear and similar, still some gear disappeared. This was much more frequent when I made a Fighter and an AH Companion. Then again, I did more actions and combat and quests) - UI Tooltip in the way - Leaving Dyrford Village to Dyrford Crossing (South-East) leaves vision radius when going back to Dyrford Village (persists across saves) - Boar Madness - Map Artifact for a millisecond when opening - Save Game and Load Game on 2nd Floor Inn weird (Several tries and repeats makes it possible) Sorry for not following format here, but I sort of did in the "Notes" section in-game.
  14. I was in the process of creating my character and I suddenly got a dialog stating something about a thread failure and garbage collecting, then a new dialog popped up stating that the game has crashed and a log has been saved next to the executable file. I have attached my DxDiag file and the crash folder in a zip. DxDiag.txt 2014-08-20_233054.zip
  15. I started a Path of the Damned game, made a Chanter (want to make an all Chanter party). Attachments: - Save file - outlog.txt - Screenshots "Path of the Damned", "Save File from Main Menu", "Starting New Game, No Chargen, Stuck" Note: Summoned Skeletons never end their duration (Only from Save/Load or resting) 1- I fought Merdreth right away, to exploit Merdreth respawn loot (to get enough gold to buy AH companions) 2- Managed to summon 3 skeletons. Went to Winfrith(sp), sold gear, went back to spawn, went to Hendyn(sp), sold gear. 3- When I went to the Dracogen Inn, I noticed 2 skeletons stuck outside smith. 4- "You must gather your party before venturing forth" (Skeletons trigger party mechanics) // Should be unsummoned shortly after fight or before transition to new area. 5- Saved game (did not rest). 6- Quit 7- Loading does not work and an UI glitch has appeared. No earlier saves work. 8- Starting a new game (with save file in folder; any difficulty) starts the game without character creation with characters out of gear. Expected: Skeletons being unsummoned earlier, no Merdreth exploit, summoned creatures not being part of "party transition" variables, possibility to load game. Current fix: Delete Path of the Damned save file.
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