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Found 4 results

  1. With the addition of the comfort system giving us more of a reason to decoration and design than ever before, I feel that there some things we are currently lacking and some structures that may need a bit of tweaking to make things perfect. Apologies in advance if any of these are already in the works, have already been suggested, or have already been rejected, as I'm not up to date on this kind of information. Additions: 1. Carpets/rugs They'd fit in perfectly with the new comfort system (maybe a 6th rank could be added? It could, very slowly, passively restore equipment durability or something.). We have plenty of existing materials they could be made out of. They could either replace/reskin floors entirely or simply be placed on top of them (although they would need to allow other structures to be placed over them if the latter is done). 2. Quarter Wall/Foundation/Floor Pieces I can't tell you how many times I've run into situations in which I've needed a quarter wall/foundation/floor piece to fill a tiny gap when designing a base. These would be so nice to have. 3. Ash Pillars Why don't these exist? We have pillars for everything else remotely solid. 4. Wall & hanging braziers The standing mant braziers look amazing and were a good start, but even the small ones take up a lot of room and I feel this idea could be expanded on. 5. More Railing/Fence Types Just sprig and acorn is very limiting to aesthetics. Why not have at least a pine cone variant? 6. Ash & Pine Cone Stairs Like with pillars and fencing, it just seems strange that these don't already exist. 7. More Path Variations Pebblet looks great, but why can't we also have clay, acorn, pine cone, mushroom brick, or ash paths? 8. Curved Corner Stairs We have straight corner stairs so why not these? 9. More Spiral Stair Variants We have more than just Acorn for normal and half stairs, spiral stairs need some love too. 10. Ash Foundations Seems like an obvious addition to me since ash is supposed to be our mini version of concrete, right? 11. Zipline anchor Variants I feel like it's a waste to only ever build these out of the same materials when we have so many different possible styles available. 12. Small Garden Patch Why must I grow smaller plants in such a massive patch? Especially when said patch still only gives me a small return on these smaller plants? 13. More Arch Variants At least Ash wall arches would be nice. Just having these available for mushroom walls is a waste. Tweaks: 1. Diagonal Triangle Wall Placement It would be nice if we could place triangle wall segments diagonally like we already can with other wall types. 2.. Triangle Ash Wall Curve Why is the normal one curved on one side when the inverted variant is straight? The curve just creates gaps and it isn't like ash walls all have a curvy style to them, I don't see the point. 3. Pillar Placement Having more snap points for Pillars would be much appreciated. For example, being able to snap them at points halfway along flooring or maybe on the edge of floor segments would be nice. 4. Curved Wall Gaps Curved walls have gaps that need fixing. This is most obvious on the left side of ash curved walls and ash curved half walls. 5. Garden Patch Snapping The snapping for these is full of problems. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Often times you can't snap a lot of them next to each other for no apparent reason. They often refuse to snap correctly next to walls, despite there being plenty of room. This is more for convenience because you can, of course, manually place them in such locations. 6. More Chest Snap Points It would be very convenient if chests and other storage structures could snap to more locations other than just the center and edges of a floor segment. Having to eyeball everything takes a really long time if you want it looking nice. 7. Middle Mouse Rotation Alignment Generally, most structures other than floors, walls, roofing, etc tend to not rotate with the correct alignment when using the mouse wheel. Trying to line everything up to look neat is something I do in every building game. So the mouse wheel rotating things to an off angle can be infuriating when I'm, for example, trying to place a row of chests sideways along a wall and keep them lined up perfectly with that wall. This is all I can think of for now. If I come up with any more ideas I'll add them. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions.
  2. Hi all, first time poster here, long time backer. I've been honestly trying to avoid as much PR as possible preferring to see the game fresh when it releases, but I caved recently and was watching Josh's play through on paradox's twitch page. My question is simply this: Looting seems painful. Is there anyway the loot window could come up showing all creatures within a certain radius and let you divide up loot from there instead of having to click on 7 different monsters after every fight? Let me know what you think, or if it's an option somewhere I just didn't see. Thanks!
  3. Group weapon swap is just one of these things I wish I had when playing Infinity Engine games. Weapon switching was rather unwieldy, as you had to do it manually for every character in your party. In the end I chose not to bother with it altogether. The proposed solution is very simple - when the player selects several (or all) characters in the party, the UI would have an option for a group weapon swap. That way we could easily and painlessly switch between, for an instance, melee and ranged weapons on the fly. Give the approaching enemies an opening volley and then switch to melee to meet them head-on.
  4. When playing IE games, particularly when exploring non-hostile environments, I often wished for a simple "follow me!" toggle. Activating it would make your companions automatically follow in your steps, without the need of selecting everyone and then clicking on a desired destination. Such functionality is enabled by default in Shadowrun Returns, for an instance. However, it can be rather problematic in combat areas, since it cannot be disabled on the fly (you regain full control of your party when fighting starts). I'm not sure if it hasn't been already addressed, but if not - it'd be great if PoE featured this as a toggle accessible directly from the UI. 'Tis a small thing, but pretty convenient.
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