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Found 1 result

  1. List of PoE1 stuff that in my opinion is inconsistent or potentially confusing. It would be nice to have it fixed, changed or improved in PoE2: 1. Modals Problem: - there are no clear rules which would state which modals are mutually exclusive - it is unclear why Galant's Focus is mutually exclusive with any of ranger's modals - it is unclear why Reckless Assault is not mutually exclusive with anything, why Savage Attack switches-off Cautious Attack, Defender and Guardian Stance - modals exclusivity table for reference: link Suggestion: - create modal categories and two category groups: .- Unrestricted (can have any number of modals of this group active at a time) .- Restricted (can only 1 be active at a time), for example: Defensive Self, Offensive Self, Ranged Mastery, Supportive Aura - this way it's clear, you can have one defensive modal, one offensive, one ranged (swift/vicious/twinned-arrows/powder-blast), one aura and any number of unrestricted modals enabled at the same time. 2. Lashes Weapon damageRoll goes against enemy respective DR. Weapon lash, is 25% of damageRoll that goes against 25% of enemy respective elemental DR. One could expect that lash has similar behaviour to regular weapon damage, just is multiplied by 0.25. But it doesn't deal MIN damage, meaning that it can be completely eaten by DR. 3. Weapon UI speeds Expected behaviour: - fast weapons are faster than average - average weapons are faster than slow Encountered behaviour: - slow 2h melee weapons have the same speed as average 1h melee weapons - fast ranged weapons have the same speed as slow 2h and average 1h melee weapons - weapons base speed values for reference: http://i.imgur.com/QqMIkII.png Problem: - creates confusion for the player, when he tries to evaluate relative efficacy of one weapon over the other. One will think that all fast weapons have the same attack rate. Suggestions: - rename fast melee weapons into "very-fast" - rename average and slow melee weapons into "fast" - this way all weapons of the same UI category will have the same speed. 4. +x Attack Speed tooltips Problem: - not a single talent, property or buff that states that it increases attack speed, actually affect it. - instead they reduce recovery duration Suggestions: - update all related tooltips to reflect the true state of things "+x attack speed" => "reduces by x% recovery duration" / "reduces by x% base recovery duration" - change recovery_factor from 1.2 => 1.0; this way x% at least will reflect a closer to reality reduction in action duration (provided there are no other similar effects active yet) Notes: - current attack speed system is actually great. It is deep, and in current "ecosystem" (items/talents/buffs/encounters at hand) quite is balanced. There is no need to revamp it, just to tweak a little; update tooltips and overall make it more transparent to the player (perhaps even showing system-calculated action duration) - reference: link 5. Damage over Time Problem: - DoTs do no benefit from Elemental talents like Scion of Flame, Spirit of Decay and so on - DoTs do no benefit from Creature Slayer talents like Beast Slayer, Ghost Hunter and so on - The rule of thumb is that DoT DPS is not influenced by INT. Regular DoTs obey this principle, increases both their duration and damage, DPS remaining the same. But DoTs with fixed damage (like wounding shot) violate this idea. Duration gets increased by Int, total damage remains the same, and DPS is going down. - There is a lack of unambiguous rules regarding stacking. Wounding does stack with itself. Deep Wounds doesn't. There is no way to tell if Dragon Thrashed or Shining Beacon stacks with itself, until we test it. Mouseover tooltips display only one appliance active at a time; but they do stack. Suggestions: - DoTs should benefit from Elemental and Creature Slaying talents. Or at least explicitly stated in their tooltips that they do not. - DoTs with fixed damage, should not have their duration affected by Int. - DoTs should have an extra field in their tooltips. Stacking: .- Stacking: (unrestricted or) complete .- Stacking: (restricted to) one per caster .- Stacking: (restricted to) one appliance Current DoT mechanics for reference: link 6. Shield Bash Expected behaviour: - in terms of dps [1h + bashing_shield] is between [1h + shield] and [1h + 1h] Problem: - provided enough recovery reduction, [1h + bashing_shield] falls behind of [1h + shield] in terms of auto-attack dps (provided there are no special proc effects) 7. Immunities Problem: - When trying to apply Envenomed Strike to a poison immune enemy you get "misses with addional effect (Fort:Imm. = Imm..)" message in combat log. That is not that descriptive Suggestion: - When an effect is "missed" due to an immunity, combat log should state just so. - It would be nice to have all Ground, Poison, Diseases spells and abilities have it stated in their tooltips. - (Optional) If the target is immune anyway, maybe it would make sense to make it impossible to try to apply related effect, which results in a waste of charge/spellusage/casttime. 8. Self buffs that last until hit or crit Compare the following 3 wizard spells and their tooltips: - Wizard's Double: +40 Deflection until hit or critically hit (no duration limit) - Mirrored Image: +25 Deflection until hit or critically hit for 60s - Ironskin: +8 Damage Reduction until hit or critically (no duration limit) Problem: - inconsistency - wrong tooltips Reality: - Wizard's Double: +40 Deflection bonus; bonus disappears on first incoming hit/crit - Mirrored Image: +25 Deflection bonus; bonus is reduced by 5 on each incoming hit/crit - Ironskin: +8 Damage Reduction; bonus disappears on 10th incoming hit/crit Suggestion: - ... at least make tooltips reflect real spell effects and decay) 9. Elemental talents Problem: - as was already mentioned in #5, they do not increase damage of elemental Damage over Time effects - the second problem is related to inconsistent interaction with weapons that deal elemental damage: .- Matching elemental talent (e.g. Scion of Flame) increase damage dealt by pure elemental weapons (e.g. Firebrand) .- Matching elemental talent (e.g. Spirit of Decay) increase damage dealt by elemental/physical weapons (e.g. Bitercut corrode/slash). And they even increase the physical damage. (i.e. in case of Bittercut, Spirit of Decay increases slash damage as well) .- Elemental talents DO NOT increase damage dealt by physical/elemental weapons (yes, even if enemy has high physical, but low elemental DR, and elemental damage is dealt) (e.g. Durance's Staff, crush/burn) 10. AoE/FoE inconsistency If you have high int, AoE spells get increased area of effect. This yellow zone is FoE meaning that friendly targets inside it should not get hit. Problem: - Powder Burns disregards it's FoE zone. Allies standing in yellow part of the cone are still being hit. Note: - When the system uses a check for party member, Animal Companion should also pass it. Iirc, depending on patch, pets had problems with FoE zone of some AoE abilities. 11. Weapon procs and status effects Problem: - there is no way for a player to know exactly how long is the proc duration (e.g: the stun of stunning weapons; or prone of overbearing weapons) - game also doesn't communicate if duration is modified by hit quality or not Effects for reference: Will probably add more stuff as I remember it. P.S. Feel free to add to the list, I will append it.
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