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Found 4 results

  1. So, not going to lie, I had pretty high hopes for The Outer Worlds. Given who was involved in its development, I thought that it was going to be Arcanum/F: NV in space. Honestly, I still prefer Arcanum or F: NV to TOW. What had I hoped to see from those games that I didn't or felt like it wasn't delivered as well? Length and depth. With both F: NV and Arcanum, you can play them dozens of times, because there are so many quests and so many things to find/discover/uncover. It is impossible to do all that in a single playthrough. I am a completionist. I don't care what game I play, I try to milk it to its fullest potential, I want to squeeze absolutely everything out of it as I can. If I play it again, I will still try to get everything out of it that I can. Great RPGs in general, and F: NV and Arcanum in particular, have tons of juice to squeeze after a single playthrough. I have played both of those games MANY times (5+). I always found new things. I have beat TOW and honestly don't want to give it another playthrough, because I feel like it wouldn't be that much different. I obviously have a different experience by making different choices, but I feel like there is probably nothing that I missed (or, very, very little). I feel like there is not much more juice to squeeze. I briefly started a playthrough with a 2nd character, very different from my 1st, and could already see where it was going. I could imagine how the rest of the game would play out and it just didn't motivate me to keep playing. In terms of the sheer number of hours involved in playing either (being a completionist), TOW is nowhere near as long. Companions. To be fair, neither Arcanum or F: NV had great companions. Arcanum had companions who had interesting backstories and could have been really compelling, but they were almost free of banter, interaction, and reaction to the story. F: NV only let you have a single companion, effectively. Some of them were good and had a reasonable amount of development, but you still didn't get that deep character depth, development, and involvement. I was hoping that Obsidian would draw from their experiences making Tyranny and Deadfire, and we would end up with companions along the lines of Baldur's Gate 2 or the Mass Effect franchise - heck, Planescape Torment. I thought that we were going to get some seriously fleshed out, interesting companions who would develop over time and have fascinating backstories and really interesting banter and reactions/interactions with the story and player actions. The companions weren't complete trash... but honestly, I find absolutely nothing memorable about any of them. Anomen, the noble who has struggled to do well for his family name and honor Helm, who is arrogant but internally conflicted about his status and sometimes the actions of the Church of Helm. Viconia, who is jaded, distrustful and contemptuous, but can be convinced that life is valuable and that there is value in trying to help others. Aerie, who is wounded and hobbled by fear, with a heart of gold, who can be given confidence and learn to be strong. ME's Garrus, Miranda, Morgan, Grunt and the list could go on. Any of the Planescape Torment companions. All of these companions genuinely interested me and I was invested in them. Ellie, Vicar and Parvati were the only companions I could even stand in TOW (I liked SAM... but he had zero personality), and while I didn't dislike them, I also found them to be very vanilla and not at all interesting. Customization. This game doesn't even get close to F: NV or Arcanum in either respect. There are a billion character builds for either game. In both of them, I played Doc Holiday - physically weak, fragile, but very fast, great with handguns, super lucky, and a gambler. I literally got rich in both games gambling as my Doc Holiday character and would gun people down with my pistols if it became necessary. I played a sniper/scout, a brawler, a thief, a scientist and a talker in each game. No gambling in this game, so no Doc Holiday. Stealing is possible... but it is honestly pretty easy, in general (with pickpocketing being ridiculous). In my first playthrough, without trying very hard, I managed to be a scientist talker sniper thief. Didn't have great charisma, but could pass most dialogue checks with my intelligence or knowledge. Was pretty damn effective with "long rifles". Was super smart. This doesn't get into items. There were TONS of cool schematics in Arcanum, and it is impossible to master all the different tech branches in 1 playthrough. In F: NV, there are also tons of options for mods to weapons/armor, unique/special weapons/armor, and things of that nature. At the midpoint of TOW, I was literally already bored with the weapons and armor I had found, and it didn't really change from there. Bad guy. To me, Jon Irenicus remains the absolute best bad guy of any cRPG. He was interesting, believable, and actually scary. He was also slightly sympathetic and definitely understandable. His voice actor was incredible. Arcanum's bad guy was not nearly as interesting, but he was still good. Who you wanted to designate at the bad guy for F: NV depended entirely on your perception of who would do the best for the Mojave, or who you philosophically supported most, as an organization. TOW? As far as I can see, there is really only "1" bad guy... and he is pretty pathetic (and not really that bad, per se). He is hardly developed. You don't even know who he is until late in the game. Defeating him is... anticlimatic. Beating Jon Irenicus was HARD. Beating the bad guy in Arcanum was HARD. Beating the key bad guy in a cRPG should be really hard and you should feel invested in defeating them.... I just didn't feel that way with TOW. The universe in general. Both F: NV and Arcanum had some genuinely interesting NPCs. So did Planescape Torment, Mass Effect, and a number of great RPGs. Sidequests that were really interesting and compelling. I didn't feel this with TOW. There were a few here and there with a bit of development and backstory, but for the most part, the side quests were to go kill something or fetch something, and that was about it. The majority of the NPCs simply had no development or backstory. There might be more, but that is all I can think of right now. Honestly, though it took me 2 years to play it, I vastly prefer Tyranny to TOW. I prefer Deadfire to TOW. I had thought TOW actually had a chance of dethroning BG2 as my favorite cRPG... but I honestly don't think that I would put it in my top 10. Definitely not in my top 5. This isn't to say that TOW "sucks" or is a bad game. It is a good game. I would give it and 88 out of 100. But, I had hoped that it was going to be a 96/97/98/99.
  2. Hey guys, Absolutely love the game! Although I'm not nearly done with it I'm already hoping this turns into a franchise. It's great how Obisidian looked back at how RPG used to be and what we loved about them. I feel like this entire project has been one big nice gesture from them to us, the fans. Anyway, I know there is no 3rd person view whatsoever but I believe this should be implemented at some point. There's so much cool looking gear in the game, but what's the point if the only place you can see this at is the menus. Yikes! Maybe a future patch? I'm not asking for a full third person combat mode, but the ability to walk around in third person while out of combat would be appreciated. Even just being able to zoom out while standing still would be cool, I guess? ':D Also, I play on PC and I love micromanaging, is there any way to compare gear from vendors to what you are currently wearing? Seems like right now I need have the item in my inventory before I can compare it. Peace!
  3. I can't believe nobody has posted about this yet, or I can't find it. Anyways, my problem is that at 1280x720 resolution, the comparison popup goes off the screen. The first screenshot shows it at 80 something text scale. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/927057751319916965/088E052E5D744C34DBB3A43999B06EFE7F2FFC53/ The second screenshot shows it at my preferred setting of 120. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/927057751319917129/0188363DE7058F129EC0A93B28D6464E66926438/ It also happens in the inventory screen, except vertically. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/927057751319936210/141762D8271889E3EB4223C10FB96FAD84FD0105/ In both cases I'm able to get around it via the compare function (or in the case of dual wield, I remove one item), though the screen is a bit crowded, heh. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/927057751319949145/81E06B0998803EE64F543107B97DBF3B6E8AC828/ Also, not everything suffers from it horizontially, it's things like weapons that make the window go wide which are more prone to it.
  4. Oddly enough I haven't seen topic like this here, so I will be first to start. In this thread we post things and features from our favourite RPGs we'd love to see in Project Eternity. I'll start with few games I have known and loved very dearly. Fallout 1&2: -Humour (some might find it bit childish though) -Very high verbal quality of dialog -Ability to talk your way out of most conflicts (if having necessary stats&skills) -Very free exploration (esp. Fallout 2) -Ending slides -Refreshingly daring take on sex (especially for it's time) -Random encounters (funny and scripted ones, not boring monsters-only ones) Baldur's Gate 1&2: -Cities that feel big -Characters (some might find some of them annoying though) -Banter Planescape Torment: -Philosophy -Story of personal exploration and rediscovery -Nice bestiary -Very alien world (planescape is interesting setting) -Ability to lots of interesting things through dialogue -Characters (very bizarre and unique, but very lovable) Arcanum: -Lots of Choices and Consequences -Ability to create very diverse characters -Race, gender and sometimes even clothes having profound effects on dialogue -Raise spirit ability (sadly underused by game) -Some great characters (ie. Geoffrey, Torian Kel, Magnus and most of voiced ones, aside Virgil) -Interesting lore flavouring books Morrowind: -Lots of unique loot -Interesting books (like Arcanum, but lot of more) KotOR 1&2: -Full-blown evil path (even if just silly puppy kicking in KoTOR 1)
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