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Found 1 result

  1. I took the morning off, and I'm hoping to stir up some interest. So let's start this discussion. What are the best cards in B/C basic deck. My top pick is a barrier...really! Large Chest - all the way through AD6, you will run into these. You can banish these at no risk. However, there is no better way to upgrade your weapons than to open some of these chest. They hold both melee and ranged, and they keep getting better. Unless you are fully stocked with the best weapons, the large chest is worth an effort to open. Ranged weapon - Deathbane Light Crossbow. It's magic and so useful against the early undead encounters. Melee weapons - Spiked Chain +1, rerolls and magic are very useful for starting out. Runnerups - any magic weapon. Unlike the tabletop game, which has a few monster immune to magic weapons, a magic weapon is always useful. Spells Divine - Fire Sneeze. This promo gives you a divine fire attack. Good for low levels. and - Holy Light. It will be quite a while before your divine attack spells get better than this one. runner-up - Find Trap. It's very effective and you might get to recharge it. Arcane - Charm Person... It's almost an explore for Ezren. Plus a chance for a really nice early ally. It will be super ceded by Haste, a while down the road. Armor Light - Festive Wool Hide. This promo really helps in the early going by letting you bury an armor for a new blessing. That's two wins in one card. Heavy - Mail of Escape. In general, evasion is a tool for specialist. But an evasion can save the butt of a toon that is poorly equipped for a dangerous early encounter. Shields - Magic Shield. It's the only card in the set that stands out. Items Masterwork Tools - These will be useful through deck 4, or until barriers get too tough for it's limit of 14 or lower. Healing Poultice - In small groups without a healer, this card is a bury for 1-4 heal. That's better than a banish. Ally Father Zanthus - He is a +1 Healing Poultice Poog of Zarongel - Another promo. Give anyone a +3 attack bonus and fire trait with a recharge card. Nuf said. Blessings Bessing of Milani - bonus to wisdom and dexterity in one card. What's not to like? Favors of Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae, Pharasma, Sarenrae, and Shelyn.... These all fit certain toons when they get their role powers. Did I miss any? Respond and like if you want more post for other AD decks. Thanks.
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