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  1. PotD, Full party. Not fully tested yet. The Trashman is pretty much...for clearing "trash mobs". Cleaving through groups of the various run of the mill monsters and bad guys that are in no short supply. He does this in particularly barbarian-like fashion - with an Axe! Named after Frank's wrestling pseudonym in 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. Short, hairy, ornery... kind of like an Orlan Barbarian? This character takes advantage of several changes in the 3.03 beta, which I've noted in bold below. This is not the most durable character to have on the front line, but it's a
  2. New to PoE and I'm having a hard time figuring out which attributes are important for a barbarian. It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information about stats on the forums because they all support different builds and play-styles. Back in the day I would have just restarted a thousand times to try out all kinds of creations but I don't have the time or patience for that anymore. So if you don't mind, a little help to get me started would be much appreciated. This looks like a great game and I can't wait to dive in. So far I think I'm set on a pale-elf two-handed offtank barbar
  3. Hi all. I like barbarians in all RPGs and this time after a long train of thought I have decided that in this game my first walkthrough will be with barbarian. A dwarf barbarian even, which is kind of funny, since they are always supposed to be tall and wide-shouldered melee killing machines. I want to ask questions about the basic stats first. 1. At the start of the game I was able to pick and I invested all in might and constitution. I am a dual wielder. Maybe I am wrong to not pick dex? 2. I am level 7 but I never got the chance to invest more points when levelling up - I would have went
  4. Hi, First time poster. Loving this game as an old BG1 & 2 & IWD, etc. addict. I modified / made a few new portraits for my game and thought I'd share: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/128/? Brak
  5. "Maybe I can't die - but I will not stop trying. The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain!" Burl Marrax, about 500 years old, immortal and world-worn Vailian pirate, conquerer and colonist, cursed by a native shaman after mocking his religion... and slaughetering his tribe. Or the other way round. "Some kith kiss me, some kith hug me I think they're okay If they don't give me proper beating I just walk away. They can slap and they can smack But they can't see the light 'Cause the boy with the cold sharp blade Is always Mister Right. 'Cause I am living
  6. So, Patch 3.02 is here and we should not expect much evolution to current classes. That is not a bad news, because according to this topic, people are pretty satisfied with current status : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85366-class-balance/ Obsidian did a really nice job. However, according to the same topic, 2 little complaints are risen : - Casters (especially wizard and priest) seem to be a bit more powerful than the rest. Let's say that the limited ressource they have and consumables everybody can use tend to reduce the gap. - Rogue and Barbarian are usually said to be a bit UP. Not
  7. Hey all its me again. Still haven't gotten through the game (I know, but I'm making steady progress!) and am already looking forward to my next character, a Barbarian Fire Godlike. I've crawled through the forums and haven't really seen much discussion on the class in a while, so I was wondering what anyone's advice would be for this kind of character (again please no spoilers). There have been quite the few patches since most of the discussions I've looked and, with mechanics still being my weakest subject, wanted to know if people have noticed some changes. Plus, to be honest, I took a break
  8. There are a few aspects in the game that are a bit annoying when it comes to seeming inconsistent such as hatchets having a deflection bonus over swords, but I really do think that there needs to be a increased difference between tiny one handed weapons and large two handed weapons -- especially when it is tied to the Barbarian and the Carnage skill. Carnage is meant to represent the Barbarians large sweeping attacks, which in this game seems most effective built with two tiny stilettos. The developers really should make a change so that the carnage skill increases with the size of the we
  9. Heya, So I've completed another enjoyable play through with a primary all caster party and it was fun, definitely got into the whole spell slinging thing. I'm thinking of doing it again, a fast run, but knowing most of the game fairly well, I can do completionist type campaigns pretty quick now. I don't find the game terribly difficult, but I enjoy casually playing so no Expert Mode (hey, I like maimed as an option!) and no Path of the Damned (though I'm tempted to attempt this with a well thought out party, just not yet, want to do a few more play throughs with different approaches to
  10. Hey all, I'm curious if anyone has used a caster in some form, or many, through the course of the game (I've played through, spoilers are not a problem for me), using a lot of conditions, rather than just pure DPS. For example, is there utility in things like mass prone, mass blindness along with things like confuse late game, from a Wizard? I ask because I'm considering yet another play through, but this time, using a bunch of melee DPS characters, no real pure tanks, using a mix of fighters, rogues and barbarians with a wizard as support, with the ability to do lots of prone spel
  11. A game breaking exploit occurs when your fire godlike has less than 50% endurance with his "increased damage feat" ... All around him, all enemy takes 20+ raw damage and just quickly die ... Does it occur for anyone else ? (not yet tested by myself, but done by my brother)
  12. For a Barbarian using a 2h weapon with reach (pike or qs), how crucial is intellect's AoE modifier for Carnage? Do I really need the extra reach, or will he already be hitting anyone around him with an int of 10 (or 3? - though that should actually malus the reach, I guess?)
  13. I've been having a hard time deciding between dual wield and 2h for my barbarian. I've tried both and read a bit on these forums; seems to me that 2h is better when facing high DR opponents but dual wield is more effective against enemies with less DR. Basically I'm wondering if it is equally viable to get both weapon styles and switch weapons according to the situation, or to just get dual wield and vulnerable attack to deal with high DR. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which would be more effective, or if they are comparable?
  14. Okay in another thread I got some advice about my barbarian, and after testing yesterday I cam e up with this Female Aumaua Barbarian. I want to use her as a DPS Barbarian fighting right beside or behind Edér with a Pike and Greatsword. Now during character creation I picked Barbaric Yell, and I got Carnage and Towering Physique automatically of course. And then in game I first picked Weapon Focus Soldier and on lvl 3 Frenzy. Now I checked this page ... http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Barbarian But even though it shows what those abilities do, I have no idea wh
  15. I've finally managed to kill the Adra Dragon solo. As the strategy could be used on any class, I thought I could share. You just need to set a trap right down the stairs, then as soon as the fight starts, just run towards the trap and melt him with a lightning spell (I was using the animancer's boots which grant Jolting Touch) No need to make a video about it, the screenshot it's self-explainatory :D Screenshot here
  16. Hello people. I would like the community's help on a matter. I want to pick a class and i just can't decide which.I'm torn between a few because they each have some of my prefered playstyles. I like to use tactics and outwit my opponents. I liked the Shadow class from Dragon Age Origins.It has stealth,illusions,bombs and different poisons,basicly loads of fun. I tend to like summoning classes that are more active.Think WoW's warlock and Titan Quest's Spirit. I just want a fun,active and skillfull playstyle.So,that being said,i've reduced my classes to the following: 1.Rogue
  17. Hi, I noticed recently that blooded doesn't seem to activate on my barbarian when I drop below 50% endurance both with and without frenzy. I have a lvl 7 human barbarian with the following abilities and talents: Blooded Brute Force Carnage Fighting spirit Frenzy Savage Defiance Greater Frenzy Savage Attack Two-Handed Style Whenever I drop below 50% endurance with or without frenzy/Savage attack active I receive no bonuses to my damage and the the portrait doesn't display any of them as active. The combat log however notifies that Fighting spirit activates but the chara
  18. I've been testing a lot of combinations lately and i gotta say... this combo ends the fight in a few secs even in hard mode. Here are the reasons and a detailed guide: Class Overview Priests Priests give melee characters huge buffs. I'm not even going to talk about the spells here, as you probably noticed priest has the best buff spells in the game. Especially one buff i noticed is.. the accuracy bonus talent on holy radiance (1/encounter) The funny thing with this ability is you can cast it outside the combat and start the fight with an accuracy bonus for 15+seconds and cast it on
  19. So I've been having tons of fun playing almost non-stop with a Cipher as my main and only story companions on hard for a while now. And it's been exactly that, hard! (God I hate shades so much!) Also, combat is slow with lots of pausing to cast spells and abilities. So just for the fun of it, I started an all-barbarian moongoddwarf party - you know, for roleplaying reasons (still playing on Hard) The idea was this: I get killed whenever I happen to get my dps swarmed or I somehow lose positioning. What if that tactic works if it's MY tactic as well? Can I create a sufficiently "perfect st
  20. After spending a lot of time struggling on what to play as the main character, I finally decided that I'm going for either a barbarian or monk because I don't want to overlap any NPC, and I don't like rogues. I want to build some sort of striker, probably wielding a 2hander. Are mons any good with 2h weapons? What stats are important for these two? I'll be playing on Hard
  21. What are your thoughts on a barbarian nature godlike? Wellspring of life grants the following bonuses when below 50% endurance: +3 might +2 con +2 dex Combined with frenzy (further stat boosts) and bloodied (50% damage increase below half endurance), damage would be pretty potent when below 50% endurance. Has anyone tried this combination yet?
  22. I made a Nature Godlike / Barbarian to see how much of a monster I could make him with Frenzy + Wellspring of life. I don't know when it started happening, but Wellspring of life stopped activating. I have a feeling it either started with when I got Blooded (x1.2 damage when below 50% endurance) or Enhanced Frenzy (Frenzy now grants +6 might, +6 const 'may not be correct numbers') When I drop below 50% endurance, it will only activate Bloodied. I dont know if it's intentional to stop abuse of stupidly high stats, as I'd be getting ~25 Might ~20 Constitution ~22 Dexterity Bloodied x1.2
  23. Title. And does anyone know what the actual numbers on carnage are? (half damage, -5 Acc, etc?)
  24. One Stands Alone The description talks about a "melee damage bonus" But in the list of effects it only talks about flanking Does it give a barbarian a melee damage bonus? and if so, how much?
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