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  1. Ignoring the unique models, currently Battle axes are worse than sabres in the vast variety of applications ( turning the hit resolution -0.5,0,0.5 additive , even if the ingame info still calls them "multipliers" was a big nerf to those weapon types ) ...Comparing with sabres because they are both locked into slashing damage type.. that +0.5 bonus to crit "multiplier" translates into + ((11+16)/2)*0.5 = 6.75 average damage on crits .. Sabres will thus outdamage battle axes EVEN ON CRITICAL HITS once the sum of damage multipliers goes above 6.75 / (( 13+19-11-16)/2) = 2.7 .. R
  2. Difficulty: I'm sure that some of these suggestions will be fairly contentious, however, I beat the game on PotD using only story NPCs, didn't use figurines/potions/scrolls/traps, had expert mode on, and found it to be more of a 'hard' mode (hard mode was much too easy) than a ridiculous, unfair challenge. I even ended up using Cheat Engine to drastically reduce my party's experience on multiple occasions. If they're too much for expert mode/PotD, maybe they could be implemented, with others, into an even higher difficulty mode for the expansion/sequel, 'Way of the Grognard'?
  3. Itumaak (and I assume the other animals) seem to have the equivalent of 0 athletic skills and gets fatigued extremely easily. My lvl 9 party has a minimum of 3 athletics and after a few fights none of my party is tired while Itumaak suffers critical fatigue. Critical fatigue = -15 all defense, -30 accuracy, 50% max endurance It makes him useless in combat after a few fights and I suspect most people don't know this is happening because the only indicator is buried at the bottom of the hunters stat sheet. I even tried to cheat and give him 10 athletic skill and it didn't help. My gu
  4. Could a first-level barbarian ability allowing a limited version of Carnage to be used at range (and possibly locking out melee Carnage) be balanced, or would it almost certainly be too good? I've been pondering the fact that barbarians are only usable at melee range. At first, it seemed like a natural consequence of what the class is all about, and I'm not sure it isn't, but I do wonder if there isn't room for ... I dunno, shooting through a guy and into another guy, or ricochets, or something like that. Barbarians have started to interest me in the same way that Ciphers interest me, and
  5. I don't expect this game to be balanced league of legends style. I know there has always been unbalanced spells / abilities in IE games yet since they did so many good changes I wonder why was there no further insight into this mechanic. Just take a look at first level wizard spells. Fan of flames (40 -55) vs Reflex (+ 10 acc) [most of the time you can target a large group] Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp (19-28) and a -10 acc debuff. vs delfection ( + 10 acc) [ 1 target ] Minoletta Minor Missiles (30 -54) [1 target] vs deflection Discarding the -10 acc de buff which is minor
  6. I know bug fixes (expecially gamebreaking ones) are the priority and i'm fine with that, but now that major bugs are fixed, i wonder if we'll see some heavy balance tweak like xp gain, enemies stats, difficulties rebalance and other stuff like this. There are a lot of propositive criticisms out there (both official and other forums) and i wonder if developers are looking at The game is really good and it has a solid base, so those things are mandatory for having a perfect product
  7. So. I see that there are a few balance changes going into the latest patch. Awesome. I'm a bit confused by the absence of the Estoc, though. It's the best 2H melee weapon in the game as far as damage goes - the only edge case in which it's not better is the case in which Piercing DR is more than 5 higher than Slashing (for the greatsword) or Slashing/Crushing (for the poleaxe). Or if the enemy has less than 5 DR, which, let's face it, is hardly ever going to happen. Am I the only one surprised that this weapon got left off the balance list? Am I greatly overvaluing it? I should not
  8. First, let me say how much I love this game. 9/10. If the few issues I have with it are mended, 10/10, and I will buy it for some friends. Total nostalgia and hommage to Baldur's Gate/Planescape series and the other strategy RPG's i grew up with and played relentlessly when I was a wee lad. However, one thing that i enjoyed more about those games that I am not enjoying so much in PoE is how you basically have two health bars. The endurance versus health is totally unecessary and adds a level of tedium for me that breaks the fun of the game. Having to camp way too much. Having to rest way
  9. There's been some discussion of how some players prefer a game where it is possible to make bad character design decisions. Given that the game is being designed to avoid bad builds, would it make sense to add optional background picks that deliberately create an unbalanced character? For example, a background pick that starts with the PC receiving an initially negative reception from some key factions, but the pick is partly rewarded by gaining a specific bonus talent.
  10. Being a 2nd ed. AD&D player and fan of old-school crpgs I have to say that Classes weren't balanced, but also that this was not a bad thing. Most Classes were unique in their abilities and were able to act in a seperate ways. Why have balanced Classes in PoE ? The effort to do that may result in a quite similar 11. People who have tried the beta can share their exp & opinions about this.
  11. GOD DAMMIT. I had this really lengthy post and then I accidentally closed the window. Okay, second try. It's time to accept that Might is not accepted by many players. I love the idea of an attribute system where every attribute is useful for every class, but many people just don't like the idea that mental and physical power are based on the same attribute. And I can understand why. We want our fragile old wizards who deal tons of damage. We don't want "muscle wizards", no matter how wacky and fun that sounds. There is a disconnect between the Might attribute and our understanding
  12. Hello all! A while back, I created a spreadsheet that calculated the effective DPS multiplier from Accuracy. My intent was to allow a way for people to compare MIG and DEX from a damage-doing perspective. We're in the Backer Beta to provide feedback, and our feedback is only as useful as our information. Knowledge is power. Etc.... My spreadsheet was pretty well received. Sparked some good discussion about how the different attributes affect combat dps, and led to some new insights on my part from some errors pointed out by others. So I've taken your feedback into consideration and rev
  13. Hi Obsidian! Thank you for all the work on Pillars of Eternity! I recently powered up the Beta Backer and I am enjoying having an early look at the game and testing it out. As I play through the game and come across bugs and balance issues, I'll try as much as possible to research these issues and highlight them if I feel necessary and beneficial to the final release play experience of PoE. This initial post will focus on the Cipher class and balancing issues and bugs related to it. SOUL IGNITION Soul ignition needs to be balanced. RANGE ISSUE: Right now there is a seri
  14. Maybe it has already been mentioned elsewhere and I just didn't see it, but do the special abilities of the Godlike actually scale with level? Because, if not, some are pretty underwhelming and others will surely become useless as the game progresses. Case in point: The Death Godlike does increased damage to enemies below 15% health. That seems borderline useless if the percentage doesn't increase, if we ignore Boss battles with dragons or similar, an enemy with 15% health will die with a few hits either way, decreasing the number of hits needed probably by two at most. It's a bit di
  15. So, I have focused a lot more on the Chanter than other classes as it is the class I plan on playing first. I want to get into some of their abilities and why they are probably overpowered. I am going to keep this as brief as I can. Why are they OP: Summons - I am unsure if summons are broken mechanically or whether they are intended to last as long as they currently do. Currently... you summon creatures during the first beetle encounter, and they can work in the frontline for the rest of the map. Three Skeletons + fighter in the front line reduces the parties need to cast spells, and
  16. Im not sure about this but it kinda feels like that one of the main reasons behind the "we can build characters that are good at everything" problem is that we get to many skill points at character creation. Less points would mean that we have to choose what we want and make sacrifices.
  17. In the last few discissions I noticed an irritatinbly high number of people who think that mages, once low on spells, are a total dead weight. Time to disprove such flawed notions. Lets for example take your average D&D spellcaster. Are spells his main thing? Yes. But that isn't the only thing he can do. The thing holding mack mages the most is their low amount of HP* and poeple not using them to their full potential *something I have campaigning for from day 1 is that health is determined by CON alone and class has no bearing on it. This would make mages far more survivable
  18. Not sure if this has been really addressed before in here, if it has please link to the thread and close this. In many Bioware games, and, indeed, RPGs in general, when rpesented with choices/options in conversation or for resolving quests, the "good" choice is almost always the choice that nets the biggest/best rewards. I dislike seeing this dynamic, and I hope that this game addresses that. Just because the "evil" way can be the quick and dirty, doesn't mean it should quantifiably net less reward for the duration of a campaign. Example: Do a quest to retrieve a clan's legendary sword for
  19. SO we're very early in development, but we've already heard a bit about skills in P:E so I'd like to ask everyone about their preferences. Going by what Josh Sawyer and Tim Cain have said so far they'll try to balance skills very well. They'll try to make them equal in terms of both power and opportunity. That's fine. In fact, from a professional designer's standpont that's probably what comes to mind first as an ideal. After all, you're literally selling your mechanics to the customer. If you give the player options, better make them balanced. Recently Josh made an example by givin
  20. I didn't see a thread about this here and I thought you guys might find the following information interesting, since it is about Project Eternity. Our good friend, Infinitron, asked Josh Sawyer a question on his formspring and he answered with a video. The question was, "When you write about how all classes in Project Eternity should be "useful", what does that mean? Does it mean they need to be equally powerful and "balanced"? If so, what dos that even mean in a single player, party-based RPG?" Here's his answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGv_-a8GBhY The conversation contin
  21. There's a fair bit of discussion here about game balance and various subsystems, such as armor, weapons, dual-wielding etc. Josh Sawyer in particular has discussed the utility of skills a fair bit. Magic has been discussed a bit too. One thing that hasn't been done well in any cRPG I've played, though, is situational utility of combat skills (and equipment). I think it would be a great way to add variety to the gameplay and encourage creativity in character and party builds. By situational utility I mean making different types of combat skills be more or less effective in different sit
  22. My primary draw to medieval fantasy games is spellcasting. Hence, my greatest draw to Infinity Engine games (D&D) has been the incredible sophistication of the spell casting system. While Vancian systems have their complications, every other system I've experienced pales by comparison. Since P:E has chosen to use cooldowns, I have some very serious concerns. Meaningful Effects Will spells be able to meaningfully alter the status of an opponent? I speak of spells like Emotion, Hold, Confusion, Domination, Sleep, and even death spells. Outside of vancian systems, the most wizards can hop
  23. Hey, a new forum to spoil with another tilted poll. So you'll meet potential companions. Do you want all to be equal in their abilities (within their class). Examples are incorrect, I don't remember the stats or levels or characters or stuff. That was largely the case in BG and such, the girl from next door is basically the same as a master assasin you come upon later. Granted, the girl is level 1 and the assasin is level 5 (but so are you and the girl when you meet him). Now this pretty much worked and didn't bother me much at all. All were D&D adventurers afterall. But I k
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