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  1. So, anyway who has played the entirety of Pillars of Eternity 1 knows that by the end of the game you have some pretty serious weapons and armor on hand. Especially if you played White March. The question of the hour is, what will become of some of these items? The Hammer of Abydon especially because this weapon was very important. I would hope that we either get this items back at some point, and not that 'oh they were destroyed with your strong hold' That'd be kind of a lame excuse. Not to mention, if returning companions had Soulbound items, will they still have them? That would be a nice bonus. On the topic of the Hammer of Abydon, and the end of The White March Part 1, Do you think the Church of Abydon might view your character as some sort of Saint like figure if you restore Abydon.
  2. Hey, I came across a problem which prevents me from progressing with the game. after failing the "Black Fang" mission, i went back to the inventory (card collection) to rebuild my deck. i noticed that something was wrong with the armor cards filter. The armor cards toggle seems to be broken. although i have 3 armor cards in total - only two cards are shown. moreover, the number of available cards is shown as 0/3, even though i moved all the armor cards from my characters back to the deck. I'm unable to fully construct a deck, as i'm missing one armor card. this prevents me from progressing with the game, and also forces me to force-close the app, since i can't return to the main screen Technical details: OnePlus One (Android 6.0.1) Pathfinder adventures
  3. Not 100% guaranteed. Use at your own risk. I finally got around to this and used a batch script on the directory contents and somethings might have been chopped off (I caught and manually fixed the list here for accomplished_athlete, scale_breaker-talent, and transcendentsuffering since the levels were originally axed as separate substrings because of whitespace) Some things may still be in Unsorted section, especially if they didn't follow a standard naming convention and I was unsure about categorizing them. Armor Cloth cloth_outfit_aedyre cloth_outfit_dyrwoodan cloth_outfit_dyrwoodan_fur cloth_outfit_dyrwoodan_vest cloth_outfit_generic cloth_outfit_ixamitl cloth_outfit_vailian Robes robe_armor robe_armor_durance robe_armor_exceptional robe_armor_fine robe_armor_gwisk_glas robe_armor_leaden_key robe_armor_rundls_finery robe_armor_skaen robe_armor_skaen_fancy robe_armor_starlit_garb Padded padded_armor padded_armor_02 padded_armor_angios_gambeson padded_armor_exceptional padded_armor_fine padded_armor_jack_of_wide_waters padded_armor_vengiatta_rugia Hide hide_armor hide_armor_blaidh_golan hide_armor_exceptional hide_armor_fine hide_armor_husk_of_the_great_western_stag hide_armor_seven_skuldrs-worth Leather leather_armor leather_armor02 leather_armor03 leather_armor_aloth leather_armor_exceptional leather_armor_fine leather_armor_kerdhed_pames leather_armor_night-runner leather_armor_rebels_call leather_armor_worn Breastplate breastplate_armor breastplate_armor_elardh_dwr breastplate_armor_exceptional breastplate_armor_fine breastplate_armor_pallegina breastplate_hand_and_key breastplate_osrics_family Scale scale_armor scale_armor_autumn_fire scale_armor_backer_hirbels_protective_skin scale_armor_backer_scales_of_the_raven scale_armor_eder scale_armor_exceptional scale_armor_fine scale_armor_pikes_pride Mail mail_armor mail_armor_exceptional mail_armor_fine mail_armor_lost_meadow mail_armor_sun-touched_mail_of_hyran_rath mail_armor_wurmwull Brigadine brigandine_armor brigandine_armor_aru_brekr brigandine_armor_coat_of_ill_payment brigandine_armor_exceptional brigandine_armor_fine brigandine_armor_heldriks_coat Plate plate_armor plate_armor_argwes_adra plate_armor_crucible plate_armor_crucible_officer plate_armor_death_guard plate_armor_exceptional plate_armor_fine plate_armor_he_carries_many_scars plate_armor_sanguine_plate plate_glimmerguard Head Hat hat_backer_dandy_hat_of_the_diseased_yak hat_backer_hermits_hat hat_backer_munacra_arret hat_crested hat_duelist hat_floppy hat_hood hat_hooded_turban hat_liripipe_of_thinking hat_padded_cap hat_rugged_wilderness hat_soft hat_thimble hat_tricorne hat_turban hat_turban_floppy hat_waages_hat_of_leadership hat_woedica_hood Helm helm helm_acorn helm_azalins helm_backer_helmet_of_darksee helm_bleak_hood helm_br_helm07 helm_cl_helm08_hood helm_cl_helm09_musketeer helm_cl_helm11_bandana helm_cl_skaen01 helm_cl_skaen02 helm_cl_skaen_initiate helm_eothasian_crest helm_footpads_hood helm_fortanero helm_frog helm_full helm_great helm_mail_coif helm_ma_helm03 helm_nasal helm_open helm_pilgrims_lasting_vigil helm_plumed helm_pl_helm06_animat helm_pl_helm10_conquistador helm_ram_horn helm_small_horn helm_stag helm_the_dunryd_demon helm_winged Neck Amulets amulet_backer_amulet_of_jokate amulet_backer_amulet_of_summer_solstice amulet_backer_the_core amulet_backer_unwavering_resolve amulet_bradfords_pear amulet_engwithan_medallion amulet_engwythan_adra_ban amulet_fulvano amulet_of_health amulet_serels amulet_soulward amulet_starter_dungeon amulet_tallan amulet_willowstone_daenysis Capes cape cape_02 cape_03 cape_04 cape_05 cape_backer_cape_of_many_feathers cape_backer_finreahs_grace cape_backer_liliths_shawl cape_darkgray cape_eothas cape_gray cape_hide_brown cape_hide_gray cape_magran cape_of_deflection cape_of_withdrawal cape_orange cape_red_muddy cape_slate cape_trim cape_white Cloaks cloak_backer_cloak_of_the_fox_and_hunter cloak_backer_erijs_radiance cloak_eothasian_priest cloak_of_arcane_assault cloak_of_prevalent_shadows cloak_of_protection cloak_of_protection_minor cloak_of_the_obsidian_order cloak_of_the_theocrat cloak_of_the_tireless_defender Other drinking_horn_of_moderation Hands Bracers bracers_backer_bracers_of_all-consuming_rage bracers_backer_spirit_spiral bracers_of_deflection bracers_of_enduring bracers_of_spiritual_power minor_bracers_of_deflection Gauntlets gauntlets_of_accuracy gauntlets_of_ogre_might gauntlets_of_puissant_melee gauntlets_of_swift_action Gloves archers_gloves foregemasters_gloves gloves_backer_gyges_gloves gloves_backer_rabbit_fur_gloves gloves_blood_testament gloves_fulvano gloves_healing_hands gloves_killers_work gloves_of_manipulation gloves_spiderfingers rotfinger_gloves Belts and Girdles belt_backer_codpiece_of_vigor belt_natures_embrace belt_of_bountiful_healing belt_of_the_staelgar berserkers_belt blunting_belt broad_belt_of_power dyrwooden_charm_belt girdle_of_eotun_constitution girdle_of_mortal_protection girdle_of_rathun_might girdle_of_the_driving_wave trollhide_belt wildstrike_belt Rings minor_ring_of_deflection minor_ring_of_protection ring_backer_pensiavi_mes_rei ring_backer_ring_of_eternal_funding ring_backer_ring_of_wonder ring_backer_snerfs_folly ring_gaf_bartender ring_hag ring_of_deflection ring_of_eternal_funding_ability ring_of_eternal_funding_mod ring_of_overseeing ring_of_protection ring_of_searing_flames ring_of_unshackling ring_of_wizardry_a ring_of_wizardry_b ring_preorder_gauns_pledge ring_seal_of_faith ring_serels Feet Boots boots_animancers boots_backer_cats_whisper boots_bilestompers boots_dead_man_stands boots_fenwalkers boots_fulvano boots_glanfathan_stalking_boots boots_malinas_boots boots_naasitaqi_boots boots_of_evasion boots_of_speed boots_of_stability boots_of_stealth boots_of_the_long_march boots_of_zealous_command boots_shod-in-faith Grimoires [i'm not sure about all these] aloth_grimoire e3_grimoire helig_grimoire nyrid_grimoire grimoire01 grimoire02 grimoire03 grimoire04 grimoire05 grimoire_azrael grimoire_bandit_l6 grimoire_bb_01 grimoire_bb_02 grimoire_bragan_thug grimoire_death_guard_unique grimoire_doemenel_wizard grimoire_elfya_l6 grimoire_elvara grimoire_eothasian grimoire_falanroed grimoire_harkeen grimoire_helig grimoire_high_lvl_elements grimoire_high_lvl_essence grimoire_high_lvl_minoletta grimoire_high_lvl_weakening grimoire_high_lvl_winter grimoire_iben grimoire_krastac grimoire_lk_wizard_01 grimoire_lk_wizard_08_assassins grimoire_lk_wizard_l6 grimoire_ludrana grimoire_maerwald grimoire_mercenary_wizard grimoire_mercenary_wizard_rinatto grimoire_nedyn grimoire_noonfrost_wizard_l5 grimoire_noonfrost_wizard_l8 grimoire_noonfrost_wizard_l9 grimoire_norwaech_sapper grimoire_nw_mercenary_wizard grimoire_nyfres_thug grimoire_osrya grimoire_outlaw_wizard grimoire_padebald_wizard_lvl5 grimoire_raedric_wizard grimoire_ruins_mercenary grimoire_sellsword_wizard_l9 grimoire_surica grimoire_telaneir One-Handed Fast Daggers dagger dagger_aattuuk dagger_animat dagger_drawn_in_spring dagger_exceptional dagger_fine dagger_half_dam dagger_march_steel dagger_semper_faithful dagger_thaos Stilettos stiletto stiletto_backer_azureiths_sickle stiletto_backer_oidhreacht stiletto_bleak_fang stiletto_exceptional stiletto_fine stiletto_miserys_end Clubs club club02 club_blescas_labor club_dial_ewn_dibita club_exceptional club_fine club_intro club_ogre club_ogre_druid Hatchet hatchet hatchet_exceptional hatchet_fine hatchet_hearth_harvest hatchet_intro hatchet_reghar_konnek Flails [unsure what the PD difference means] flail flail_backer_unforgiven flail_backer_unforgiven_pd flail_exceptional flail_exceptional_pd flail_fine flail_fine_pd flail_gauns_share flail_gauns_share_pd flail_hell flail_pd flail_starcaller flail_starcaller_pd Rapiers rapier rapier_backer_cats_claw rapier_backer_mosquito rapier_exceptional rapier_fine rapier_fortanero rapier_lyssandras_blade rapier_measured_restraint rapier_mosquito rapier_of_daenysis rapier_vierinas_leaves One-Handed Battle Axes battle_axe battle_axe_edge_of_reason battle_axe_exceptional battle_axe_fine battle_axe_intro battle_axe_rimecutter battle_axe_silver_crow battle_axe_we_toki Maces mace mace_aimoranet mace_backer_mabecs_mace mace_cyclops_death mace_exceptional mace_fine mace_hanovers_first_of_dodm mace_of_epic_win mace_ravenwing Warhammers war_hammer war_hammer_backer_shatterstar war_hammer_engwythan_forgemasters war_hammer_exceptional war_hammer_fine war_hammer_godansthunyr war_hammer_haba war_hammer_jarpies war_hammer_strike_hard Sabres sabre sabre_backer_purgatory sabre_exceptional sabre_fine sabre_resolution sabre_sword_of_prix sabre_the_flames_of_fair_rhian Swords sword swordofawesome [?] sword_backer_cats_claw sword_darcozzi_paladini sword_debug_the_blade_of_assuring_quality sword_eldrid sword_exceptional sword_fine sword_half_dam sword_invis sword_last_blade_of_the_white_forge sword_lyssandras_blade sword_shame_or_glory sword_sheathed_in_autumn sword_whispers_of_yenwood sword_ymyran Spears spear spear_backer_danulya spear_delem_rawdha spear_engwithan_soul spear_exceptional spear_fine spear_ritezzis_thorn spear_treave_conqueror spear_vile_loner spear_xaurip spear_xaurip_champion spear_xaurip_easy spear_xaurip_skirmisher Two-Handed Morning Stars morning_star01 morning_star_backer_mabecs_morning_star morning_star_crates_remorse morning_star_daybreak morning_star_exceptional morning_star_fine morning_star_the_rose_of_salthollow Estocs estoc estoc_drakes_bell estoc_endless_paths estoc_exceptional estoc_fine estoc_the_white_spire Great Swords great_sword great_sword02 great_sword_backer_justice great_sword_exceptional great_sword_fine great_sword_firebrand great_sword_gilt_blade_of_lorn great_sword_temaperacl great_sword_the_hours_of_st_rumbault great_sword_tidefall Quarterstaves quarterstaff quarterstaff_backer_taluntains_staff quarterstaff_concelhauts_parasitic quarterstaff_exceptional quarterstaff_fine quarterstaff_llawrans_stick quarterstaff_priest quarterstaff_staff_of_codex quarterstaff_wend-walker quarterstaff_xaurip Pikes pike pike_backer_jenas_lance pike_citzals_spirit_lance pike_exceptional pike_fine pike_lost_theyns_reach pike_tall_grass pike_xaurip Pollaxes pollaxe01 pollaxe_exceptional pollaxe_fine pollaxe_half-mast pollaxe_spectacular_spetum pollaxe_traitors_merit Traditional Ranged Arbalests arbalest arbalest_aedrins_wrecker arbalest_exceptional arbalest_fine arbalest_hold-wall Crossbows crossbow crossbow_exceptional crossbow_fine crossbow_good_friend crossbow_wendgar Hunting Bows hunting_bow hunting_bow_backer_borresaine hunting_bow_backer_prey_maker hunting_bow_crooked_bee hunting_bow_exceptional hunting_bow_fine hunting_bow_intro hunting_bow_lenas_er hunting_bow_persistence War Bows war_bow war_bow_backer_borresaine war_bow_cloudpiercer war_bow_exceptional war_bow_fine war_bow_the_rain_of_godagh_field Guns Arquebuses arquebus arquebus_exceptional arquebus_fine arquebus_long-feller arquebus_pliambo_per_casitas arquebus_skuphundaku_evil_black Blunderbuss blunderbuss blunderbuss_exceptional blunderbuss_fine blunderbuss_lead_spitter blunderbuss_scon_micas_roar Pistol pistol pistol_backer_forgiveness pistol_backer_the_disappointer pistol_dulcanale pistol_exceptional pistol_fine pistol_maverick pistol_sitra_achara pistol_st_guarams_spark Magic Rods rod rod_exceptional rod_fine rod_grudge-keeper rod_of_pale_shades rod_pike_jaw rod_pretty_prettys_rib Sceptres sceptre sceptre_engwithan sceptre_exceptional sceptre_fine sceptre_puitente_med_principi sceptre_the_ladys_hand Wands wand wand_cgadobs_hazel wand_elawen_ein wand_exceptional wand_fine wand_kalakoths_minor_blights_burn wand_kalakoths_minor_blights_corrode wand_kalakoths_minor_blights_freeze wand_kalakoths_minor_blights_shock wand_rot_skull Shields shield_large shield_large_exceptional shield_large_fine shield_large_larder_door shield_large_old_geruns_wall shield_large_thy_clef shield_medium_adra shield_medium_animat shield_medium_heater shield_medium_heater_exceptional shield_medium_heater_fine shield_medium_ilfan_byrngars_solace shield_medium_redfield shield_medium_round02 shield_medium_round02_teaser shield_medium_round02_teaser shield_medium_scath_gwannek shield_small shield_small_aila_braccia shield_small_exceptional shield_small_fine shield_small_little_savior shield_small_outworn_buckler shield_small_suras_supper_plate Items: Crafting Creature Part part_adra_dragon_scale part_awakened_adra part_awakened_root part_awakened_wood part_beetle_shell part_binding_copper part_dank_spores part_drake_talon part_ogre_blood part_ooze_plasma part_primal_flame part_primal_rock part_primal_water part_primal_wind part_skuldr_ear part_sky_dragon_eye part_spear_spider_leg part_spider_venom_sac part_spirit_residue part_stelgaer_tooth part_troll_skin part_vessel_bone part_vessel_flesh part_vithrack_brain part_wurm_wing part_xaurip_tongue Gems gem_adra_3cp gem_adra_ban_35cp gem_agate_5cp gem_amethyst_10cp gem_bloodstone_25cp gem_diamond_350cp gem_diamond_50cp gem_emerald_100cp gem_emerald_750cp gem_garnet_85cp gem_jasper_15cp gem_mega_jewel gem_moonstone_25cp gem_opal_150cp gem_pearl_100cp gem_peridot_50cp gem_peridot_60cp gem_ruby_850cp gem_ruby_90cp gem_sapphire_110cp gem_sapphire_950cp gem_ta_ondra_tara_250cp gem_topaz_35cp gem_topaz_500cp gem_turquoise_12cp gem_turquoise_20cp gem_velune_125cp gem_velune_65cp Plants plant_admeths_wyrt plant_beraths_bell plant_blood_moss plant_burned_lady plant_cave_coral plant_dyrcap plant_golden_celery plant_orlans_cradle plant_pilgrims_crown plant_river_reed plant_settlers_arrow plant_skaenbone plant_springberry plant_st_gyrans_horn Items: Consumable Drugs drug_blacsonn drug_carow_golan drug_goldrot_chew drug_ripple_sponge drug_snowcap drug_svef drug_whiteleaf Food food_ale food_beer food_cheese food_chocolate_biscuit food_cocoa food_dragon_egg food_dragon_egg_dish food_dragon_meat food_dragon_meat_dish food_egg food_egg_dish food_fish food_fish_dish food_fruit food_grain food_mead food_meat food_meat_dish food_milk food_oil food_poultry food_poultry_dish food_rice food_savory_pie food_spirits food_stew food_sugar food_sweet_pie food_vegetable food_vegetable_dish Potions potion_of_bulwark_against_the_elements potion_of_bulwark_against_the_elements_l2 potion_of_deleterious_alacrity_of_motion potion_of_deleterious_alacrity_of_motion_l3 potion_of_eldritch_aim potion_of_eldritch_aim_l1 potion_of_fleet_feet potion_of_fleet_feet_l1 potion_of_infuse_with_vital_essence potion_of_infuse_with_vital_essence_l2 potion_of_iron_skin potion_of_iron_skin_l2 potion_of_iron_skin_l4 potion_of_llengraths_displaced_image potion_of_llengraths_displaced_image_l3 potion_of_major_endurance potion_of_major_endurance_l4 potion_of_major_endurance_l7 potion_of_major_recovery potion_of_major_recovery_l4 potion_of_major_recovery_l8 potion_of_major_regen potion_of_major_regen_l3 potion_of_major_regen_l5 potion_of_major_stamina potion_of_major_stamina_broken potion_of_merciless_gaze potion_of_merciless_gaze_l2 potion_of_minor_endurance potion_of_minor_endurance_l2 potion_of_minor_endurance_l3 potion_of_minor_recovery potion_of_minor_recovery_l2 potion_of_minor_recovery_l4 potion_of_minor_regen_l1 potion_of_minor_stamina potion_of_minor_stamina_broken potion_of_mirrored_images potion_of_mirrored_images_l2 potion_of_power potion_of_power_l2 potion_of_power_l4 potion_of_spirit_shield potion_of_spirit_shield_l1 potion_of_war_paint potion_of_war_paint_l5 potion_of_war_paint_l8 potion_of_wizards_double potion_of_wizards_double_l1 Scrolls scroll_of_binding_web scroll_of_binding_web_l2 scroll_of_boiling_spray scroll_of_boiling_spray_l4 scroll_of_burst_of_summer_flame scroll_of_burst_of_summer_flame_l2 scroll_of_confusion scroll_of_confusion_l4 scroll_of_crackling_bolt scroll_of_crackling_bolt_l3 scroll_of_defense scroll_of_defense_l2 scroll_of_defense_l3 scroll_of_fan_of_flames scroll_of_fan_of_flames_l1 scroll_of_fireball scroll_of_fireball_l3 scroll_of_insect_swarm scroll_of_insect_swarm_l2 scroll_of_jolting_touch scroll_of_jolting_touch_l1 scroll_of_maelstrom scroll_of_maelstrom_l10 scroll_of_maelstrom_l5 scroll_of_minolettas_bounding_missiles scroll_of_minolettas_bounding_missiles_l3 scroll_of_minolettas_minor_missiles scroll_of_minolettas_minor_missiles_l1 scroll_of_missile_barrage scroll_of_missile_barrage_l4 scroll_of_missile_barrage_l7 scroll_of_moonwell scroll_of_moonwell_l4 scroll_of_natures_mark scroll_of_natures_mark_l1 scroll_of_paralysis scroll_of_paralysis_l3 scroll_of_paralysis_l5 scroll_of_prayer_against_bewilderment scroll_of_prayer_against_bewilderment_l4 scroll_of_prayer_against_fear scroll_of_prayer_against_fear_l1 scroll_of_prayer_against_infirmity scroll_of_prayer_against_infirmity_l2 scroll_of_prayer_against_restraint scroll_of_prayer_against_restraint_l3 scroll_of_protection scroll_of_protection_l2 scroll_of_protection_l4 scroll_of_ray_of_fire scroll_of_ray_of_fire_l2 scroll_of_restore_light_endurance scroll_of_restore_light_endurance_l2 scroll_of_restore_major_endurance scroll_of_restore_major_endurance_l4 scroll_of_restore_minor_endurance scroll_of_restore_minor_endurance_l1 scroll_of_restore_minor_stamina scroll_of_restore_moderate_endurance scroll_of_restore_moderate_endurance_l3 scroll_of_revival scroll_of_revival_l3 scroll_of_revival_l6 scroll_of_rolling_flame scroll_of_rolling_flame_l2 scroll_of_stags_horn scroll_of_stags_horn_l3 scroll_of_tanglefoot scroll_of_tanglefoot_l1 scroll_of_twin_stones scroll_of_twin_stones_l3 scroll_of_valor scroll_of_valor_l4 scroll_of_valor_l8 scroll_of_wall_of_flame scroll_of_wall_of_flame_l4 Traps trap_item_arrow trap_item_boiling_spray trap_item_bounding_missiles trap_item_chain_lightning trap_item_concussive_missiles trap_item_dart trap_item_fan_of_flames trap_item_fireball trap_item_freezing_pillar trap_item_gaze_of_adragan trap_item_hail_of_darts trap_item_malignant_cloud trap_item_noxious_burst trap_item_pillar_of_holy_fire trap_item_poisonous_cloud trap_item_poison_dart trap_item_sunlance trap_item_tanglefoot Items: Misc Pets item_pet_astral_piglet item_pet_blackcat item_pet_black_hound item_pet_cat_calico item_pet_cat_mix item_pet_cat_orange_tabby item_pet_dog_beagle item_pet_dog_jack_russel item_pet_dog_yellow_lab item_pet_mallard_drake item_pet_mallard_hen item_pet_piglet item_pet_tiny_animat item_pet_tiny_beetle item_pet_tiny_spider item_pet_tiny_sporeling item_pet_tiny_wurm_obsidian item_pet_tiny_wurm_white Books lore_book_admeth_hadret lore_book_admeth_hadret_1 lore_book_admeth_hadret_2 lore_book_aedyran_customs lore_book_animancy lore_book_backer_flood_memorial lore_book_backer_rpg_codex lore_book_berathian_holy_text lore_book_discoveries_of_padgram lore_book_dunryd_row lore_book_dyrwoodan_farce lore_book_dyrwoodan_farce_1 lore_book_dyrwoodan_farce_2 lore_book_edrang_hadret lore_book_eir_glanfath lore_book_eir_glanfath_1 lore_book_eir_glanfath_2 lore_book_eothasian_holy_text lore_book_ethik_nol lore_book_galven_regd lore_book_glanfathan_customs lore_book_glanfathan_poetry lore_book_god_abydon lore_book_god_berath lore_book_god_eothas lore_book_god_galawain lore_book_god_hylea lore_book_god_magran lore_book_god_ondra lore_book_god_rymrgand lore_book_god_skaen lore_book_god_wael lore_book_god_woedica lore_book_house_doemenel lore_book_knights_of_the_crucible lore_book_knights_of_the_crucible_1 lore_book_knights_of_the_crucible_2 lore_book_language_aedyran lore_book_language_glanfathan lore_book_magranic_holy_text lore_book_monsters_deadfire_archipelago lore_book_naasitaq_poetry lore_book_placeholder lore_book_readceran_morality_play lore_book_readceran_morality_play_1 lore_book_readceran_morality_play_2 lore_book_skaenite_holy_text lore_book_st_waidwen lore_book_temp_placeholder lore_book_the_aedyr_empire lore_book_the_aedyr_empire_1 lore_book_the_aedyr_empire_2 lore_book_the_blacksmith_knights lore_book_the_calendar lore_book_the_dozens lore_book_the_dyrwood lore_book_the_dyrwood_1 lore_book_the_dyrwood_2 lore_book_the_dyrwood_3 lore_book_the_dyrwood_4 lore_book_the_dyrwood_5 lore_book_the_dyrwood_6 lore_book_the_fangs lore_book_the_great_western_stag lore_book_the_moons_of_eora lore_book_the_saints_war lore_book_the_saints_war_1 lore_book_the_saints_war_2 lore_book_the_white_that_wends lore_book_true_stories lore_book_vailian_tragedy lore_book_woedican_holy_text Quest Items quest_item_adrakey_rhemen quest_item_adra_animat_shell quest_item_adventurer_journal quest_item_alarhi_cage quest_item_anamfath_baby quest_item_azo_research quest_item_blade_half_1 quest_item_blade_half_2 quest_item_blade_hilt quest_item_bronze_weapons quest_item_burial_isle_horn quest_item_copper_sphere quest_item_core_earth quest_item_core_fire quest_item_core_water quest_item_core_wind quest_item_crucible_dagger quest_item_derrin_bloodied_dagger quest_item_dozens_token quest_item_dragon_amulet quest_item_druid_potion quest_item_dryad_poison quest_item_eder_standard_piece quest_item_engwithan_machine_part quest_item_engwithan_medallion quest_item_engwythan_relic_1 quest_item_engwythan_relic_2 quest_item_engwythan_relic_3 quest_item_engwythan_relic_runic quest_item_expedition_notes_1 quest_item_expedition_notes_2 quest_item_expedition_notes_3 quest_item_expedition_notes_4 quest_item_expedition_notes_5 quest_item_ferry_cargo quest_item_fortanero_helm quest_item_fortanero_rapier quest_item_fortanero_seachest quest_item_gleaming_adra quest_item_gods_crystal quest_item_head_chanter quest_item_head_cipher quest_item_head_fampyr quest_item_head_forest_lurker quest_item_head_menpwgra quest_item_head_ogre quest_item_head_outlaw quest_item_head_paladin quest_item_head_priest quest_item_head_ranger quest_item_head_rogue quest_item_head_troll quest_item_head_vithrack quest_item_head_vithrak quest_item_head_wizard quest_item_head_xaurip quest_item_heist_letter quest_item_herbs quest_item_icantha_letter quest_item_irwen_ring quest_item_journal_aldhelm quest_item_journal_fyrga quest_item_kaenra_letter quest_item_kaenra_ring quest_item_kana_tablet quest_item_leaden_key_pendant quest_item_lilith_medallion quest_item_lord_valtas_will quest_item_magran_stone_fragment quest_item_medreth_emblem quest_item_mega_jewel quest_item_mega_jewel_fake quest_item_missive_lieutenant quest_item_missive_livine quest_item_monk_ring quest_item_nyfre_heirloom quest_item_ondras_trinkets quest_item_open_missive quest_item_open_missive_kept quest_item_osric_family_heirloom quest_item_overseer_seal_blue quest_item_overseer_seal_green quest_item_overseer_seal_red quest_item_penhelm_affidavit quest_item_pensi_locket quest_item_pommel_stone quest_item_potion_ranga quest_item_record_battixa quest_item_record_gram quest_item_record_idelman quest_item_record_uscgrim quest_item_reymont_signet quest_item_rh_disguise quest_item_rinatto_money quest_item_ring_linete quest_item_riply_note quest_item_rpg_ring quest_item_sack_bones quest_item_saeda quest_item_sealed_missive quest_item_searing_falls_map quest_item_shattered_shard quest_item_soulward_amulet quest_item_soul_vessel quest_item_soul_vessel_infused quest_item_sporeling_ooze_sac quest_item_stolen_shipment quest_item_theorems_padgram quest_item_trygil_note quest_item_valtas_brother_corpse quest_item_valtas_father_corpse quest_item_valtas_letter quest_item_valtas_mother_corpse quest_item_verzano_seeds quest_item_vianna_diary quest_item_vianna_research quest_item_vianna_research_copy quest_item_wanted_poster quest_item_ward_stone quest_item_water_skin_empty quest_item_water_skin_full quest_item_weald_canteen quest_item_weald_canteen_full quest_item_weald_gem quest_item_weald_green_rock quest_item_weald_staff quest_item_weald_stick quest_item_weald_sword quest_item_whiteleaf_mixture quest_item_wurm_egg quest_item_wurm_egg_broken quest_item_wurm_egg_cracked quest_item_zolla_torc Unsorted (I leave this to whoever wants to work out all the other abilities, talents, odds and ends) Money? bux_adra_eniach_60cp bux_copper_awld_2cp bux_copper_pand_1cp bux_copper_skeyt_1cp bux_golden_duc_12cp bux_golden_oble_18cp bux_golden_scelling_12cp bux_golden_suole_9cp bux_silver_fenning_6cp bux_silver_lusce_3cp Base Models? basearbalest basearquebus basebattleaxe baseblunderbuss baseclub basecrossbow basedagger baseestoc baseflail basehatchet basemace basepike basepistol basequarterstaff baserapier basesabre basespear basestiletto Bonus Rooms? ar_0002_dragon_lair_room_bonus ar_0002_drake_den_room_bonus ar_0002_hatchery_room_bonus ar_0002_wurms_nest_room_bonus ar_0002__room_bonus ar_0108_fletchers_stay_room_bonus ar_0108_merchants_stay_room_bonus ar_0108_suite_of_worldly_wonders_room_bonus ar_0108_vixens_burrow_room_bonus ar_0302_room_1_room_bonus ar_0302_room_2_room_bonus ar_0410_better_mid-range_room_bonus ar_0410_mid-range_room_bonus ar_0713_common_room_bonus ar_0713_dyrfords_pride_room_bonus ar_0713_laborers_rest_room_bonus ar_1107_celestial_suite_room_bonus ar_1107_wanderers_reprieve_room_bonus Spellbindings spellbind_major_arcane_dampener spellbind_major_arcane_dampener_ability spellbind_major_arduous_delay_of_motion spellbind_major_arduous_delay_of_motion_ability spellbind_major_barring_deaths_door spellbind_major_barring_deaths_door_ability spellbind_major_beetle_shell spellbind_major_beetle_shell_ability spellbind_major_blast_of_frost spellbind_major_blast_of_frost_ability spellbind_major_calling_the_worlds_maw spellbind_major_calling_the_worlds_maw_ability spellbind_major_cleansing_wind spellbind_major_cleansing_wind_ability spellbind_major_confusion spellbind_major_confusion_ability spellbind_major_fireball spellbind_major_fireball_ability spellbind_major_firebug spellbind_major_firebug_ability spellbind_major_minolettas_bounding_missiles spellbind_major_minolettas_bounding_missiles_ability spellbind_major_minolettas_concussive_missiles spellbind_major_minolettas_concussive_missiles_ability spellbind_major_minor_arcane_reflection_ability spellbind_major_moonwell spellbind_major_moonwell_ability spellbind_major_pillar_of_faith_ability spellbind_major_restore_critical_stamina spellbind_major_restore_critical_stamina_ability spellbind_major_restore_major_stamina spellbind_major_restore_major_stamina_ability spellbind_major_restore_moderate_stamina spellbind_major_restore_moderate_stamina_ability spellbind_major_revive_the_fallen spellbind_major_revive_the_fallen_ability spellbind_major_stags_horn spellbind_major_stags_horn_ability spellbind_major_torrent_of_flame spellbind_major_torrent_of_flame_ability spellbind_major_wall_of_flame spellbind_major_wall_of_flame_ability spellbind_minor_arcane_dampener_ability spellbind_minor_arkemyrs_dazzling_lights spellbind_minor_arkemyrs_dazzling_lights_ability spellbind_minor_armor_of_faith spellbind_minor_armor_of_faith_ability spellbind_minor_binding_web spellbind_minor_binding_web_ability spellbind_minor_blizzard spellbind_minor_blizzard_ability spellbind_minor_combusting_wounds spellbind_minor_combusting_wounds_ability spellbind_minor_corrosive_cloud spellbind_minor_dancing_bolts spellbind_minor_dancing_bolts_ability spellbind_minor_firebrand spellbind_minor_firebrand_ability spellbind_minor_healing_strike spellbind_minor_healing_strike_ability spellbind_minor_holy_meditation spellbind_minor_holy_meditation_ability spellbind_minor_holy_power spellbind_minor_holy_power_ability spellbind_minor_jolting_touch spellbind_minor_jolting_touch_ability spellbind_minor_knockdown spellbind_minor_knockdown_ability spellbind_minor_minolettas_minor_missiles spellbind_minor_minolettas_minor_missiles_ability spellbind_minor_mirrored_image spellbind_minor_mirrored_image_ability spellbind_minor_necrotic_lance spellbind_minor_necrotic_lance_ability spellbind_minor_restore_light_stamina spellbind_minor_restore_light_stamina_ability spellbind_minor_restore_minor_stamina spellbind_minor_restore_minor_stamina_ability spellbind_minor_rolling_flame spellbind_minor_rolling_flame_ability spellbind_minor_spreading_plague spellbind_minor_spreading_plague_ability spellbind_minor_sunbeam spellbind_minor_sunbeam_ability spellbind_minor_suppress_affliction spellbind_minor_suppress_affliction_ability spellbind_minor_thrust_of_tattered_veils spellbind_minor_thrust_of_tattered_veils_ability spellbind_minor_touch_of_rot spellbind_minor_touch_of_rot_ability spellbind_minor_vile_thorns spellbind_minor_vile_thorns_ability spellbind_minor_whisper_of_treason spellbind_minor_whisper_of_treason_ability spellbind_minor_winter_wind spellbind_minor_winter_wind_ability spellbind_minor_woodskin spellbind_minor_woodskin_ability Talents? tln_accomplished_athlete tln_accurate_carnage tln_accurate_traps_talent tln_accurate_wounding_shot tln_aggrandizing_radiance_talent tln_ancient_memory tln_arcane_veil tln_armed_to_the_teeth tln_arms_bearer tln_backstab_talent tln_barbaric_blow tln_bears_fortitude tln_beast_slayer_talent tln_beloved_spirits tln_beraths_boon_talent tln_biting_whip tln_black_path tln_blast tln_blooded_hunter_talent tln_bloody_slaughter_talent tln_body_control tln_bond_of_duty_talent tln_bonus_1st_level_spell_talent tln_bonus_2nd_level_spell_talent tln_bonus_3rd_level_spell_talent tln_bonus_4th_level_spell_talent tln_bonus_frenzy tln_bonus_knock_down tln_bonus_spiritshift_bear tln_bonus_spiritshift_boar tln_bonus_spiritshift_cat tln_bonus_spiritshift_keeper tln_bonus_spiritshift_stag tln_bonus_spiritshift_wolf tln_bonus_wounding_shot tln_brilliant_radiance tln_brutal_backlash tln_brutal_takedown tln_bulls_will tln_cautious_attack tln_close_shooter tln_critical_focus tln_dangerous_implement tln_deep_faith tln_deep_pockets tln_deflecting_assault tln_devastating_blow tln_draining_whip tln_duality_of_mortal_presence tln_dungeon_delver_talent tln_effigys_resentment_aloth_talent tln_effigys_resentment_eder_talent tln_effigys_resentment_ggp_talent tln_effigys_resentment_gm_talent tln_effigys_resentment_hiravias_talent tln_effigys_resentment_kana_talent tln_effigys_resentment_pallegina_talent tln_effigys_resentment_sagani_talent tln_empowered_interdiction tln_enduring_flames tln_envenomed_strike tln_experienced_survivalist tln_expert_mechanic tln_faithful_companion tln_fast_runner tln_field_triage_talent tln_fires_of_darcozzi_palace_talent tln_galawains_boon_talent tln_ghost_hunter_talent tln_gift_from_the_machine_talent tln_graceful_retreat_talent tln_greater_focus_talent tln_greater_frenzy tln_greater_invulnerability_spell_heuristics tln_greater_layonhands tln_greater_wildstrike_burn tln_greater_wildstrike_corrode tln_greater_wildstrike_crush tln_greater_wildstrike_freeze tln_greater_wildstrike_pierce tln_greater_wildstrike_shock tln_greater_wildstrike_slash tln_grimoire_slam tln_gunner tln_hardened_veil tln_heart_of_the_storm_talent tln_hold_the_line tln_hope_eternal_talent tln_hyleas_boon_talent tln_incomprehensible_revelation_talent tln_inspired_flame_talent tln_inspiring_liberation_talent tln_inspiring_radiance_talent tln_intense_flames tln_interdiction tln_interrupting_blows_talent tln_lesser_invulnerability_spell_heuristics tln_lesser_wounds tln_lightning_strikes tln_lore_keeper tln_marksman tln_mental_fortress tln_merciless_companion tln_mob_justice_talent tln_mortification_of_the_soul_talent tln_one_handed_fighting_talent tln_painful_interdiction tln_penetrating_blast tln_penetrating_shot_talent tln_potent_potions_talent tln_powerful_sprint tln_powerful_traps_talent tln_prey_on_the_weak_talent tln_primal_bane_talent tln_psychic_backlash tln_quick_switch_talent tln_rapid_recovery tln_remember_rakhan_field tln_resilient_companion tln_rymrgands_boon_talent tln_sanctifier_talent tln_savage_attack tln_scale-breaker_talent tln_scion_of_flame_talent tln_second_skin_talent tln_secrets_of_rime_talent tln_shadowing_beyond tln_shielding_flames tln_shielding_touch_talent tln_shot_on_the_run tln_skaens_boon_talent tln_snakes_reflexes tln_song_of_the_heavens_talent tln_spirit_of_decay_talent tln_stalwart_defiance tln_stealthy_scout tln_strange_mercy tln_strengthened_bond tln_superior_deflection_talent tln_swift_and_steady tln_the_merciless_hand_talent tln_the_pallid_hand_talent tln_the_sword_and_the_shepherd tln_thorny_roots tln_two_handed_weapon_talent tln_two_weapon_fighting tln_unstoppable tln_untroubled_faith_paladin tln_untroubled_faith_priest tln_vicious_companion tln_vicious_fighting tln_vulnerable_attack_talent tln_waels_boon_talent tln_wary_defender tln_weapon_and_shield tln_weapon_focus_adventurer tln_weapon_focus_knight tln_weapon_focus_noble tln_weapon_focus_peasant tln_weapon_focus_ruffian tln_weapon_focus_soldier tln_weapon_mastery_adventurer tln_weapon_mastery_knight tln_weapon_mastery_noble tln_weapon_mastery_peasant tln_weapon_mastery_ruffian tln_weapon_mastery_soldier tln_wilder_hunter_talent tln_wildstrike tln_wildstrike_burn tln_wildstrike_burn tln_wildstrike_corrode tln_wildstrike_freeze tln_wildstrike_shock tln_wild_running_talent tln_wound_binding_talent 00_engwythan_key 00_skull_key accomplished_athlete 1 accomplished_athlete 2 accomplished_athlete 3 accomplished_athlete 4 accurate1 accurate2 accurate3 accurate_armor_1 accurate_armor_2 accurate_traps_ability adeptevasion adragan_armor adragan_claws adragan_conjure_blight adragan_moonwell adragan_natures_balm adragan_ranged_dominate adragan_ranged_petrify adragan_returning_storm adragan_talons_reach adragan_touch_of_rot adragan_wicked_briars adragan_woodskin adraswen aefyllath alothabilityprogressiontable amplified_thrust amplified_thrust_attack amplified_wave amplified_wave_aoe ancientmemory animalcompanionabilityprogressiontable animal_companion_antelope_defenses animal_companion_armor animal_companion_armor_bear_npc animal_companion_armor_npc animal_companion_boar_damage_bonus animal_companion_boar_might_bonus animal_companion_bonus_dt animal_companion_dt_modifier_l10 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l11 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l12 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l3 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l4 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l5 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l6 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l7 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l8 animal_companion_dt_modifier_l9 animal_companion_fangs animal_companion_fangs_npc animal_companion_fangs_wolf animal_companion_lion_frightening_roar animal_companion_stag_carnage animat_adra_breath animat_adra_carnage animat_crackling_bolt animat_knockdown animat_knockdown_summon animat_stamina_heal animat_stamina_heal_summon annihilation antelope_horns antelope_horns_elder antelope_horns_young antelope_horn_slash antipathic_field arcane_assault arcane_dampener arcane_reflection arcane_veil arduous_delay_of_motion arkemyrswondroustorment arkemyrswondroustormentextra arkemyrs_capricious_hex arkemyrs_dazzling_lights armoredgrace armor_of_faith arrowsense athletic at_the_sight at_the_sound_of_his_voice autumns_decay backer_hiros_mantle backstab_ability barbarianabilityprogressiontable barbaricshout barbaricyell barbaric_blow barbs_of_condemnation barring_deaths_door bashattack1 bashattack2 bashattack3 bashing1 bashing2 bashing3 battleforged beamoffire bears_fortitude bear_ac_armor bear_animal_companion_armor bear_hardiness bear_hardiness_young bear_oernos_armor bear_paws bear_paws_elder bear_paws_oernos bear_paws_young beast_slayer_ability beetle_adra_armor beetle_adra_fangs beetle_shell beetle_stone_armor beetle_stone_fangs beetle_wood_armor beetle_wood_fangs beetle_wood_tiny_armor beetle_wood_tiny_fangs beraths_boon bestiaryreferences bewildering_spectacle bindingroots binding_web black_path black_path_aoe blast blast_of_frost blessed_was_wengridh blessing blinded blindingstrike blizzard blizzard_maelstrom_aoe blooded blooded_hunter bloodlust bloody_slaughter_ability boar_ac_damage_bonus boar_damage_bonus boar_tusks boar_tusks_elder boar_tusks_young body_attunement body_control boiling_spray bonded_grief bonusmeleedamagefromwounds bonus_1st_level_spell_ability bonus_2nd_level_spell_ability bonus_3rd_level_spell_ability bonus_4th_level_spell_ability borrowed_instinct breakout brilliant_radiance_aoe brishalgwin_mindmarker broom brothel_boon_aldwyn brothel_boon_big_durmsey brothel_boon_gjefa brothel_boon_iqali brothel_boon_lyrinia brothel_boon_orico brothel_boon_serel bruteforce bulls_will bulwark_against_the_elements burndtbonus burninglash burnproofed burst_of_summer_flame but_reny_darets_ghost but_reny_darets_ghost_summon calling_the_worlds_maw call_to_slumber camping_supplies carnage cautious_attack cean_gwla_armor cean_gwla_aura cean_gwla_claws cean_gwla_crush_aoe cean_gwla_teleport chain_lightning champions_boon chanterabilityprogressiontable chantertrait chant_chanter_boss chant_druidic chant_dwarven chant_dyrwood chant_frost chant_glanfathan chant_grim chant_l3_ranga chant_light chant_lumdala chant_lvl0_eothasian_chanter chant_lvl2_embassy_lk chant_lvl2_gramrfel chant_lvl2_leaden_key_chanter_01 chant_lvl2_padebald_chanter chant_lvl3_skaen_chanter chant_lvl6_lk_chanter chant_lvl7_ethik_nol chant_magran chant_misc chant_mystic chant_rauatai chant_sea chant_water chant_whitethatwends charmed charm_beast chill_fog cipherabilityprogressiontable circle_of_protection citzals_martial_power citzals_spirit_lance citzals_spirit_lance_aoe clarityofagony cleansing_flame cleansing_wind cleansing_wind_push clearout close_shooter combusting_wounds common_audio common_vfx companion_aloth companion_barbarian companion_bb_fighter companion_bb_priest companion_bb_rogue companion_bb_wizard companion_cadegund companion_calisca companion_eder companion_forton companion_generic companion_ggp companion_gm companion_heodan companion_hiravias companion_kana companion_pallegina companion_sagani companion_sneak_attack concelhauts_corrosive_siphon concelhauts_draining_touch concelhauts_parasitic_staff confidentaim confused confusion conjure_blight conjure_greater_blight conjure_lesser_blight consecrated_ground constantrecovery constantrecoverybonus construct_bronze_armor construct_bronze_fists construct_bronze_jolting_touch construct_flesh_armor construct_flesh_fists coordinatedattacks coordinatedpositioning coordinating corrodedtbonus corrodeproofed corrosivelash crackling_bolt cre_animat_summon cre_antelope_animal_companion cre_arcticfox_animal_companion cre_bear_animal_companion cre_beetle_adra_summon cre_beetle_wood_summon cre_blight_earth cre_blight_earth_small cre_blight_flame cre_blight_flame_small cre_blight_rain cre_blight_rain_small cre_blight_wind cre_blight_wind_small cre_boar_animal_companion cre_cat_calico_pet cre_cat_cutest_pet cre_cat_orange_pet cre_delemgan_summon cre_dog_beagle_pet cre_dog_beagle_summon cre_dog_blacklab_pet cre_dog_jackrussell_pet cre_dog_pet cre_dog_yellowlab_pet cre_drake_summon cre_druid_bear01 cre_druid_boar01 cre_druid_cat01 cre_druid_cat02 cre_druid_cat03 cre_druid_stag01 cre_druid_wolf01 cre_earth_blight_greater_summon cre_earth_blight_small_summon cre_earth_blight_summon cre_essential_phantom_summon cre_flame_blight_greater_summon cre_flame_blight_small_summon cre_flame_blight_summon cre_lion_animal_companion cre_ogre_summon cre_ooze_black_lesser cre_ooze_black_lesser_summon cre_phantom_summon cre_rain_blight_greater_summon cre_rain_blight_small_summon cre_rain_blight_summon cre_ranger_antelope cre_ranger_bear cre_ranger_boar cre_ranger_eagar cre_ranger_lion cre_ranger_stag cre_ranger_wolf cre_shade_summon cre_shade_summon_figurine cre_shadow cre_shadow_summon cre_skeleton_chanter_summon cre_skeleton_hum cre_spiderling_widowmaker_summon cre_spider_widowmaker_summon cre_stag_animal_companion cre_will_o_wisp_summon cre_wind_blight_greater_summon cre_wind_blight_small_summon cre_wind_blight_summon cre_wolf_animal_companion cre_wurm_obsidian_pet cre_wurm_summon cre_wurm_white_pet cripplingguard cripplingstrike criticaldefense criticalfatigue crowns_for_the_faithful crucibleofsuffering crucible_of_the_soul crushinglash crushproofed crystal-eater_ninagauths_freezing_pillar cup01 cup02 curse_of_blackened_sight cut_do_not_use_minor_cloak_of_detection damaging1 damaging2 damaging3 dancing_bolts dancing_bolts_maelstrom_aoe dangerous_implement dank_spore_disease_aoe dargul_armor dargul_claws dargul_paralyzing_melee dargul_weakening_melee dazed deadmanstands deathblows deathofathousandcuts deathsusher death_guard_finger_of_death death_guard_fireball death_guard_frightening_aura death_ring debug_do_not_use_beast_claws debug_do_not_use_beast_small_claws debug_do_not_use_wand debug_knockdown_spell debug_preventdeath debug_stun_spell decreasecrits deepwounds defaultdropitem defaultplayervoicesetlist default_controller defender defensivebond defensiveshooting defiance defiant defiantresolve deflector deflector2 delemgan_armor delemgan_claws delemgan_conjure_lesser_blight delemgan_natures_balm delemgan_ranged_charm delemgan_ranged_stuck delemgan_stags_horn delemgan_sunbeam delemgan_talons_reach delemgan_tanglefoot delemgan_woodskin deleterious_alacrity_of_motion deprecated_embrace_the_earth-talon deprivetheunworthy despondent_blows detonate detonate_aoe detonate_attack devotions_for_the_faithful dimensional_shift dire_blessing dirtyfighting disciplinedbarrage disease_pudding_armor disease_pudding_claws disengagementdefensebonus disintegration disorienting distantadvantage distraction divine_mark divine_terror dog_fangs dominated dominate_spore_swamp dominate_vithrack dominion_of_the_sleepers dominion_of_the_sleepers_affliction dragon_adra_armor dragon_adra_breath dragon_adra_claws dragon_adra_head_swipe dragon_adra_tail_attack dragon_adra_wing_slam dragon_breath_keyword_resist dragon_fear_aura dragon_sky_armor dragon_sky_breath dragon_sky_breath_easy dragon_sky_claws dragon_sky_tail_attack draining drake_armor drake_claws drake_claws_searing drake_claws_summon drake_claws_young drake_fear_aura drake_knockdown drake_knockdown_summon drake_rangedaoe drake_rangedaoe_searing drake_rangedaoe_shadow drake_rangedaoe_summon drake_searing_armor drake_shadow_claws drake_young_ranged drivingflight druidabilityprogressiontable druid_bear_claws druid_bear_terrifying_roar druid_boar_regeneration druid_boar_tusks druid_cat_claws druid_cat_flurry druid_spiritshift_armor druid_spiritshift_bear_armor druid_stag_carnage druid_stag_claws druid_stag_defenses druid_wolf_claws druid_wolf_knockdown dualityofmortalpresencea dualityofmortalpresenceb dull_the_edge dungeon_delver duranceabilityprogressiontable dyingboar eagar_summon earth_blight_armor earth_blight_claws earth_blight_greater_armor earth_blight_greater_claws earth_blight_small_armor earth_blight_small_claws earth_blight_teleport easier ectopsychic_echo ederabilityprogressiontable effigys_resentment_aloth effigys_resentment_eder effigys_resentment_eder effigys_resentment_eder effigys_resentment_eder effigys_resentment_ggp effigys_resentment_gm effigys_resentment_hiravias effigys_resentment_kana effigys_resentment_pallegina effigys_resentment_sagani eldritch_aim elementalendurance elusivequarry embrace_the_earth-talon embrace_the_earth_talon empty_chant empty_grimoire_01 enervatingblows envenomed_strike envenomed_strike_poison escape escape_npc essential_phantom exceptional_armor exceptional_shield exceptional_weapon explosivity expose_vulnerabilities eyestrike eyestrike_aoe faithandconviction faithful_companion fampyr_claws fampyr_cloth_armor fampyr_combusting_wounds fampyr_ranged_charm fan_of_flames fast_runner fearsomestrike fenwalkers fetid_caress fetid_caressaoe field_triage field_triage_talent fighterabilityprogressiontable fightingspirit figurine_ashwood_cameo figurine_bronze_horn figurine_ebony_spider figurine_iridescent_scarab figurine_ivory_wurm figurine_oaken_scarab figurine_obsidian_lamp fine_armor fine_shield fine_weapon finishingblow finishingblowbonus fireball fireballnecklace fireballnecklaceability firebrand firebug flagellantspath flail 04 [large filesize - probably not meant to be used] flail test [large filesize - probably not meant to be used] flail test2 [large filesize - probably not meant to be used] flameshield flameshieldattack flamesofdevotion flame_blight_armor flame_blight_claws flame_blight_explosive_death flame_blight_greater_armor flame_blight_greater_claws flame_blight_small_armor flame_blight_small_claws flame_blight_small_explosive_death flanked fleet_feet focustrait forceofanguish fortitudebonus fortitudebonus2 fox_and_the_hunter_mod fox_and_the_hunter_mod_ability fox_and_the_hunter_summon fractured_volition freedom freezedamageregen freezedtbonus freezeproofed freezinglash frenzy frightened fx_the_thunder_rolled galawains_boon gammacamera garden_of_life garden_of_life_enemy_aoe garden_of_life_friend_aoe gaze_of_the_adragan gerniscs_beast_lit_the_night gerniscs_beast_lit_the_night_summon gernisc_slew_the_beast gernisc_slew_the_beast_summon ghost_blades ghost_hunter_ability ghul_claws gift_from_the_machine gi_chisel gi_flint gi_grappling_hook gi_magnifying_glass gi_mirror gi_prybar gi_rope gi_wooden_pole glanfathan_adraswen global gmabilityprogressiontable graceful_retreat_ability greater_focus_ability grimoireslam guarding gul_armor gul_blood_breath gunner hail_storm hail_storm_druid haleandhardy halt harass harbinger harbinger_aoe hasteningexhortation healingbonus healing_strike heartoffury heart_of_the_storm_ability hel-hyraf_crashed herald herald_armor herald_armor_of_faith herald_devotions_for_the_faithful herald_divine_terror herald_explosive_death herald_judge_knockdown herald_judge_knockdown_easy herald_judge_weapon herald_punisher_bleed herald_punisher_bleed_easy herald_punisher_weapon herald_shining_beacon hiraviasabilityprogressiontable hobbled hold_beasts hold_the_line holyradiance holyradianceaoe holy_meditation holy_power hope_eternal_ability hope_eternal_ability_weapon_specialization huntersinstincts hyleas_boon iconic_projection if_their_bones_sleep_still if_their_bones_sleep_still_summon immuneboost imp_armor imp_claws imp_explosive_death incomprehensible_revelation_ability_weapon_specialization increasechanteraoe increasedconstantrecovery infectious_spores_dank_spore infectious_spores_dank_spore_giant infestation_of_maggots infestation_of_maggots_druid infuse_with_vital_essence ingameglobal injury_bruised_ribs injury_concussion injury_sprained_wrist injury_swollen_eye injury_twisted_ankle injury_wrenched_knee injury_wrenched_shoulder insect_swarm inspired_flame_ability_weapon_specialization inspiringtriumph inspiringtriumphaoe instill_doubt interdiction interfering interrupting_blows_ability intothefray ironskin jolting_touch kalakoths_minor_blights kalakoths_sunless_grasp kanaabilityprogressiontable kana_starter_chant keyalt keygeneric key_aefre key_archives key_azo key_backup_01 key_backup_05 key_brothel_key key_coren key_crypt_master key_desthwn_maw key_doran key_dungeon key_eothas_bell_door key_eothas_sanctum_door key_glaswal_study key_helig key_heritage_hill_gate key_lighthouse key_lighthouse_tower key_lumdala key_maerwald key_marceno key_moedred key_nedmar_master key_noonfrost_alwah key_noonfrost_quarters key_odda_keepsakes key_on_14_stairs key_on_2_stairs key_on_3_stairs key_on_5_stairs key_on_gabrannos key_osric_medal key_osrya_cells key_shadow key_simoc_dwelling key_tanner key_temple_chest key_valtas_manor key_wyla_posessions key_wymund knockdown knockdown_forest_lurker knockdown_sporeling knockdown_stelgaer knockdown_wolf layonhands layonhands2 lesserflameshieldattack lesser_arkemyrs_dazzling_lights_ability lesser_concelhauts_corrosive_siphon_ability lesser_sneak_attack_ability lesser_summer_flame_ability liberatingexhortation lightning lioness_sul_armor lion_fangs lion_fangs_elder lion_fangs_young lion_frightening_roar llengraths_displaced_image llengraths_safeguard llengraths_safeguard_aoe lockpick longstride longstride_aumaua_do_not_use lo_their_endless_host lurker_forest_armor lurker_forest_armor_boss lurker_forest_claws lurker_swamp_armor lurker_swamp_claws maimed mainmenuwindowlist majorfatigue malignant_cloud mantle_of_the_dying_boar mantle_of_wreathing_flame markedprey markedpreytrait marking marksman masterscall mcm_aoe mechanic meleedamagebonus meleedamagebonus5 menpwgra_armor menpwgra_claws menpwgra_conjure_blight menpwgra_infestation_of_maggots menpwgra_plague_of_insects menpwgra_spreading_plague menpwgra_stags_horn menpwgra_touch_of_rot menpwgra_vile_thorns menpwgra_wicked_briars mental_binding mental_binding_aoe mental_fortress merciless_gaze mercykill miasma_of_dull_mindedness mind_blades mind_lance mind_lance_aoe mind_plague mind_wave mind_wave_aoe minolettasconcussivemissiles minolettas_bounding_missiles minolettas_minor_missiles minolettas_precisely_piercing_burst minorarcanereflection minorfatigue minorgrimoireimprint minorthreat minor_cloak_of_detection minor_gauntlets_of_accuracy minor_intercession mirrored_images misc_adra_animat_gem misc_aldhelm_page_01 misc_aldhelm_page_02 misc_aldhelm_page_03 misc_aldhelm_page_04 misc_cr_soul_stone misc_dank_spore_tentacle misc_dead_explorers_journal misc_drake_fire_gland misc_eothas_dorm_baths_hint misc_eothas_initiate_bell_hint misc_eothas_initiate_letter misc_eothas_rector_letter misc_eothas_verse misc_evac_notice misc_hag_twig_doll misc_item_adventurer_journal misc_journal_iron_brand misc_lighthouse_log misc_mug_ale misc_nedmar_note misc_nonton_note misc_note_cultist_reminder misc_note_dead_traveller_gvw misc_note_dead_traveller_vwd misc_note_faramund misc_note_leaden_key misc_note_nyrid misc_note_thug misc_orders misc_part_elder_antelope_horn misc_part_elder_bear_claw misc_part_elder_boar_tusk misc_part_elder_lion_fang misc_part_elder_stag_horn misc_part_elder_stelgaer_fang misc_part_elder_wolf_fang misc_part_hide_antelope misc_part_hide_bear misc_part_hide_boar misc_part_hide_lion misc_part_hide_stag misc_part_hide_stelgaer misc_part_hide_wolf misc_raedric_letter misc_relief_gem misc_shattered_animat_armor misc_skuldr_meat misc_spider_queen_venom misc_tattered_journal misc_trindig_letter misc_troll_head misc_vailian_letter misc_vailian_note_blackmeadow misc_vailian_note_gildedvale misc_vailian_note_valewood misc_verzano_pocket_watch misc_wymund_journal mob mod_gauns_pledge mod_gauns_pledge_ability monkabilityprogressiontable monk_fists moonwell mortification_of_the_soul movementbonus my_son_do_you_see my_son_do_you_see_summon naturalhardiness natures_balm natures_mark natures_terror natures_touch natures_vigor necklace_of_fireballs necrotic_lance new_dual_wield_attack_speed_bonus new_shield_mastery new_two_weapon_fighting new_weapon_and_shield ninagauths_bitter_mooring ninagauths_freezing_pillar not_felled noxious_burst npc_necromancer npc_unarmed od_nua_claws ofconcentration10 ofconcentration5neg ofconstitution1 ofconstitution2 ofconstitution3 ofcriticalhitmultbonus ofdeflection10 ofdeflection15 ofdeflection5 ofdexterity1 ofdexterity2 ofdexterity3 offortitude10 offortitude15 offortitude5 ofintellect1 ofintellect1neg ofintellect2 ofintellect3 ofmight1 ofmight2 ofmight3 ofperception1 ofperception2 ofperception3 ofreflexes10 ofreflexes15 ofreflexes5 ofresolve1 ofresolve2 ofresolve3 ofwill10 ofwill15 ofwill3neg ofwill5 ofwill5neg ogre_aoe ogre_armor oh_but_knock_not oh_but_knock_not_summon onestandsalone one_dozen_stood one_handed_fighting_ability ooze_affliction_resistance ooze_black_armor ooze_claws ooze_greater_black_armor ooze_greater_spit ooze_greater_spit ooze_lesser_black_armor ooze_lesser_claws ooze_lesser_claws_halfdam ooze_ranged_spit ooze_split orlans_bramble_ring overbearing overseeing overwhelming_wave painful_interdiction_attack pain_block pain_link paladinabilityprogressiontable palleginaabilityprogressiontable paper_doll paper_doll_camera paralyzed parchment01 penetrating_shot_ability petrified pet_astralpig pet_black_cat pet_black_hound pet_mallard_drake pet_piglet pet_tiny_animat pet_tiny_beetle pet_tiny_spider pet_tiny_sporeling phantom_armor phantom_claws phantom_foes phantom_sneakattack piercedtbonus pierceproofed piercingattack piercinglash pillar_of_faith pillar_of_faith_aoe pillar_of_holy_fire pipe pl02_animat pl02_animat_adra plague_of_insects plague_of_insects_ability player_backer_beta player_debug player_new_game potent_potions_ability powerful_traps_ability prayer_against_bewilderment prayer_against_fear prayer_against_imprisonment prayer_against_infirmity prayer_against_restraint prayer_against_treachery predatorssense predatory preservation prey_on_the_weak_ability_weapon_specialization priestabilityprogressiontable primal_bane_ability prone pronereduction psychicbacklash psychic_blast_daze_vithrack psychic_blast_stun_vithrack_exarch psychovampiric_shield puca_armor puca_claws puca_explosive_death puca_freeze_attack puppet_master purge_of_toxins pwgra_armor pwgra_autumns_decay pwgra_claws pwgra_conjure_lesser_blight pwgra_infestation_of_maggots pwgra_stags_horn pwgra_tanglefoot pwgra_touch_of_rot pwgra_vile_thorns qi_aelys_body qi_korgrak_head quest_hearthsong_bird quest_library_sigil quest_nest_bird quest_oldsong_bird quest_scroll_wael quest_tarnishedlocket quest_wilderness_bird quick_switch_ability racialabilityprogressiontable ragebonus rain_blight_armor rain_blight_claws rain_blight_greater_armor rain_blight_greater_claws rain_blight_small_armor rain_blight_small_claws rain_blight_split rangeddeflectionbonus rangerabilityprogressiontable raymont_safe_key ray_of_fire recall_agony recipeabilityprogressiontable recklessassault recklessstride redirect reflection reflexbonus reflexbonus2 regenerate_boar regenerate_troll regenerate_troll_boss regeneration reinforcingexhortation relentless relentless_storm reliable rending reny_darets_ghost_spake repulsing_seal repulsing_seal repulsing_seal_trap repulsing_seal_trap repulsing_seal_trap repulsing_seal_trap_spell repulsing_seal_trap_spell resilient_companion restore_critical_stamina restore_light_stamina restore_major_stamina restore_minor_stamina restore_moderate_stamina retaliation returning_storm revenant_armor revenant_claws revenant_knockdown revive_the_fallen revivingexhortation righteoussoul rime_and_frost rime_and_frost_trap rime_and_frost_trap_ability ringleader ringleader_aoe riposte rise_again_rise_again rite_of_ancient_legends_l2 rite_of_hidden_wonders_l2 rite_of_the_untamed_wild_l2 rite_of_walking_shadows_l2 rite_of_youthful_spirits_l2 rogueabilityprogressiontable rolling_flame rollwithit rootingpain rotward_amulet rot_skulls rot_skulls_aoe ruthlessopportunist rymrgands_boon rymrgands_mantle ryngrims_enervating_terror ryngrims_repulsive_visage safeguarding saganiabilityprogressiontable salvation_of_time sample_chant_1 sample_chant_2 sanctifier_ability savagedefiance savage_attack scale-breaker scale-breaker_talent 1 scale-breaker_talent 2 scale-breaker_talent 3 scale-breaker_talent 4 scale-breaker_talent 5 scale-breaker_talent 6 scale-breaker_talent 7 scion_of_flame_ability scrivener_tome sealoffaith searing_seal searing_seal_trap searing_seal_trap_spell secondchance secondchance_ability second_skin secrets_of_rime_ability secret_horrors seven_men seven_nights_she_waited shaders shade_armor shade_claws shade_freeze_attack shade_freeze_attack_summon_only shade_summon_shadow shadowing_beyond shadow_armor shadow_claws shadow_might_drain shadow_rod shadow_teleport shatter_their_shackles shieldingstance shielding_flames_aoe shields_for_the_faithful shield_mastery shield_xaurip shield_xaurip_easy shimmering_cloak shining_beacon shockdtbonus shockingbrutality shockinglash shocking_blast_adra_beetle shocking_blast_adra_beetle_summon shockproofed shot_on_the_run shroud_of_mourning sickened sigil_of_the_arcane silent_scream silent_scream_aoe silvertide skaens_boon skeletal_wizard_curse_of_blackened_sight skeletal_wizard_grimoire skeletal_wizard_minolettas_bounding_missiles skeletal_wizard_necrotic_lance skeletal_wizard_ryngrims_repulsive_visage skeletal_wizard_thrust_of_tattered_veils skeleton_breastplate_armor skeleton_hide_armor skeleton_leather_armor skeleton_scale_armor skuldr_claws skuldr_dread_beast_claws skuldr_king_armor skuldr_king_claws skuldr_king_knockdown skuldr_poison skuldr_whelp_claws skuldr_whelp_claws_halfdam skuldr_whelp_stun_scream_aoe sky_dragon_knockdown sky_dragon_leap slashdtbonus slashinglash slashproofed slaying_beast slaying_hominid slaying_primordial slaying_spirit slaying_vessel slaying_wilder slicken snakes_reflexes sneakattack sneakbonus song_of_the_heavens soulmemorycamera soulmirror soulwhip soulwhipbonus soul_ignition soul_shock soul_shock_aoe spark_the_souls_of_the_righteous spark_the_souls_of_the_righteous_aoe speaker_to_the_restless spectre_accuracy_drain spectre_armor spectre_claws spectre_explosive_death spectre_rangedfreeze spectre_regenerate speed speed10 speed30 spelldamagemult spelldefensebonus spellstriking_concelhauts_draining_touch spellstriking_divine_mark spellstriking_divine_mark_ability spellstriking_halt spellstriking_halt_ability spellstriking_jolting_touch spellstriking_jolting_touch_ability spellstriking_kalakoths_sunless_grasp spellstriking_kalakoths_sunless_grasp_ability spellstriking_pillar_of_faith spellstriking_pillar_of_faith_ability spellstriking_ray_of_fire spellstriking_ray_of_fire_ability spellstriking_spell_missile spellstriking_spell_missile_ability spellstriking_spreading_plague spellstriking_spreading_plague_ability spellstriking_taste_of_the_hunt spellstriking_taste_of_the_hunt_ability spellstriking_touch_of_rot spellstriking_touch_of_rot_ability spellward_amulet spell_holding_blessing spell_holding_blessing_ability spell_holding_circle_of_protection spell_holding_circle_of_protection_ability spell_holding_consecrated_ground spell_holding_consecrated_ground_ability spell_holding_infuse_with_vital_essence spell_holding_infuse_with_vital_essence_ability spell_holding_llengraths_displaced_image spell_holding_llengraths_displaced_image_ability spell_holding_merciless_gaze spell_holding_merciless_gaze_ability spell_holding_natures_balm spell_holding_natures_balm_ability spell_holding_restore_minor_stamina spell_holding_restore_minor_stamina_ability spell_holding_spirit_shield spell_holding_spirit_shield_ability spell_holding_woodskin spell_holding_woodskin_ability spiderfingers spiderling_binding_web spiderling_crystal-eater_armor spiderling_crystal-eater_fangs spiderling_ivory_spinner_armor spiderling_ivory_spinner_fangs spiderling_spear_armor spiderling_spear_fangs spiderling_spear_fangs_halfdam spiderling_widowmaker_armor spiderling_widowmaker_fangs spiderling_widowmaker_poison spider_binding_web spider_crystal-eater_armor spider_crystal-eater_fangs spider_ivory_spinner_armor spider_ivory_spinner_fangs spider_queen_armor spider_queen_binding_web spider_rangedattack spider_spear_armor spider_spear_fangs spider_spear_fangs_halfdam spider_spear_stab spider_web_immunity spider_widowmaker_armor spider_widowmaker_fangs spider_widowmaker_poison spiritshift_bear spiritshift_boar spiritshift_cat spiritshift_hiravias spiritshift_keeper spiritshift_stag spiritshift_wolf spirit_of_decay_ability spirit_shield sporeling_claws spore_dank_armor spore_dank_giant_armor spore_dank_giant_spit spore_dank_spit spore_swamp_armor spore_swamp_spit spreading_plague stags_horn stag_carnage stag_horns stag_horns_elder stag_horns_young stalkerslink stalkerslinkbonus stalkers_torc staminabonus standard_animal_armor stealthy stealth_aura stelgaer_fangs stelgaer_fangs_elder stelgaer_fangs_sul stelgaer_rake stelgaer_spotted_fangs stelgaer_spotted_fangs_elder steps_to_the_wheel stickofawesome stone_beetle_teleport strange_mercy strange_mercy_aoe stronghold_boon_artificershall stronghold_boon_chapel stronghold_boon_craftshop stronghold_boon_forum stronghold_boon_hedgemaze stronghold_boon_library stronghold_boon_no_bonus stronghold_boon_towers stronghold_boon_traininggrounds stronghold_boon_wardenslodge stronghold_boon_woodlandtrails stuck stunned stunning stunningblow stunningshots sturdy summoncompanion summoncompanionantelope summoncompanionarcticfox summoncompanionbear summoncompanionboar summoncompanionlion summoncompanionstag summoncompanionwolf summonrangerantelope summonrangerbear summonrangerboar summonrangerlion summonrangerstag summonrangerwolf sunbeam sunlance superb_armor superb_shield superb_weapon superior_deflection suppress_affliction sure-handed_ila survivor swamp_slime_armor swamp_slime_claws swiftaim swiftstrikes swornenemy swornenemytrait tactical_meld takedown talentsabilityprogressiontable talisman_of_the_unconquerable talons_reach tanglefoot taste_of_the_hunt ta_armed_to_the_teeth ta_arms_bearer ta_deep_pockets ta_strengthened_bond tenuous_grasp terrible_weapon terrified thaossouljumpability thaos_armor thaos_cleansing_flame thaos_confusion thaos_dominate thaos_minor_intercession thaos_pillar_of_holy_fire thaos_shields_for_the_faithful thaos_shields_for_the_faithful_self the_brideman_slew_thirty the_bride_caught_their_ruse the_dragon_thrashed the_fox the_lover_cried_out the_merciless_hand the_pallid_hand_ability_weapon_specialization the_silver_knights_shields the_sword_and_the_shepherd_aoe the_thunder_rolled thickskinned thick_grew_their_tongues threateningpresence thrice_was_she_wronged thrust_of_tattered_veils tier1backer tier1preorder torch01 torchflame torc_backer_dream_dancers_sidestep torc_of_defiance torc_of_the_falcons_eyes tormentsreach tormentsreach_aoe torrent_of_flame touch_of_rot toweringphysique transcendentsuffering 1 transcendentsuffering 2 transcendentsuffering 3 transcendentsuffering 4 trap_generic trap_l1_dart trap_l1_dart_player trap_l1_fan_of_flames trap_l1_fan_of_flames_player trap_l2_arrow trap_l2_arrow_player trap_l2_hail_of_darts trap_l2_hail_of_darts_player trap_l3_fireball trap_l3_fireball_player trap_l3_poison_dart trap_l3_poison_dart_player trap_l3_tanglefoot trap_l3_tanglefoot_player trap_l4_bounding_missiles trap_l4_bounding_missiles_player trap_l4_noxious_burst trap_l4_noxious_burst_player trap_l5_boiling_spray trap_l5_boiling_spray_player trap_l5_malignant_cloud trap_l5_malignant_cloud_player trap_l6_concussive_missiles trap_l6_concussive_missiles_player trap_l6_freezing_pillar trap_l6_freezing_pillar_player trap_l6_gaze_of_adragan trap_l6_gaze_of_adragan_player trap_l7_chain_lightning trap_l7_chain_lightning_player trap_l7_pillar_of_holy_fire trap_l7_pillar_of_holy_fire_player trap_l8_poisonous_cloud trap_l8_poisonous_cloud_player trap_l8_sunlance trap_l8_sunlance_player triumph_of_the_crusaders troll_armor troll_armor_boss troll_claws troll_forest_armor troll_forest_claws trsp_arrow trsp_arrow_player trsp_dart trsp_dart_player trsp_death_ring trsp_death_ring_player trsp_hail_of_darts trsp_hail_of_darts_player trsp_poison_dart trsp_poison_dart_player turningwheel twin_stones twin_stones_aoe two_handed_weapon_ability two_handed_weapon_talent two_weapon_fighting unbending unbroken unconquerable unstoppable valiant vampiric vengefuldefeat venombloom vicious viciousaim1 viciousblows viciouscompanion vigilance vigorousdefense vile_discharge_disease_pudding vile_thorns vithrack_armor vithrack_armor_boss vithrack_fangs voice_of_the_mountaintop vulnerable_attack_ability waels_boon wall_of_flame wall_of_flame_trap wall_of_flame_trap wall_of_flame_trap_spell wall_of_force wall_of_force_trap wall_of_force_trap_spell wall_of_thorns wall_of_thorns_trap wall_of_thorns_trap_spell warding_seal warding_sealx warding_seal_trap warding_seal_trap warding_seal_trap_spell watcherfatiguecamera watchful_presence weakened weaponfocusadventurer weaponfocusknight weaponfocusnoble weaponfocuspeasant weaponfocusruffian weaponfocussoldier weaponmasteryadventurer weaponmasteryknight weaponmasterynoble weaponmasterypeasant weaponmasteryruffian weaponmasterysoldier weaponspecializationadventurer weaponspecializationknight weaponspecializationnoble weaponspecializationpeasant weaponspecializationruffian weaponspecializationsoldier weaponspecprereq web wellspringoflife whisper_of_treason white_worms white_worms_aoe wicht_claws wicht_frenzy wicked_briars wilder_hunter_ability wildsprint wildstrikebonus wildstrikeburn wildstrikecorrode wildstrikecrush wildstrikefreeze wildstrikepierce wildstrikeprereq wildstrikeshock 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  4. As you can read from Hirbel's Protective Skin below that it is Pierce-proofed but the pierce reduction isn't applied in the defence section on the bottom left. Here is another item with wrong text description and subtext out of alignment.
  5. [, linux, GoG] Problem: Even when proofing enchantment of armors works differently compare to proofing and other DR bonuses from items, the stacking rule sees those as in the same category. This is probably a feature. However, when suppression mechanism is applied, the decision which of the buffs is higher isn't done properly. At least in several instances this may lead to wrong suppression. Concrete examples and steps to preproduce: Used Items: -- Freeze-proofed Fine Scale Armor (Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze)) -- Cloak item Shroud of Mourning (Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze)) 1. First Armor then Cloak: a) On character without any item giving DR bonus equipped, first equip the freeze-proofed Fine Scale armor. b) Then equip the cloak. c) On character sheet there is the cloack DR bonus suppressed, and indeed when attacked the Armor bonus is applied: 15.0 Freeze DR. See picture below 2. First Cloak then armor: a) On character without any item giving DR bonus equipped, first equip the freeze-proofed Cloak. b) Then equip the Armor. c) On character sheet there is the armor's proofing DR bonus suppressed this time. And indeed when attacked only Fine Armor + Cloak bonuses are applied: 14.25 Freeze DR (combat log and character sheet display rounded numbers). See picture below --> Game not able to properly distinguish which of the bonuses is higher? It suppresses the last equipped of mentioned items, even when it's clearly wrong decision --> in the case above the number 2 (in the case below the wrong decision is the left one). Another example with similar behavior: Left: Eder's Fine Pierce-proofed Scale armor equipped first, afterwards Hiro's Mantle (giving 3 DR Pierce bonus). Right: First equipped Hiro's Mantle, then Eder's armor. Expected behavior: If it is truly intended that armor's proofing enchantment doesn't stack with other items' flat DR bonuses, the property giving lower bonus should be always suppressed, regardless order in which the items are equipped. Decision should be made in accordance with the real items' behaviors. Speculation: Because how it behaves in game, I think the decision on suppression may see both (armor and cape) as equal. Thus it simple suppresses the last one. Descriptions may support this decision, as both (armor and cape) contain the same line: Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze) However, in reality they work completely differently. The formulas for armors seem to work like this: Fine Scale Armor: Base DR = (7+2) = 9.0 DR: Freeze is 125 % of Base DR -> 125 % of 9.0 = 11.25 Freeze DR The difference: 1) Fine Scale Armor with Freeze-proofing adds 3DR bonus to the base DR before percentual calculation: Freeze is 125 % of (Base DR + 3.0) -> 125 % of 12.0 => 15.0 Freeze DR 2) Fine Scale Armor & Freeze DR bonus from Shroud of Mourning will add flat bonus to the armor's Freeze DR: Freeze is 125 % of (Base DR) -> 125 % of 9.0 => 11.25 from Fine Armor + 3.00 from Mantle = 14.25 Freeze DR On issue with descriptions: Armors and cloaks having the same description even when working differently -> this is confusing. Besides that, there are other items giving flat DR bonuses (the same way as mentioned cloaks), such as belts, with different description. See belt in the picture below There is: Pierce DR Bonus: +5 Damage Reduction (Pierce) Conclusion: A) Either items with "Proofed" in descriptions are intended to work as flat bonuses as other non-armor items, thus --> Their descriptions should be different to armors' proofing. For example, make them similar to the belt above? And the suppression mechanism should be corrected to work properly as mentioned above. B) Or items with "Proofed" in descriptions are intended to work the same way as proofing of armors. In that case --> The bug is in their behavior (giving wrongly flat bonus) not in the suppression mechanism. Comments: On the unofficial community bug tracker: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/14 Edit: Note that, regardless of differences among items' descriptions, in character sheet section Active Effects there is always listed "+3 Damage Reduction (Pierce)" or "+5 Damage Reduction (Pierce)", etc.
  6. I was confused about this, and I couldn't find any information about this matter. It might not be a big thing, but I wish this could be a good tip for others. So Mail Armor has DR reduction calculation orders as below Normal : BASE 9×1=9 SLASH 9×1.5=14 CRUSH 9×0.5=4.5 Exceptional : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4)×0.5=6.5 Exceptional + Crush Proofed : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4+3)×0.5=8 Consequently, 'Proofing' enchants are always applied at first, so 'crush proofing' your mail armor might not be a good choice. CRUSH-Proofing on mail armor only increases 1.5 CRUSH-DR, while SLASH-Proofing increases 4.5 SLASH-DR. If you want to defend against CRUSH damage, you'd rather use other armors, like brigandine or plate. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Armor
  7. So basically I'd like to try modding some of the textures in the game, but I'm having a hard time finding the assets. I already found weapon icons, meshes, and textures. They're located in Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle But I can't figure out where to find the files for armor textures, character basemeshes, monsters, etc. Anyone know? Post ITT if you have a modding related question, I guess, until we get a dedicated modding subforum.
  8. Hi Guys! I'm currently looking for as much clothing and robes I can find for my monk to see if I can find a style that fits for my character, I'm finding a lot of a certain type of clothing but I see a lot of NPC's wearing stuff that I want. Is there a way I can find them without evilly murdering everyone I just want to look like? lol What about those stupid immersion breaking backers with yellow nameplates, can I kill them without penalty or will that count as an evil action? Thanks!
  9. I'm on my first play through, and I'm having a hard time knowing what type of armor to match up with which character. For my main I picked a Tanky paladin (based on a guide I read) mostly because I wanted to have a lot of dialog options. But now I'm just overwhelmed with all the armor types and weapon types. I kind of get that probably for my tank characters I want heavier, then lighter toward the guys in back. What throws me off are the details. Should I choose leather or scale for my ranger? Or hide? or any of them. I'm just not sure what to use. Here's a screenshot showing my main six characters and their stats. I also have the Cipher and the Druid, and just haven't gotten the paladin yet because I already have one. These are just the story characters.
  10. I want my character to have a cape/cloak for the sake of appearance. I still want my character to be able to wear amulets, etc. I can't do this. Please consider adding an additional slot to make this possible! I get the lumping together of chest, legs, shoulders into an "armor" catergory, but lumping back and neck together seems fairly goofy. Thanks!
  11. VERY minor bug... when I shock proof armor, it only gives a plus 2 bonus instead of plus 3. compared to if I add crush proof, which does add 3 bonus. corrode proof also gives 3, so it's not just a difference between elemental/physical. like I said, minor bug.
  12. Dear Obsidian, First I would like to thank you for doing a tremendous job by creating this game. I have started playing with it, and soon I got some queries that I partly can understand. This is a CRPG, and I should comprehend (and I do) the fact that this is a game and a game should have balance and not always close to reality. However to represent a simple example, making basic armor (e.g. padded, scale, mail) prices the same (i.e 300 when i wanted to buy) is getting too 'game-ish' or moreover smartphone and tablet alike 'feature'. I know it is a nuisance, but can you set the pricing a bit more RPG-related and less 'math based balanced'? Secondly why do basic (i.e. not enhanced) helmets have no bonuses? There is no point of buying one then (unless you want to customize your character's look). At least bonus against criticals please! (OMG it may affect the holy balance!) You implemented bonuses where it was unnecessary or that made the game more android-like. (E.G. food, sleeping in special rooms - IMO these are overrated (give too much bonus), and are killing the RPG feeling). Last but not least, I loved the idea in your previous masterpiece - Arcanum - where you gave slight but useful bonuses to different clothes. That was indeed a good touch and increased the rpg effect. Why didn't you implement it here? A shiny armor or a noble wear should make you different when talking with NPC's. What a fun that would be when I should convince a rebelling peasant and I have negative starting bonuses in the conversation because of my look. That's an rpg element! And there are plenty other things to be added (culture, class, race, background, appeal, etc). It is up to you if you are planning a Baldur's Gate Lite for Android/IOS or a real Obsidian-made RPG.
  13. Hey all! So I'm a huge fan of the IE games where a clothie wearing plate is ludicrous. That's obviously not the way it works in this game and it's totally thrown me off who should be wearing what. Obviously melee tanks should have the heaviest and strongest armor regardless. What about the other classes? What type of armor should they be wearing? Priest healer? Wizard DPS? etc. Thanks guys! Pic Related....
  14. Hello, Of all bugs i have encountered, loading an older save with this one, doesn't fix the problem. So, when you "Enchant" an item (armor, shield or weapon) and then trying to sell it, all your "Enchants" are deleted and item returns to its original state. It is not much of a bug, more of a programming defect. Although, one can use this to undo his bad "Enchants" and make it proper. And in a "perfect world" i think that price value of an item, should change accordingly to its "Enchants", just to be fair . *Great game by the way
  15. Hello, I do apologize if any of this was asked before on the forums. I did a search, nothing came up with clear info I was seeking. Before I go and buy this game~ am just curious on a few things. 1. Hairstyles Since its an rpg game and one of those that looks like you can spend many hours playing. Any chance the elf females can have long hair? or is it the generic shoulder styles named "long" ? 2. Armor Have only seen a few videos, but looked like every single class was in chainmail or plate armor..there are no robes or clothing you can wear? Had hoped to make a healing focus druidess in a robe or dress.. backline support type. 3. Combat This one has me excited a bit! if what I saw was right.. in one of the videos I saw the game looked like it auto paused after all the characters did their action. so you could re que up actions and hit play.... Is this one of the options you can have the game do? cause I would just.. hug the dev team forever if thats the case. 4. Respawns Here is a huge one for me..I like to take my time in rpgs and not just feel like a drone stuck in forward mode. Will monsters in the world and dungeons (aside from bosses) respawn? if no.. well that is a huge deal breaker for me..sorry, Don't like rushing to the end and walking through blank maps. 5. Romance Is there any of this in the game? if yes.. can the female main character interact with male npcs? or is it the typical male protagonist focus. 6. Modding Will it be moddable? Easily or steep learning curve? Thanks to anyone whom can shed some light on these things ^_^ visually the game looks neat.
  16. Update by Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Greetings backers! In today's update, we've got some great new character, and area art for you to check out. Our artists have been hard at work creating beautiful new areas and lots of new armor for the game. Our next update will be the next chapter in the class series, all about chanters and priests, by Josh Sawyer. Characters Recently our character artists have been hard at work crafting as many armor types as possible. All of our armor types have a variety of quality levels: normal, fine, and exquisite. JD Cerince recently finished up the plate armor designs for the game, which you can see here. Plate Armor. James Chea worked on the scale armor for the game. Below you can see a few varieties for female player characters. Cloth pieces for our armor sets can be tinted as in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Scale Armor. AreasIt's not all dungeons and darkness in Pillars of Eternity. Sean Dunny finished up the beautiful beachy area of Anslog's Compass. Wave effects and details are courtesy of John Lewis. Named for a rocky stretch of land which theoretically resembles a sundial, this lagoon provides decent fishing for both brave Dyrwoodans and a local contingent of xaurips. More than one ship has met its end upon the nearby reef, and debris occasionally washes ashore from the wreckage. Anslog's Compass. Here you can see the Hall of Warriors done by April Giron. This large wooden structure is used as a meeting place for visiting warriors within Twin Elms. It is here that the Glanfathan hunters gather and tell stories of past deeds, discuss upcoming events and hunts, and conduct friendly contests of physical prowess (arm wrestling, tests of endurance, etc.). Sometimes, a visiting anamfath will take residence in the hall when visiting the city. Hall of Warriors. Here we have a section of a much larger dungeon by Sean Dunny. This is from Clîaban Rilag, an Engwithan ruin. Clîaban Rilag Entrance. That's it for this week. We hope you enjoyed this quick art update! Come back next week for a thorough update on chanters and priests by Josh Sawyer.
  17. So having nearly completed and explored just about everything in this game, I have yet to encounter any bugs, but some of the gameplay is so insanely frustrating and arbitrarily senseless that I have wanted to punch my laptop. BUTTON MASH QUICK TIME EVENTS These things in your game are an abomination, they don't serve to better the gameplay or increase the challenge, they make the game ANNOYING, FRUSTRATING AND NOT FUN! I nearly stopped playing when I hit the Alien Probe event, and again at Randy's Abortion, it's ridiculous Alien Probe: pretty much can't be beaten with a keyboard, unless you want to damage it. Randy's Abortion: the dilation part is again impossible to beat with a 360 controller without damaging it, and the suction part needs a better indicator. The needle part does not respond correctly to your button presses sometimes, just to screw you over. Goth Dance: obnoxious, has to be done nearly perfectly to get it to work, I've missed like, three or four presses and that caused it to fail, again, better indicators needed. Boss Fight Quicktimes: Kenny's summons are not the worst but really annoying when you have slow reaction time and aren't expecting it, theres no real warning. FINAL BOSS For the love of god make a checkpoint happen right before farting on kenny's balls or at least refill the player's mana. I deleted my save in frustration because after that whole long-winded boss fight I had no mana, used a potion and ended up overloading on it and letting cartman die, causing me to have to replay THE ENTIRE FIGHT. ugh. SAVING Saving needs to happen on-the-spot recording everything that's happened instead of just shunting you back to the last checkpoint and clearing all your progress, again, obnoxious and arbitrary and a poor way to use saves in an RPG STATUS EFFECTS Burn and Bleed might need to be toned down a bit, they're kind of insanely powerful Stun, Sleep, Gross Out and Pissed Off on the contrary are useless at the end of the game because nearly everything is immune to them. Maybe give these statuses alternate effects on immune enemies or take away some immunities, because they become pretty much worthless by the time Nazi Zombies become a thing. BUDDIES Jimmy is just awful, there's almost no reason to use him, he does no damage and only boosts your PP, which you can do with a potion, and if you have the perk you can get the Attack Up his buff would have given you for using said potion. Also the potion doesn't take up a turn. Make Jimmy;'s quest give him the Flute as a weapon that deals AoE damage to everything and inflicts a debuff, that would really help, also giving him some form of healing, give him HP/PP regen buff as his special ability instead of PP boosting, this would make him really good Stan's final ability is awful, just awful, his spin does more damage, to more enemies, please fix. Kenny is kind of bad all around. he's hilarious, but pretty boring and sort of an "everyone does his job better" character. I still feel like he should transform into Mysterion sort of like butters does. ENEMIES Enemies have a large number of issues: 1. They're dumb, and can't prioritize targets and don't really use strategy 2. They don't even use the same mechanics as the players, they can't block, counterattack, or use free items 3. They don't have a very wide range of abilities, except bosses, and the ones they do have are generally solved with a cure potion 4. Strange, sometimes arbitrary values of XP for defeating them, I've gotten 5 XP for killing 4 elves and 20 XP for killing 2 elves, both at level 4. 5. They can't change positions at all, might not be a bad feature to implement in DLC. 6. Late game most enemies are just obnoxiously hard to kill with really high armor, there's not much variance, no squishy super high damage mages or super beefy heal tanks or back rank snipers, just lots of nazi zombies. EQUIPMENT The leveled class-specific gear you get for completing portions of the main storyline is generally completely useless by the time you get it. Also some gear is just flat out broken, like the SWAT Helmet, which can allow you to pretty much win every non-boss fight without ever giving your enemies a turn, just drink a cheapo 2$ speed pot, AoE damage/debuff effect first hit either a spell or a bomb/bouncy weapon weapon Bleed/Burn on it, then go to town with the Katana (also stupid broken) one dude after another. Also the weapon system doesn't make a whole lot of sense, once you get the Katana basically every other melee weapon is a worse choice. You really need to split the balance better: Statistically superior weapons and armor with no strap-on/patch slots Weapons and armor with unique effects and 2-4 strap-on slots but really low/no overall stats Some stuff that fits somewhere in the middle of those two And WHERE ARE MAH SET BONUSES? you guys went to the trouble to include all these armor sets, but no full set bonuses? WHAS UP WIT DAT? PERKS Some perks are basically mandatory like the one that gives you Attack Up every time you use a potion, or the +20% to HP, others are totally useless and serve no purpose at all, like most of the fart perks, might want to do some tweaking. Moar Perks is never a bad idea either. MANA What the heck is up with the mana mechanic? I never seem to have ANY mana at all because it apparently doesn't come back after fights or even regen over time and I can't fill it up because I'd just crap myself, needs some work. I might suggest that instead of mana potions, all potions increase mana very slightly, and mana regens over time in the game, and you can use toilets to lower mana, and you get one turn to use your overloaded mana before crapping yourself except against Jimmy's Brown Note. OVERALL COMBAT BALANCE The basic mechanics need some work, because nerfing/buffing other aspects of combat could make things worse or better, take things as a whle and just try to make combat more interesting, make mechanics flow together better. ~~~~~ Now that I'm done, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for making such an awesome game, and I hope you can make it even better.
  18. So one thing I think would be a cool addition to the visual look of P:E would be for cloaks to be visually represented on your character figure. I know it they were'nt represented in the original IE games, but the video from InXile for their game Torment got me "pinning for the fjords." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Is2T5ue5d8 Big fan of the very public development process, and I'm sure cloaks or no, this will be one heck of a game.
  19. Reading the newest installment of Armor and Weapon Design, a plea. One thing coming to mind is a kind of a what if. Going on a hunch, PE won't include horses and mounted combat. Because then there'd be need to make mounted combat rules and stuff and lots more animations... and there's really no huge profit for it anywhere. So... what if the world doesn't have horses? Not just in view, but that they just are completely not there. Obviously the lances and such are gone. I'd guess longer pikes are gone as well, though I don't suppose they were never going to be in anyway. But what else? Armor and weapon design was driven by the existing reality, the reality being horsemen all around. What kind of weapons and armor were designed to deal with cavalry, or used by cavalry? Does an army that's not going to face cavalry and doesn't have one, look different than medieval armies did?
  20. Armor Design Design update from Josh Sawyer Let's talk about armor design. Taken on its own, armor design isn't of eminent importance. It's just one of many subsystems that make up Project Eternity. However, looking at it in detail can expose problems that can be found across our various subsystems: by making something work well in a new system and setting, we can often put it at odds with the nostalgia of the old games (and "realism"). Back in the days of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, we had all sorts of quasi- or non-historical armor types like banded mail, ring mail, and studded leather. You wore the heaviest armor you could because it typically had the best Armor Class. If plate mail was available, there weren't many reasons to wear splint mail or (horror of horrors) chain.The default rules limited the viability of certain character concepts because most characters of a given class were funneled down a specific equipment path. 3E sort of solved this problem by implementing Maximum Dexterity Bonus, which meant that characters with high Dexterity scores would generally equip whatever armor gave them the maximum bonus to Armor Class without capping the Armor Class bonus they received from Dexterity. There were a few problems with this. First, while it did help make previously "bad" character concepts (e.g., the lightly armored fighter) more viable, generally there were one or two choices per character build. If you had a high dexterity, you were not going to wear heavy armor. If you had a low Dexterity, you might wear light armor, but only for the higher movement rate it allowed. Second, there was an equipment dead zone in medium armor -- the Maximum Dexterity Bonus caps and movement penalties of heavy armor without the nice Armor Class bonus. Also, if you were a ranger or barbarian, technically you could wear medium armor, but in practice you would never wear it because it disabled several class abilities. The third issue is a common one with armor design: the ability to wear heavy armor has value (classes receive it as a benefit and it costs feats to purchase in 3E), but it's presented as something with trade-offs. This in itself is not bad, but as previously mentioned, typically the decision of what type of armor to wear can more-or-less be made at the end of character creation. If your character wears a chain shirt at 1st level, there's a good chance he or she will be wearing a +5 version toward the end of the campaign. This is sort of nice because it means that you can have a consistently viable character concept, but there's not a ton of decision making about armor types after your adventuring career starts. Finally, there's a way of naming and progressing things in A/D&D. Once you get your "base" armors introduced (for our purposes, we will include plate armor and its 2nd Edition kin, field plate and full plate), upgrades are expressed as +1 versions. It becomes pretty easy to understand once the hierarchical relationship and spread of armor types are established. What does this mean for Project Eternity? It means designing a new armor system that rectifies deficiencies of older systems while maintaining a familiar feel is tricky. Additionally, the more dissimilar the armor relationships are to those found in A/D&D, the more they will be re-evaluated for verisimilitude (i.e. "realism"). We would like our armor system to accomplish the following goals: Make wearing different types of armor a real choice for the player based on both character build and circumstance. E.g. a swashbuckling lightly-armored fighter will tend to wear one of a variety of light armor types (maybe a gambeson or leather cuirass), but in a circumstance where protection is of utmost importance, the player may still choose to wear heavy armor with a loss in build optimization. Disassociate armor value from class type in favor of different build types. E.g. a wizard can wear heavy armor and be a different type of wizard instead of just "a wizard who is bad". Allow a character to maintain a character concept throughout the game without suffering extreme mechanical penalties. E.g. a character who starts the game in some form of light armor can complete the game in some form of light armor with appropriate gameplay trade-offs compared to wearing heavy armor. Introduce new or upgraded armor types throughout the game instead of using ++ versions (which in itself would pose problems unless we directly duplicated A/D&D's d20-based attack mechanics). Even with these three goals, there are a number of problems to solve. One of the biggest questions is how to break up and "advance" armor by type. In AD&D, you had something that looked like this: Padded Leather Studded Leather Hide Scale Chain Splint Plate (Tier 2) Field Plate (Tier 3) Full Plate (Tier 4) Players typically couldn't afford plate, field plate, or full plate at character creation, but everything else was often within reach. It's not uncommon to see a hierarchy of armor types like this in many fantasy games, despite some of the questionable elements (did studded leather exist? Is raw hide armor actually better than cuirbolli leather?). You can get plate/field plate/full plate later in the game, but otherwise, you're getting +x versions of the base types at higher "tiers" of character advancement. We could (as an example) structure some of Project Eternity's armor advancement like this. Tier 1 Doublet Hide Armor Scale Vest Tier 2 Gambeson (from Doublet) Leather Cuirass (from Hide Armor) Scale Armor (from Scale Vest) Mail Shirt Tier 3 Armored Jack (from Gambeson) Leather Armor (from Leather Cuirass) Lamellar Armor (from Scale Armor) Mail Armor (from Mail Shirt) Half-Plate This could probably accomplish our stated goals (we can assign them whatever stats we'd like, after all), but it does raise some questions for us: Should something like hide armor be supplanted/made obsolete by leather as an "improved version" or does that effectively kill the visual concept of the rough-hewn rawhide-wearing ranger or barbarian? If armor types like hide (or scale, or mail) should remain viable on their own, how should that "upgrade" be expressed to the player? Functional descriptors like "fine scale", "superior hide", etc.? Cultural or material descriptors like "Vailian doublet", "iron feather scale"? Olde tyme numerical descriptors like "scale armor +1", "half-plate +2"? Is it okay for an upgrade from a visual type of armor to maintain its relative position to other armor types even if "realistically" that upgraded armor is now probably superior in protection to other armor types? E.g. an armored jack or brigandine armor is probably more protective than even nice suit of leather armor... but mechanically, we're presenting it as an upgrade of a padded (doublet) armor type. These are the sort of things we have been discussing and I have been thinking about. And while it is just one subsystem in Project Eternity, we will likely face many similar considerations as we approach the design of weapons, classes, spells, and other aspects of gameplay. I'm sure a lot of you have opinions on what you'd like to see, so please let us know on our forums! Our next design update will be in two weeks and will focus on lore and story elements. Thanks for reading! Fulfillment System Fulfillment update from Darren Monahan We’ve received a number of questions via our Support e-mail address and social networks about fulfillment, and I wanted to talk a little bit about what we’re currently working on! First off, I wanted to announce that we’re developing a fulfillment site, which we’re hoping to have online in the next month or two (I was hoping to have it up sooner, but my first baby is coming into the world in the next few days, eeep!). Everyone who backed the project on Kickstarter and/or PayPal will be e-mailed details that will give you credit on that site. After logging in, you will be able to: Confirm the tier of choice that you wanted. A few of you donated on Kickstarter, and then topped up via PayPal, so you’ll be able to select the exact tier you wanted. Confirm any add-ons you wanted that weren’t easy to specify on Kickstarter or via PayPal. Upgrade your pledge to another tier, or add on for, ummm, add-ons. Update your e-mail address at any time. Update your shipping address at any time. (Shipping address only needed for physical goods – we don’t need that info for digital orders.) Indicate any specific details associated with your tier (T-shirt sizes, name in the credits, etc.) If you live outside of the USA, it will also verify that you’ve added enough shipping. We’ll keep you guys updated in future, ummm, updates, on how progress is coming along! Here’s an update to our FAQ on some of the questions we’ve been receiving recently: Q: I donated on PayPal and besides a receipt from PayPal I haven’t gotten confirmation from Obsidian directly. A: Not a problem. When the fulfillment site goes live, we’ll be merging the Kickstarter and PayPal data together into our own system, and from there we’ll be sending out project updates. For now, as long as you received a PayPal receipt, we’ll have you on file. Q: I need to change my e-mail address before you send out details on the Fulfillment site. What do I do? A: Send us an e-mail at support@obsidian.net with your old and new addresses (please e-mail from your old address if you can) and we’ll update our records before the fulfillment site e-mails go out. Q: How do I add shipping? I missed being able to during the Kickstarter phase! A: You can handle that in one of several ways: You can hang tight for now and wait until our fulfillment system is online, or, If you’d prefer to get it out of the way, you can visit our Shipping page and add it now (Amazon Payments and PayPal supported.) Q: When will I get my backer badge on the forums? A: That’ll come online with the fulfillment system. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit our forums or drop us a line at support@obsidian.net! For more news about Project Eternity and Obsidian, follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, and our YouTube channel
  21. Greetings, I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster on this forum (or any other forum for that matter xD). Anyway indroductions aside the reason I'm making this post is I wish to discuss equipment and souls in PE. Since in this game souls will have a strong connection with the world I was thinking that it could be for equipment as well. That got me thinking in what other fantasy universe other the IE games have i seen souls connected with equipment and 2 universes poped into my mind. The first is an Anime called Bleach and the second is the King's Bounty games. This is a copy paste from a wiki regarding the weapons in question from the anime: The Zanpakutō of low-ranking Shinigami are called Asauchi and don't have names, but the Zanpakutō of Shinigami of rank have names. In its sealed state, a Zanpakutō has the form of a Japanese sword. Such weapons are unique swords generated from their owners souls. Its shape differs depending on its owner. Zanpakutō are the trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakutō, and each Zanpakutō is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves. The Zanpakutō's name is also the name of the living spirit that empowers the sword and lends its strength to the Shinigami who wields it. These beings can vary greatly in appearance and have their own distinct personalities which match their owner's. A Zanpakutō's shape and abilities are based on their Shinigami's soul. Once a Shinigami learns his/her sword's name, they are able to communicate with one another and grow stronger together. Zanpakutō are born with their Shinigami and they die along with their Shinigami. Shinigami use them in battle as a reflection of their heart. When released, they can display a vibrant power. They are one with the Shinigami, and they share a Shinigami's conviction. Inside each Zanpakuto is an incarnation that manifests itself upon the Zanpakuto's transformation. The first step is to acquaint oneself with this incarnation. Normally, the Zanpakutō spirit can only be seen by its wielder. Otherwise, they dwell in their own "inner world", created within the minds of the Shinigami who wield them. As such, each Shinigami's inner world is drastically different from another Shinigami's and is unique to themselves. A Zanpakutō's spirit can bring its wielder into its inner world, though Shinigami can voluntarily achieve this simply by meditation. And in the second one you as a character pick up various gear in the game and some of them have the ability to be upgraded by fighting the keepers of the weapon, which takes you and your army in a pocket dimension which exists within the weapon. After a successful battle the weapon becomes stronger but the weapons also have morale not just these but other powerful weapons and have an allegiance to a certain race and if you keep killing that specific race the weapon will rebel and you will be forced to subdue it with force. That got me thinking into some game mechanics in rpg that are just tedious a boring for me personally and that is having to go to the city, village, trade outpost to sell your junk loot. So I was thinking instead of every enemy dropping the same axe, sword, shield, armor etc.. only a few items will be dropped and those will be magical items which react to the soul of the user. So for example you fight a group of 5 bandits instead of getting the loot of the likes 3 bows, 3 quivers, 3 leather armors, 2 long swords, 2 plate mails and gold you would get a sword hilt, bow string and gold. Now you’re asking yourself what use is a sword hilt and bowstring to you, well what if those 2 items are attuned to react to someone with a strong soul and materializes into a full weapon when held by such character (could also be an explanation why you can carry more then a few items and not be encumbered). My idea is that the main character, your companions, powerful allies and powerful enemies would all have some sort entity which resides inside them as a manifestation of their soul and each would have something special about their abilities. Now for enemies or allies it will serve mostly to give them unique flavor but for your party it could mean much more. For example you could have a special leveling for your character and for your manifestation and leveling it as in you would have to face certain trials within your own soul that could vary from puzzles, deep philosophical debates or just plain old hack and slash and this could be completed alone or maybe in special circumstances with another party member. Now this could just be a mechanic for the main character and it would be done in the background for your other companions or it could be fully fleshed for them as well since I think I would make a great way to tell their story. Also to provide an explanation why enemies don’t drop more gear it could be said that normal materials can’t withstand the force of souls based weapons/powers and are destroyed in combat. Now on top of all that we could also add in normal intelligent weapons which would be an individual’s soul trapped in a weapon. This could also make a great story mechanic in which the weapon argues with your manifestation over various things and drives you insane or maybe he doesn’t like you killing those gnomes and goes berserk on you and you have to pacify it xD Also by adopting this mechanic it would be possible for players to use weapons or armor which they like and not just what has the best stats or in some cases you just can’t find that spear, katana, bastard sword you specialized in because you can’t find any or they are only low level weapons and unusable due to combat difficulty on higher levels. To prevent wielding the same weapon and armor the entire game limits could be put on weapons on how much of your soul the items can withstand and would need be either upgraded or replaced with a better version of said weapon, armor etc.. from the latest baddie you killed. So that’s it I hope I didn’t wall of text you too much. Would love to hear some input on the subject maybe some different ideas or something similar you liked somewhere else and would like to see in some way or form in this game xD
  22. I was wondering... Was there ever a system in game where you could go to a blacksmith and instead of buying or crafting yourself you could just ask him to craft a weapon or armor which u want ? I would love to see this in P:E. Why is that ? Because I hate crafting I dont like it at all Im a warrior I dont have time to stand in the forge and make me some steel. I would gladly pay for this to someone whos job it is to make weapons. So what do you say ? Instead of selling hundred of weapons such a blacksmith could have some but the most should be made by ordering them right ?
  23. This is all fictive ideas. * Character Creation You start out without any class but you get to put out stat points and get to choose some basic gear. Statistics effects Dialogue, Physique, Intelligence and so on and so forth. * Classes/Advancing A Class is something you find in the game, through a Trainer or through Learning by a book. You are the naked Adventurer without much skill and have to learn everything from scratch. Saga Frontierhas this random effect where there is a chance you might learn a technique in battle. Companions would/could teach you, and help you progress. In another thread we slightly discussed Breathe of Fire III and the protagonists development throughout the game: 1- Starts out like a fart (not really but I don't want to spoil) and he wails his sword closing his eyes in battle. He has no skill and is somewhat of a coward 2- Is more confident after a series of events and begins to learn how to handle the sword and look at his enemy when he attacks them. He has now started to learn how to protect someone else and is very confident. The game presents the Player with a purpose. 3- Time passes, our hero is older, is now a confident Master Swordsman. * Enemies Defines your Weapon Level, in a sense. Basically, the more you take out of one Monster or enemy, the easier they become to take down. When you reach a certain amount (let's say you killed 50 Gibberlings) you won't be stronger against them anymore because you can pretty much glare them to death at this point. Enemies that you have slaughtered a lot could even flee at the sight of you because you've traumatized their Race and you are now an Apex Predator in their eyes. This will also let the Player get to play the game through the real challenges. Bosses would always be unique and thus always difficult, or if you have taken down 100 Humanoid Bandits you might get a petty little +1 Bonus to Damage/Attack/Hit when facing the Bandit Lord (which is rather insignificant on anything but Hardcore-Expert-Deluxe). Fighting enemies would unlock techniques after a while, that works on anyone. Take the Fighter for instance, he might learn a Magic Cleave Attack that sends energy out in a wide arc when you've defeated 34 Gibberlings, which you can use on Tasloi's. * Armor/Advancement The gear you start with is your "core" gear, throughout the game you find upgrades. A leather strap to put over the torso, perhaps an enchantment which makes your skin tougher (if you go the Barbarian route). Shin guards that you can repair and upgrade with new features and new plating and so on and so forth. A more of a Terraria/Minecraft approach (Except without looting and having 10000 components in your backpack). You advance on the fly, you defeat the Bandit then you use his gear instantly to boost your equipment, then moving on (Interactive Experience Points ftw). For Bosses you could get specific loot, Legendary Weapons and such. Armor/Defensive would be it's own "Character" within your "Character". Something that Levels up on its own kind of, or like a "Pet" that you control. I don't know how to explain it but I think you might get what I'm going for. Piece-meal armor that progressively upgrades as you play the game. * Magic/The Grimoire As your "Naked" Adventurer (Much like Planescape: Torment) you find the tools to craft your own Grimoire and go the route of a more Magical character. Using spells makes them better, but you have to use them a lot. A Magic Missile used 10 times might get you the 2 Magic Missile content. Using that 20 times gets you to 3 Magic Missiles etc. etc. If Enemies are fixed (Like in Baldur's Gate, little respawn except during Fast Travel) Grinding spells is going to be like Rest Spamming but worse and totally not worth it for the average/casual player. You would have to dedicate a lot of energy and time just to abuse this (if P:E will be anything like Baldur's Gate). * Dedication and issues I think a system like this would put you on your toes a little bit, it could cause problems if too complex and requires lots of dedication. If I get the Grimoire, if I want to be any good with Magic it would require me to use Spells a lot but I'd be missing out on the Weapon skills or the defensive skills. There are no "Levels", but fixed enemies of fixed strength. * Because I like Trees Having 3 Combat Skill Trees that can be upgraded on to of all of the above: Defensive/Armor, Offensive/Weapon and Magical/Grimoire. * Not addressing any "out of combat" thoughts.
  24. From update #29: We would like our armor system to accomplish the following goals: ... disassociate armor value from class type in favor of different build types. E.g. a wizard can wear heavy armor and be a different type of wizard instead of just "a wizard who is bad". So, that is a definite statement for the game mechanics (as it was announced earlier several times). For me its a essential one as it produces imho the biggest armor problem - how to combine wizards and armor? I feel that the best solution for this system is to have different armor types result in different bonusses. That also corresponds with the real choice goal. I assume they are Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, Hide, Scale, Chain, Splint, Plate (Tier 2), Field Plate (Tier 3), Full Plate (Tier 4) (also mentioned in update #29) The bonusses could be ... almost everything! So please write and comment what you think about this idea. Below are some possible boni for the armor types in the game. So here comes the bonus section: Padded (10-20%) resistance vs. blunt weapons. (20-40%) resistance vs. cold or electricity Leather / Studded Leather gives (20-40%) bonus to hide in shadows improves charisma (10-20%) Hide gives bonusses corresponding to animal origin of the hide: wolf: (10-20%) faster attack speed bear: (20-20%) higher strength/damage tiger: (10-30%) higher movement speed ... Scale (10-30)% chance to miss when attacked by daggers / swords and arrows Chain (10-20)% damage resistance vs. all weapons Split (15-40)% damage resistance vs. missile weapons Plate (20-30)% damage resistance vs. melee weapons BUT decreases agility by (5-10 %) Field Plate (30-40)% damage resistance vs. melee weapons BUT decreases agility by (15-20 %) Full Plate (30-40)% damage resistance vs. all weapons BUT decreases agility by (5-10 %) HIGH STRENGTH NEEDED
  25. Personally I dislike systems were you either get hit for maximum damage or not at all. If you face a tough enemy (with a high chance to hit) with such a system you'd do just as good playing without armor than with average armor. Such systems feels really pointless as your choice of armor is ignored. I was thinking of this when I recently played the new XCOM game. As I ramped up the difficulty the enemies got much greater chance to hit. The effect of this was that cover (sort of like armor) got pretty pointless and you did just as good without it. Much too random imo. I don't like game mechanics that "lumps choices together" by i.e. ignoring armor. A sliding scale is much less random and frustrating imo.
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