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  1. [Description of the issue] Sometimes after loading a game the area I've explored in Dyrford Crossing will only be where I'm currently located. The rest is black, despite my obviously having been there [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Explore Dyrford crossing enough so that the area around you isn't the entire area you've explored 2) Save game 3) Load game 4) Often the area map will have reset to just the area around you explored [Expected behaviour] Explored area maintained between save/load.
  2. Upon entering the blacksmith's shop in Dryford, some sort of random unclickable loot pile appeared on the floor. It looks like a spellbook and an axe. Savegame attached. The unclickable "items" were still there upon exiting and reloading the save. This also has occurred in the Inn, with what looked like a shield and weapon on the floor. None of my characters have dropped any items at any point. Edit: Please enable permissions for .savegame uploads so I don't have to keep renaming attached savegames with a .txt extension. Thanks! quicksave.savegame.txt
  3. 1. When you first enter the Lle a Rhemen map the game slows down, there is a pulsing loot container through the Stoneface arch that seems to be the issue. Exiting the map (back up the stairs) and reentering it causes the loot container to go away and the game is responsive again. 2. Using the grappling hook descend to the lower level. In the center area you can not go north to access the "secret" wall. Characters are blocked by the pillar.
  4. If you go to the Skaen temple and open up your map, the stone cover thing will not be displayed, instead you'll see a big giant hole. 1) Create game 2) Head east to Skaen temple 3) When close to the entrance, open up the map 4) Notice the big round hole, without cover. Expected: Before opening up the path, the stone cover should be shown on the map. After it's been opened, the stone cover should be slightly shifted, showing the crevasse/stairs.
  5. After completion of fight in "cave" BBRogue went into "convulsions" and no longer responds. Saving and reloading the game fixed the issue.
  6. [Description of the issue] World area exit doesn't seem to work. The party is never considered to be gathered enough to transition to a new area. Only seems to be affecting the west world transition in town, as other transitions work as normal. See image. Link to the save game. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game as a ranger with an animal companion. Try to use the Dyrford village west exit. Notice how you cannot gather the party. [Expected Behaviour] Area transitions should all work. [Other Remarks / Comments]
  7. [Description of the issue] When leaving an area, the view circle will remain visible on the map if the player returns to the map from a different location. See images. [steps to Reproduce] Start a new game. Exit Dyrford Village by the north exit (or south, or east). Travel to Stormwall Gorge. Return to Dyrford Village. Check the map. Note how the north exit (or south, or east) remains visible. Move the PCs up to the visible area. Note how the stuck visibility area is fixed by moving near it. [Expected Behaviour] View circles should not be left behind when leaving the map. [Other Remarks / Comments] Nope.
  8. [Description of the issue] Interaction cursor (pick up loot cursor?) is shown in places where there's no interaction in Dyrford Village map and in Mill interior map. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Look to the attached screenshots; -Point the cursor in the same places you'll see in the screenshots; -Try to interact when the cursor changes; -Notice how no interaction is possible. [Expected behaviour] Something should happens when clicking in these places, or the cursor shouldn't change while hovering on these specific points. [Other remarks / Comments] I'm not so sure that this is a bug, probably as some features are missing, something has yet to be implemented it these specific places, but I don't know. [Files] https://www.dropbox.com/s/wx0loej53lsh7xq/2014-09-07_00003.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylh5ywdj6v9bjdt/2014-09-07_00004.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/luivub951bkf9pj/2014-09-07_00005.jpg?dl=0
  9. Found this entry in my latest output_log.txt Error trying to load NPC_Harond_Guard_Bridge from F:/Steam/steamapps/common/Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta/PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles/prefabs/objectbundle/npc_harond_guard_bridge.unity3d Here is the log: http://www.upload.ee/files/4249240/output_log.txt.html I am actually not sure whether there is a missing guard, it might be the northeast bridge, if someone else who's noticed more of the guard positions could add to this thread that would be great. Never saw this in my output_log.txt in v257 bb
  10. Wheel inside Mill Ambient Text Description does not show Corner of Area Art needs blackening.
  11. The Rogue's escape ability will not go over area of the map with no navmesh. If I want to teleport the Rogue over a patch of rocks with no navmesh, such as some of the patches in the Dyrford Crossing, the Rogue just runs into them while invisible and ends up at that location. 7:09 Target spell 7:28 You can see the Rogue crash into the rocks Not sure if that's intended or not, but it would be nice if you could use it to hop over patches of rocks like that.
  12. Tavern, ground floor. The area I've marked in red is considered by the game as a zone where you can't place your characters (if you hover your mouse, the pointer changes to a red icon and you can't send them there). There's no reason for that.
  13. [Description of the issue] A long white shield is lying on the floor in the village buildings. It wasn't present in previous build. Screenshots of shield in each building attached. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Enter building [Expected behaviour] No out of place shield [Other remarks / Comments] Shield did not appear on top floor of inn or in temple
  14. [Description of the issue] After hiring a ranger adventurer at level 4, when going to the upper floor the pet became stuck in place. Saving/Loading from main menu made it unstuck. After going back down it spawn off the movement mesh in a wall. Tried a couple of times. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Hire adventurer / start new ranger (I'd assume) 2) Go to the upper Dracogen Inn floor 3) Pet was stuck for me so save game / load from main menu 4) Go back down [Expected behaviour] Pet not stuck or in walls [Other remarks / Comments] I've only tried this with a hired a adventurer ranger. I assume it affects all rangers. Other issues visible: Quickbar gets filled with items I've picked up, they're in storage. Equipped items of the party lay on the ground. I've seen this in other indoor areas Ranger has no circle to the lower right of the portrait, where summons go [Files]
  15. [DESCRIPTION] In the inn, when I checked the innkeeper's inventory for sale, i noticed there were 3 camping supplies available. I decided to buy them all. When I tried, I got only one. [DETAILS] As above. 1) Ask to buy some ale 2) notice the camping supplies is listed as having 3 in stock. 3) try to buy them. You get only 1 Screenie attached, showing two bundles of supplies in the merchant window, although they're semi-transparent, which seems to indicate they cannot be bought. At this point my party had 4 bundles. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect to be able to buy all three unless there is a maximum limit of 4 on the number of camping supplies the party can carry at any given time. If this is the case, then fine. Not sure if there is a limit in place, so that's why I have the question mark in the title.
  16. [Description of the issue] My 6th companion (5 if you don't count my bear, but you should) is stuck floating in midair on the upper level of the inn. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Look at the picture, see the floating paladin (over the stairs) 2) Load attached savegame, see the floating paladin 3) Paladin unable to move [Expected behaviour] Characters remain earthbound and able to move [Other remarks / Comments] This was obtained after struggling (and finally succeeding) to get everyone upstairs despite having 6 characters and a bear. Maybe it's related to that. Also, chaning party order doesn't seem to work with 6 chars and a bear (the wrong characters keep moving around) so maybe it had to do with that. It's really hard to identify exactly what insanity caused this. [Files] Screenshot: Savegame: Floating.zip
  17. Everytime I enter a location, there's a shield right in the middle of it: To reproduce 1) Create game 2) Go in Mill, Inn, Winfrith's Shop, etc... 3) Notice there's a shield on the floor. Expected: Shield shouldn't be lying around for no reason. Screenshots of the issue:
  18. I did the Ogre quest and convinced the Ogre to leave. Then when I was fighting the three spiders to the north (the queen et al) the Ogre went hostile and attacked.
  19. The boar next to Medreth is too close to its NPC master and overlaps with them: 1) Create game 2) Head east to see Medreth and the boar 3) Notice the boar is overlapping with some NPC Expected: No overlap Screenshot
  20. [Description of the issue] When clicking on the exit map icon on the west side next to the bridge in the village, receive the message "You must gather your party before venturing forth" [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Click on the exit map icon on west side next to the bridge [Expected behaviour] Expect that this exit map icon would work the same as all of the other ones [Other remarks / Comments] When clicking on the exit map icon on the west side next to the temple, or on the north, south, east sides able to get the area map and change to a new location
  21. [DESCRIPTION] After solving the Cat and Mouse quest by deceiving Merdreth into thinking Nyfre had fled, when Merdreth's group leaves, the boar companion is left behind. [DETAILS] As above. 1) Solve the quest peacefully so Merdreth's party leaves. 2) Notice boar companion is still standing there. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect the boar to leave with them.
  22. [DESCRIPTION] In the mill as well as the tannery, i moved my cursor over the areas where I knew there was a hidden object. Even though I hadn't actually detected them, the cursor changed from the movement cursor to the gauntlet, indicating there was something there. I couldn't actually access the hidden object's inventory until I detected it though. [DETAILS] 1) Enter any area where you know there's a hidden object, but do not enter Stealth/Detect mode. 2) Run your cursor over the area where the hidden object is located. The cursor will change to a gauntlet. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect that the cursor would either remain as a movement cursor or the red circle/slash when you mouse over the object if you haven't detected it yet. Otherwise, it's a big giveaway that there's something there, which the player could find accidentally, and this would be a metagame issue. Alas, I didn't think to take a screenie of the issue.
  23. I accidentally attacked the bartender in the Dracogen Inn and genocided everyone inside. I got stuck in the bar. Can't really reproduce it consistently however, but here's a screenshot. You'll see the main character literally stuck in the bar.
  24. In the ogre's cave, right behind the ogre, there's a "secret area" that should be revealed by scouting, but isn't. If you mouse over it, or tab it, it does highlight, but you cannot interact with it. 1) Create game 2) Head to Ogre's cave 3) Tell him to go away / kill it 4) Go behind the Ogre and press TAB 5) Notice the purple-highlighted area 6) Let go of tab, mouse over that same area 7) Notice the mouse over reveals the area 8 ) Try to loot it 9) Notice it doesn't work. Expected: Should work just like any other "secret area".
  25. In the area east of Dyrford, you can loot a plant right south of the Skaen temple entrance. When you loot it, you don't get the text in the combat log telling you it's been added to your inventory. 1) Create character 2) Head east, go south of temple 3) Loot plant 4) Observe you get no text telling you it's in your inventory Expected: You should get a notice telling you <plant> has been added to your inventory.
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