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  1. [Description of the issue] When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object. These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter scout mode 2) Approach hidden object. 3) Recieve message spam. This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden stash skelleton at the cave entrance. Suprisingly, I also triggered a single message when being attacked by a Widowmaker spider though this one was "Trap Triggered!" instead of "Trap Detected!". [screenshots] The message popup while fighting the spider:
  2. The v333 Dyrford Crossing area map appears to have the Statue at the River Crossing Highlighted in blue, revealing that it's interactable. This was not the case in v301 IIRC. It's almost as if the area maps are made from a high zoom screenshot with a hidden mouse cursor, and the person who took it was mousing over the statue
  3. In OSX when trying to return to Dyrwood crossing after leaving the area (ie the Spider cave or back to town) I'm seeing a lot of crashes when trying to load the Crossing map. Secondly the one time it did work (from the cave to crossing) the resulting Autosave when leaving the cave and a quicksave 2 mins later were both corrupted (the game crashed during the quick save) and trying to reload from there crashes the game. Attached is the OSX crash report, if someone can explain where the Saves and any PoE output log are stored on OSX I'll add them as well. OSX 10.10 i7 2.4Ghz, 8GB Ram, Radeon 6770M 1GB. PoE-Errors.txt
  4. See 1) Create game 2) Head east 3) Look for the between below party, wait for a while as it wanders around. Eventually it'll clip. Expected: No clipping.
  5. I entered the Dyrford ruins and cleared them quite a bit. Then I went back to Dyrford and saved my game inside the inn. Today I resumed playing, but I am unable to enter the ruins again. Every time I try the game crashes on the ruins loading screen. Error.log Output_log.txt
  6. The doors that lead into the "heart" of the Skaenite dungeon are giving me trouble. I found a Dungeon key which I assume is the key to unlocking those doors. Previously I've always done it with the Rogues Mechanics skill. But with the key, I can click on the door(s), after which they become unusable. I can still highlight them via tab, but they become un-clickable. As such, there is no way into the final area of the dungeon.
  7. In v257, v278 and v301, this tile looked like this (shot taken from v257) In v333 it looks like this - looks like a botched cut and paste job or something Don't know what's going on there ... looks like a bug in the area render or something ? Has this map been painted over ?
  8. This video demonstrates that the shadow map for the Dyrford Crossing is inaccurate relative to the shadows shown in the level. Blending character shadows and darkening characters in the level happens in sunlit areas. Because I've been sneaky, I happen to know that Shadow Maps for areas in Pillars of Eternity are 512x512 pixels in size, whereas the areas themselves are 16:9 perspective Is it possible that using a 1:1 scale shadow map and a 16:9 area is causing the issue? Or is the shadow map just inaccurate ?
  9. The corpses of the Wurm Hunters and/or the navmesh have issues where characters get stuck inside and have to be "bumped" out
  10. After clearing a few rooms of spiders and wraiths in Lle a Rhemen, I hit Tab to see whether I'd missed any loot. Sure enough there was a pile (dead spider sac?) but I could not reach it, not by approaching it from either side of the wall. Load this savegame and press tab to see what I mean. Screenshot attached.
  11. Here are 2 examples It appears you can see through objects clearly. In the first image I have clearly see into the room and see there are clickable objects (the flag/mural and bodies) even thou the door isn't opened. If anything I would expect a hazy silhouette or light fog obscuring the room In the second image I am standing in the corner of the room and the room next to it is clearly visible (I can clearly see its shape and contents). I wouldn't expect to see anything due it to being a solid wall.
  12. It seems that every time I enter the temple in the Ruins, the game puts me in combat mode, and does not stop until every single enemy in the dungeon is dead. Thus, I cannot save, cannot leave, or have my party members who are down get up. Does anyone else have this problem? Output log is attached (no save game, for obvious reasons). Have a very nice day. -fgalkin output_log.txt
  13. I recently loaded an auto-save of my team just entering the Dryford Ruins in the northeast corner of the map. As soon as the game is loaded, the camera immediately pans very quickly to the northwest corner, which is completely black (unexplored). Much confuse. I tried loading a few times and made sure I wasn't moving my mouse cursor; it's reproducible. Also--and I'll keep saying this till it's fixed--please allow .savegame files through your upload filter! Thanks. autosave.savegame.txt
  14. Just noticed that when walking near Hendyna's Apothecary, and pressing Tab to look for lootables, multiple magnifying-glass icons appeared over her apothecary sign.
  15. The first Skaen Cultist you run into in their temple is wearing armor, a mask and has an Exceptional Sabre. He does not drop any of these items.
  16. Selecting the first dialogue option does nothing
  17. [DESCRIPTION] On entering the inn, sometimes there is ambient sound and sometimes only silence. Not sure if the music is supposed to play every time you enter, but it did not for me. When there was no music, I had no sound at all. [DETAILS] See above. Enter the inn. Sometimes there is sound and sometimes not. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] In a busy inn with all those villagers, even if the music is not playing, there should be ambient voice sounds or something other than dead silence.
  18. At the cliffs where you encounter another adventuring party and can attempt to retreive a dragons egg for the herbalist level geometry is causing serious pathing issues. The ramp up to the egg location has gotten both BB Fighter stuck as well as some of the enemy party members. In one attempt with this encounter I tried to use the spiders you get from the statue and those would repeatedly warp around and teleport back to their original position when ordered around in this area. My MC Cypher got stuck on the west side of the entrance when I was trying a bottlenecking tactic, in that same encounter attempt only one of the enemies actually got to the bottleneck the rest seemed to be unable or unwilling to join in. [steps to reproduce] Just walk around or fight in the Cliffs Terrain. [Expected Behaviour] Actors should not get stuck on, glitch through or teleport around when attempting to navigate simple non blocking terrain. [Example] In this screenshot my BB Fighter is stuck on the ramp after retreiving the egg. Scouting mode also gives a good indication something weird is going on with the character considering the distance between the feet and the visibility/alert indicator.
  19. Start a new game. Went to see Hendyna. Couldn't find her. Looked at bottom of map. See image. Found her. This had happened before, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. I'm not really sure what the steps are to reproduce this bug. But this is the second time it has happened.
  20. Navmesh near the tower is very rough and could go a bit closer to the rocks/tower so it's easier to walk around, party members get stuck behind eachother very easily here
  21. The Lanterns on the Bridges and the lights in many of the windows of buildings in the Dyrford Crossing are alight during the day time. It was my understanding that there was a system in place (showcased in PE Update #79 Graphics and Rendering) that would turn these on and off based on the time of day.
  22. Again we need and [audio] tag. Basically, you hear cricket chirps during daytime in Dyrford this shouldn't happen. 1) Create game 2) Listen 3) Notice it's day time, and you hear cricket chirps Expected: Crickets at night only.
  23. In Dyrford, there's a broken crate next to the river. If you pixel hunt, you find that you can interact with it. But if you click on it, there's no possible path that you can take that will get you close enough to actually interact with it. 1) Create game 2) Cross the bridge and head south following the river bank 3) Try to interact with the broken crate 4) Notice that you can't. Expected: You should be able to reach the broken crate / loot it / whatever the interaction is supposed to be. Possibly navmesh related.
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