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  1. There appears to be some funky lighting issues in this area now (especially at the doorway) And the area looks washed out, and characters look noticeably murky I have noticed that the Dyrford Village, its interiors and the Dyrford Crossing have had some lighting/ambient map passes done between v392 and v435, perhaps this one was missed?
  2. Description: On the second floor of the Dracogen Inn, the portrait to the right wall (The White March) will only display for a fraction of a second before disappearing. To reproduce: 1- Enter dracogen inn. Go to second floor. 2- Click on magnifying glass on right wall across from the rooms. The description only appears briefly before disappearing. You cannot click on the description again for some time.
  3. Without being able to easily travel from one area to the next, or even at times inside a building from the area, the beta is more unplayable then any build before it. Not everyone is having the same issues, some people seem to go into building and out fine, or can load a save, sometimes it even works on dryford x but mostly, it just crashes, stalls, or becomes unplayable. This should be fixed quickly, since its the holidays, and many people will be playing the beta. Otherwise you go two weeks, making the game look bad. (Which is a shame, cause its really awesome.) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=363626865 If you look, I'm off the screen. I could upload dozens of places I load off screen, but I have yet to load ONTO the screen where I can interact. BROKEN BETA FOR XMAS OH JOY.
  4. Not a bug exactly, but more of a badly placed encounter. The forest lurkers in Dyrford Crossing are located so that combat usually ends up squished right at the edge of the map. This feels awkward. Ideally the map should be extended a bit to the east so there'd be room for them. Failing that, reduce the number of foes and put them as far west as possible in their little mini-area, or move the entire encounter to the roomier Stormwall Gorge map.
  5. We've always taken your pledges seriously and we remain committed to giving our backers every stretch goal you reached during the Kickstarter campaign. Budgeting a game of this size can be daunting, but we always remember the cornerstones of our pitch and the features you funded. Even so, there are two things we know a lot of you have asked for: more wilderness areas and more companions. Both of these are very time-consuming, but we understand why so many people want them. Because we've seen these requests more than a few times, we would like to ask the community if you would be interested in new stretch goals to fund additional development. If not, no worries: we're still going to deliver on everything you've backed. Please let us know your thoughts in this poll. Rock the vote.
  6. When you click on it, the tooltip appears only for half a second, then reappears again for a brief moment, but is never visible long enough to be read.
  7. [Description of the issue] Characters' shadows disappearing near map edges [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Run to the map edges with your party; -Notice how shadows disappears while your party is near map edges; -Notice how shadows reappears as soon as you walk in the opposite direction of the map edge. [Expected behaviour] Characters shadows should be always visible, even near map edges [Other remarks / Comments] It looks like this happens only when party is near East and West edge of the map. [Files] West map edge, starting location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmqh5jvuuvorbke/2014-09-07_00006.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/58rxnza894zmeah/2014-09-07_00007.jpg?dl=0 East edge, left of bridge: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k0x81c7d0fhlh19/2014-09-07_00008.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/upmrhgj6onxtmkz/2014-09-07_00009.jpg?dl=0 East edge, left of crumbled tower: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gkllv98x6ov65us/2014-09-07_00010.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/os2tq248cdbcn4y/2014-09-07_00011.jpg?dl=0 East edge, south-east of smith shop: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h0yngg6sbvy74xr/2014-09-07_00012.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvl3idayhdwnr3s/2014-09-07_00013.jpg?dl=0 North edge (shadows are ok): Ill' try to upload them in a new post, forum can't let me to upload them here saying that they're too big, even if these screenshots are < 1000 KB (600/800KB each) South edge (shadows are ok): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkuzdjvoxn4qdzi/2014-09-07_00015.jpg?dl=0 To Admins: If you could improve image uploading I would be grateful!
  8. [Description of the issue] At times trying to exit Dyrford Crossing and go to Dyrford Village will show the time to travel as 0 seconds and when trying to travel the game freezes in a black screen. Actually I'm not sure if it freezes because I can still press the interface's buttons and hear sounds from interface windows opening and closing. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Load attached savegame 2) Exit the Dyrford Crossing area. Any exit will produce the same result 3) Click on Dyrford Village, the dialog window will say "0 seconds" as in the screenshot. 4) Travel to Stormwall Gorge instead. The window will say it will take you 6 hours. 5) Now, from Stormwall Gorge travel to Dyrford Village. It will say it will take you 6 hours. 6) Now you can safely travel back to Dyrford Crossing and back from there to Dyrford Village directly [Other remarks / Comments] Savegame attached. Also, a screenshot. DyrfordCrossing.zip
  9. I wiped out the Dragon Egg hunters after intimidating them so there were three party members left when I fought them. Looted the corpses except one which I couldn't target After I went back to the village, and went back to the Dragon Egg cliff, the two characters who I had killed and looted had re-appeared though you can't interact with them. The guy who I couldn't loot had turned into a loot bag though I still couldn't target it.
  10. I know there were problems with the music in the last build. This bug is different though. Background music won't start for me after going to a certain area, but only when something specific is triggered like a fight, quickload, entering and leaving a building, etc... It's not the game breaking type of bug, but still worth looking into.
  11. [Description:] When completing the Quest "Cat and Mouse", if you kill Nyfre and tell Medreth about it, he'll give you something, and then walk off. However, if you leave the area and return, Medreth is again back at his post as if nothing has happened. You can select the dialogue options to complete the quest again (without the loot and xp rewards) and Medreth will walk off again. [steps to reproduce:] 1- Start quest as Vailian rogue. 2- Get quest from Medreth 3- Talk to Myfre and kill her party. 4- Return to Medreth and tell him that Nyfre was found and tha you killed her. Medreth and his crew will now walk away. 5- Go to another map or enter the dracogen inn. 6- Exit the inn. Return to where Medreth was. 7- You will find that Medreth is there again. You can initiate dialogue. 8- Tell him you found Nyfre again. Tell him you killed her. 9- Medreth will again walk away. 10 - Repeat 5-9 again. [What should happen:] Medreth should leave and not return. (He should take his stinky boar with him too!)
  12. [Description:] When entering Berath's temple, north of where you start, there are several (3?) piles of skulls which you can interact with. The top and middle piles are easily interactable as long as you are within range of the magnifying glass icon. The bottom pile, however, requires that you be located precisely below the pile and close enough (small crevice in the map) before it interacts with the pile. [steps to reproduce:] 1- Create party and enter game 2- Enter Berath's temple. 3- Interact with leftmost skull pile. Notice that your character can be in several locations and the skull pile message will show up. 4- Place your character to the left of the bottom/right-most skull pile. Interacting with the magnifying glass icon will produce no message. 5- Move your character to below the pile of skulls and interact again. It now works. [What should happen]: You should be able to interact with the skull piles without having to be precisely located below them (as long as magnifying glass icon is clickable). Image attached to show where you do not get the message (even with the icon clickable) with a red X and where you do get a message with a green checkmark.
  13. [Description of the issue] The secret door in the portion of the Scaen temple that's opened after talking to Wymund doesn't look any secret when viewed from the other side, where the stone beetles live. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Reach the stone beetles section of Dyrwood Ruins. 2) Take a look at the wall in the northeast corner. 3) You visually spot there is a secret door. [Expected behaviour] You shouldn't visually spot there is anything peculiar about that part of the wall (ideally). [Other remarks / Comments] This is a minor issue, but since I've heard Josh Sawyer explicitly say he is fighting this effect, I thought it may be important enough for me to post a bug report. Also, I couldn't resist:
  14. [Description]: In Berath's temple north of where you start, Harbinger Beodmar can be found there if you visit the temple when the game begins. [How to recreate]: 1- Start a game with any character 2 - Immediately go north to visit temple. 3- You will see two monks/priests in the temple, one of which is Harbinger Beodmar. He does not speak however. Celby states that he will return shortly (though he's right there!) [What should happen]: Harbinger Beodmar should not be spawning at all.
  15. Walking into the Herbalist's house, there's a weird graphical glitch for me. The area kinda "vibrates" in a disconcerting way. Also, there is a backer NPC in there. When I exited the location, the "eye" icon that the backer NPCs have was "stuck" to my screen afterwards at the same space where the NPC had been. This is playing at 1920x1080 resolution with Vsync on.
  16. Map specific area While walking in this area of the map the sound of walking through water is played. On this tile area. As you can see there is no water here but the sound is clearly played
  17. After going to the Crossing and doing the Dragon Egg quest, I was gonna return to the village again to turn in the quest. But on the World Map, when mousing over the village, the travel time says "0 seconds" and when I click on it the screen simply fades to black with nothing else happening. It could be worked around by going to Stormwall Gorge (the travel time was shown accurately here) and going to the village from Stormwall Gorge (again, the travel time was shown correctly from the Gorge).
  18. My Party is unable to pick up one of the white Pilgrims Crown flowers in Dyrford. 1) Go to southern edge of Dyrford, near the treeline. 2) Try to pick up Pilgrims Crown. 3) Observe the character trying to pick up the ingredient walk past it into the trees. 4) Watch as he starts to stutter as he tries to walk off the map 5) Flower does not get picked up. [Expected behaviour] Character stops near the flower, it gets picked up and added to the stash. Picture attached to make the location more clear. Additionally, the same type flower a bit to the west has a minor problem too. It can be picked up, but like before the character walks up to the trees edge before collecting it.
  19. Found a weird little bug. In my latest playthrough there is now a boar standing next to the fireplace in the ruins at Dyrford Crossing. The wolves ignore it and on closer inspetion it is not targetable and you can also walk right through it. The boar persists even if I leave the map and return later.
  20. For some reason certain areas of the game the fog of war is not reapplied. For example after talking to the giant in the cave and the player returns to the cave this is what they will see if they move their mouse over the area where the giant is/was without having to move to that area. As you can see the area around the giant has fog of war but not his area even thou my party just entered the cavern and haven't re-explored.
  21. [Description] What it says in the title. [Test case] 1) Start and finish a battle. For example Medreth's gang, although I noticed this in the spider cave. 2) Save your game. 3) Load the same save. 4) All dead bodies are gone, only loot containers are visible [Expected behavior] Dead bodies should persist after loading a savegame. [Other notes] This bug was present in previous versions. I would have thought it falls in the category of "Do you need me to test your game to point that out?", but since it persists, I thought I should report it.
  22. (I apologize. I've moved this post to the beta discussion forum, here.)
  23. I was exploring the dungeon in Dryford Crossing and I decided to try adding a sixth character to my party. So I went back to town and added a 7thlv Elven Ranger. Now every time I try to do a transition between maps the game crashes. The game did auto save me into Dryford Crossing but when I tried to re-enter the dungeon the game crashed again. I tried this 2x with the same results. I thought about deleting the sixth character and testing it then but I was told I would need a castle to dismiss my sixth character. So there I am, game stopper, Not sure what to do.
  24. There are quite a lot of places where this spell has issues with the terrain. I decided to go around at random and cast spells to see where it usually bugs out. Unfortunately it's near impossible to tell when it will work correctly or when it will go ape**** when you're casting it at the wall since it's so bugged. However i did find at least 1 bug that you can easily reproduce. If you try casting a lightning bolt up hill it will nearly always bug out. Here are some examples: I didn't really check thoroughly but i found 1 place where the spell has some massive issues, including the preview line of the spell getting cut off. There's also 2 bugs i noticed that i can't reproduce, but hopefully others will now be watchful of this: The spell consumed 2 spell casts for no reason. Here's also a video of how the spell got put in queue and triggering simultaneously with the second cast. (I actually think this would be a cool mechanic that could be put in the game) Edit: I just noticed this happens in this video as well. If you pause really quickly you see that 2 spells shoot out at once.
  25. In the Tower Ruins in the Dyrford Crossing, there is a random Boar Companion model that is unselectable.
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