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  1. So, I realize that Evoker Wizards are not supposed to be able to summon, but usually, this isn't the case for Summoning Items. I just got the Skull of Concelhaut and was so stoked to use it, just to realize it is unusable, as only the Watcher can equip the pet, and the Watcher can never use conjuration, being an Evoker Wizard. I just wanted to make sure this is intended, because I think it's needlessly restrictive (making this unique pet useless), and because I really hope it could be changed.
  2. Does anyone have good recommendations for grimoires that synergise well with certain subclasses? I am struggeling to find a good book for my illusionist wizard, once I realized she could not use many of the spells in them. (Conjuration and Enchanting) Shows a bit the weak side of the grimoire system. Currently I am using Leofwyn's Grimoire. It has 10x Evocation Spells, 2x Illusion Spells, 2x Transmutation Spells, 2x Enchanting Spells, 2x Conjuration Spells So not optimal because of 4 wasted slots, but other grimoires I've inspected so far seem to have more spells I cannot use. The whole thing is a bit confusing if you ask me. Edit: Found a pretty good one for Illusionist Wizards around lvl 15. (tough quest) Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries
  3. There are a list with Spells only available with level up? I was thinking a Battlemage or even Arcane Knight could be more fun than Psyblade... But the possibility to use "free" spells for simply swapping grimoires left me hesitant to build my character. I want to get as many passive and active skills from a fighter/paladin as possible without losing anything important to a wizard.
  4. So, with this multiclass, the grimoires allows to select more figther's active and passive abilities without fear of losing some good spells? Or the number of spells and passives to make a effective wizard still is great? With the grimoire mechanic the wizards looks to be the most free and easy class to multiclass beside the high number of spells to cast in the beginning of battle...
  5. As offensive caster, self-enchanting fighter with utility, as AoE buff Tank or what? For some reason this combination of the classes sounded the most stupid to me, but now I can't stop thinking about making my PC with that multiclass in the next playthrough. Both classes have poor passives for weapon-based fighting - so maybe evocation wizard + x priest would be the best combo for maximum damaging spell-casting? What's your take on the multi-class?
  6. I'm not going to be able to play Deadfire right away so I figured I would get some build advice before hand. As the title says I want to make a Bruce Banner/ Incredible Hulk based character with the scientist background and then Transmuter Wizard as my first class. I was hooked on Form of the Fearsome Brute as soon I heard about it. I know I won't turn green like the Hulk but a raging ogre is pretty great. As far as the actual stats I don't need a min maxed build. I'm more interested in the roleplay and having fun smashing stuff. I would like to multiclass. I think it's a really cool feature and I like the added versatility. I'm leaning towards streetfighter rogue because rogue is usually my favorite class in games and streetfighter should help the since I'd be right in the thick of the fight. I'm not set in stone on rogue though and am open to suggestions for other combos. I'd also like to have decent conversations stats if it can work with this build but I'm not sure how stat checks and dialogue work in this game compared to the first one. Thanks in advance.
  7. Because atm they are underwhelming and un-fun. Complained in 1 about that as well. Saying this after a complete playthrough. DnD spells (in any DnD game up to now) were impactful - they felt powerful. PoE spells (except the best spell in the game- chill fog), even with a large amount of perception and accuracy, are unreliable and not worth casting except for crowd control in some situations. See much better results with non-wizards in my party. And the new grimoire/spell system is not intuitive at all. Every grimoire has assortments of spells that I don't like tbh and re-training seems a must for every wizard. With these spell/element resistances in the game, if wizards can not versatile, they end up being useless in half of the fights. Why not let us write our own grimoire and use that as a gold sink as well?
  8. I know there is great power in there somewhere. (People have observed so at least.) I on the other hand feel like wizards aren't as...impactful. I have only played up to the 2nd power level so It is too early to draw any conclusions of course but I feel like: 1. In the beginning casting and recovery times are too long for what happens after the spell lands. Do the power levels improve them and make them worthwhile? 2. Enemy AI tends to drop engagement and hunt down isolated, squishy ranged dps. Heavy defensive values alter this aggro behaviour somewhat. So medium / heavy armor doesn't look so bad. This would naturally wreck recovery. So...does that mean increasing dexterity and taking low recovery high casting spells is more favourable? Or just self buff instead of armour? 3. Where is the power? When do you start feeling it? Which spells help turning the tide or devastate the battlefield? 4. In PoE 1 I felt like things were more like in D&D where spells from every tier were easier to cast, had a more noticeable impact, but limited in quantity. I really liked this. In Deadfire, I feel like you just ignore the first 5-6 tiers and hope you get to the good stuff. So essentially what's a great way to build a single class wizard? Can someone teach me how to approach this correctly? Thanks.
  9. A great tactic has been found. If you use cracking bolt and rolling flame from a long distance, the enemy will not notice the party, which in turn means endless spells. This method allows you to destroy almost any encounter or lure enemies one by one increasing or decreasing the distance. Also, since the spells are power level 2-3, This strategy can be effectively used by any wiz-multiclasses, making the strategy a great way to complete solo PoTD. If you a smart wizard, you should practice sniping. Also, if an enemy encounter contains healers trying to kill someone is pretty useless unless you can kill mob with one blow, but in this case, such exploits are simply not needed. Still great for luring.
  10. I'm looking to run a pure wizard but i'm out of ideas for weapon prof...magic implements are the better choice? or weapon + shield for defense? also, i really like the idea of a gun wizard, shooting people when i run out of spells. is it viable? which is the most efficient? thanks in advance
  11. Hey all, I can't decide between a Battlemage (Fighter/Wizard) and a Psyblade (Fighter/Cipher). I want to make a character with good melee capability as well as decent magic/casting to help augment that melee ability further and occasionally cause damage with casting. Essentially I don't mind occasionally using jolting touch or mind wave to cause damage (I certainly want to use these abilities), but most of the time I want to stay in melee and fight it out. That means I want to use (most of the time) instantaneous casting abilities as augments, because if I'm in melee I don't wanna spend too much time in recovery (I'm also a fan of heavy armor). I find a fighter is a great base class with a nice mix of defensive and offensive passives which is why I am going with that, though I'm open to suggestions. The Wizard and Cipher both bring casting to the table but they do it in different ways. I usually look at buffs/debuffs in terms of "does this increase my chances of hitting them and reduce their chance to hit me?". I feel the wizard is more focused, or rather, has better options for self buffing (arcane veil, mirror image, displaced image, citzal's martial power) increasing my melee abilities and most/all of these are instant cast. Cipher can do something similar but does it by debuffing enemies more with eyestrike and other abilities. These abilities have long cast times which makes me iffy about how much time I'll spend in recovery. But on the other hand I can get soul whip and soul annihilation for increased damage. This is essentially my problem, do I take instant, strong buffs over soul whip and slower debuffs? If anyone has any one tried these classes, please share your opinion of their effectiveness and just how much fun you had.
  12. I was looking through some ability trees and I just couldn't wrap my head around how powerful some abilities were and the tier they were placed at. Am I missing something here or is this really unbalanced? Here is a power level 6 ability: and here is a power level 9 ability: One does roughly a 1200 damage in 15 seconds (guaranteed because its raw), the other does a 1/5 of that in twice as much time (possibly even less since its not raw damage), and is a higher tier ability. Is there a buff or a nerf required here?
  13. Hello, I would like to ask you whether it's intended or bug that ogre fist (from Form of the Fearsome Brute) is not count as unarmed weapon? I wanted to play monk/wizard as Ogre with high attack speed, but it looks like monk's passive buffs to unarmed weapon doesn't work for Ogre fist. It would be probably too strong, but now it's quite confusing.. Thanks guys!
  14. Is the Familiar a Conjurer/Wizard summons still random? I can't make a character to find out till tomorrow (darn mandatoryupdates and limited internet data ;o; ) If yes, does anyone have any idea how I can mod/change this? I want to only have the wyrm/dragon thing.
  15. In part I of this topic, the goal was to more or less get close to 200+ in as many defences as possible, in light of the +20 Deflection +20 Reflex/Fortitude/Will introduced by the pirate outfits in 3.07 as part of the Deadfire item pack. This was to be achieved by using Wizard's Double, which offers +40 Deflection and so long as you're not hit/critted by any attack roll (not just those targeting Deflection). As mentioned in the previous thread some attacks seem to break Wizard's Double whether they hit you or not, but these are very unique circumstances from what I've seen and for the most part Wizard's Double works as intended. Buutttt... in 3.08 these uniforms are now going to get a nerf to +9/+9 in the respective defences. This is significant, as this now means the best possible Deflection granted by clothing is by the Cape of the Master Mystic at +12, meaning an 8 Deflection loss from the build due the +20 originally offered by the outfits. Bummer. This prompted me to re-evaluate what the goal of the entire build should be (rather than just looking to hit arbitrarily high defences as I was doing before) and see whether, with the loss in defences due to the pirate uniform nerfs, if I could still meet this specific goal. So here we go: What's the point Jojobobo (of the build, of course)?!?! So I decided the new underlying goal of the build should be it is now to obtain grazes/misses only, in all defences. As Boeroer pointed out in the previous thread, Wizard's Double is broken by a hit/crit with any attack roll no matter what defence it targets - so if you want to maintain it graze/miss only is a must. On an attack roll where your defence minus opponent's accuracy = 0, on the 1-100 attack roll 1-15 results in a miss, 16-50 results in a graze, and 51-100 results in a hit. Every point of defence you have over an opponent's accuracy is subtracted from the attack roll, broadening that miss chance and reducing the hit chance. As the standard window for a hit is from 51-100, you need defences 50 higher than the accuracy of the opponents attack to ensure graze/miss only. Naturally this means I need to know how accurate boss monster attacks are in order to ensure I'm 50 defence over them, which I've tested out and will get onto in a little bit. What was learnt in the 3.07 test of the build Attribute Spread, Race, Talent Choices and Spells In terms of designing the attribute spread, what I did was assume max Resolve and reverse-engineer the levels of the other attributes to hit the levels of defence needed to get grazes and hits from boss monster attacks (with is done with simple algebra like I did in the first thread, taking opponents accuracy +50 - what I would need in a particular defence for graze/miss - then subtracting all the bonuses I would get to leave me an amount of defence that had to be made up from innate attribute scores). However, that's not exactly presentable, so instead I thought I'd lay down the attribute spread and show the work up to specific defence scores in the next section. So... Defensive Benchmarks In terms of defence, I checked my saves just before a few key fights on a old character to see what the enemy was hitting. I didn't have a save before Magran's Faithful, but I think if I'm a good match for Thaos I shouldn't be too troubled by that particularly bounty. Here are the accuracy benchmarks, and the required defence therefore to get a graze/miss: Alpine Dragon wing attack 154 accuracy vs. Reflex. 204 Reflex needed. Turisulfus attack 134 accuracy vs. Deflection. 184 Deflection needed. Turisulfus Wing Slam 150 accuracy vs. Fortitude. 200 Fortitude needed. Turisulfus Fear Aura 150 accuracy vs. Will. 170 Will needed with Looped Rope and Mental Fortress. Thaos Cleansing Flames 141 accuracy vs. Deflection (his pesky Symbol of Woedica gives him +30 acc). 191 Deflection needed. I also checked the Kraken and Concelhaut, but the accuracy of their attacks weren't as high as the benchmarks set above. Defiant Resolve procs all the time against dragons, and so can be factored in there, but not against Thaos. From here I wanted two separate defensive modes... Deflection/Reflex/Fortitude/Will - 184/204/200/170 (at least) for the Alpine Dragon/Llengrath fight, and... Deflection - 191 for Thaos without Defiant Resolve (buffing the other defences as normal). Alpine Dragon/Llengrath mode: Thaos mode: Conclusions Overall this post demonstrates how on solo a Deflection/Reflex/Fortitude/Will spread of 188/205/204/173 can be obtained for the Llengrath fight, which with buffs against fear effects (+20 Looped Rope, +10 Mental Fortress) means that for most of the fight the dragons will only be capable of grazes or misses (predominantly misses) and Llengrath herself will outright miss you all the time (or close enough to it, her accuracy is way lower than the dragons). Likewise it demonstrates that 192 Deflection is possible for the Thaos fight, 51 points higher than his Cleansing Flames accuracy (I know his grazes with that still hurt a lot, but again he should be predominantly missing, and one or two grazes are do-able). I also wanted to address the nerf to the pirate armor coming in 3.08 and how that effected the build concept from the previous thread. With working out the necessary Deflection needed for Thaos, and throwing in Mental Fortress to keep my defences up against Turisulfus's Fear Aura, the answer is not very much. With the addition of Envenomed Strike, this build should work as an extremely tanky front-liner with some heavy hits to boot (you can go for Plate with this build and with Second Skin, Iron Skin and a DR survival resting bonus hit 30+ DR - on top of the already massive defence scores). Naturally, I'll be restarting this character and avoiding the pirate armor to ensure it's solo Expert PotD viable, so it'll take me quite some time before a full class build surfaces, but the bare bones of it are all here for anyone wanting to play it a little earlier. Hope someone enjoyed, I thought the drilling down into enemy accuracy in this thread added a lot in demonstrating how Wizard's Double is maintainable even in the hardest of fights. Have a nice day!
  16. PS4 user here, thank you so much for bringing Pillars of Eternity to console! :D I've been playing a wizard for awhile and just started getting mastered spells, they don't seem to be working correctly or if they are I would really like some added functionality. The first thing that disappointed me was that the AI behavior seems to completely ignore the fact that these per encounter abilities exist, now this might be as intended... but another check box for mastered spells being used would be great in the AI behavior window. it would really be awesome if Spellsword Aloth would use his per encounter Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff in combat automatically. But that was ok I figured I would just put my mastered spells in the combat radial menu's custom slots. But that doesn't work either, when i attempt to slot the mastered spell it just slots the normal spell version and tells you it isn't in the grimoire if you don't. So to use mastered spells you have to dig through the radial menu every fight. I would really like to know if this is something that could be addressed in a future update or if y'all aren't making changes like this anymore. Also anyone else? Opinions?
  17. ATTENTION: while a viable build, there are FAR stronger ways to build a wizard. If you are looking to become the strongest spellcaster, sorry It is just not as bad enough to defeat Thaos on Story Mode with a little bit of cheating (one high level damage spell and dozens of scrolls). "The absence of visible violence allows manipulation to disguise itself as the harmlessness it pretends to be" -Friedrich Hacker This wizard is a build that should make it possible to be a (somewhat) efficient spellcaster and have very high mental stats (per, Int, Res) at the same time. My problem was, I wanted somewhat high Dex for casting speed as well. This means I had to drop con... And might. This is the reason why I chose a wizard: they have a lot of very powerful crowd control spells and suffer the least from having no might, especially at lower levels their CC spells are craziely overpowered. So, let's take a look: Wild Orlan (wonderful stat bonuses (on two mentals, and bonus damage doesn't really help us (so we'll care about neither the -1 might nor about not being a Heart Orlan). Orlan also has lots of racial interactions) Mig 2 (3 base -1 orlan) Con 3 (3 base) Dex 18 (14 base +4viettro's formal footwear) Per 22 (18 base + 2 Orlan +2 helmet of darksee) Int 22 (18 base +4 Gwyn's Band of union) Res 25 (17 base +1 Orlan +4 Siegebreaker Gloves +3 Gyrd Haewanes Stenes) Yes, I know simply switching mig and Res would make him much more potent, but this guy is about roleplay. Don't worry, you'll get very fast extremely precise long lasting disables combined with high dialogue possibilities. It's a power gamer's nightmare, but it's a wonderful roleplay-character. I won't recommend a culture or background, since this guy is all about roleplay and you go with what you like. Notice however that a bonus on mig or con might not be the best possible option . I'd recommend putting a lot of points into lore, it's very commonly used in dialogues (you'll also get a bonus from being a wizard and from viettro's formal footwear) and then survival for the same reason. Talents: In no particular order (!) recommended Blast (!) (makes Gyrd Haewanes much more useful) Bonus spell (pretending on ring choice) or arcenic veil WF: Noble Interrupting blows (!) (the only other way besides Gyrd's dominate we'll do something with that weapon) Marksman or Bear's Fortitude (becomes (!) if you find yourself in trouble more often) (another) bonus spell (again pretending on ring choice) Spells: Lvl 1: slicken (very powerful) Eldrich aim Fleet Feet (early on an excellent panic button) Chillfog (the blind debuff is very good and it'll last quite a bit... Can go for spirit shield instead of you want to get up concentration) Lvl 2: Bewildering spectacle (this thing is ridiculous this early on!) Miasma of dull-mindedness Curse of blackened sight Fetid caress Lvl 3: Expose Vurnablilities Delirious Accelerity of motion (bread and butter spell) Arduous delay of motion Arcane dampener Lvl4: Confusion Maura's writhing tentacles (our only useful damage spell) Pull of Eora Minor arcane reflection (with grimoire imprint, we might only steal damage spells, which isn't helpful) Lvl 5: Arkemyr's wondrous torment Call to slumber Form of the helpless beast (such fun, to cool to pass on) Ryngrim's enervating terror (if you have a rouge, choose Wall of Force instead... Hobbled triggers Sneak attack and it lasts forever (base 20s!)) Lvl6: Arcane Reflection Arkemyr's Capricious hex Gaze of the adragan Death ring (destroying is nice and I don't really see an alternative) Lvl7: Wall of draining Lengrath's warding staff (hear me out: the push enchantment makes this our last resort when everything else failed and your the last man standing) Llengrath's siphoning image Substantial phantom (it has ADoM, so that's good... Lvl 7 spells aren't that great for CC) Lvl8: Llengrath's death haze Major grimoire imprint Wall of many colours (blue, indigo and voilett are very useful for us) Superior elemental bulwark So, a lot of CC... Ultimately it's the only thing we can do effectively (but obviously we can do THAT pretty effectively). We won't do any damage, but we'll contribute a lot. Mainly we need to justify dropping might for resolve Spell Mastery: Lvl 1: Slicken or Eldrich aim Lvl 2: Miasmana or bewildering spectacle Lvl 3: DAoM Lvl 4: Confusion or pull of Eora Equipment: Since we focus on Roleplaying, we'll mainly use stat-pushing items, since dialogue checks work by the numbers. Feet: viettro's formal footwear (+4 Dex, +2 lore) Rings: Gwyn's band of union (+4 Int) and either ring of the selonan or telda's ring (choose your bonus spells accordingly) Head: helmet of darksee (+2 per and an awesome icon) Neck: Cape of the cheat (with so little health, we need a way of getting out of trouble, thus this cape) Hands: Siegebreaker's Gloves (+4 Res), early on I'd recommend Fulvano's gloves (+2 Dex) Armour: Angious Gambeson (DAoM spellbind) or Raiment of wael's eyes (nice synergy with our high Res and arcenic veil), early on I'd recommend Rundl's Finery (+2 int, +2 lore) Weapon: Gyrd Haewanes Stewes (with blast, it triggers quite a few dominantions. The +3 Res is why I chose it over the golden gaze) In a party, this character will play exactly as you would expect her to... As a squishy Uber-crowd-controller. Which mind sound awful at first, but the build has its times. The AoEs are huge, you have especially early on great acc, and your spells roll in quite quickly. I found the character in the end to be an unique one. It is... special Once again: This build is not exactly an ideal wizard. But if you think you would enjoy roleplaying a determined caster, and at least I really did, then this might actually be for you. So... Yeah CREDITS: THANK YOU for all the input Link to the artist's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itspuzzlingme/ Be sure to check her out...
  18. I think this subject may interest some people, One of my concern on the 1st Pillars Of Eternity was that we'd get to know & see, every possible Enchantments we could do, like, from the very begining of the Game. And never had the opportunity to find that great treasure containing that awesome new Recipe for Weapons, Armor, Shields or Hats. Pretty sure it was a lack of time and ressources problem for you to make it happen. But now, killing Concelhaut, or Any Archmage should have this feature in Deadfire. Sneaking in his/her own private Library, looking for Unique Spells & Enchantments that only a powerfull Archmage know about. If I'm a Rogue, or have a Rogue, and sees that, an Archmage keeps his personal Grimoire in his desk. I'd like to have the possibility to sneak in at night, and steal it ! Obviously, Yselmir should manisfest & tell the Hero : "Hey, why not steal this Grimoire from him ?". Of course, Aloth, like the p*ssy he is, (I like Aloth...^^) would instantly disagree : "You can't do that ! it's one the most powerfull Mage's Grimoire in Eora, he must have protected it with all kinds of dangerous spells ! Even put a Curse that prevent others to use it !" etc, etc. Ok, all of this to say, I'd like Unique (hidden) Recipes in terms of Enchantments primarily, and maybe Weapons & Stuff in Deadfire. I hope they will be able to push that feature further this time around.
  19. Hi, I'm replaying PoE with both expansions (first time with the expansions - criminal really since I've had the game on release and finished it twice before the expansions hit) and really enjoying it but one thing I would love to see expanded upon in Deadfire is the concept of "wizard duels". It's a fairly small thing to implement but I'm thinking of Baldur's Gate 2 specifically when I think of this - there were a few times throughout that game where magic users talents were brought right to the fore. A few times in climactic battles but a few where your sorcerer/wizard basically has to go one on one with another magic user. The most blatant example of this was in the Underdark where you could take on a series of escalating duels for the entertainment of some tavern patrons. But only your wizard was allowed to fight, and the opponent was also a wizard. This would be awesome in PoE as there are a lot of spells designed to counter/absorb spells and effects but in the middle of the hectic combat of PoE you rarely get a chance to see them used effectively. I think weaving something like this into a questline would be pretty awesome. Again just my suggestion but please feel free to comment!
  20. Ok, so I have been thinking about it for a long time. I see that the wizards have a lot of cool spells but each individual wizard has a build using few of those, I mean why do I get 998 buttons with spells when ALOTH is using 5-6 and the rest are just there like "museum pieces" Actually I think there are two main builds with wizards: - crowd control - pure damage So the first type does not use most of the damaging spells and the second one does not use so much dazzling lights / unconsciousness / paralyze /etc. Do you think I am right or not ? BTW I got the same feeling for ciphers, I need exactly FIVE spells from all we got available. Is it not possible to have less icons in the UI so that it can be simpler to play ? Do you rely on automatic hero control where you can click to auto cast DMG abilites or crowd control?? I never tried it cause I thought it might waste spells in easy encounters, so I microcontrol all chars all the time. Any thoughts??
  21. I'm dead set on playing a death godlike wizard because I love the lore and appearance, but I'm having some trouble deciding on the stats. My first instinct is to min-max, but I feel like I might be a little too squishy. I'm playing on normal, so I don't know how much it actually matters in the grand scheme of things. The builds here seem to be based on PotD, as well as optimal item combos, which I probably wont see until end game.
  22. Hey, i found a similar bug in THIS thread, but opened a new thread since it is not the same and that is a beta forum thread. The Unwavering Resolve amulet is not working for my main character, a wizard. The character has 20 intelligence and 4 resolve and gets neither of the bonuses. Amulet works fine on Aloth though. Best regards Yahku
  23. Hi all Sorry, if it's already been discussed. Is this only my bug or EP has no access to wizard's spellbind items anymore? It has a bag icon on HUD, and it's panel has some length but contains no items.
  24. This is my first time obtaining this - which should I give it to? They're each story companions (Aloth, Hiravias). I'm leaning towards Aloth for the potential AoE dominate procs from Blast and 1/encounter stun, but it seems like Golden Gaze would be much better for the AoE DR reduction. Alternatively, I'm thinking to put it on Hiravias since refreshing his Spiritshift isn't a bad option as it hits pretty hard and that would free up Aloth for Golden Gaze. I have Durance in my party too and the displaced image on being crit isn't a bad option either, but the other two seem better. Any input would be appreciated
  25. Hey all! Just wondered if anyone has happened to stumble on any extremely powerful wizard builds. There's so many spells I'm not exactly sure what to focus on. For stats I maxed out int and might to the best of my ability. Think they're 18 each. For skills I'm not too sure, focusing on lore right now. Thanks a bunch!
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