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Found 19 results

  1. So, I entered WM at level 7, struggled mostly at the beginning and the end of it, took a short break in base game at the end and gained 1 more level. Now, is being level 12 too easy for WM2 potd and should I thus upscale or is it still fine? It seems weird, essentially not 'grinding' many levels, barely doing more than what is readily available in the DLC and then getting the prompt that I was actually overlevelled for part 2? Or am I maybe even in a bad middleground and should I work my way to level 13 and then upscale?
  2. I've only had Pillars since yesterday; but, I've spent hours on it... I got the two expansion packs for White March and have a question... I started a new game after I installed the expansion packs and it started in the same area as before the packs... Is is right to assume that, as I work my way through the basic areas and villages, I'll eventually end up in White March territories...??
  3. So, after recruiting Maia in Neketaka with my ranger, you can talk to her about her brother, and, depending on the import, get some choices concerning his death, which is a nice bit of reactivity. I've also heard there's good reactivity if you sacrificed him, which is a very nice touch. However, in this particular playthrough, Kana died sacrificing himself to stop the Eyeless at the end of the White march expansion. A pretty heroic death, yet there's no way of telling Maia what happened, as there is no import for that particular situation in Deadfire. While I understand that it's not that important a choice to carry over, it still stings that there's no chance to inform Maia of her brother's sacrifice, especially since she's the one to ask for closure and the only other options are to lie, say nothing, or act like he just happened to die at some point with a varying degree of empathy. ̶I̶n̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶d̶s̶, ̶l̶i̶t̶e̶r̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶u̶n̶p̶l̶a̶y̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ It's nothing game-breaking and won't stop me from enjoying the playthrough, but it's still disheartening for that particular choice to lack impact on said conversation.
  4. Hi, I cannot visit Durgan's Battery - no matter from which location. The game crashes during loading screen. So far, I've tried lowering graphics setting, disabling vsync, lowering the framerate from max to 75 - did not seem to make a difference. I/m using GOG version of the game (I have both expansions installed), version 3.02 (as far as I can tell). My system information: Linux Mint 17.2 Cinammon 64-bit (Cinammon version 2.6.13) Linux kernel: 3.16.0-38-generic Processor: Intel Core i3-4000M CPU 2.40Ghz x 2 Memory: 3.8 GiB Hard Drives: 642.9 GiB Graphics Card: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller Dropbox link with a savegame and Player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lpexraqbnm5oq2/Pillars.zip?dl=0 Any help would be welcome!
  5. Hello, I just bought the white march I extension, But I do not know how to enter it. I read that it was necessary to make a backup before the pit to get back to CAD NUA. Unfortunately my last backup are all in the pits where I killed Thaos. Should I start the whole game? pfffff I do not want. is there another way? Thank you for your answers Jerome
  6. Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? It's only been happening since the most recent update, but essentially, everything that used to have the New, Load, Options menu and the little buttons down the bottom-right of the menu screen that opens when you open the game are just big pink blocks, as if the image for them is missing. Here's a link to an image I took (the printscreen on my keyboard is broken so sorry about the quality) Funny thing is, if I approximate where the buttons would be, I can still go into the Load, Options, etc. menus by clicking, but when I go in, the menu appears with all the text gone! Here's a link to an image of that (I think this is either the Load or Options menu). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I spoke with Beregan and didn't tell her that I'm sent by Stalwart, just that I'm looking for the Leaden key. She gave me the Leaden Key's expedition's stuff and allowed me to leave in peace. I however attacked her shortly after the conversation was over. Now Renengild's son Uldric acts as if I've went with the diplomatic solution and Beregan is still alive. Savegame to test talking to Uldric and check that Beregan is dead: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2n9OkZ4rwZMVEhDVFJwUnBLeEE/view?usp=sharing
  8. OK the game-breaking bug is that I cannot travel to the White March, since the zone does will appear on my map. At the same time, I get the message "The Steward of Caed Nua has received a letter for you" which appears *every time* I load into any map area. But the steward has no message for me, there are no dialog options that start the White March. I've talked to her a dozen times. Tried restarting, etc. All I can choose are: 1. What is the state of the keep? 2. I have some questions. 3. [leave] Farewell. If I select 2, then there is a subdialog where I can ask about Concelhaut and the Torn Bannermen... but its just for info, it doesn't reveal the map area. I played through White March part I before a few times, if I recall there should be a dialog that starts it (receiving the letter from the steward). I am on a mac, I got pillars and both White March 1 and 2 via GOG. In this game with bug I have beat the battle of Yenwood already. But the bug happened long before that, its been going on for 4 levels of my characters. I kept thinking something would correct itself. I have not installed any patch I am GoG 3.0 (BTW... GOG sucks the galaxy client wants to re-download 9GB full game to apply your latest patch its frikken annoying). I have screenshots if needed and could upload a game I guess too. The problem seemed to start around the time I was first interacting with the Marshall about the battle? I could go check old saves too. Thank you!
  9. Yo guys and girls! I will be streaming WM2 in around 2,5 hours (7:30 pm GMT+1) http://www.twitch.tv/killyox/ So feel free to jump in, talk about the game or anything else for that matter and lets enjoy it together. I may talk in English and Polish a bit depending on who's watching. Be sure to chat and don't be shy about it! After I saw the Eyeless I thought "Damn I will get my ass handed to me on live...". And that's most likely the case! What's my party comp? Merc Barb (out when I get new companion!) Pallegina Durance Devil of Caroc Zahua My sweet Wizard :D Why do I post this here? Because I want to play the game and enjoy it with other people at the same time duh! More followers wouldn't hurt either. I recently started Streaming and YT channel. PS if it so happens that someone would give a donation (hell if I know why ) 50% of it goes to charity. I will be doing a review of White March p2 on YouTube around 20-21st of February too. PS I will be streaming for about 4-5 hours
  10. Hi folks! Since WH hitted, I wondered around guessing if there was a way to take advantage of the universal future of the game. On my next run I will do a PoTD run with a Priest Main (time to drop my pally, for once!) Since I believe that Prey of the Weak is one of the best DPS talents in the WHOLE game per se, but the build always missed a good main hand to go with. Nightshroud+Prey of the Weak+Flick of the Wrist will give use +14 accuracy to BOTH main and off hand weapons, creating the opportunity to have an interesting hybrid caster that want to play in melee and leave yet another slot for the ranged characters. Race Moon Godlike, the basic stats build that I usually put into the account are basic stats point + talents (protagonist) + ced nua rest + items, leaving the full buffs calculations only for bosses fights. So let's resume: 78 basic points +4 from main char protagonist extra feats +9 from items (back, belt and chest) +3 from Ched Nua Rest (dexterity) That's good for AT LEAST 18 Str -> mainly heal and DPS multi 10 Con -> Priest and Moon, don't bother with this 20 Dex -> the MOST important stat for a caster 10 Per 20 Int -> The MOST important stat for a priest 10 Res 6 extra points to reallocate where needed. Gear: Lilith's Shawl: +3 stats AND 20 int to make the aura function for everyone. Shod-in-Faith and Sanguine Plate: Given the 20int and High DPS of the char, I think this is one of the few builds optimized for the nerfed sanguine.I like the Proc but honestly on any melee that I usually run doesn't looks like is worth it (pally high int but low DPS, Rogues and Fighters from good to decent DPS but dumped INT). I wanted to maximize this on proc items and I think this is one of the very best builds to go with them. Broad Belt of Power: +4 stats in one slot, kappa. Rings and Gloves: U need 2 slots dedicated for +saves and + deflex, then you have one free slot to go, gloves for DPS (+5 accuracy or +atk speed) or Ring (+extra spells) are safe choices. I think that, since the universal weapons appared, skaen is quite easily the BEST priest deity and the one who is open to the most building and min maxing potentials, Prey of the Weak finally have found an AMAZING buddy to play with (nightshroud) and we got a cool free talent from WH that sinergy with the build as well in the form of Flick of The Wrist. For reference this will be a PoTD Trial Of Iron run, where I'll try to clear ALL the contest (and most likely fail in the result). Total party composition is gonna be: Pale Elf Fighter (to use the new retaliation helm) dumb Int, defender + Retaliation Items stack. Moon like Rogue: classic semi glass cannon melee DPS with dumb int 2x Moon Like Mage with dumb con and Res Moon like Cipher with dumb con and Res I know, I should add a 3rd mage somewhere but I love rogues too much. I will update the post from time to time to tell you how much I can go further into Iron run and how much the Priest will perform with nightshroud
  11. I got 4 BUGS/PROBLEMS: 1.- Can start the White March missions, cause I can't talk with the steward Like: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81328-cannot-speak-to-the-steward-to-begin-durgans-batter/?hl=steward 2.- Eder keeps wait for talking, but already chosed all options in our conversation 3.- If I respec my character, Savage Attack, keeps available without any need to pick it. And if i choose it during lvl up, i got 2 savage attack available. 4.- The loads time are hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrible.... Here are the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/275k5smif9tnpxc/AADj1vH1AErQUMLlozRIlTSJa?dl=0
  12. Stupid question: I purchased and downloaded the DLC last night on Steam. Today I'm trying to play, and I can't figure out how to launch the White March! How do you run it? I've completed the main game on Easy already and have all my saves sitting there.
  13. Just want to check if anybody has the same issue. Ever since 2.0 version my steam achievements haven't been unlocked properly. I've done all the quests so all the new achievements--Flash Guts and Murder, The Siege of Cragholdt, Bounty Hunter, Watcher at the Breach, Herald of the Old Flames, Terror of the White March--should have appeared. The only achievement I got was Soulbinder, and for some reason it wasn't unlocked until the next time I entered the game after completing its quest. Then I reentered the game several times but no other achievements were showing. I suspect that it is due to my character used to change attributes with IE mod. But this can't explain why I only got the Soulbinder achievement.
  14. This dude took about 15 tries before I realised the main thing stopping me from killing him was the accuracy debuff Eder - full deflection tank, away from main party, lots of endurance potions. need: massive buffs to accuracy and immunity to paralysis and stun (thanks Durance you crazy old coot) Get Eder to attack an ice blight and turn off his AI. keep him alive as long as possible (armor with 2nd chance can help). DO NOT ATTACK THE DRAGON kill off as many stray ice blights and oozes as possible without getting too close to the dragon (their damage is not that important) get Eder to attack the dragon. a butt load of wraiths and spectres will appear. destroy them with your mad buffs and what not. prayer against paralysis is a huge help here. hopefully Eder is still alive. take some time to rebuff your accuracy and might (prayer against fear doesnt seem to help too much as the dubuff is reapplied instantly) smash dragon as fast as humanly possible and pray to Berath. keep him paralysed, petrified, stunned as much as possible (gaze of adragan, chaos orb, scrolls of paralysis) THEN I realised scrolls of paralysis are craft-able, spam those as much as possible when you're going for the dragon kill, easy mode. then I was sad cos I realised I wasted 8 hours of my life NOT crafting these scrolls.
  15. I understood White March is available to access after Act 2 has started by receiving a message at your stronghold. I am in Act 2 with a 5th level character, but am not receiving any message. If a load an old save near the end of the original Pillars of Eternity game I receive a message immediately. Are there any other criteria to be met before you can access White March?
  16. Hi So I bought PoE via the Apple App Store (I had an iTunes gift card so why not?) While it looks like 2.0 and the expansion are available on Steam and GoG, when will the App Store have an update? I'm fine waiting a few more days since I'm playing through Shadowrun: Hong Kong right now, but a time frame would be nice. If there's no concrete time frame (I know Apple is finicky about apps) can I purchase the expansion on GoG and have it still be compatible with my game?
  17. So I've been thinking of starting a few threads about stuff the community would like to see in the upcoming expansions/DLCs going forward under different various topics. I think it's safe to assume we're going to be seeing 4 DLC's/Expansions at a minimum, due to the level increase increment stated in the White March Part 1. If it's raising the cap by 2 to 14, it can probably be expected that Part 2 will raise it to 16, and I doubt we'll see a stop there and assume that the final level cap will be at 20. So that's a lot of content coming down the pipe, and plenty of time to suggest/opine/discuss stuff we might like to see added to the game now that we've had some time with it. So . . . NEW SKILLS! One of the things I'm especially wondering about is how the Skill system is going to stay balanced as the higher levels come in, especially since the current soft cap of 10 levels in any skill is more than enough for anything you could want to use that skill for. I mean, if you max out Mechanics at 10, while there may be some new level 10 traps and locks here and there, are they really going to be adding level 11 and 12 locks and traps? While Lore going up makes more sense (for higher spell level scrolls), what's the real benefit for going higher than 10 in Athletics or Stealth. At those levels you're already way beyond the skill's average utility bonus. But you're still going to get six points for skills every level, and so it seems like every character is going to just max out all their skills by the time they reach level 20 once all 4 expansions are done . . . unless new skills are added. Adding new skills is really the only way I can foresee making the Skill system going forward into the higher levels stay relevant, so what are they going be? What do you want to see? What would make for a good skill in PoE that isn't already in the game that would match how the skill system in PoE works already (as in, there's both a definite Conversation possible effect AND a definite in-game mechanical effect, either passive or active)? For myself, the skill idea I've been mulling over is skill to affect the trading aspect of the game (not that you can't get enough money already, though I tend to think the in-game economy needs to get a bit of a rebalance to maybe make it tougher to get quite so much money as you can currently outside of quest rewards and potentially Stronghold taxes, and there DEFINITELY needs to be a system in place for merchants to clear their inventories since they pile up with the junk you sell them). Mostly because trade skills always feels very tabletop-style RPG to me. At the same time, since Perception doesn't seem to affect mechanical detection values (only conversation detection, whereas MEchanics affects ALL other detection values) a skill that ALSO makes some sense to raise there could also make sense. So I'm thinking something along the lines of Appraisal or Assessment might be a good idea for a skill. It could give a direct bonus to cash values (both buying and selling) when trading goods worth over 100 coppers (so it won't work to help raise values on a single sword, but it can on a decent set of armor or a fine or better weapon), and it will split off the detection of hidden caches from being related to Mechanics (which makes sense for detecting traps, but not necessarily anything else that's hidden) and possibly Stealthed enemies (if they're ever added to the game, which would be pretty cool if they were in my opinion). Now I have read from earlier Fallout related stuff that Mr. Sawyer doesn't like boring "Barter" skills that just give you a flat cash modifier. So I'm thinking Appraisal/Assessment could be related to a new, more active ability - Haggle. A per rest ability that allows the player to attempt to raise or lower the prices on a trade with a merchant based on a skill check: of the Appraisal skill. The idea being that when you make a trade with a merchant, rather than just buying the goods at the agreed upon price as normal, you can also try to haggle with them instead, and then the game will make a roll here - if it fails, the price you pay goes up rather than down by the potential modifier, if it succeeds you get your Appraisal modifier added to the transaction and if you critically succeed you get your modifier doubled. Haggling would be an alternate option to just buying and not back out-able (once you select it your stuck with the results), and like I said, you'd only get to use it a certain number of times per rest (based on the PC's Appraisal skill value). The total potential modifier amount would be affected by the whole party's total Appraisal skill (so there's a reason to potentially raise it for characters other than your PC). It would look something like this: Appraisal Rank 1 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 5% modifier, Detect Level 1 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 2 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 10% modifier, Detect Level 2 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 3 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 13% modifier, Detect Level 3 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 4 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 16% modifier, Detect Level 4 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 5 - 3 Haggle Attempts per rest at 19% modifier, Detect Level 5 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 6 - 3 Haggle attempts per rest at 21% modifier, Detect Level 6 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 7 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 23% modifier, Detect Level 7 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 8 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 25% modifier, Detect Level 8 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 9 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 27% modifier, Detect Level 9 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 10 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 30% modifier, Detect Level 10 Hidden Objects/Creatures But then, that's just one idea for potential new skills, what are yours?
  18. Hello guys, Any sign about improvements on soloing play? I mean, as far as I see, a lot of players are soloing the game or already did/tried it. But I think things are a little unbalanced for soloing, obviously, the game was designed for a small group of heroes, but, if we have a tendency here of liking to solo (or at least try it), why not think to do some improvements in the soloing playing? One of them, I think would be great with the leveling up while solo was effectively faster. If you want to play Path of the Demned, Expert Mode and Trial of Iron, AND SOLO, that turns the game a little not fun for some character classes... I find viable to solo as a Fighter and as a Monk, but with other classes (I'm still testing), that's just doesn't work. Even as a Monk I was needed to take Éder as a tank in some moments. What do you think, would be great to also improve some aspects of the game soloing in White March or any other updates? Cheers.
  19. Hello all, I found a map of the White March hanging on the wall in the second floor of the The Charred Barrel in the Brackenbury district. Did you find any other references?
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