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Found 1 result

  1. In a great many RPG's I have played in my time I often find one of my biggest angsts is that the guy I want to oppose never really felt opposing or someone that made my life a personal hell. I want that to change in Eternity. I like what this game could be but what I really want to see is another Memorable Kriea/Trancendant One/Jon Irencius. So what ultimatley makes a villian like these ones so special? These Antagonists all had a personal attachment to you in one form or another. They exist consistantly in the story of their games rawly to make your life a living hell. They actually effect you by hurting friends, you and the world in ways that will all link back to the pain you suffer for them. They are damned cool to look at and have memorable voice actors that leave shivers down the spine. A villian to me needs to be a person that reprisents all of these things and more. We can be the villian in some rpgs and that too is fun but perhaps the most important essense of an antagonist is to remember with a story, they must be the obsticle to the player. It can be anything to me, be it a person, a metaphysical force or a very concept that can be the main villian but as long as it convinces me that its worth my investment to destroy it im happy. So, what "doesnt" work for a villian? The list I generally find most bad guys are overly cliche for is the following: Dragons, there are too many of them latley. Evil Wizards, again, overkilled cliche of late. Female seductive sorceresses, far too typical and predictable. "The Black Knight" usually an armored or imposing super strong male figure who wants to destroy you. Orcs, Goblins or an army of boringly predicable hordes of evil that force you to unite the races (yawn). These things are the things I really do not hope Project Eternity will be filled with in my opinion purley because of the amount of times they've been done. I know in this day and age its impossible to avoid a cliche but I really hope Obsidian (and I know you will because you guys are awesome) do a deep job of making an origional anti-force for the protagonist (you). Im also going to name a few faces that I feel I do not want to see either, examples of villians that are so predictable it hurts and equally feel week and shallowly developed: Alduin in Skyrim, granted this guy is supposed to be a world eater but not once is a city destroyed by him and he even saves your life (accidently) at the very beginning of the game. Malak from Kotor 1, because granted, while Malak was your apprentice (and the twist was really cool) he never felt like an interesting villian himself other than "go destroy things Bwahahaha!" -Cough- booooring. The Blight from Dragon Age, it had potential to be interesting (and the architect was a good example of that) but otherwise its just a predictable (yet another zerg) force that comes to consume and swallow everything and never feels personal or truley your problem. You could have just run away but you chose dumbly not to (granted thats one opinion and alot of others might have different ones). Thats a good example of naming and shaming. None of these antagonists felt personal it wasnt like Malak was after me or Alduin even destroyed or hurt anyone I loved. Thats the wrong way to make me care, I shouldnt have to go to them to care, they should come to me and "make" me care about who "they" are. The antagonist is the obsticle and opposite of the protagonist, be you the hero or the vilian your opposite has to be that which hinders your progress and chooses to object you as the center of their goal to stop or destroy. That goal should be a personal and emotional journey, loosing companions, being hurt literally by them and metaphorically. Made to question weather your morality is better than theres, these are things that make a good villian. So what I am saying here Obsidi is, please make us a well done antagonist, one that leaves us with shock and awe at twists and turns they take us through and ruins our hopes and gives us reason to repent for their victories, avenge ourselves, and conquer or save the world. Make these foes, the main foe, or foes! Who said its limited to one? A group or individual that truley want to ruin my chars life. "THEN" I will go and stop them, THEN I will rally an army to end their tyranny (or conquer their heroism) THEN I will liberate nations from their hand (or send daggers in the dark to unmake their merciful rule). Make me care, Obsidian, make me care who, or what these things are that oppose me.
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