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  1. What! More fixes, We've fixed a bunch of issues (well mainly BMac). If everything goes alright we will push the 3.04 live for all the enjoy sometime next week. Any other serious issues that come up will be addressed (Kraken having 0 DR) but other than that this will be it for the foreseeable future. A huge thanks to everyone for your feedback and testing, you 'heroes' know who you are. Keep the feedback coming, we will be reviewing the feedback answers up until the patch goes live for the contest. Winners will be announced a few days after. Bug Fixes; - Sul attacking her own pride during 'The Old Queen and the New King' - Cliant Lis traps not functioning - The Unlabored Blade Firebug proc not functioning - Breath VFX originating from adventurers hand - Tooltip for Sabre +20% is missing item mod 468 - Nyry the Deft Hand not granting Cape of the Cheat to base game - Characters sometimes being stuck in Elmshore adra pillar - Stun on crit weapon mod duration is unaffected by graze/hit/crit - Party AI sometimes runs to undiscovered enemies - Chanter, One Dozen Stood... phrase not reducing Frightened and Terrified - Fighter, Clear Out causing Blights to stop attacking Always a pleasure - Sking Build: v3.04.1158 [update: 10/27] - Kraken DR is set to 8 from 0 Build: V3.04 1165
  2. Device: iPad OS: iOS 10.1.1 Model: iPad Air PFID#: 3157 When I start up the game, my login is successful; it then gives me a pop-up notification that the game has been updated, etc, and that I should update to the newest version for full connectivity. Clicking the Update Now button takes me to the App Store page for the game.... from where I have no option to install the newest version. App Store's page for the game doesn't seem to register that I need to update; it just shows that I already have the game installed. The only option button for me there is "Open" the existing installed app, which just takes me back to the same screen within the game of telling me I need to update. I've tried accessing the App Store page on its own as well with the game not already running; it still does not recognize that I need to update to the newest version. It did this at the last update as well; I must have tried dozens of times before it finally gave me the option to install the new version.
  3. Hey guys/gals, We are working on our next patch. We have quite a list of issues that we'd like to address in this patch. That being said, feel free to comment below with any issues you think we might miss and/or should definitely fix. Slap hands - Sking P.S. The current plan has us releasing the 3.04 patch Tuesday of next week (11/1). [Edit: 11/1] Delayed until Thursday 11/3, Total Fixes to Date; - Engagement is now broken when characters are knocked back - Personal 'Total Damage Done' no longer comes up as '-Infinity' - Multiple issues with Glittering Gauntlets - Fixed the Nav around the adra pillar in Elmshore - Cape of the Cheat will now be rewarded to base and px1 players - Charming all enemies in a combat will no longer reset combat - Audio cutting out in the End Slides following the White March - Skeleton Wizard 'Necrotic Lance' set up as a ray - VFX that start from characters heads (breath weapons, etc..) misaligned - Korean Loc issue with text getting cut off during Character Creation - Brighthollow error on transition (this includes Durrance/Hiravius, and Rod of Wind and Thunder issues) Also! This will correct past saves affected by this issue. - Barbarian, Bash hitting multiple times with Carnage - Chanter, Ancient Memory no longer deactivates after casting an Invocation - Cipher, Phantom Foes flanked debuff being removed when the enemy is engaged - Cipher, Pyschic Backlash hitting the Cipher at the start of combat - Druid, Fire Stag *Missing gui* in the combat log - Druid, Infestation of Maggots now does the intended amount of damage per tic - Fighter, Confident Aim doubling on Save/Load - Monk, Torment's Reach no longer procs off every enemy hit - Priest, Seal spells no longer activate twice - Priest, Iconic Projection no longer bypasses DR - Ranger, Twinned Arrow + Driving Flight accuracy issues - Ranger, Powder Burns now works as intended with DR Penetration - Wizard, Wall of Draining no longer increases beneficial spells permanently Bugs fixed during Beta; - Kraken DR raised from 0 to 8 - Sul attacking her own pride during 'The Old Queen and the New King' - Cliant Lis traps not functioning - The Unlabored Blade Firebug proc not functioning - Breath VFX originating from adventurers hand - Tooltip for Sabre +20% is missing item mod 468 - Nyry the Deft Hand not granting Cape of the Cheat to base game - Characters sometimes being stuck in Elmshore adra pillar - Stun on crit weapon mod duration is unaffected by graze/hit/crit - Party AI sometimes runs to undiscovered enemies - Chanter, One Dozen Stood... phrase not reducing Frightened and Terrified - Fighter, Clear Out causing Blights to stop attacking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [update 1: 8/24] Fixes so far; - Druid spell 'Fire Stag' *Missing gui* in the combat log - Skeleton Wizard 'Necrotic Lance' set up as a ray - VFX that start from characters heads (breath weapons, etc..) misaligned - Bash hitting multiple times with Carnage - Cipher 'Pyschic Backlash' hitting the Cipher at the start of combat - Korean Loc issue with text getting cut off during Character Creation - Brighthollow error on transition (this includes Durrance/Hiravius, and Rod of Wind and Thunder issues) Also! This will correct past saves affected by this issue. - Fighter 'Confident Aim' doubling on Save/Load Note: These are the fixes we have so far, we have a larger list we are still addressing. [update 2: 8/31] Our Wishlist so far; - Chanter, Ancient Memory deactivates after casting an Invocation - The audio cuts out in End Slides following the White March slides - Ranger -10 accuracy loss every other shot while using Driving Flight and Twinned Arrows - Iconic Projection bypasses all DR - Flanked debuff from Phantom Foes is removed when you engage an enemy - Druid, Infestation of Maggots is not functioning as intended - Priest seals activating twice - Engagement not broken by knockback attacks - Characters do not attack after engaging enemies with longer range than their own - Multiple issues with Glitter Gauntlets - Charming an enemy and attacking it resets combat - Wall of Draining increases the duration of beneficial spells permanently - Ranger, Power Burns removes the natural DR penetration provided by guns Note: These are the issue we are considering, some will not get fixed (time, money, etc..) but the majority is our goal. I will be reviewing our forums regularly to add any issues you peeps bring up. [update 3: 9/12] More Fixes; - Chanter, Ancient Memory no longer deactivates after casting an Invocation - Ranger, Twinned Arrow + Driving Flight accuracy issues - Ranger, Power Burns now works as intended with DR Penetration - Cipher, Phantom Foes flanked debuff being removed when the enemy is engaged - Druid, Infestation of Maggots now does the intended amount of damage per tic - Monk, Torment's Reach no longer procs off every enemy hit - Priest, Seal spells no longer activate twice - Priest, Iconic Projection bypasses DR - Wizard, Wall of Draining no longer increases beneficial spells permanently - Engagement is now broken when characters are knocked back - Personal 'Total Damage Done' no longer comes up as '-Infinity' - Multiple issues with Glittering Gauntlets - Charming all enemies in a combat will no longer reset combat - Audio cutting out in the End Slides following the White March Note: There are still a few more we want to hit. Plus any that get brought to our attention on this thread. Also, thanks to all you peeps that have been helping out. [update 4: 9/26] Tim Table Update and Balance Change; - We are about half way through our current test plan for the 3.04 patch, we should be finished by Friday. We will be releasing the Beta on Tuesday of next week. - Sabre base damage will drop to 11-16, and it will have a +20% damage mod. They should still take the 'top damage' slot but this change should lower them enough to encourage other options. Let us know what you think during the Beta. Note: We are looking for lots of feedback during this Beta. There will be amazing, incredible, unbelievable super secret prizes for people who participate. More details on this will be announced soon. [update 5: 10/17] Bugs to fix before release 'wishlist'; - Sul attacking her own pride during 'The Old Queen and the New King' - Cliant Lis traps not functioning - The Unlabored Blade Firebug proc not functioning - Fighter, Clear Out causing Blights to stop attacking - Breath VFX originating from adventurers hand - Paladin, Flames of Devotion becomes unusable after party AI uses it with ranged weapon - Tooltip for Sabre +20% is missing item mod 468 - Chanter, One Dozen Stood... phrase not reducing Frightened and Terrified - Nyry the Deft Hand not granting Cape of the Cheat to base game - Characters sometimes being stuck in Elmshore adra pillar Note: These are the issues we want to hit before pushing the 3.04 patch live. Anything serious found will/can be added to this list until the release. Let me know! [update 6: 10/27] Last Beta update; - Kraken DR is set to 8 from 0 Note: Tuesday (11/1) of next week is the target date for switching the patch from beta to live. Unless something serious comes up over the weekend.
  4. Hey you (bunch of inquisitive gamers) 3.04 is going into Beta tomorrow 10/4. This patch will have quite a few fixes and 1 balance change. We will be having some sweet prizes for people that participate in the Beta. We will announce the prizes and what you can do to get them tomorrow with the Beta. Here are the complete Patch Notes
  5. Hey guys/gals, Patch 3.03 is now live. A full change list will be released shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta and wrote up bugs, it really helped us out a lot. Love you nerds (well.. maybe not 'love', but at least 'like, like') - Sking
  6. 3.03 Beta Update 'On Hit' weapon procs now function correctly. Fixed multiple issues with companions auto-level up (thanks Hamskii). Fixed an issue where characters would stay invisible when using Cape of the Master Mystic. Added a missing hatchet (thanks nem0).
  7. Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? It's only been happening since the most recent update, but essentially, everything that used to have the New, Load, Options menu and the little buttons down the bottom-right of the menu screen that opens when you open the game are just big pink blocks, as if the image for them is missing. Here's a link to an image I took (the printscreen on my keyboard is broken so sorry about the quality) Funny thing is, if I approximate where the buttons would be, I can still go into the Load, Options, etc. menus by clicking, but when I go in, the menu appears with all the text gone! Here's a link to an image of that (I think this is either the Load or Options menu). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Description: I just updated my GOG version to 3.01 (primarily to fix the "Marshall won't give me the offer to hire mercenaries for 10000cp" bug) Now, I cannot load any saved games I get a windows crash screen, offering me to close the program, search online for fix and close, or debug The second two do nothing more than the first e.g. closing the program I looked at the log, it said that 'sharedassets164.assets' is corrupted, so I downloaded the GOG corrupted saved games hotfix, to overwrite sharedassets164.assets Same problem Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Load any savegame Important Files: Link to dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xnn3ujd73jd9iv/crash.zip?dl=0 Savegames In the zip file Output Log This seems to be the problem The file 'C:/GOG Games/Pillars of Eternity/PillarsOfEternity_Data/sharedassets164.assets' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! Rest of the output log is in the zip file System Specs In the zip file Screenshots
  9. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everybody. We have lots of cool Pillars of Eternity news for you today. Everything from our Update 3.0 Beta to a last chance to get your very own copy of Lords of the Eastern Reach. Last chance at Lords of the Eastern Reach! As most of you know, Lords of the Eastern Reach is a card game from Zero Radius Games that is based on the Pillars of Eternity license. The game had a successful Kickstarter last year and Zero Radius Games is about to send the game for printing. If you didn't get a chance to put in an order, but want to get your hands on the game in the near future, there is still time. Just head over to its Backer Portal and make a pledge! Even better, if you already have an account made for the Pillars of Eternity Backer Portal it will work with the Lords of the Eastern Reach portal. Update 3.0 Beta In preparation for The White March - Part II launching next month we are putting out a 3.0 Beta on Steam. The 3.0 Update comes with a ton of changes, bug fixes, and new features. We need your help in looking over everything to make sure that the community is happy with the direction of some of these changes. If you are able, we would really appreciate that you opt into the Beta patch and supply feedback in our forums. As always, you guys are what helps to make Pillars of Eternity the best game it can be. Here is a small list of features and changes that we would like feedback on: The value/feeling of Athletics and Survival, both on their own and relative to other skills. Do any of the Survival bonuses feel way out of line with the other bonuses? How do Knockout Injuries feel? Are they too punishing? Not punishing enough? Do any injuries feel way out of line with other injuries? Assuming you like the idea of Story Time, how does it feel to you? Does it make the game more enjoyable for you, or does it just remove combat as an obstacle that you didn't like in the first place? Do you like the new Stronghold Adventures? Do you like the narrative elements of them? How do the unique items you get from them feel? Do any of the unique items seem out of line with other items considering their relative difficulty level (i.e., comparing Minor to Minor, Grand to Grand)? Do you like the presentation and content of the Stronghold Visitor Dilemmas? How do you feel about the setup of the scenes? Are there any dilemmas that you don't like? Do you feel like the dilemmas all give you a good range of options for resolving them? Does the combat in the last third of the main game (from Elmshore on) feel better? Specifically, have we removed enough battles that feel like trash mobs or filler? Have we improved the fights there so they are a) challenging and b) more interesting? The same question, but on levels 7, 8, and 11 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua. For a more in-depth look at some of the changes and fixes, head over here and check it out. Obsidian Tools Localization Builder Hey, modders! Have you been looking for an easier way to translate Pillars of Eternity into different languages? The Obsidian Tools Localization Builder is the answer. With the Localization Builder you can quickly and easily translate Pillars of Eternity and The White March just like we do here at Obsidian. To get more information about the Localization Builder watch the video below. This video will tell you a bit about the Localization Builder and explain how to set it up. Note: The Localization Builder requires a legitimate copy of Excel to work correctly. If you use a pirated version it may not work properly. Note: It is also for Windows only. We have no plans on making OSX or Linux versions for the future. You can download the Localization Builder here. You can download the associated Excel files here. Unofficial Translations With the release of our Localization Builder, the Eternity team wanted to showcase some of the unofficial fan translations for Pillars of Eternity. Everyone here at Obsidian really appreciates the hard work that you guys put in to spread the game to as many people as possible. Here are some languages below: GermanGerman localizations here. (Created by Phobi666) ItalianItalian localizations here. (Created by improbabile) FrenchFrench localizations here. (Created by r-e-d) SpanishSpanish localizations here. (Created by MemnochPSA) JapaneseJapanese localizations here. (Created by fackman and Synctam) If people would like to assist in getting more translation fixes in, they can post here on the forums. GermanGerman localization thread here. ItalianItalian localization thread here. FrenchFrench localization thread here. RussianRussian localization thread here. SpanishSpanish localization thread here. If you would like to perform translations in new languages you can use the Obsidian Tools Localization Builder. Just check out the video above. That's it for this update. Our next update will be about Pillars of Eternity's latest companion, Maneha.
  10. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hello, everyone. Happy Small Harvest! The Pillars team has been hard at work squashing bugs and finishing up The White March - Part II, but that doesn't mean we don't have time for a little fun on the side. In this update we will talk about the Small Harvest holiday, our brand new short stories, and show off some cool new art from The White March - Part II. We'll also go over the latest update that was released, 2.03, and all of the new stuff that is included. In future updates, we will release more exclusive info on The White March - Part II. The team also has a special Halloween treat for Pillars of Eternity fans... Pumpkinhead Mode? The Small Harvest In past generations, the Eothasian autumn festival of the Small Harvest was celebrated by most immigrants to the Eastern Reach. Farmers and the villages that relied on them came together to share food and drink from the season's earliest crops and give thanks to the gods for their good fortune.Children would bring food to distant farms or to elders who were unable to travel on their own and priests of Eothas would line the roads with small candles. In exchange for the food that children brought, the farmers' families would craft small dolls from corn husks or carve a variety of exaggerated faces into small gourds, leaving them outside as gifts. Poor or elderly families would simply spend time with the children and thank them for their charity. In the years following the Saint's War, the Small Harvest has taken a different tone in the Dyrwood and Readceras. Since the destruction of St. Waidwen, whom many believe was a manifestation of Eothas, most Dyrwoodans have no interest in celebrating the holiday. Those who continue to leave out dolls or carved gourds are generally viewed with suspicion and resentment, often finding their dolls burned and gourds smashed by angry neighbors. If you want to read more about the Small Harvest and how it is celebrated in Eora, check out our Small Harvest lore page. Pumpkinhead Mode For those of you playing Pillars of Eternity on October 30th and 31st you'll get a special surprise if you turn on Big Head mode in your options. Go ahead. Try it. We'll wait. The Ratcatcher and New Short Stories One of Pillars of Eternity's very own Narrative Designers, Carrie Patel, has a brand new short story featuring Sagani and Itumaak. Without spoiling too much, Sagani runs across a foul murder in a small village and is determined to find out what really happened. This is the first short story in a new series of stories that we will be releasing over the coming weeks that will feature familiar characters and some new faces. Here are the release dates for the other stories: Blood Register by Paul Kirsch - November 3rd The Reaping by Eric Fenstermaker - November 10th Until He Started Screaming by Carrie Patel - Released Date TBD To find The Ratcatcher and future stories, head over to our Short Stories page. The White March - Part II We still aren't ready to give many details about the second part of The White March, but the team wanted to share some of the cool work that they have been doing with the backers... ... like some new Vithrack concepts (a.k.a. nightmare fuel). Or some of our new helms that match Pillars of Eternity unique armors. Or a new cave to explore. (First pass render with no paintover yet) Stay tuned to future updates so you can see the latest art and design details from The White March - Part II. Update 2.03 The team has been hard at work continuing to fix bugs and add polish to Pillars of Eternity and The White March. Our latest update has many fixes, some cool new changes to the fighter, and we have even added some new key bindings to help support the Steam controller. Here are some of the changes: Steam Controller Pillars of Eternity now has support for the Steam controller. The default template will be set once the update is live. There is a suggested configuration that can be found on the templates that are accessed in Steam's big screen mode. New key bindings have been added to support additional actions needed for the Steam controller control schemes. Fighter Changes Base Deflection raised up by 5. Knockdown gets a 1.20 damage multiplier (no longer gets bonus Crush damage). Disciplined Barrage raised from +10 to +15 Accuracy. Armored Grace has been scaled from -15% to -20% Armor Recovery Penalty Clear Out base Crush damage increased from 10-16 to 15-22. Scales every 3 levels after 7 by 15%. Into the Fray's damage scales every 3 levels after 5 by 15%. Major Fixes Fixed an issue that was causing certain quests to take experience instead of granting it. Fixed a problem with chanters not being able to set their chants properly after they have retrained. Fixed an issue where retraining was allowing characters to obtain unlimited skill points. Using store filters now only shows the appropriate items instead of graying out other items in the store panel. Fixed multiple issues with the stronghold and how it interacted with DLC content. Fixed an issue that caused the main character to lose his or her background shortly after character creation. Party/Companion AI Can now enable/disable AI on multiple non-pet characters at the same time. Fixed issues where AI would not automatically attack enemies. Fixed issues where AI would engage enemies that were hidden by fog of war. Fixed an issue where AI casters would cast per-rest abilities despite the option being turned off. Fixed an issue that caused AI controlled party members to attack other party members that were charmed or confused. Reviewed and updated what spells/abilities are cast in AI profiles for multiple classes. Monsters/Enemies/NPCs Multiple enemy types have been given immunities to certain afflictions. These enemy types have had their bestiary updated to reflect these immunities. Fixed multiple issues regarding NPC reactivity after completing certain quests. Fixed multiple bugs regarding Enemies/NPCs detecting stealthed characters and how they react to stealthed characters that they detect. Rebalanced requirements for full bestiary unlocks for certain enemies that were not unlocking on easy difficulty. Added additional bestiary information for multiple enemy types. Abilities/Talents Minor Grimoire Imprint has had multiple fixes and now works as intended. Fixed an issue with the Ranger's Stalker's Link ability adding too much accuracy in some situations. Fixed an issue that caused certain buffs and abilities to persist after combat ended. St. Ydwen's Redeemer's Revive the Fallen ability now works correctly. Fixed an issue that allowed Chanters to choose an extra talent. Fixed an issue where the debuff "Bonded Grief" would not be removed after reviving animal companions. Quests Fixed an issue with The Siege of Cragholdt that kept the quest from progressing. Fixed an issue with the Grey Sleeper questline that would cause it fail after completing it. Fixed multiple issues with the "Sacrificial Bloodlines" quest. Fixed an issue that would break game progression after talking to Maerwald. Fixed an issue that didn't allow the player to complete the game after killing Thaos. Achievement Fixed an issue with the Herald of the Old Flame achievement being awarded prematurely. Fixed an issue that kept players from receiving White March Part 1 achievements. Items Fixed an issue that caused enchants to be removed when a character retrained. Fixed an issue that allowed Sentinel's Girdle to be equipped in a ring slot. Fixed enchantment issues with Badgradr's Barricade. Fixed an issue where the draining modification on weapons would disappear. Fixed an issue that caused Sabra Marie to be mis-categorized. Localization Fixed multiple issues with Korean text. That's it for now and have a great Halloween from the Eternity team!
  11. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. The Eternity team is currently hard at work on the second part of The White March, but that doesn't mean we don't have time for updates and fixes for Pillars of Eternity and the first part of The White March! In this backer update we will share some of the fixes that have gone into 2.02, show off some cool swag, and let you know about some novels by a couple Obsidianites. In future updates we will discuss some of the things we are doing for the second part of The White March. Update 2.02Not only does Update 2.02 introduce some important fixes for the game, but we have even added in GOG Galaxy achievement support for you achievement hunters. The update is currently live on Steam and will be live on Origin and GOG within a day or two. Check out some of the changes below: Major Fixes GOG Galaxy achievements now work. A party member using a movement speed modifying item now should walk at the same speed as the rest of the party outside of combat. Added more optimizations for save and load. Fixed an issue where some players were not able to talk to the Steward of Caed Nua to start The White March quest lines. Fixed issues with Respec not working correctly with some edge case abilities and talents. Fixed some problems that were being reported with self-targeting abilities (Like Frenzy). Fixed problems with chanters not being able to set their chants properly after they have retrained. Abilities All Summoned weapons are now considered universal weapon type. Fixed a number of issues with Nature's Bounty. Items Soulbound weapons are properly unbound when the bound soul dies. Fixed issue where weapon switching recovery could go negative. Ambush Item Mod should only drain 15% attack speed now. Shadowflame from Ninguath's Grimiore is now 4th level. Removed enchantment cost of the Cumbersome item mod. Lowered the enchantment cost for Spellstriking Confuse and Spellstriking Thrust of Tattered Veil. Quests Small Balance changes to the Alpine and Sky Dragon attacks. Fixed a number of issues with the Devil of Caroc's reactivity in the soul awakening quest. The Hunter's Favor should properly resolve if Thyrsc and Suldrun are killed before completion. Stronghold attacks can now happen if the player level is over 13. Caroc and Zahua now have a place in the stronghold. Alpine Dragon is now set to never gib. Vamrel's conversation will only fire once now. Miscellaneous Notes Quick items on the ability bar are now sorted by slot. Afflictions display like other status effects on the party bar. Fix a number of hotkey binding issues and bugs. Accuracy for Bestiary entries now account for stances and shields. Fixed a problem with Accuracy being reported incorrectly until the party enters combat. Hey, where'd you get that shirt? As some of you saw in our last update, DRKN has produced some cool Pillars-inspired shirts and sweatshirts. Recently, Obsidian's order came in from DRKN and we had some fun posing for the camera. If you didn't get a chance to grab one last time there is still hope! Just head over there and grab yourself some of that Pillars swag. Novels by Obsidianites A while back we introduced you guys to some novels by Carrie Patel (Narrative Designer, Pillars of Eternity) and Andrew Rowe (Systems Designer, Armored Warfare). If you enjoyed those books we have some really good news, Carrie's second book in her Recoletta series is now available. Cities and Thrones: Recoletta Book 2From Carrie: Revolution transforms the city of Recoletta. The new leaders dethrone the old oligarchs, open up the secret archives, and establish a new government based on change and transparency. Months later, Recoletta is in shambles, the farming communes have revolted, and neighboring cities scheme against the crippled behemoth. Inspector Liesl Malone, now chief of police, must protect her city from black market barons, violent insurgents, and the excesses of her new government. Meanwhile, Jane Lin has fled to the city of Madina, where she learns of a plot to crush Recoletta. Jane must decide whether—and how—to save her old city from her new home. Cities and Thrones is the sequel to the critically acclaimed novel The Buried Life, and it's available in bookstores now. If you are interested in the series you can also find the first book here. Forging DivinityIf you didn't get a chance to pick up Andrew's book, Forging Divinity, the first time, now's your chance. From Andrew: Some say that in the city of Orlyn, godhood is on sale to the highest bidder. Thousands flock to the city each year, hoping for a chance at immortality. Lydia Hastings is a knowledge sorcerer, capable of extracting information from anything she touches. When she travels to Orlyn to validate the claims of the local faith, she discovers a conspiracy that could lead to a war between the world's three greatest powers. At the focal point is a prisoner who bears a striking resemblance to the long-missing leader of the pantheon she worships. Rescuing the prisoner would require risking her carefully cultivated cover - but his execution could mean the end of everything Lydia holds dear. If you are interested, head over to Amazon and pick up a copy. That's it for now. Look for our next update that will talk a bit more about The White March: Part II.
  12. Hey, everyone. Update 2.02 is now live on Steam. If you would like to see some of the fixes for 2.02, please check them out here. Due to a last minute fix, we were a bit late in sending builds to Origin and GOG. They should have their updates live within a day or two. Be on the look out for a backer update later in the day that will have some additional info for you.
  13. Hey, everyone. 1.06 is now live on Steam. The build is being sent over to GOG and Origin shortly so they should have the update ready in a couple of days. If you would like to read through the update notes check them out here.
  14. Hello guys, Any sign about improvements on soloing play? I mean, as far as I see, a lot of players are soloing the game or already did/tried it. But I think things are a little unbalanced for soloing, obviously, the game was designed for a small group of heroes, but, if we have a tendency here of liking to solo (or at least try it), why not think to do some improvements in the soloing playing? One of them, I think would be great with the leveling up while solo was effectively faster. If you want to play Path of the Demned, Expert Mode and Trial of Iron, AND SOLO, that turns the game a little not fun for some character classes... I find viable to solo as a Fighter and as a Monk, but with other classes (I'm still testing), that's just doesn't work. Even as a Monk I was needed to take Éder as a tank in some moments. What do you think, would be great to also improve some aspects of the game soloing in White March or any other updates? Cheers.
  15. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. We have two bits of news for you today. One is about Zero Radius Games' Pillars of Eternity card game and the other is about updates for the DVD copies of the game. Pillars of Eternity Card Game: Lords of the Eastern Reach A quick note to let everyone know the Pillars of Eternity card game is in its last 24 hours. They've opened up 13 Stretch goals adding 82 more cards, solo rules, a wooden Pigeeple of the Spectral Pig, better cards, bigger dice, and are coming up on adding the Chanter troop type to the game. Plus, they just added a Campaign Book for people to be able to play through a whole series of scenarios that tell a story. Yeah... they've been busy. Check it out, and if it looks cool the guys at ZRG would be very appreciative of your backing. DVD Updates We have good news for everyone that has a DVD backer copy of the game, but would like the latest 1.06 update. You can now head over to our Backer Portal to download an update to the latest version of the game. Updates and installation instructions for all three OSes are on the page. When a new update is released in the future, we will add the new patches in this location.
  16. By Tim Cain, Senior Code Wizard and Systems Designer Hello! I have spent much of my time for the last few weeks devoted to making the game’s stronghold system, which was one of our Kickstarter project’s biggest stretch goals, into one of the best systems in the game. Josh has created an amazing and detailed stronghold design, with lots of upgrades and activities and random events that really make owning a stronghold fun and exciting. I want to spend this update explaining what we have made in the game, but first, let’s talk about the stronghold itself. First, a caveat: I am going to describe the stronghold as it is currently designed. This design is mostly programmed already too, but as with all development, it might change as we finish the art and audio, fix any bugs, and tune the game play. So please view this as a snapshot of the stronghold development as it exists today. You will be offered the stronghold early in the game, before you finish Act 1. But the stronghold itself is old and dilapidated, and you will want to upgrade it as soon as you can. These upgrades will, in turn, open up new activities and events that can happen, which will make the stronghold a dynamic and fun place to own. So let’s go through the many reasons why you will want to have a stronghold. Bonuses There are five bonuses you will receive for getting and upgrading your stronghold. Resting bonuses. Some of the upgrades to your stronghold will grant temporary bonuses to your attributes or non-combat skills when you rest there. As examples, you can build Training Grounds to improve your Strength or a Library to improve your Lore skill. Some of these upgrades are expensive, but you’re worth it. Adventures for idle companions. You will eventually have more companions than will fit in your party, so you will have leave some of them behind. While they are idling away at the stronghold, they can take part in their own adventures, earning additional experience for themselves and extra money, items and reputation bonuses for you! Ingredients. Many of the stronghold upgrades will generate ingredients used by non-combat skills. For example, Botanical Gardens create Survival ingredients over time, and a Curio Shop produces ingredients for use by both Lore and Mechanics. Special offers. Sometimes visitors to your stronghold will have rare items for sale, or perhaps they will offer you items in return for something else. Pay attention to these visitors. Some of these items may be nearly impossible to find any other way! Wealth. Don’t forget that by owning a stronghold, you also own all of the surrounding lands and impose a tax on all of the inhabitants. It will feel nice for a change to have someone recognize your high standing and give you the money that you so richly deserve. These bonuses all sound great, right? Well, they are great, but they are just the passive benefits from owning and upgrading a stronghold. There are a lot of activities you can do too, once you take possession of your stronghold. Tim in his typical Stronghold creation attire. Activities First and foremost, when you get your stronghold, you are going to want to upgrade it. Upgrades are improvements to various parts of the castle, usually to add to the security or prestige of the place. Security affects how much taxes you collect as well as helps reduce the number of “bad” random events, while prestige increases the number of “good” random events as well as increasing tax collections, too. Upgrades can also serve as prerequisites for other upgrades. For example, you cannot build your Training Grounds (and get your Strength bonus after resting at the stronghold) until you have repaired the inner bailey of the stronghold. Every upgrade costs money and takes time to build, but as long as you have the prerequisites completed, you can have as many upgrades building simultaneously as you can afford. And you don’t have to wait at the stronghold while they are built, either. You can continue adventuring, and you will be notified when they are built. You can begin collecting taxes from your populace as soon as you gain the stronghold. The amount of taxes you collect increases with your prestige (because people know of you and like you), but the amount also increases with higher security, since some taxes are lost to banditry. You will want to keep both of those values high. You can also employ hirelings to stay at your stronghold. These people will provide bonuses to your prestige and security, but they cost money to employ. Some will leave your castle if you stop paying them, but others will wait around to get paid again (but not provide any bonuses until they are). If you have cleared the dungeon and built a prison under your stronghold, then when you are fighting some of the named NPC’s in the game, you will be given an option to take them prisoner instead of killing them. Prisoners are kept in a cell in your prison, where you can visit them and talk to them, and occasionally use them as leverage later in the game. But you will need to keep your security level high, or you might suffer from a prison break! Finally, several upgrades will produce ingredients used by non-combat skills. This feature, along with upgrades that can improve your skills, makes your stronghold a great place to craft and store items. You can stop by your castle occasionally and make food, potions, scrolls, armors and weapons, and any that you don’t need immediately can be stored in chests and other containers in a variety of places around the stronghold. You know, in case of an emergency. Which brings us to random stronghold events. Random Events As you play the game after getting the stronghold, whether or not you are physically there, you will be told if a random event happens at the stronghold. Sometimes, you will need to deal with the event immediately, but usually you are given some time to decide what to do. The most common event at your stronghold is having a visitor arrive. There are all kinds of visitors, but they all share one thing. They can adjust your prestige and/or security just by being at your stronghold. Some visitors are wonderful and give good bonuses, and you will want them to stay as long as possible. Some of these visitors can even be employed as hirelings and will stay on as long as you pay them. Others are not so great, and you will want to offer them one of your companions to act as an escort to their next location, or perhaps simply pay them to leave. Some visitors will offer rare items for sale, and some might even offer a very rare item in exchange for one of the prisoners in your dungeon. As you can see, visitors require some decision making on your part. As mentioned above, your idle companions can take part in adventures as those events arise. You will be informed of what adventures are available, how long they will last, and what the rewards will be (in general terms). If you send a companion on an adventure, he or she is unavailable until they complete it and return with the rewards. You can recall any companions early, but then they earn nothing. Why would you ever want to recall them then? Because your stronghold can get attacked! Attacks are the most potentially dangerous of all stronghold events. Occasionally troublemakers (of various sorts) will decide to attack your castle. You will be warned ahead of time of any such attack, so you can return to the stronghold and take part in it directly, if you want. Otherwise, the attack is simulated and you are told the results. A well-defended stronghold can repel any but the most concerted attacks, but there is always a chance of damage which can destroy upgrades, kill hirelings, and cost money. The threat of attacks is the most important reason to keep your security level as high as you can afford. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into the world of Project Eternity and the role your stronghold will play in the game. No matter how you play the game, your stronghold is certain to provide many benefits and also be a lot fun too!
  17. Update by Feargus Urquhart, CEO and Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Backer Content It's come to our attention that a piece of backer-created content has made it into Pillars of Eternity that was not vetted. Once it was brought to our attention, it followed the same vetting process as all of our other content. Prior to release, we worked with many of our backers to iterate on content they asked to be put into the game that didn't strike the right tone. In the case of this specific content, we checked with the backer who wrote it and asked them about changing it. We respect our backers greatly, and felt it was our duty to include them in the process. They gave us new content which we have used to replace what is in the game. To be clear, we followed the process we would have followed had this content been vetted prior to the release of the product. We appreciate the faith you have all given us into making Pillars of Eternity the great game that it has become, and we appreciate the strength of conviction all of you bring to every conversation we have together. Sincerely, Feargus Urquhart, CEO Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. Shipping As some of you may have seen already, the game has started shipping out. When your shipment is sent, you should get an email sent to your email on record in the Backer Portal stating that it is in transit. People in the United States should be seeing their physical items coming in very soon - if they haven't gotten them already. Our shipments going out to Europeans should be landing in the U.K. early next week. At that point the shipments will start going out to folks. The best estimate that we have currently is that people will start seeing their shipments arrive around the middle of April. For those people who only have a standard physical copy of the game and no additional physical goods, the box will ship once the discs are finished being pressed. You shouldn't be hindered from playing the game as we have made sure that all physical copies of the game were also given a digital copy. You can go to your Products tab in the Backer Portal to redeem your key if you have not done so already. One last note, if you were late in confirming your pledge and placing your order your items will be sent in a later shipment. We appreciate your patience as we try to get your rewards to you as fast as we can. Patch 1.03 Hello, Backers. The Pillars team has been hard at work collecting feedback and fixing bugs for our upcoming 1.03 patch. The focus of this patch was to quickly identify issues that were causing the biggest problems for the community and work to getting those fixes out as soon as possible. Note: We have hotfixed the problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests. We are going to have a list of fixes below, but some of the big ticket items that we have fixed include: Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke. Double-clicking to equip items was causing passive abilities to get removed from the character. This has been fixed and we were able to retroactively fix the problem for people that have already run into the issue. If you open your saved game in the latest patch, your characters will be repaired. We have fixed a problem where attributes on characters could permanently increase by equipping certain items. This will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue. The crash in Raedric's Hold has been fixed. We fixed the looping audio sounds that can occur if you play with minimized tooltips. Previously Wizard summoned items could persist after the spell's duration. This has been fixed and it will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue. The items Drinking Horn of Moderation and Talisman of the Unconquerable were causing Ciphers to permanently lower their amount of focus gain. We've included a fix to retroactively resolve the issue on Ciphers but the effect is still on the items. Unfortunately the fix will not fix the broken effect on those items, so you'll need to keep those items unequipped until the next patch. If you do equip them, perform a Save/Load to fix your Cipher. We released this patch earlier today on Steam. You can start downloading it by quiting out of your Steam client and starting Steam up again. The patch should download at that point. For those of you that have Origin and GOG, we are working with them to patch their platforms as soon as possible. We are hoping for all platforms to be up-to-date within a few days. Comprehensive Patch Notes Features Added pro tips to the Glossary. Many new icons for items. Added graphics setting to toggle antialiasing levels. Added new voice set reactivity for lockpick, poison, enemy spotted in stealth, spell failure, death, immobilized, and completed task. Added indicators on the loot screen when looting crafting and quest items. Party can now use lockpicks that are in the Stash. You can now cast AoEs on party member portraits and the spell will be targeted at the companion's location. Digital soundtrack now includes track names, track order, metadata/tags, and album art. Balance Monk unarmed attack buffed by 1 point at the top end. Arbalest damage has been lowered. Fast melee weapons do slightly more damage. Slight bump to sabre damage. Tuned down Mind Blades. Tuned ranges of many Wizard spells to be higher. Slicken spell is now a single hit AoE. Chill Fog is now a friend or foe spell. Curse of Blackened Sight is now foe only. Changed reload speed multiplier from 2 to 1.2 for Sure-Handed Ila. Fixed the price on Seal of Faith. Adjusted price on figurines. Adjusted price on rings. Tuned up the Goldrot Chew. Reduced the penalties for Bonded Grief. Tuned up Bulwark of the Elements. Modified attributes of companions and Itumaak. Raised the bonus for having fewer than six party members from 5% per character under the limit to 10% per character under the limit. Added cooldown to NPC Rogue's Escape ability usage so they won't use it back to back. Rebalanced fight difficulty and spell selection for the Old Watcher. Lowered the scale of the Defiance Bay reputation by 15%. Beloved Spirits adds 0.4 Endurance to Ancient Memory instead of 2. Changed duration of the Flagellant's Path defense penalty. Adjustments to the Mantle of the Dying Boar. Reduced the price of the Brighthollow Hearth and Courtyard Pool. Heart of Fury will now apply to all damage types. Tuned damage on Brilliant Radiance down. Systems Changed one of the fatigue status effects to not end with combat. Fixed save game issues with spells and abilities that place down traps. Fixed issue to prevent Ciphers from casting abilities without the required Focus. Restored modal flag for Reckless Assault. Set Transcendent Suffering to not be combat only. Fixed duration issue with Plague of Insects. Fixed companion audio triggers for some status effects. Fixed issue with Wizard's summoned magical items getting stuck after save and load. Wizards will be restored to a proper state after loading a game. Hunting Bows had the wrong speed descriptor. They are now listed as Fast. Character Hit Autopause option should be working as intended. You can now close the Grimoire and Chant UI with a hotkey. Fixed issue with summoning magic items while unarmed. Fixed delay issue on Knockdown. Fixed a few issues with Dominate and Charm spells. Fixed a bad item mod on the Ring of Protection. Fixed issue with the Terrible weapon mod. Changed bad data in ranger summons. Made Takedown to be consistent with Knockdown. Fixed multiplier on Blooded. Summoned weapons will be removed when Spiritshifting. Fixed issue with bouncing reflected melee attacks. Party members will no longer switch to different weapons after being Charmed or Dominated. Ancient Memory is now Ally only. A summoned weapon will not unequip the grimoire. Fixed Spellstriking mod. Fixed trigger count issue with the Prone reduction mod. DOT spells should clean up properly when combat ends. Fixed Deflection +10 mod. All Exhortations are now combat only. Only play weapon ineffective VO if the attack is hostile. Aggrandizing Radiance will now last until combat ends. Holy Radiance is now combat only. Carnage now works better. Quests Fixed issues with factions and super friend quests with Lady Webb's dialogue. Adjusted trigger in front of the Salty Mast to fix a possible way to skip a required cutscene. Fixed issue with the Winds of Steel quest line. Fixed a trigger outside the First Fires Keep that could have been avoided. Many fixes to music, audio, and VFX to a scene near the end of the game. The prybar should now display the correct image in the Raedric's Hold moat scripted interaction. Changed faction on the Hall of Warrior's containers. Fixed scripted music for the forge knight combats in the keep. Visual effects in the introduction cutscene should now be triggered properly. Fixed conversation of the guards in Raedric's Hold to not repeat. Added cape and armor to the loot for the Fampyr boss. Fix to Osrya's starting timer not being attached to the trigger in the area. UI Fixed sound issue when collapsing the tutorial UI. Fixed issue with double clicking items to equip. This is a retroactive fix and will restore characters with proper stats. Fixed issue where camping supplies were disappearing when added to Stash. Cage Cursor setting should not turn off after loading a scene or cutscene and is now on by default. Fixed cropping on a few portraits. Fixed issue with highlighting dead bodies and containers in the fog of war. Fixed item stacking issue that was stacking items inappropriately. Reduced the intensity of the explored fog of war on the area map, and fixed an issue where the shadow layer was causing the area map to be darker than it should be. Small UI updates to the journal screen. Reworked the enchanting UI to work better with multiple lines. Fixed UI sorting issue in store. Fixed UI sorting in crafting menu. Fixes to Capitular glyphs in end game slides. Fixed issue with stronghold alert widgets not hiding properly. Fixed an issue with weapon mods were incorrectly being displayed in some cases. Drag select should work properly when starting the drag over an enemy. Fixed a few issues with drag select and formation rotation causing issues when the mouse goes over UI elements. Fixed some control issues with holding down keys. Shot on the Run recovery value should be now displayed correctly. Fixed issues to how the HUD fades out during conversations. When the party receives or loses items, those log messages now go to both logs. Cleaned up the character sheet formatting and made more items clickable. Store item names can now take up two lines. Spells now show DT bypass in the description. Consumables now show per-Rest and per-Encounter usage limitations. Other Fixes Fixed stats issue with saving and loading on the same map where a companion is found. This is a retroactive fix and will restore companions and characters to the proper state. Fixed issues with save games in Raedric's Hold, causing the game to not function correctly or freeze. Ranger Animal Companions should not disappear anymore and broken animals will be restored after loading and saving the game. Fixed possible issues with disappearing items and weapons. Minor fixes to a few select voice over lines. Fixed size issues with equipped capes on Godlike characters. Changed Explorer achievement to check for 152 maps rather than 160. Fixed many issues where combat would not end properly. Updated credits with more backer names. Updated paperdoll level up lighting. Scripted music should now be restored properly after loading a game. Updated Temple of Eothas render. Fixed some rendering issues with Fog of War on some areas. Fixed sounds on movie that plays near end of game. Reduced antelope feet sliding. Fixed issue with weapon caching causing issues when weapons are swapped. Interstitial music no longer loops. Fixed issue where party members could take damage in cutscenes. Fixed voice cues during looting for full inventory. Fixed transparency on ghost characters. Fixed issues with cutscene pathfinding if the game's process is halted. Fixed issue with Expert mode settings getting saved improperly. Fixed issue where characters were not properly stopping at the last waypoint of their path. Adjusted Skuldr scream vocals. We now handle some edge cases in resolution management on some hardware configurations. Fixed issue with the party member Knockout achievement not reporting the correct numbers. Crowfall Our friends at ArtCraft Entertainment just finished up their Kickstarter for Crowfall, a really cool MMO being made by some serious industry vets. In Crowfall, players each get their own personal Kingdoms that they own and that other players can visit. Kingdom owners have full control over who can enter, trade rules, and taxes. It has the potential to be really amazing. Mix in the Campaign Worlds, limited time campaigns that players can play through, and you have a recipe for a great time. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, you can still pledge now. Just head over to their website for more details.
  18. I know that the steam hotfix for fixing lockpicking came out for steam yesterday, but I haven't seen any evidence that it has come out for gog yet. Is there an ETA on it?
  19. Update by Darren Monahan, Operations Guy and Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Hi backers! As you may have seen in our previous backer update, Update #88: Final Sprint and… Release Date!, we’ve announced our launch date. Spoiler Alert: It’s March 26th, 2015! Our physical goods have all now been finalized and produced, save the final discs themselves, so we’re getting ready to package everything up. Physical Backer? Read me! We believe the old school experience is to have all of your physical goods on or near the day a game is launched. You should be able to take out your Collector’s Edition Guidebook, unfold your cloth map, roll out your new mousepad, and enjoy it all at the same time you are playing the game. We believe you feel the same way we do! In order for us to have the best chance possible of getting everything completed by manufacturing and shipped so you have your rewards by or near our launch date, we have to resolve a conflict that has arisen between our promise of a DRM free game, and the realities of how long manufacturing takes. The realities of manufacturing require us to have a final game disc *now* in order to get it into the box with everything else. The game today isn’t the final game you’d play on March 26th. We’re continuing to fix bugs, make improvements, and polish the game. “So… what are you trying to say here? Does this mean some kind of delay you’re prepping me for?” Not at all. What we’re more concerned about is the non-final build being leaked before you, the backers, are able to play it. It’s an unfortunate part of our business; many games get leaked after they leave the developers hands. If it’s leaked early, it hurts everyone, both in the short and long term. It hurts you, the backers, who have waited with immense patience for the game, and you should be the first folks to get to play it. It hurts those who play an incomplete version of the game; that hurts us as a developer, which in turn hurts us as a business, and what may become of future projects. Normally for our other games, like South Park: The Stick of Truth, we package up a pre-load version that makes installation faster. Then, once it went live, any changes we made since that pre-load version and the final 1.0 version were patched onto your computer automatically. If we required every user of a physical disc version to use an auto-patch system, we feel we would fail on our promise of a true DRM free game. So here is our conundrum. We have a real conflict between delivering a fully working DRM-free disc and meeting our manufacturing requirements to get you your physical rewards as near to March 26th as we can. This is a real concern, again, if a version of the game that really isn’t the final version is leaked onto the internet. The pledges backers like you put in to the game are not only at risk, it just plain sucks if lots of other people are playing the game you funded before you do. Obviously, we want the game to sell well enough so we can make more of them too, and an early leak of the disc concerns us enough that we’d like to share these concerns with you too and see what you think. So, what can we do? There are two things we feel we could do that would help mitigate these concerns: We ship everything out except the game disc, which we then ship to you after finalizing the 1.0 version. Wait a minute, Darren. That sounds crazy. You’re going to ship me a game with NO DISC inside at first?! Here’s why we think that’s good: Anyone who pledged to a physical reward tier will get a digital copy. You’ll be able to get a Steam or GOG.com key on our site and play the game at the same time as everyone else. You’d be able to take out your Collector’s Guidebook, your cloth map, your mousepad and enjoy all of it at the same you’re playing Pillars of Eternity. Alternatively, we delay shipping everything out to you once we have the final 1.0 version ready. For some parts of the world, this could mean a delay of some real significance. Not just a week or two, but multiple weeks after it’s released. While it’s rather unorthodox, we really prefer option #1, even though it is going to cost us more in shipping costs. We just think it will be more fun for everyone to be able to enjoy all of the game and its add-ons at the same time. However, you’ve backed this game, so we want to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts on our official poll thread here. What about me, the digital backer? For those of you who are digital backers, you would not be affected by this at all – you’ll still get the choice of a Steam or GOG.com key on March 26th. For anyone planning to buy the physical retail version (not the physical backer version), that one uses Steam, so it would also be patched up after connecting to Steam. We’ll announce the results in a backer update next week. Fulfillment Items We have started to get final versions of our backer rewards and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book As we've announced previously, we partnered with Dark Horse to bring you the Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book. Where the Prima Strategy Guide will be your go-to companion for all your walkthrough and strategy needs, the Collector's Book is there to satisfy the most hardcore lore enthusiasts. Whether your pledge included a physical copy or a digital copy, the Collector's Book is something we're sure you'll be happy with. We're very proud of it and we think Dark Horse did an amazing job bringing it to life. We'd like to share a sneak preview with you here. The content of the book covers everything you would want to know about the world of Eora. Among the many informative chapters, you'll find detailed information on the people and gods, as well as the history of the Eastern Reach and recent events. There's even a detailed bestiary explaining the origins and habits of Eora's creatures. Taken from the back of the book: "The Wheel of Berath spins endlessly, passing the souls of the vanquished through pillars of adra, the veins of the world, and giving them new life when they emerge again. With every journey's completion, another unfurls. With every danger averted, a new calamity looms. This is the world of Eora, where all life begins and ends at the Pillars of Eternity. Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume One paints in vivid detail the gods, monsters, cultures, factions, places, and histories of Pillars of Eternity - a definitive guide covering everything you need to know about this rich new setting, assembled by the acclaimed storytellers of Obsidian Entertainment." Missed out on pledging for the Collector's Book? It's available for pre-order from a variety of online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Random House. Almanac Of the many digital-only backer rewards you'll be receiving, we'd like to present to you a few pages from the Almanac of the Eastern Reach, 2823 ai: For Colonists, Explorer, and Curiosity-Seekers. Inspired by classic games like Ultima V, we designed the Almanac as if it were written from within the game world. Our almanac happens to be penned by members of the Hand Occult. Another lore heavy item, the Almanac contains a wealth of information. Folklore, major settlements and landmarks, local cultures, languages and expressions, a calendar of events, historical rainfall and planting dates and more can all be found within its pages. Cloth Patches One of our studio traditions is having cloth patches made for our games - largely perpetrated by Josh Sawyer himself. It seemed fitting to include patches as a reward for the Kickstarter. Both the standard and elite patches are a very high quality. They're sew-on patches, and are extremely sturdy. They should stand up wonderfully to being sewn onto bags, jackets, and more. These are backer only items and come with tiers $140 and above. PAX South Last update we mentioned that we'd be showing off the game at PAX South. If you missed the live stream and want to check out the presentation, head on over to Twitch.tv and enjoy. (And you can see Adam sporting another one of our backer rewards - the Pillars of Eternity t-shirt by J!NX clothing!) Backer Beta: Now on Linux! As of our last Backer Beta update we have released the Linux build. If you are a Linux user and have access to the Backer Beta you should give it a shot. Make sure to report any Linux issues you find in our official Backer Beta forums.
  20. How will be handled the game updates for the owners of the DRM-Free CD? Will there be any possibility to update the game without needing it to register anywhere (something along the lines of standalone NWN1 or NWN2 updater), or you have to register the game on GoG or Steam to be able to receive updates? Thank you.
  21. Hey, everyone. We are continuing to bug fix this week. We have had a lock on new features since the beginning of last week and we have been focusing on bug fixes last week and this week. Any requested new feature gets placed on a list that we will evaluate in a couple of weeks. Starting next week we will be doing team-wide play days over the whole week. This is so everyone on the team can get a full view on everything that has been going into the game. After that we will probably spend a few days fixing the most egregious bugs we run into before putting out a new beta. What this means for you guys is that we will likely target a new update for the week of November 10th. I will let you guys know if any of that changes.
  22. A new Windows Backer Beta update has been distributed through Steam. We have made a lot of fixes and some changes since the last update. In addition to general fixes, the team has been hard at work making some changes based on a play week that we did a couple of weeks back. You may even see a few new Abilities for classes based on the team's feedback. You will also notice that many of the icons are now in place and we have even started to get some VO in place. We have not been able to get an updated Mac build, but we are hoping to put one out sometime in the next couple of weeks. One good bit of news for Mac users, though, is that the build should be able to run directly from Steam now. Here are some of the issues that have been fixed and some that are still on the list for fixes. Fixed Save/Load/Persistence Fog of War does now persists on Save/Load and transitions. - Thread Link BB Fighter will no longer become invisible after Save/Load. - Thread Link Uninstalling the game should now remove all files that the game created. - Thread Link Area Design Hendyna no longer wanders off to the forest at times. - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Medreth's Boar Companion no longer follows the party from scene to scene, causing combat issues. - Thread Link Hazard spells (Slicken, Web, Chill Fog, etc...) are no longer attaching themselves to affected targets. - Thread Link Creatures should now properly play death animations and drop loot. - Thread Link Fighter Passive Armored Grace has had its description updated to reflect its recovery modification. - Thread Link Paladin Auras, Zealous Focus, Zealous Charge, and Zealous Endurance no longer deactivate immediately when clicked. - Thread Link Fan of Flames level 1 Wizard spell, no longer plays a VFX with improper textures. - Thread Link Charmed/Dominated creatures no longer attack themselves. - Thread Link Crystal Eater Spiders, Crystal Eater Spiderlings, and Widowmaker Spiders are no longer bypassing 10 DT. Missed attacks in combat are still causing hit reactions and hit SFX. - Thread Link Art Hendyna's home has a visual shaking effect when entered and zoomed in. - Thread Link Morning Stars (of the non-Fine Quality) are transparent in game and character creation. - Thread Link User Interface Targeting reticles persist after death if the creature is killed while moused over. - Thread Link Winfrith and Tenfrith's shops do not have name and values listed for items in the shop UI. - Thread Link Savage Endurance tooltip is showing too many decimals. - Thread Link Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked. Opening and closing the Area Map shifts 2D UI elements (Including character circles). - Thread Link Temp Status icons are sometimes appearing during combat (White Squares with Green Circles). Known Issues Save/Load/Persistence Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected. - Thread Link Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village. - Thread Link Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused. - Thread Link Memory usage increases after loading the game (closing the client and opening it resets this). - Thread Link Memory usage increases after transitions (closing the client and opening it resets this). - Thread Link Enchanted mods disappear after loading the game. Memory usage increases by 300-800MB after 1-2 Save/Loads or Transitions, this does not appear to worsen further. Save files can become unreadable if PC loses power supply while the game is running. Area Design The Water Wheel in Dyrford Village seems to be rotating in the wrong direction. - Thread Link The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue. - Thread Link Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves. - Thread Link Dengler's Store cannot be accessed after returning to the Dracogen Inn. Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Trap Triggered and other similar bark texts persist for too long. - Thread Link Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit Ranges are off by 1 value. - Thread Link The Goldpact Paladin talent Enduring Flames is causing Flames of Devotion to apply a permanent DoT effect. - Thread Link Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log. - Thread Link Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly. Some new class abilities have been added for the druid, fighter, paladin, and wizard. These abilities have missing strings and temp icons. If the Ranger or their Companion are knocked out near an enemy while the other is far away, they will repeatedly fall unconscious. If you hire an adventurer when you have a full party, the adventurer will be made with no items. On death load doesn't function if a entire party is knocked out while one party member is dominated. Changing difficulty level in-game doesn't scale the number of opponents correctly. Art The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait. - Thread Link Items Cape/Cloak items do not align with character's shoulders and clip through character models. - Thread Link The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely. - Thread Link User Interface Assigned Action Bar Hotkeys are duplicating ability UI and not unassigning previously assigned keys. - Thread Link UI screen borders are shifted offscreen in higher resolutions causing quest updates etc to become clipped. - Thread Link The level up button in the character sheet appears available even if you cannot level up. - Thread Link "Best of" weapons do not display their change in damage type in the combat log when the alternate type is used. - Thread Link Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier. - Thread Link Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects. Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared. - Thread Link White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading). Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games. - Thread Link Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered). - Thread Link Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time. Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format. Item tooltips often appear behind the inventory and loot UI. Audio Combat Music is no longer playing.
  23. EDIT: I forgot to add that the Mac build is now available for download from Steam! The Linux build still has a problem with loading and unloading asset bundles. Unity knows about the issue and we will release the Linux build once they post a fix. Thanks for the patience. Hey, everyone. The latest Backer Beta update is now live. We hope you enjoy. I have included some patch notes. Thanks for all of the help in testing the game and providing useful feedback. Talents and Core Abilities Over a hundred Talents have been added to allow more options for class customization during the level up process. We've adjusted how the core class abilities are granted to allow for more flexibility within each class. Revised Skill Progression You can no longer spend points to upgrade skills during level up. All skill advancement is now done through Talents, and thematically grouped Talents will award additional skill points if chosen during level up. Your background choice during character creation will also reward additional skill points. Fog Of War The Fog of War has been upgraded to obey the sight visibility for the party members. No more cheating by looking over walls and closed doors in dungeons! Experience Points We decided to add a few more ways to gain experience points to increase the regularity that XP is rewarded throughout the game. We've added minor bestiary, exploration, lock, and trap XP rewards. Bestiary XP is rewarded when new entries are unlocked in the Bestiary page in the Journal, and will stop being rewarded if the entry is complete. Exploration XP is given out when new areas and landmarks are discovered in the world. Glossary An in game glossary has been added with explanation and definitions of game and combat rules. These entries are hyperlinked so you can easily find information on what you are looking for. You can click directly on keywords in the combat log, or open up the Journal's Glossary page. Hotkeys Hotkeys can be assigned to any ability on the hot bar and additionally be access through a quick hotkey menu. We still intend to revise how this system works, but please provide feedback if you like or dislike our direction. Additional Fixes Improved 2D trigger rendering. Added new targeting indicators. Added a tab menu to quickly change between full screen UI. Update the stash UI with separate pages for ingredients and quest items. Revised lockpick UI for better clarity. Fixed many save and load inconsistencies. Fixed issue with perception not effecting the range of spells. Characters with reach weapons should now attack at a proper distance. Many fixes to placed traps. Many, many fixes to spells and abilities. Added more hairstyles. Added more icons. Fixed Issues Save/Load/Persistence BB Wizard's Cape is no longer rendered white, this was caused or fixed by Save/Load depending on the situation - Thread Link Loading saved games while in combat or with factions turned aggressive no longer persists into the loaded game - Thread Link Fixed issues with game options not persisting throughout gameplay and closing and opening the client Save/Loading in Lle a Rhemen 02 (the lower area) will no longer cause you to be unable to access certain areas - Thread Link Save/Loading no longer causes enemies in the scene to be reduced to 0 DT Area Design Backer NPCs no longer have Missing Strings for their Soul Memory descriptions - Thread Link Examinable objects are no longer losing and/or duplicating their icons - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Dead party members are now being removed from the party - Thread Link Perception now properly affects the range of attacks and spells Placed Traps are now working properly Missed attacks in combat are no longer causing hit reactions and hit SFX - Thread Link Characters with reach weapons are no longer moving into melee range when commanded to attack from a distance - Thread Link Druid Spirit Shift forms are now attacking properly - Thread Link Stone Beetles will no longer stay underground when in combat - Thread Link Spells already in BB Wizard's or a looted Grimoire can no longer be inscribed a second time into the Grimoire - Thread Link Large parties, especially with Ranger pets or summons, should have an easier time with transitions - Thread Link Loading games no longer clears the resting bonus gained from an Inn Spiders no longer "teleport" past your front line or moving towards a character they could not have reached - Thread Link Art Rocks near the east side of Dyrford Crossing have had navmesh adjusted to prevent clipping - Thread Link Navmesh near the ruins in the southwest of Dyrford Crossing has been cleaned up - Thread Link Scouting Circles have new art - Thread Link Items Pollaxes are now being treated as best of Slash/Crush, instead of just Slash The BB Wizard's Cloak item is no longer floating significantly out of position Minor Stamina potion is now valued less than Major Stamina potion User Interface Abilities shown in character creation update immediately as different classes are selected - Thread Link Holding the Tab Key while transitioning no longer places Backer Icons on the screen permanently You can now split stacks of Potions, Scrolls, Traps, and other Quick Items - Thread Link Steps can no longer be skipped in Character Creation Paperdoll models are no longer disappearing from the Level Up and Inventory UI Other Changing keybindings in the control options will now unbind the key you assign from its previous assignment The Cyclopedia Bestiary values are now accurate - Thread Link Known Issues Save/Load/Persistence Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected - Thread Link Fog of War does not persist on Save/Load and transitions - Thread Link BB Fighter sometimes becomes invisible after Save/Load - Thread Link Uninstalling the game does not remove all files that the game created - Thread Link Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village - Thread Link Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused - Thread Link Memory usage increases after loading the game (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link Memory usage increases after transitions (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link Area Design Hendyna wanders off to the forest at times and is not at her shop - Thread Link The Water Wheel in Dyrford Village seems to be rotating in the wrong direction - Thread Link The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue - Thread Link Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log - Thread Link Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves - Thread Link Crystal Eater Spiders, Crystal Eater Spiderlings, and Widowmaker Spiders are bypassing 10 DT Art Hendyna's home has a visual shaking effect when entered and zoomed in - Thread Link The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait - Thread Link Morning Stars (of the non-Fine Quality) are transparent in game and character creation - Thread Link Items The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely - Thread Link User Interface Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier - Thread Link Savage Endurance tooltip is showing too many decimals - Thread Link Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared - Thread Link White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading) Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games - Thread Link Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered) - Thread Link Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time Opening and closing the Area Map shifts 2D UI elements (Including character circles) - Thread Link Temp Status icons are sometimes appearing during combat (White Squares with Green Circles) Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format
  24. We have put the new Backer Beta update live. Have fun, guys, and thanks for all of the hard work you have put in when reporting issues. It really makes a huge difference and we are getting lots of great info. Fixed Issues Save/Load Items disappearing on save/load and transitions has been fixed Fixed a problem where quests/tasks are lost when loading while in a game Saving games no longer causes the zoom in/out feature to function improperly Currency, Quest items, Crafting items, and Camping Supplies are no longer placed in the inventory after loading a game Status icons no longer revert to temp icons and text after loading a game Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Adventurers can now be hired at levels above level 1 Characters no longer get stuck in attack or casting animation loops Health values are no longer the same for all classes Deep Wounds effect is no longer dealing large amounts of damage Paladin's Zealous Charge is no longer slowing/rooting characters after saving Fix to an issue where weapons would occasionally disappear on start of new game on slower machines. Wizard, Cipher, and Chanter receive talents at level 3 and 6 now Party member responsiveness has been improved New icons for first level spells Added new hairstyles Added new portraits Pathfinding is more accurate Improved pathing around creatures Scene transitions are more tolerant when switching scenes Added fades to transitions Fixed issues with ambient map levels being set too high PC being knocked unconscious will not end the game. Fixed maximum health issues on level up Many other spell/ability fixes (too numerous to list) Items Shops should have correct pricing now Items and loot bags no longer appear on the ground randomly Dropped loot no longer reappears after being looted The Skull Key can now be used to open the entrance to Temple of Skaen Added "page" system to the stash to improve performance when there are hundreds of items in the stash User Interface Inventory is no longer acting as though it is full when it is not Main menu options text is no longer disappearing Fixed a problem where players would lose control when closing the stash while holding a stashed item The Continue button loads the newest save now Right clicking portraits no longer moves the selected character Turning the HUD off and invoking a menu no longer locks the HUD as invisible Opening and closing the map quickly no longer allows you to see the entire area without fog Added UI indicator for Fast and Slow modes Updated look and feel of selection circles Added new death screen art The area map should match the look of the area Fixed mixed glyph issue with dynamic fonts. This was causing text to look LiKe It wAs MiXIng SiZEs Added scroll speed options in the settings Control mapping is now saved Audio SFX are no longer looping in slow motion, while pausing, or when knockdown is played Other Formations are now spaced properly/evenly Water no longer becomes black between 5 and 7 am Pace in the back of Dyrford Tavern is no longer translucent Added SetZoomRange console command On Known Issues List (that weren't fixed) Save/Load Dead party members will rejoin the party after transitions and save/load Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Problem with AI instruction sets where sometimes enemies will stop attacking Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves User Interface Cannot cancel Character Creation, Level Up, or Adventurer Creation Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked Steps can be skipped in Character Creation There are many other known issues, but I wanted to list the ones that were on the known issues list that we are still looking into. We will continue to add to the list in the bug forum.
  25. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Thanks to everyone who contributed feedback to our visual demo last week. While we are still working out some aspects of our environment art, we appreciate both the kind words and the suggestions for improvement that we received. Due to all of the coverage we received, we noticed a lot of new folks asking about the game as well as past backers who may have missed a lot of the updates that have happened since the Kickstarter campaign ended. We thought it would be a good idea to restate what Project Eternity is all about and update our FAQ. While much of this has been covered in previous updates, we have also included a few new tidbits of information in the details. What is Project Eternity? Project Eternity is a party-based fantasy roleplaying game inspired by the Infinity Engine games (Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, and Planescape: Torment) set in an original world created by Obsidian Entertainment. The camera has a fixed axonometric (high angle) perspective (with zoom!). The environments are 2D backgrounds combined with 3D characters and visual effects. Project Eternity's team is focusing on three core ideas that will capture the Infinity Engine experiences players loved so much: Unique, beautiful, dynamic environments that encourage and reward exploration. A story that is both personal and far-reaching, with believable characters and factions that create compelling dilemmas for players. Fun and challenging tactical combat that can escalate in difficulty through the use of optional game modes. What does "party-based" mean in Project Eternity? At the start of the game, the player can create and customize his or her character, choosing from six races and several ethnicities, eleven classes, and a number of cultural backgrounds. Over the course of the game, the player can expand his or her party up to six total characters. The additional characters include eight companions designed and written by Obsidian as well as any new characters players would like to build at the Adventurer's Hall. What is the combat like? Project Eternity's combat will feel very similar to the combat in the Infinity Engine games, which used a "real-time with pause" system. In such a system, events between combatants occur simultaneously, but the player can pause the game at any time. The player selects and commands one or more of his or her party members to issue orders, ranging from continuous activities, like making standard attacks, to the activation of limited-use tactical abilities, such as spells. Like the Infinity Engine games, Project Eternity will support auto-pause features that allow players to establish conditions under which the game will automatically pause (e.g., if a party member becomes unconscious). It will also feature a slow combat toggle that can be used with or in lieu of the pause feature. In slow combat, players can manage the flow of combat without needing to halt the game entirely. What are the different races we can play? Players can select from six main races found in this part of the world: humans, elves, dwarves, orlans, aumaua, and godlike. Orlans, aumaua, and godlike are unique to the world of Project Eternity, though godlike have similarities to "planetouched" races in other settings. Orlans are small humanoids physically notable for their two-tone skin, extensive body hair, and extremely long ears. Aumaua are large, semiaquatic humanoids with a diverse array of skin patterns, elongated heads, and semi-webbed hands and feet. Godlike are not a separate race, but a phenomenon found among all races. They are individuals whom many people believe were transformed by the gods before birth. Godlike have distinctive appearances that invariably make them stand out from other people, with different cultures and individuals holding wildly different biases toward or against them. All of the races have different ethnicities from which the player can choose. For elves, Wood and Pale, for dwarves, Mountain and Boreal, for orlans, Hearth and Wild, and for aumaua, Island and Coastal. Humans have three ethnicities: Meadow, Ocean, and Savannah. Godlike can be found among any race and their appearance always sets them apart from their parents. This is an Aumaua male and female hi-poly head model. The facial colors and texture will be coming later. What about the classes? Characters may be one of eleven classes: barbarian, chanter, cipher, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, priest, ranger, rogue, or wizard. The "core four" classes (fighter, priest, rogue, wizard) are most similar to their traditional tabletop analogues. The non-core classes, barbarians, druids, monks, paladins, and rangers, are somewhat similar to their counterparts but differ more significantly. The two completely new classes are the chanter and the cipher, which are unique to the world of Project Eternity. Traditional classes vary in how high- or low-maintenance they are based on their traditional counterparts. E.g. fighters are generally lower maintenance than wizards. However, the advancement system allows players to bend those roles, making higher-maintenance, active-use fighters or more passive wizards (for example). Class balance is important to us, but we also want playing each class to feel distinctive and complementary to other classes. What will the art style be like? Our art style is fairly realistic and uses a somewhat subdued, natural color palette, especially in outdoor environments. Character proportions are also fairly realistic. Equipment designs and proportions are based on their earthly historical counterparts, with an overall emphasis on function in their form. However, because this is a fantasy game, many environments will also be fantastic, with unearthly architecture, unusual materials, brilliant colors, and beautiful embellishments when appropriate. How about the setting and story? Project Eternity is set in a world created by Obsidian Entertainment, where mortal souls are bound to an eternal, and often mystifying, cycle of life and reincarnation believed to be watched over by the gods. Though cultures and individuals have different beliefs about the nature and purpose of this cycle, it is only recently that mortals have made significant advancements in understanding its fundamental mechanics through the science of animancy. The story takes place in a small nation in the world's southern hemisphere called the Dyrwood (DEER-wood). The Dyrwood is a heavily forested, coastal region where colonial powers from across the ocean have settled and formed an uneasy relationship with the local residents, tribes of orlans and elves who are protective of the ancient ruins of Eír Glanfath on the forest's interior. Eír Glanfath was an ancient melting pot of races that built elaborate, often massive, structures out of a living shell-like substance called adra. Though the fate of the ancient Glanfathans is unknown, their dangerous and complex ruins show evidence they possessed extensive knowledge of how souls work. For this reason, all of the surrounding colonial powers aggressively fight for the chance to explore and plunder Glanfathan structures, often bringing the local tribes into conflict with their relatively new neighbors -- and the neighbors into conflict with each other. The central character in the story is a newcomer to the Dyrwood, a man or woman who is caught up in a bizarre supernatural phenomenon. This event puts them in a difficult position, where they must explore the new world to solve a series of problems that have been thrust upon them. What engine does Project Eternity use? Project Eternity uses the Unity engine in addition to proprietary features developed at Obsidian. What platforms will Project Eternity be available on? We will be releasing Project Eternity for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. It will be available through Steam and GOG.com. Will Project Eternity use any form of DRM (digital rights management)? The GOG version is DRM-free. The Steam version works like any other Steam game and does not have any added DRM. There is no online requirement to play the game nor any additional DRM imposed by us. What languages will you be supporting? In addition to English, Project Eternity will be released in French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. What resolutions are you supporting? Project Eternity will support resolutions from 1280x720 and up. Our environments are rendered out at a high resolution and support a wide range of scalability. What other cool stuff will be in the game? Thanks to our backers, players will have access to both a player house as well as a full stronghold in the game. Also, players will have the chance to explore all fifteen levels of the backer-funded mega-dungeon, the Endless Paths of Od Nua. Players who want a more extreme challenge can enable up to three optional game modes: Expert Mode (turns off "helper" features), Path of the Damned (dramatically increases the difficulty and complexity of encounters), and Trial of Iron (only one save game, party death = game over, save game deleted). That's all for this week. Thanks for reading! Season 1: Cowardly Cops, Meddling Merchants, and Shrouded Hills. And trash bins. Article by Chris Avellone, Creative Director We’re doing something different with the Arcanum playthroughs with this update – instead of filming a large portion at once and then releasing that one session over several weeks in small 10 min chunks, we’re going to release smaller updates that allow us to respond more quickly to your feedback on the playthrough and then iterate on the next playthrough. In this episode, Avellone explores the small town of Shrouded Hills, deals with cowardly constables, explores trash bins, and finds out more about the cryptic ring from the Zephyr’s zeppelin crash. Virgil guest stars.
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