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  1. It's one of those things that's not really a big deal, but one expects a double-click to select an item and perform the default action on it. This is true of Windows list boxes for example. So it seemed a little weird that when I went to load a game I couldn't just double-click the game to load it. PS Beta is awesome.
  2. Clicking on Game, Graphics, or Sound categories in the options causes the category buttons to lose their captions. Clicking Auto-Pause or Controls category restores their captions. I noticed this on launching the backer beta for the first time, and clicking Options before starting a new game. In case this is display driver-related (odd since two out of five buttons work) I've attached DxDiag output. Looking forward to playing the game! Update: Started a game, went into options...all buttons worked correctly. Quit to main menu, brought up Options, bug recurs. Update 2: T
  3. Started a new game. Saved it and quit to the main Pillars of Eternity screen. When I hover over buttons such as New Game or Load, the cursor becomes a red circle with a line through it ("not allowed"). I can still click the buttons and they still work. And oddly enough the cursor is an arrow when hovering over any part of the menu box other than the buttons themselves! Tried taking a screenshot but couldn't get cursor to show in the screenshot.
  4. Maybe I'm blind, but after picking a few plants, I can't find them anywhere in my inventory. Bug, or am I not on the right screen? If it's the latter, the UI might need to be clarified a bit...i tried clicking the various filters in my inventory, cleared all filters...no shrubbewy.
  5. I'm excited to cast spells in PoE, but it took me a moment to figure out the Spell Grimiore. The UI could be maybe a bit more intuitive. Some observations about this screen: Clicking the spell-tier buttons on the right page affects what's displayed on the left page. I expected these buttons to affect what appeared to the right of them on the same (right) page. The top of the left page simply says "known spells", and I didn't even notice the "1st level" or "2nd level" specifier on the bottom. Users aren't trained to look for titles/descriptions in the bottom pane. UI text on right page
  6. Dear developers, dear community, after the first early beta ingame footage is online available (e.g. here: http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/07/30/pillars-of-eternity-video-josh-sawyer-on-character-creation-and-infinity-rpgs/), I noticed a small detail from the UI I'd like to discuss here. But before I'd like to thank the dev-team for the great work - what I've seen so far that’s the game I begged and backed for. So what is this post about? In the footage you can see, that on a selected hero the abilities/feats appear in a row above the hero pictures of the GUI. If more than one hero is select
  7. -------------------- [Description of the issue] Chanter UI acts very erratically and gets worse the longer the game is open; restarting fixes it. Specifically, when creating a sequence of chants, clicking on any chant on the left hand side will create a copy of an existing sequence, rather than creating a new one. Or sometimes an existing sequence will be deleted and replaced with 4 sequences, all blank, on the right hand side. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Select Chanter PC (mine was a male amanua) 2) Open Chanter UI 3) Create new
  8. A suggestion for the UI when in combat when there are many enemies and it gets really crowded. It would be helpful to get a UI bar with a roster of enemies so it is easier to aim and allows easier monitoring of specific enemies. Not sure if anyone else feels the need for it, but I feel it would make combat management easier. Thanks, keep it up.
  9. So the interface for making a prepared chant is baffling to me. How does this work? It seems I can endless add chants to the list. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Very impressive, first off. Very awesome dialogue screen. By my count, the nine dialogue options boil down to this: - 3 regular responses - 5 stat responses - 1 multi-stat response (this blows my mind and makes me so, so happy) I'm going to assume that the three regulars all flow into the same reaction (plus Athletics), but what about the other five? We know that there will/can be up to twelve responses for one screen, but how many of those are just for flavor? Those five are all stat-based, so I'm a bit cautious. I'm going to assume Intelligence and Perception flow into one pe
  11. I caught the PC Gamer demo of PoE last night. As a whole the game looks absolutely fantastic. There was one thing, however, that stood out like a nasty chip marring the beauty of a masterfully cut gem: the inconsistent user interface. Now, I’ve been lurking this forum off and on since the Kickstarter campaign and I’ve seen many skirmishes of the skeuomorphic-minimalist UI holy war flare up and that is not the point of this post. Regardless of which side of that philosophic divide you fall I would assume you would desire a consistent interface. During the video I counted what I consider to
  12. After recently viewing the gameplay demo (on Giant Bomb, shilling for my favourite games website: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-ex-pillars-of-eternity/2300-9224/), I was left with a very positive impression in general. Amongst other things, I thought they'd done a good job of the UI: the look of the game gave me the feeling of heart from the Good 'ol Days, but with some of the interaction polish of modern games. I know there has been a lot of UI discussions, I just wanted to raise my voice to say we'd all be more pleased in the end if the UI gets the kind of attention to detail t
  13. Update by Brandon Adler, Producer Hello, everyone. Like everyone here at Obsidian, I hope you had a great holiday season and were able to gorge on lots of treats and good food. This week I am going to go over a bit about the new Backer Portal (please log in if you haven't already), give a general update about where we are in our production, and show off some of the cool things that are happening in the game. In our next update we will be taking a more detailed look at some of the classes in Eternity. Backer Info Just a reminder to all of our backers, if you have not done so already,
  14. UI Version 2: What did Obsidian do? Hopefully not this! Another thread because I'm bored. Also another speculation. I have made another mockup UI based on what I think Obsidian would have done to achieve their goals, based on a couple of recent-ish statements. Objective #1: Use up less screen space overall. This is something that they stated they were going to do, make the UI smaller. This is something I wouldn't necessarily agree with unless it was trimming a little bit of vertical space that they could have spared from the original. In my opinion there is absolutely no point
  15. While this topic was mentioned before, and received the expected invective from ignorant elitist "REAL PC gamers...", I wanted to revisit the issue to see if the dev's have had any discussions related to this matter. In a (probably vain) attempt to head off the flamers arguments, I'll post a few ideas and caveats. Eternity is a PC game first and formost. I understand, and respect this. And as most (percentage?) players who backed this project will be using a keyboard & mouse setup, the UI must reflect this and be optimized for this set up. However, I rebuke any stance and idea
  16. (I searched Ye Olde Forums and didn't find any mention of this particular topic nor did I see anything in the UI mockup screenshot to assuage my fears, so my apologies if this issue has been discussed already.) One thing that really bugged me as I started playing Shadowrun Returns is the lack of a game-specific cursor icon. In SRR, the mouse icon is your default arrow (at least in the OS X version) and, I may be alone in this, this tiny detail breaks some of the immersion for me. Therefore, my humble request for Kaz, or whoever is responsible for the final UI design, is to design a set
  17. I request that [continue] choices in dialogues (i.e. when there are no 1, 2, 3 choices) be hotkeyed by pressing 1 rather than enter, or some other key closer to the horizontal numericals. Using 1-2-3-4 etc in dialogue feels like smooth sailing. But then all of a sudden there's that [continue]-dialogue and you must either move your mouse and click the button, or move your hand all the way across the keyboard to press enter.
  18. Update 54 brought with it a work in progress mock up UI and rekindled the age old stylized vs. minimalist UI debate. Simply vote for your preference and feel free to elaborate. Personally I'm firmly in the minimalist camp, I prefer the UI to stay out of my way as much as possible. I want to see as much of the environment as I can on the screen.
  19. Update by Kazunori Aruga, Concept Artist, and Brandon Adler, you-know-what-I-do Hello, backers. This week we are profiling another talented Concept Artist on Eternity, Kaz Aruga. While Kaz wears many artist hats his largest contributions are area and UI concepts. Enjoy. Q: Hello, Kaz. What is your job on the Project Eternity team? Before I start I want to quickly thank all you awesome peeps who backed our game. I wouldn't be here working on my dream project if it weren't for you all, so thank you for making this a reality! I have two responsibilities on Project Eternity. The
  20. Here are some suggestions for spellcasting in P:E. Please add ideas that you think would suit the game. First off, I'd like to see spells project their Area-of-Effect Marker on the ground, before you cast-confirm them, like in NWN2. Because I need to know if I'm about to barbecue my friends with this fireball spell as well as those pesky ice trolls. I understand if some folks would rather play it old school without the AoE marker, because learning how spells behave was always part of the appeal. So maybe just have it toggleable in the gameplay options? Some players might use it for a w
  21. Please make sure there are hotkeys for everything. OK, maybe the design will necessitate having to use the mouse once in a while, but whenever possible, have there be a keypress for it too. Obviously, using a mouse for everything should and probably already will be doable as well, but for those of us who know how to use a keyboard, it's fantastic to have that choice. Thanks for reading!
  22. In BG2 there was an option to hide UI by pressing 'h'. The UI would comeback when you press 'h' again or pause the game. I really liked the way the game look like that as it gave me the feeling of the in-game cutscenes with Irenicus (importance?). It also provided a larger screen when exploring a city... Is there such a thing in the plans?
  23. I am currently doing my own playthrough of Icewind Dale 2 and I am noticing a few game mechanics (mostly UI) that I really think hold up and are superior to NWN2 (played Storm of Zethir recently). These mechanics actually make the playthrough much more relaxed and gives it a more tabletop feel IMO. RTS feel to the map controls. Scrolling on window edges and ability to scroll to places where you party is not. Party is not always "centered" on the map. (Camera follows you everywhere in NWN2) Minimap. You can double click on any point on the minimap and then click to have your party move ther
  24. OK guys, I've thought about this a lot. I feel very comfortable with the old- school Baldur's Gate (1,2) UI, and I really don't like newfangled thin, wiry and transparent UIs. Since this is a game where we, the players, are supposed to give input and I feel this hasn't been mentioned I thought I would give it a go. Compare to Personally, I think that the old BG 2 UI has more charm with it's solid, ornamental look compared to the NWN UI with its thin, transparent, wiry frames. Hell, the NWN 2 looks so much better when you Baldur's Gate-ify it: One strength of
  25. Hi there, I would like to say that a good/bad UI is quite important in a game. Much of the player frustration comes, at least in my case, in having to go through hell and back in order to find some piece of information, in order to find out where that bonus comes from or in order to decide which piece of equipment is actually better. So here are some of my thoughts: - when hovering the cursor over a stat please let us see a breakdown of the stat in some popup or something. For example: 85 Strength (70 Base, +1 Well Rested, + 14 Sword). - some diablo-style (just to save up words
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