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  1. There's a possibility that I am missing something entirely, but I also searched the forum before posting but I feel like there's gotta be a better way for discarding things from your inventory. I had an excess of gnat fuzz (like 50something) and I had to drop each individually and I guess because of the quantity the in game physics went really wonky. So now I've got gnat fuzz item sacks scattered all over and some even launched into my base. This isn't the first time this happened with trying to get rid of items like spoiled meat. If there's not already I think it would be cool to see a trash can and/or a composter in game that takes whole stacks of items.
  2. Thinking maybe add toy cars, motorcycle or maybe even a bicycle crafted with acorn top wheels. Maybe use the bird feathers, some crude rope and some wood to make a more durable faster glider or some kind of flying contraption.
  3. Whole family is really enjoying the game so far. Though those spiders are a bit daunting! . A few suggestions for the game below: Would be great if you could change or customise the difficulty in game. That way if you are finding it too hard/too easy you don’t have to start over from the beginning. Having the grass and clover move or sway as you walk/run around. Keep getting stuck on them and being killed by insects as the grass and clover act like a wall. When playing with another person; being able to bring your inventory into their game would be great. That way you or the host are not having to craft doubles of gear and weapons when you want to play together. A ground leveling tool for building would be great to smooth out the dirt where it forms mounds. And being able to chop up fallen leaves (possible resource?). Having the option to upgrade the backpack so it has more inventory space (maybe a purchase with burg.l?). Equipped items not taking up backpack space and items such as dandelion tufts, weapons etc stacking in the backpack (maybe up to 5 per stack as they are bigger/heavier items). That’s it for now. Really enjoying the game though
  4. Ok, so before anything else, loving the game so far. I've spent a majority of my in-game time building and testing the mechanics/physics of the game. Although I have enjoyed the story and game as a whole too, I think its far more important at the early stages of development to do this in any game where the developers have asked for our input (Thanks). I know a lot of people may have already made these suggestions (I've seen some mentioned) but its worth saying again anyway even if its just to give another thumbs up to the idea. This post may be a little long as its my first real one (culmination of a few weeks of ideas). Anyway, it would be nice to hear what the community itself thinks of the following: First, I have a few suggestions for building components or actions which are currently unavailable: 1) Building component orientations - Building components that currently only have 4 orientations should be changed to 8 (triangle walls, floors, doors, stairs, scaffolds, roof sections). For example, its annoying to not be able to put a door on a diagonally placed wall/opening (or even place two inverted triangle walls as a door alternative). It is this same mechanic which hinders any attempt to build entire structures that are orientated diagonally. On this note - I would also like to see an angled scaffold , shaped like the roof section or stairs ( / ), so you can support platforms, like balconies, to buildings without having to build straight down. Or support a platform to the tree/ rock. Its more about the aesthetics and making something look genuinely supported, rather than having floating floors or messy scaffolding (You could also use them to neaten up any existing scaffolding). 2) Half walls - When snapping a wall onto a floor, it can be snapped along the edge of a square or, can be snapped halfway across to span half of two squares. The issue is that if you incorporate both methods into a build, you can never get the walls to connect/ build how you envisioned. The introduction of half walls would solve this and allow you to build more elaborately. You would also need a half roof section though (this could get problematic to implement if you consider 8 possible orientations or having half corner roof sections etc, unless they just altered their size like the wall sections do when snapped diagonally). 3) Bounce Web Trajectories - I personally hate having long or bulky staircases so tend to create bounce web elevator systems to get up to any platform that I make. I successfully made an automated version (27 webs) where you only had to jump on the first one and the physics would take you to the top of the tower. However, apart from 3 occasions, my path was interrupted by a floor/wall, getting caught on the next bounce web too early (way up), or just the slightest deviation in how you have placed or jumped on the previous webs. Therefore, elevators can actually be really difficult to use. I would love to see the bounce webs have the option to set a trajectory. That way, no matter how or where you jump on a bounce web (or what direction you are facing), you will always travel on the same path and will always land in the same place. I have fallen to my death so many times from unintentional bounces that lead to, well...anywhere but a safe landing zone . I still think this should only be optional. it just makes bouncing on them more efficient. I also believe that the bounce web should be resized so it can fit within 1 square. 4) A pulley elevator - Bounce web elevator systems (and stairs) can take up a lot of space and resources depending on how you build them. As an alternative, I think you should be able to build a very simple pulley elevator. The basket itself could be made out of acorn tops/shells, with weed stems and woven fibre for the basket support. (maybe have bee fuzz or something inside for comfort). The idea is that you set up a pulley at ceiling height (made from animal parts - I don't know) with no floor below, and attach a rope made out of spider silk to the basket (1/2 spider silk for each level to the ground). You get in and can lower/raise the basket by pulling on the silk by directionally holding up or down. As it would only need to take up 1 square section, 1 or even 4 lifts wouldn't be problematic. Its a space-saving and resource-saving way of getting back down to the floor from a pre-existing platform. You could even add a skip action to this so you are just getting out of the basket at the end. 2 minute stair climbs are rarely fun. 5) Palisade and Palisade gate height customisation - As someone with experience building on uneven ground (such as across/over a rock), palisades are a particular annoyance to me. I love the artwork of the palisade itself but you can't always stack them. (even when you can they look ghastly .) When placing on uneven ground they look messy and can actually just be impractical (i jumped over my single height palisade from the panel beside it because of the height difference). If you could independently alter the size of the left or right palisade post (extending the artwork) then you could match the height of the palisade either side of it, regardless of their ground positioning. Would look more like an effective defensive wall in my opinion. 6) Potted plants and wall planter decorations - As a scientist, I can say that some of the most impressive and beautiful structures in the microscopic world are those of fungi. Obviously with the concept of you being small, it doesn't leave a lot of scope for plants and potted versions due to a scarcity of tiny flora in the natural world (unless we could somehow take a cutting of the different flowers that currently exist in game for novel mini versions). You can get around this problem with fungi. The variety, colour and shape of fungi could become great ways to implement new decorations and could also be used as ingredients for smoothies (basically just a content update to the simple mushroom). Even adding 4 extra mushroom types or something and allowing us to grow them in the mushroom gardens would be cool. 7) A Raft/ Boat/ Canoe and paddle - This one is a little self-explanatory. Some sort of weed stem raft or something that you can control/move and haul objects across the top of water. Could also be an interesting way of attracting fish or pond creatures (dropping bits of food into the water from the boat). Secondly, I am experiencing issues with the following: - Triangle floors blocking ascent on staircases (if they are orientated a certain way). This is the same issue as when walls behind staircases would block you from walking up. I still try to avoid placing walls behind stairs though (even though it looks better) because you essentially jump over it and the action isn't smooth. - When you recycle zip line anchors, the zip line itself is not deleted and floats in the air. You are unable to click on it or perform any actions/are forced to reload a previous save. - I have broken the game again since the 26th August update in terms of building capacity and loading big builds (sorry!), I had nearly finished my creative build but it was taking 10 -15 seconds to place any panel and now I'm back to 1 - 2 hour unsuccessful load times (oops ). Finally, just two last points on what I think could be good considerations for future content or updates that have already been hinted at. Tames (Bees in particular)- There seems to be a big debate about tames, particularly bees and riding them. Even as someone who likes to take the long route for experience (run through the grass) and not have a fast track flight from the shed to the berry bush, I can see the appeal. I would be interested to be able to ride a bee the way only a grounded player could, however, I'm really struggling to see a need for other tames in the game at all (even ladybug haulers etc). Bees are something that could easily be implemented (such as having a flight bar that you recharge with nectar which has been mentioned). There is a problem with this. If the stuffed bee is anything to go by, they are way too small (proportionally the size of the stuffed ants), to ride, or just to BEE a BEElievable-sized BEE (sorry, couldn't help myself). I think they should be scaled up to around bombardier size. Basically, I only think there is use in the bee but the way to get a bee tame should be difficult. For example, Have to gather level 3 resources to make a harness. That way, you at least have to spend a lot of time running through the grass and experiencing the game as it should be played before you upgrade to a bee to avoid the monotony of running the same routes everyday later in the game. (the bee is therefore more of a reward for putting a lot of time and effort into the game). Weather - This is an absolute must for me and it opens up so many possibilities for new landscapes/environments, crafting materials/ weapons, and additions to the storyline. I think the weather should be randomised so, for example, there is a 1% chance of snow (which would remain on the ground for a few days and slowly melt away) 4% chance of lightning and a 20% chance of rain on any given day. Wind could be constant but alter in its strength. This give a huge element of surprise (unless we have a weather detector) and makes each player's experience unique. For lightning in particular, I thought that maybe there could be a toy or something in the sandbox which has been modified (by a previous explorer or scientist) so that every time that there is a lightning storm lightning strikes the sand and creates glass shards. Glass shards could be used to create panes for windows (or new types of window and doors), could create glass floors so that you could watch the bugs running around under your base. Glass could be also be used for decoration such as mirrors, advanced cutting tools, or burn traps (like we see with the magnifying glass). I'm excited to see what they do with weather but I hope they make a spectacle and a storyline of certain aspects. (First time you get to the sandbox, you get a cutscene with a brewing lightning storm and a side quest to visit the sandbox lab). That's all I have for suggestions right now, but thanks for reading
  5. I was thinking for the next Grounded update there would be bees because in the game I got nectar from flowers. It says it attracts bees but there are none so if there where bees you would have 2 options kill them to get bee wings (for armor) bee parts (for tools) Honeycomb (for food) or you can use the nectar to ride the bees. with the option of bees being a flying transport why not add birds. birds would be a flying boss which can only be defeated by flying with a bee and shooting it with arrows (it could have weak points on it's wings so it will fall down and make it easier to defeat) It would drop bird beak (for armor) bird feathers (for decoration or an advanced glider instead of dandelion tuft ) bird talons (for a sword or pick) if this got into an update I would call it THE SKY UPDATE thanks
  6. Please let us relocate built items and structures. I continue to alter and grow my base and that forces me to constantly "recycle" chests, grass plank pallets, etc. I feel like being able to move items would solve issues like accidentally recycling portions of structure you didn't want to get rid of and avoiding potential crashes. I've had several game crashes that seem to be triggered by the recycle mechanic. Large structures should still be force recycled because moving an entire section of wall is unrealistic, but moving a chest of items or a table or cooking spit would be a wonderful quality of life improvement.
  7. ∆ Ladder -Version 1. Permanent building -Version 2. Portable to get around everywhere with max length ∆ Fireman pole? -Its cool, just saying ∆ World weather -Rain? HIGH GROUND!!! -Windy? READY YOUR REPAIR KIT -Sunny? (Affects stamina and thirst) -Didn't get that far of the game, it might have it already ∆ More insects - More flying insects - Mosquitoes? -Flies? -Insects that ambush or that sets traps - Lol! Nightmare mode! ∆ Mounts (Few insects or rate insects) -Injured ant (We help, now it's a pet) -Having a pet is a great responsibility(Food, Health and stuff) or they will leave ∆ Acorn/Grass board -Boarding downhill is fun! -Getting pulled your pet or friend is cool ∆ Telescope -Is this even necessary? -Clover leave + water dew = good stuff ∆ Rope -Going down -Swinging -Going up -Pet pulling the characters? ∆ Flattener -Good looking base!!! ∆ Freshness level -Yes ∆ Difficulty -Nightmare (Some or few insects can climb!!! ∆ Suit for climbing -Only available in nightmare mode Cages -Harvestable Insect parts?
  8. I was thinking about other types of equipment that could be crafted in the game. Hooded Armor(need workbench, berry leather, mite fuzz, clovers, woven fiber, acorn piece,flower petals)- a hooded mantle with cloak and an acorn breastplate. The concept also applied using any type of flower petals in the crafting to set certain effects or buffs. Depending on the petal used. Rose- increase atk and def. Blue- increased movement speed and stamina. Yellow- wards off gnats, higher jumps and lessens fall damage. Great hammer(need workbench, quartzite, sprigs, woven fiber, armor glue) large heavy 2-handed weapon. Can shatter even rocks. Grieves(woven fiber, pebbletes, sap)- fist based weaponry to increase punch damage. Spiked grieves (requires workbench, grieves, thistles, sap, armor glue)- increased punching damage and speed. Acorn Shield (acorn cap, woven fiber, sap, sprig)- decent shield that can withstand a few hits before falling apart. Crossbow (requires workbench, how, woven fiber, mite fuzz, sprig, armor glue)- doesn't have as much range as the bow. But fires faster and each shot packs more of a punch. Mallot(pebblets, woven fiber, mite fuzz, sprigs,, insect parts, acorn pieces)- very large 2-handed weapon. Not good for breaking anything. Kiln(clay, pebbles,dry grass, quartzite)- a stove/furnace crafting station that can be used to either bake certain types of food. Or harden clay based items Pot(must be crafted with the kiln, clay, quartzite,water)- a clay pot that can allow the player to cook or brew consumables. Could even be used to purifiy dirty water from a canteen. Vase(crafted with the kiln, clay, water)- decorative item for a base. Flask (kiln needed, clay, clovers, armor glue)- holds more than the grub canteen. Dirty water can be boiled in it over a spot. Ceramic grieves(woven grieves, clay, armor glue, mite fuzz) Ceramic armor (crafted with the kiln, water, woven fiber, clay, quartzite, acorn pieces,armor glue)- high def. But very heavy Ceramic knife(need the kiln, water, clay, woven fiber) sturdy tool/weapon that can Ceramic Sword(requires the kiln, water, woven fiber, ceramic knife, clay, sprigs)- sturdy 1 handed sword Ceramic Buster(requires the kiln, water, woven fiber, ceramic sword, clay, sprigs)- large sturdy 2-handed sword that can even cut down grass. Broad Axe(kiln needed, clay, sap, armor glue, sprigs, woven fiber)- large 2-handed axe weapon. Great Shield(kiln needed, armor glue, clay, acorn pieces, woven fiber, grub hide)- large heavy shield. War Hammer(need kiln, clay, sprigs, mallot or great/mint hammer, woven fiber, mite fuzz, armor glue)- very heavy 2-handed weapon. Depending on if the mint or great hammer being used. The look and effects will vary. Weighted Boots(clay, water, pebblets, mite fuzz, diving bell spider silk)- weighted leggings that allow you to walk and move normally on the bottom of the pond. But on land you cannot jump or run. Oxygen tank(provided that snails get into the game. You need a snail shell, Lilly pad slime, weevil mask, diving bell silk)- can be used to provide more oxygen underwater or in the base. Savage Club(clay, plant fiber, mite fuzz, sprigs)- large crude 1-handed club Insect Shield(requires workbench, insect parts, armor glue, mite fuzz, berry leather)- sturdy shield that is good for bashing. Grappling hook(larva blade, woven fiber, sap)- a tool for climbing to higher places. Can even grab and pull objects to you. Slingshot(sprigs, woven+plant fiber, sap)- ranged weapon that uses pebbles as ammo. It lacks the longer range of the bow. Toy sword- powerful action figure sword hidden in the yard. Due to its small size. It's from a toy for ages 5 and up! Edit: I lost my original post that was up when these forums 1st opened. So I'll add a few things I can recall here! Moth Glider(if moths come to the game* moth wings, sap, sprigs, woven fiber)- faster than using a dandelion seed. Adds a little more distance. Wasp Glider(workbench needed, wasp wings, berry leather, gnat fuzz, woven fiber)- flies faster and farther than the moth glider. Master Glider(workbench needed, dragonfly wings, mite fuzz, grub hide, insect parts, woven fiber)- best glider in game. Strider shoes(strider legs, cat tail fluff, lilly membrane)- allows you to run for 3.5 seconds across water surfaces. Berry Shield (workbench required, armor glue, mite fuzz, berry leather, acorn pieces)- very durable buckler styled shield. Boxing gloves(requires workbench, grieves, berry leather armor glue, mite fuzz)- increased punch damage with higher stun. Sleeping Bag(requires workbench, berry leather, woven fiber, dandelion seeds)- upgrade to the lean-to. Wake up with increased health and stamina for half a day.
  9. Hello Friends! Just wanted to share a few things that I think would really improve the game! - PLEASE PLEASE make it so that you can choose a number to craft when crafting anything (Ex: crafting woven fibers out of 50+ plant fibers takes an unnecessary amount of time) - Grass plank/ weed stem pallets should be able to hold more grass planks - Increase the spawn rate of clay, weeds, quartzite. - Allow the option to turn on/ off which markers just show up just on the map and which ones are always showing - Allow the option to cook different parts of bigger bugs ( Ex: Spider chunks, ant body parts, Stinkbug feelers, etc) - Make it so that items that were already built can be moved around - Boss fights??????????????? - Aphid/ weevil farms - Tame Certain bugs and mount them? (shamelessly stolen from ark but how dope would it be to ride a spider or something) Ideas: - Ant pheromones: A throwable item that makes surrounding ants attack anything that it hits - Cool insects that can be added: Praying mantis, Centi/ millipede, ****roaches (can be riden), jumping spiders, butterflies (can be riden), Hercules beetle (level 3 armor), Termites... etc. I know not everything is plausible but I figured these things would be really dope if done correctly! at the very least I just want to be able to craft multiple items at once! thanks for checking it out friends!
  10. I had a brain storm last night, surprised me it still works Why not a bike? we have what we need in game now to make one. Twigs and stems for the frame, wheels, etc. Rubber for the tires. Berry leather and gnat fluff for the seat. woven fibers to lash it together. Then my sled idea (and Tier 2cart upgrade) could be attached to the bike. Since we're not getting mounts anytime soon, this could be an alternative. a faster way to travel, and a way to have a pack mule type deal. Thoughts?
  11. How about a freezer so we could keep our raw meat longer before it spoils? We have a fire pit and a dehydration hanging thingy but those two things turn the meat into something else but what if I needed a specific raw meat for another recipe to make something else like raw aphid meat for a smoothie?
  12. -The "Maple key whirley-gig" works kind of like a helicopter but not massively over powered, basically it works like a double jump with a longer glide then the dandelion tuft. The second "jump" comes from a set of bellows your character squeezes to launch you higher before you casually glide to where ever, unlike the tuft tho, its more of a horizontal glide. The upgraded version would add a secondary maple key and bigger bellows adding a 3rd "jump" so as you start to descend you can tap again to gain more altitude and a longer flight time.. Maybe have it so the bellows can refill for continuos flight?material wise, berry leather for the bellows, maple keys, sprigs etc. More of a mid to late game for the upgraded one.. Maybe hide it behind a Burg.l chip? -"Acorn top pulleys" or elevator, the building schematic would look like a double or triple high scaffolding when placed, pulleys at the top with a vine like cord coming down to the main floor. By clicking on the cord the platform would rise to either the next floor up or just the top floor depending on where floor tiles are connected. By stacking them you get a higher lift. Obviously material heavy.. 12 or more weed stems, sap, spider webs etc.. - Spider armor tweak. Seeing as the wolf spider has 2 fangs, While wearing a full set of the spider armor allow us to possibly dual wield ONLY the spider fang daggers. -"Spinneret hook and reel" After my kids falling off the branches in the hedges for the 40th time I thought this up lol. A set of ant mandibles attached to spider silk and a reel. As your running around you can clamp it down onto the environment and toss down the line. Now the second piece (seperate?) to the equipment would be the reel aka the Spinneret, just run up to the line and reel yourself up and down. You can leave the line there for later use or spool it back up to use later :). - the Pill bug. Now I know people have been requesting mounts like crazy but I would like to throw this insect into the mix. NOT as a mount but more of a pack mule. This insect would be bigger then the the lady bug but just as docile and friendly unless provoked. After befriending these armored armadillo like critters you can strap a chest and a bigger pallet variant to its back. Allowing it to carry a small amount of loot PLUS upwards of 16 weed stems or grass tiles. BUT if its attacked and dealt a lethal blow instead of dieng it would dump the weed stems/grass and curl up into the ball, keeping it alive until you can save it or its health builds back up enough. Back at home it would stay at a buildable trough and eat/sleep. Let me know what you guys think please!!
  13. Some suggestions for the gameplay... * For the Backpack: It would be much better if the armor and the weapons didn't get included into the backpack. It gets crowed very fast since there aren't a lot of slots free. Maybe we can craft different sizes of backpacks. * Googles/Armor It would be great if there is a function or armor that makes it possible to see the animals/the shape at least when they are close by. Maybe some special googles that can be updated to increase the distance where you can see the form. * A portable log pallet That we can pull or shove along the garden. With a lot of stacks for different stuff for crafting. It would make crafting bigger stuff easier. * a pallet lift To built higher up in the trees. I know in creators mode it's possible to built in trees.
  14. Cheaper alternatives to the Tier 1 bow. The idea behind is that it could be used as a weak weapon, or a utility tool (to not have to throw pebblets at water drops or berries, ...) Compared to the bow, Slingshots are: Pro's: Are cheaper. Require pebblets as ammo, so you don't have to craft ammo for it. Take down berries in one hit instead of two arrows. Stun rate on hit? Quicker drawback (even close to instant?). Con's: Less durability. Slightly less accurate. Less damage. Less range. Only one tier available Building requirements could be: 2x Sprig, 1x Gnat Fuzz, 1x Woven Fiber Just an idea I had, not sure how useful it would be.
  15. Few ideas i've had while playing these last few weeks. Rope -made from combining woven fibers for longer and stronger items Rope ladder Tier 1 - rope and twigs Tier 2 - rope and grass planks Tier 3 - rope and weed stems Each tier degrades with use, tier 3 lasting longest. grappling hook - can be used to climb, or pull down weeks or grass for spring trap below Tier 1 - rope and pebblet Tier 2 - rope, pebblet, and bug parts net - Hangable to store food stuff off the ground away from ants Throwable to catch aphids and such net spring trap for aphids and such Hammock - another option to use for sleeping and setting spawn points made with twigs, rope, and woven fibers backpack - some of these have been mentioned in other threads, so hopefully create larger backpacks, they should have bonus (more storage space etc.) and penalty effects (slower movement) remove equipped items from backpack inventory, if they're worn or held they shouldn't be in the backpack using slots backpack could have tool loops, like a tech pack, to keep up to 4 tools out of the backpack inventory sled - not for sliding down slopes Tier 1 - weed stems and grass planks lashed together to make a pack mule sled with 20 inventory slots Tier 2 - add side boards and dry grass wheels to make a small cart with 40 inventory slots wheels degrade with use Smoker - another option to preserve meat along with the jerky rack Tier 2 spear (unless there is one i haven't found yet) Shield Tier 1 - clover leaf Tier 2 - acorn shell Tier 3 - stink bug (since the ones in game are also called shield bugs ) And finally, since those dang wolf spiders slaughter me repeatedly - Antivenin as a smoothie recipe - 1 mistimed block and i'm dead, even though the physical damage I take is basically none, their venom always kills me.
  16. Gameplay Suggestions 1. the ability to choose my respawn/lean-to on death from map..... few different times I've had to walk all the way across map to retrieve my bag. 2. also I think a time limit on common items on ground is needed .. main one for me being "plant fiber" ... after like 1 in-game day let it disappear... found myself many times going around and trashing 100's of them to declutter the ground.. Construction / Crafting Suggestions 1. roof clipping .... on more complex structures it would be nice to be able to join two perpendicular roofs...... say one roof is already built and the perpendicular one is being put up... as soon as the blueprint reaches the already built one it turns red... it would be nice if on the blueprint that turns red - it would snap to it and and anything on the inside of the already built roof would be red and on the outside of the roof would be blue and placeable........ and on the flip-side of that on the inside of the roof you could place wall against the roof and only the inside portion would be built... hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say here... 2. custom wall and floor placement..... plus where is the stem floor? we have stem wall but no floor....... when choosing walls or floors it would be nice to have the ability to toggle custom and automatic placment .... we can be as creative as we want with the first piece but after that we are limited with what direction we can go... unless I'm just overlooking the how to.. 3. toggle how many blades of grass/stems are in walls and floors.... the ability to place down a single piece or up to 20 or so at a time... instead of the only option being 4... 4. I think " ladders/ropes" would be very useful.
  17. Suggestions as far as building... I think it would be a good idea for you guys to continue adding to the base building. Great start with what is offered, but I think there’s great opportunities to add more. Such as making “metal” or “aluminum” walls and doors from salvaging soda cans. Defenses against bugs like traps and large spiked barricades. Railings, fences and walls. Carts to haul large loads of items like weed stems that we usually have to search large areas for small amounts of. P.S. Bug taming with cages to lock them up in would be such a cool idea. I think you guys have created a special game here, a great twist in the survival world aspect. What a unique experience, I cannot wait for future updates keep up the good work. Thanks, ItsMrJoker
  18. The game is great! I'm having a blast, awesome work, nicely done!! Here some suggestions: 1) Block attack button should draw back the arrow from the bow 2) Resources tab under crafting should be listed alphabetically 3) Filter option to show Trail Markers on the map 4) Larva Blade is tier I, so it should show first in the Workbench Tools tab Here some other things that would be great! 1) If we could create a dedicated server and have more than 4 people playing together 2) More character options, skins, clothes, etc. 3) Pets! Besides that, I would like to suggest some changes to combat, so far you don't have much chance against spiders in melee combat, and is kind of forced to "cheese" the combat by jumping some place or bug the spider someplace where it can't pass.
  19. So far, really enjoyed the game. Really wish there was more to the story right now, as I like where it's going, but I guess we'll have to wait. Here's the bugs and suggestions I've found so far (Playing on Xbox One X, hosting a multiplayer game) Bugs: Grass planks (and other items) occasionally falling through the ground and gone forever If armor is created when you have a full inventory, it uses your materials but doesn't give you the armor. As with most base builders, the walls sometimes really struggle to snap correctly as they should, or they will be blocked for now visible reason. This damn wolf spider that for some reason spawned outside our base and constantly circles us, killing us as soon as we leave and attacking our base. Only get him to disappear by quitting out. Talked to a friend and he said it happened to him multiple times, destroying his whole base every time. When you go to continue your multiplayer game, it doesn't allow you to change the difficulty. I started a game in Mild, but when I go to continue the game, in the lobby it says it's set to Medium, but it doesn't let me change it. I don't know whether it's actually changing to medium or if just shows it there. Playing with a friend (I was hosting) and my friend got disconnected twice. The second time, he came back and his player had reset (lost all his stuff) so we had to reload an older save file. Repair tool doesn't seem to be working. Tried to fix some grass plank walls and it won't do anything. The Clover Poncho has the description of the Clover Shin Guards The decoration Slime Mold Sconce stops lighting up after coming back to the game another day. (If this is how it's designed, I think it should definitely be changed, as it's a base decoration, replacing it every day would be silly) Is quartzite supposed to respawn? Only found it once, but noticed that it didn't respawn after going to check another day. I'm concerned that if it doesn't respawn, and so far, I've only found it once, means that it is fairly limited in the world. It's required for repairing a lot of the important tools, which makes it concerning that it will run out quick. When playing in multiplayer, we have found two SCA:B's laying around, however, only the person who picks it up gets the item and the SCA:B theme. Not a big deal, but it seems to mean that we can't both get it, since it disappears. Josh Brener's name is spelled wrong on this page (they spelled it Brenner, rather than Brener) https://grounded.obsidian.net/news/grounded/get-ready-to-meet-the-cast-of-grounded When the sun is rising, it doesn't do so gradually, it just suddenly appears and you're blasted with light. Seems to happen every morning. items being put into storage sometimes don't load properly, or sometimes even seem to disappear if the box is full and you put push the button to move a whole stack. Suggestions: Change armor so that it doesn't take up inventory space when you are wearing it. The Spider Chunks icon image definitely looks like spider testicles, which is kind of funny, not sure if that was intentional. I noticed the Acid Sack (I think it's called?) has the same icon, making it hard to distinguish at a glance. Make a way to move a whole stack between inventory and storage with one button, rather than having to drag and drop. Recycling walls and such seems to be too easy sometime. I've accidentally deleted things (then lost some of the needed materials) we needed just by accidentally tapping B one too many times while working on stuff. Maybe make recycling require a longer B press. Let us play more of the storyline
  20. So I've Played about 24 hours Or more. besides exploration gearing up and besting the enemies already available in the game. Opting to Building a base with a nice View in Lieu of a courtyard made around a can and a research centre. I was allowed to place my storage in said can, but ants would still poke their head through and steal my precious aphid honeydew. And spiders still finding ways to bite me through the can and my poorly constructed fence. So I had to move. Now I live under the oak tree. Blinded by the light of a solar powered lamp. Upon occasion the wolf spiders that lives there likes to get inside my foundation and break it from the inside out. But only sometimes! So it's not that bad But enough with setting the story. This game isnt without its kinks what without. Sometimes Spiders can be lurking inside logs (Solid ones) so one has to watch out for that. Spiders though extremely large have found there way into the smallest of places. Often yielding rewards. A bit to easy... Acorns explode incessantly to the point they break time itself. Only to find the remains respawn there from the follow day this isn't guaranteed daily. But eventually missing items reappear in follow days. Most issues have been deftly spotted by the community thus far I've have seen Larva do incredible things.. But it's a Glitch love. There is nothing more terrifying than the alien like cave of 40 horrible creatures of indescribable origin. They have there own mind often attacking the abandoned ant hive.. just what do they do when they roam around in packs of 40 . It's like the larvae have A hive mind Ai. more so than the ants do Ants Don't Act as much as a group unit as I would have expected. They do respond to your aggression and send a soilder unit to your base eventually. But I've yet to see anything of an actual raid. Of sorts. So I hope that's coming. Lack of raw research as collectable. I saw that in the demo access this was in the fame but has since been taken out or reworked. I hope they return as the current research grind is lacking. I do understand at full release there will be many more items to learn from. Bees. Please make bees work when you can I'm sure everyone would love that I also see there is wasps in the cover art. So having a more aggressive flying insect would he awesome not to mention two possible hives to visit. Perhaps a few passive. Imagine a handful of butterflies. The pond. The pond is a great biome that needs lot of love and live. I can imagine Dragonflies at the pond. Water skates, beetles. A few Koi to make swimming challenging. More water based resources to force player to go to depths.. Perhaps a craftable diving suit might be in order. Maybe a big old boss bulltoad sat on the edge. Birds would also be a good addition being a random event where if your too high they may swoop in and attack. even better take you up to their nest. Feathers could be another form of glider. Or be used to make a more refined sort of paraglider People want to go in the house and if you can do that I'd be impressed. But I won't hold you to it. Maybe one room? Or the shed. The story build up so far has a little hint to some sort of story already there. What with the various little skeletons around the map. And the mysterious Doctor that surely can't be father to all four children right? Wonder if we will see this doctor or did he too succumb to the backyard. Also I may or may not have seen that behind a locked door, there may or may not have been some weird experiments with berries too. Anyway just a couple of bugs and suggestions I have. Don't normally even write bug reports or just general feedback and suggestions. What the heck is it even a larvae of anyway. No really
  21. So, didn't the devs mention the option to review your class' skill tree at any given moment (and not just at level up) being introduced at some point? Does anyone know what's going on with that?
  22. So, I was hoping that I'd be able to make this thread after finishing the actual game, but the issues with my computer are worse than expected (i.e. there's always a worse scenario than the worst case scenario) and so I doubt I'll get to finish it in some time. Likewise I've only been able to skim the boards of late so if this is all already being discussed elsewhere and people feel it comes across as spam or the likes, feel free to merge it with that other thread. For the most part I hope I can add something worthwhile to the discussion regarding the two titular topics and present some possibilities that could potentially help improve the same. So, I'll go ahead and reiterate that I have not finished the game so I would appreciate spoiler tags being used when appropriate and so on, and also that my assessments below are based on what I have experienced so far of the game, which I would still say is over 100 hours or the same. With that out of the way, I'll start off with the more contentious subject based on what opinions I've read, which is the companion relationship/reputation system. Right off the bat I would say that in general I dislike relationship systems based on a reputation scale the likes we've seen in previous games like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, and to me this is no exception to the rule. I feel that the more transparent these systems are, the more they invite the player to play to their companions' ego and "game" their way to a max relationship, and the more unnatural and mechanical the relationships feel; Deadfire seems to exasperate this further by adding a very clear set of traits that each companion likes and dislikes, and making them respond with stock reactions to every instance where either the player or another companion acts in a way that they like (leading to many strange reactions the likes we've seen many times in other threads already). In turn I also know that if I am to respond to a certain interaction in a specific manner, the rest of the party will inevitably "like" or "dislike" that response because that's what they're very broadly and obviously programmed to do - which is odd because even if someone is "light-hearted" for example, that same person won't necessarily find every joke amusing or every situation ideal for the same. Personally I would have liked a more invisible system myself which kept track in the background of what each liked and disliked and where we'd see only the results of these opinions more so than the ticking of every instance where we say something or do something that increases a character's disposition towards us; but what's done is done and for what it's worth I think the idea of keeping track of companion-companion relationships is an interesting one which I'm glad is to some extent or other being worked on, as it would seem a good way in which to make the party feel a little more dynamic and reactive and all that jazz. But still, even if the system can't be torn down and reworked from the ground, there's a few things I reckon could improve it going further in Deadfire's development. For example, one thing I would love to see looked at is the effect that certain actions we take have on characters regardless of whether they match with their "traits" or not. For example, I am of the opinion that there's things that very likely have a deeper effect on a relationship than whether or not you are one way or abscribe to a certain philosophy. I feel that in cases like these for each character, having a reputation change unaffiliated to companion likes/dislikes would do a lot of good towards making the relationship system feel a lot more natural and less "gamey" or jumpy than it does currently. I feel the like/dislike system is fine but it should really be relegated to very minor shifts, with maybe some big swings at very determined situations when things do get very personal, in either a positive or negative sense (e.g. Serafen helping Xoti out with her nightmares, or Aloth not being able to stand Tekehu's vanity anymore). Likewise it wouldn't be an entirely bad idea to have certain "critical" situations affect a companion's disposition to the *whole* party and not just the Watcher (to use Pallegina's example above, she'd probably be appreciative towards all who helped out with her personal quest and not just the Watcher). Also something that I've noted is that at the beginning of the game, when we were first shown the relationship system via the tutorial, the tutorial section mentioned that companions could lead to forging deeper and more unique bonds and these same would be detailed through the "relationship" box right next to the reputation compass and so on… But has anyone actually seen this box get updated with new content between companions? Or even between companions and the Watcher themselves? I reckoned it was a bit early in my playthrough at first, but as the game moved on, and having reached the point I have most recently, it seems very odd that I should see no update to the same, not even to indicate the ongoing relationship between Maia and my Watcher for example. This would be worth looking into, I think, whether it is working as intended or not. Moving onto the crew now… I for one will say I really liked the crew system, a heck of a lot more than the hirelings back in the first Pillars for certain. I liked the many vignettes involving them, I liked being able to collect them all across the Deadfire almost as if I were filling out my own little Eoradex, I liked how you could get an idea to their individual personalities through many of their introductory interactions and quests and so on. I also reckon that their personalities also determine the role they'd take in the vignettes out at sea, so I liked how Eld Engrim often played the pious character, Emeini the more combative type, and so on. However, I do feel that I would like to see a few situations more appropriately tailored to either the events of the game or to individual crewmembers, which I'll expand upon next. Likewise, and this is a minor addition but and important one I feel: when we look into our journal for information on the mechanics to crewmembers, be it the way they level up on their positions or what advantage does each position and experience in the same bring, these are either not present or very scarcely explained, with all that's said about them is that they're a "motley assortment of neerdowells" and so on. I don't think it's ever mentioned that crewmembers can earn four overall stars across all ranks before they max out either, and I only learned it once I looked at the wiki or a subreddit discussion about it. A more detailed clarification within the game itself that we could access at any time would be appreciated, I think. These are some aspects which I feel could improve both systems over how they presently are, which I also feel would be feasible to do for a future patch or something. What do you guys think? Anything else you would like to add, or would disagree with, or any changes you would propose yourselves?
  23. Like if my party member is a very beautiful women she can make some merchants give her discount or have more favorable options with males or lesbians in general. Likewise with the Watcher. Maybe ugly has bad options in dialogue and some interactions, but it repulses combatants making them aim worse or you smell bad etc. You can be ugly or beautiful depending on culture or race of people you talk to. Beauty can also just be female trait as it matter a lot more for them in most cultures, but with that you can also make them have less athletics, HP, or attack power etc to balance it out. Renown can work like how people know who you are. High renown will make you unable to lie very well as people know you, but low renown allows you to bluff and lie better. We already have reputation so renown can't really do much to change interaction with factions, but it can allow you to gain favor or disfavor with random people. Like if you are known murderer etc people will not talk to you and police will try to capture or kill you. There might be better ways to implement these ideas, or do you guys think it is bad to add this? Since I am about 5 hours into the game this system might already been added and I just do not know. If so, please tell me.
  24. I was attempting to make a Pale Elf Mystic (Cipher/Priest), since Pale Elves come from The White that Wends, and their culture also has the option of Mystic... it seemed to be a really tight knit concept expect for an oversight, Pale Elves typically worship Rymrgand Beast of Winter, God of Cold, Death, Winter, Famine, Entropy, Bad Luck etc, but clearly there is no Priest subclass for this god at the moment, I was thinking Ice damage/Debuff theme, likely from the mage tree of spells, with a favored weapon that also does ice damage (I'm thinking two handed Axe for the true executioner's vibe, or some sort of spear for their winter beast theme)
  25. Hey there! One thing that always bothered about me is that I have this chronic thing of restarting a play through multiple times - I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue among the fans of this kind of games. I'm trying to play the game again for a character to import in deadfire - the previous save I had were lost - but every time I put 2/4 hours in, I then restart again with a different build. I'm stuck in this unsatisfying loop! Main reason is because another idea pops in my head and I don't have the will force to resist eheh. So I thought to maybe gather from suggestions from you guys *swings his arms to the sky invoking Boeroer* in the hope to find a cool idea. I've looked of course in the pinned build's thread and tried some of them already but could be that I overlooked something. Do you have any build / concept in mind? Even if you haven't tried it maybe. Maybe there's a combination of talents and abilities that have unexpected synergies that flies under the radar? Maybe this said combination reflects one of the possible multi classing in deadfire already? that's great! An example: actually using drugs for a specific purpose, and then it'll work well with the drug monk subclass in deadifre. I'm not min-maxing that much usually and I'll play just on hard so it doesn't have to be something that well thought. I'll play with the game companions; flexibility there too if there's someone that works well with your idea. Staples are going to be Eder, Aloth and Palegina so I can play with them in deadfire (possibly it would be good to avoid picking the same classes for the main character build, but it's also true that the same class can be played in many different ways of course). All right, that's all folks, thanks for the read!
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