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Found 60 results

  1. I was fiddling around with intelligence and how it affects AoE size, and I came up with some suggestions that would make them generally better. 1 - Spell casting range All spells - AoE included - have a casting range, but that range is never displayed in the game world when casting. It would be beneficial to have a visual indicator if you can cast a spell from where you currently are, or of where you will have to move to cast a spell on a location. 2 - Adjustable AoE One of the benefits of intelligence is increased area of effect. It turns out that this can be a rather big problem at higher levels. Here's an image: This is a 20 Int wizard casting Dazzling Lights. The wizard is at his maximum casting range for the spell, which just so happens to be in the area of effect of the spell. Casting this spell will cause the wizard to dazzle himself. Needless to say, this is rather undesirable. On top of this, the huge AoE of some spells at high intelligence will tend to make them difficult to use in constrained spaces without, say, torching your buddies. As long as friendly fire is enabled (and it should stay enabled, personally), the player needs a way to have high intelligence without it ending up being detrimental. Making the AoE spells have a reducible range would help quite a bit. If this would unbalance spells from a tactical standpoint, then it might be enough to allow the player to cast spells at an effectively reduced intelligence (i,e., keep AoE and duration coupled).
  2. I would really love to have an option to toggle volume for all kinds of voice-acting in the game. Combat shouts and the "affirmative" type of deal when you move characters around kinda get really old after a while so an option to mute them would be very welcome!
  3. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir with you guys, but it needs to be said: The superb voice acting made the Baldur's Gate 2 characters really come to life. Jon Irenicus, Minsc, Aerie, Jaheira...I remember that dialog to this day. Please don't make your voice talent an afterthought. I suspect you already intend to make it awesome, but just in case you weren't? Don't make Pillars of Eternity sound like Divinity: Original Sin. That is all.
  4. It's one of those things that's not really a big deal, but one expects a double-click to select an item and perform the default action on it. This is true of Windows list boxes for example. So it seemed a little weird that when I went to load a game I couldn't just double-click the game to load it. PS Beta is awesome.
  5. Just a little suggestion for a feature I kinda expected from the GUI: when you get a pop-up about a new quest in the upper left corner of the screen, it would be convenient to be able to click on it to bring up the journal. At least, that's what I did immediately upon seeing the pop-up for the first time (I mean, I clicked on it). The journal should of course open on the newly received/updated quest, so the player can review whatever notes are made about it.
  6. So with my achievement grinding it got me thinking... Enemies scale with your level in The Stick of Truth, I noticed this when battling different monsters on two different level characters. There are certain key points in the story. How would you feel if they added a chapter selection option? You could go back and play your favorite parts or get your missing Chinpokomon, etc. by selecting the chapter you want to play with your character that's completed the game. More importantly... Is this something Obsidian would consider doing?
  7. I request that [continue] choices in dialogues (i.e. when there are no 1, 2, 3 choices) be hotkeyed by pressing 1 rather than enter, or some other key closer to the horizontal numericals. Using 1-2-3-4 etc in dialogue feels like smooth sailing. But then all of a sudden there's that [continue]-dialogue and you must either move your mouse and click the button, or move your hand all the way across the keyboard to press enter.
  8. Now that you released the first video of the game, it's obviously to everyone's joy that the lighting effects are so brilliant. Since that wisp like character moved around and showed off the lighting it really got me thinking : How cool would it be to create caves or certain areas where there is literally no static lighting effects and it requires certain members to equip torches or use light spells? That would be so much fun if you can do something like that!
  9. In most CRPGs, the weapons are too fantastic and don't have any real life counterpart, or they are very common types of weapons and mostly derived from Medieval - Renaissance European weapons. In this thread I would recommend posting some suggestions regarding exotic weapons from real life which can be included in the game. My first suggestion would be the "Yatagan" sword. It is a short sabre which was extensively used in the Ottoman Empire territory between 16th - 19th centuries. It was the trademark sword of Jannissaries. The originality of this sword comes from the fact that it is curved towards the front and has no hand guards at the hilt. It was ideal for carrying as a side arm next to the musket, due to its small size and strong slashing momentum because of having its center of weight towards the tip. Some Yatagans: The yatagan was worn on the waist inside the sash, slightly similar how the samurai used to wear the wakizashi. (On this photo M. Kemal Ataturk posing as a Janissary) While scimitars and sabres have found much place in the games, they are usually depicted as having rather broad blades. I believe this may be a slight exageration while the real turkish "Kilic" (sword in Turkish) is like this: Indonesia and the region surrounding have very peculiar looking weapons indeed. They definitely look as if they are from a fantasy role playing game. For instance the "Kris", a type of dagger, which is distinguished by its wavy pattern. Kris can be worn in different ways: Another very original weapon from Indonesia is the "Kujang" which is a sickle shaped short weapon. The "Kampilan" sword from the Phillipines also looks as if it was created in a fantasy setting, but it is real. It is around 100 cm long and is mainly used with two hands. I am sure the developers are going to do a fantastic game, but it would still be cool to see some of these suggestions included in the game Let's keep posting your suggestions!
  10. In Update #5, the devs have informed us that the major powers of the setting are largely possessed of late medieval/early Renaissance technology, including early firearms. Please, please, please, please do my history-major self a favor and include cannons in that. A brief history: Gunpowder's first use after its invention in China was in fireworks, because why not. Someone got the bright idea to point fireworks at enemy soldiers, which, while frightening, isn't terribly good at maiming or killing. Then, someone got the idea of strapping a gunpowder bomb to a castle wall or door, and that was effective, though rather dangerous. So the first reliable, safe use of gunpowder in warfare was the cannon. The larger barrels of cannons allowed them to handle greater stresses than something that could be carried by a person, which make their manufacture somewhat easier. They also fulfilled a valuable niche: Blasting down increasingly large and rugged castle walls. For this reason, cannons were being used in European warfare as eary as the 13th century--a good two or three centuries before handguns became prolific. Their rate of fire was slower than other siege weapons, but against a wall, who cares? They hit a lot harder, and were scary to boot. Translating this to a fantasy world, the logic holds. The physics are (probably) the same, so cannons are still easier to make. They're still good at smashing down stone walls (even if those stone walls are magically reinforced, given the precedent of firearms being able to puncture such barriers). A lucky shot means they could likely pulverize a lot of large monsters, especially slow ones or ones made from stone. There are logistical difficulties in transporting cannons, of course, and they require more specialized resources than, say, trebuchets, but a wealthy kingdom will very likely find them worthwhile. Obviously, cannons don't need to feature in your average dungeon crawl. I'm just thinking that if we see a siege at some point, or read an account of one happening now or in the recent past, they should be a thing that exists. It's starting to bug me how many high-medieval settings don't have any sign of them, y'know? Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the game. )
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