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  1. I just had an idea; what if there was an air conditioner somewhere on the far side of the yard. Perhaps by the sandbox so you couldn't get there until after you had some gear already (mid-game?) So what would be the point? Well, it would make for an interesting area to explore if you could get inside of it. Could be an "industrial" kind of area to break up all the other natural spots. Sparking wires, moving hazardous parts, leaky pools of (most-likely) freon, etc.). Maybe the scientists even put a lab inside of it to test "cold properties" or something. I know the inside of most AC u
  2. As well as the ability to turn on/off the markers; How about the ability to filter them? For example, if Im only looking for resources, I should be able to see only the leaf marker that I created. Im at a point in the game where there are so many markers when I turn them on.
  3. I was thinking as a shrunk down version of myself in the backyard; what if we had rockslides or mudslides to also contend with? I see big pebbles that we break into little ones but what if there were rocks that would hurt you or we would get caught in a mudslide and figure out a new way to get to a certain destination or wait until it dries.
  4. I'd love to build a web app for this game to help players find resources on the map, but 2 things make this difficult. First, there isn't a displayable map coordinate system. Adding an accurate lat/lon or similar coordinate or grid system would help users find specific items. Second, it would be great if you made available some of the game assets, like item icons, that could be used in fan-made web apps. Great job so far! Loving the game and all the recent improvements!
  5. I think it would be cool to be able to craft a telescope or binoculars out of clover leaves, woven fiber, and a water drop or something like that. Then when you get up real high you could see a littler further and check out the view.
  6. Implement something that can filter the puddles into drinking water. Maybe something like the canteen to scoop up the water then go back to your base and filter it into drinking water.
  7. I have ran into a problem in which I have accidentally placed a blueprint in a space in which I could not reach it to delete it manually and now it shows up in my construction "chopping list" UI that I still have left over materials to gather. I know it's a minor issue that wouldn't be a top priority but it would be nice that somewhere either in the actual menu or UI wheel to have an option to cancel all placed blueprints, or a hold button (x) to clear all chopping list items, for getting rid of randomly placed blueprints that a character has forgot where they placed it or is unable to reach m
  8. Hello, not sure if this has already been talked about but I had an idea when it comes to building. I was getting my base ready for the upcoming update and wanted to replace my normal grass walls with sturdy walls. The process of replacing each wall with the risk of destroying a build and loosing materials is getting old. I was just thinking that a feature could be added or looked into where for example if you have a regular grass wall, instead of destroying the wall completely, you could just add a wood stem to it making it a sturdy wall, saving a lot of time. Obviously this wouldn't work with
  9. Many of us have lost mint due to various reasons. Sometimes a friend logs off with it and doesn't come back. Some of us had our death bags dissappear. Sometimes our friends have had their inventory wiped when they rejoined our worlds. The community appreciates how fast the development team is fixing issues, but I have a simple suggestion for those of us that have lost precious mint. If mint could respawn over time (at least for a little while). It would greatly help those of us that lost this precious resource.
  10. please get split screen for this game, iknow its a big requests but id love to play this game with my siblings and friends localy.
  11. I dont know how often if at all this is suggested but Im too lazy to search. Have you guys ever considered adding a local / splitscreen mode of multiplayer? I just thought it would be cool to be able to play with friends on the same couch kind of like minecraft.
  12. So I've read just A few entries here (not all) and I didn't see an idea for a shield nor a vehicle. For the shield, maybe rubber and an acorn shell could be used to make it. It could be used in combo with the single handed weapons. I can't begin to tell u how many times I wished I had a shield while fighting spiders. Now for the vehicle, the acorn tops could be wheels, grass blades and weed stems for the body, sap for lights, and maybe a basket for storage made from woven fibers and clovers. A little golf cart type vehicle would be helpful with transporting things and in multiplayer it would b
  13. Are you planning on having ladybugs and stink bugs fly eventually? Also how about spiders being able to hang from branches and other objects. They are already scary enough but I've found myself looking up when I'm around the oak tree expecting to see a wolf spider hanging above me. I watched the dev interview so I know there are technical challenges to creature movement already. Also from the dev interview they asked about introducing larger 'boss' creatures. I was thinking in the context of the science in this world you could have events with controlled conditions. For example who's
  14. How about a waypoint marker that I can click on the map to head towards and/or show my teammates where to go.
  15. You know? Where you could start the game over again with your current level and items. I love this game so far. I'd definitely play it again.
  16. Hello everyone, Don't know of it's been suggested yet but what's everyone think about critical points on the larger enemies? I'm not suggesting weakening them but I am suggestion points on creatures that, when hit, cause extra damage. I think this would allow for a more tactical way of approaching the larger, more dangerous creatures as well as making players in Multiplayer plan their attacks. I'm open to suggestions and criticism as always. Thank you in advance and be safe out there!
  17. I think the ability to retract the bow is needed. Let's say Im using the bow and aiming at something but it flees. Now, Im stuck with the only option is to shoot my arrow then retrieve it. I should be able to retract the bow and not waste that time shooting the arrow at nothing since my target fled.
  18. Suggestions: “Make The Saves Available to play Offline”, “Have a Option to Clear all Insects from world for Better FPS” (Have a lot of Insects Glitching under map and not Despawning.
  19. Suggestion: there should be lab "stuff" the player can scan to unlock blueprints for building underwater bases and a submarine. Most of these would require metal that could be mined from rocks and smelted in a clay oven. Ideally, the lab "stuff" would be lying around various labs as a part of the damage they have endured, giving the player another reason to explore the labs. An additional item, glass, should be make-able using the clay oven after gathering sand with a shovel from a sandbox. The sandbox could be part of a park in the neighborhood, or as a part of a backyard.
  20. Me and my friends have been playing grounded... a lot, the game is truly great. While playing I have felt like the game has been missing some things. An Idea i got was what is centipedes were added? Maybe you can harvest them and get its shell and make armor that increases your movement speed or tools. I also thought maybe you can dig them up like if they were grubs but I dont know if that would fit the size scale. maybe also add frogs that you can find on lily pads on the lake harvest them maybe make a grapel or something just some kind of tool or perhaps armor that allows you to jump highe
  21. I've spent the last 40ish days in game with a non functioning Dew Collector and Mushroom Garden. This is how I spend my beginning of the days drinking dirty water (I live next to the pond) then I go out and kill Weevils, or Gnats sometimes Grubs and I put them on the Jerky Rack. I try to get at least 3 at a time so I have a decent amount of food to go off and replenish after drinking the dirty water. I also collect as many mushrooms as possible while running around doing missions for B.U.R.G.L as well as hunting Lady Bugs and Wolf Spiders to stock up on parts This is really ju
  22. After the update, neither my mushroom farm or dew collector was working, fortunately, I moved next to the pond, next to the Spiders + Flowers, and Nectar its still spawning there for me (anywhere that have flowers, it does have nectar sprinkled around the ground), which its helping me to manage my thirst and hunger, I still see a lot of mushroom spawning outside of my mushroom farms (sometimes I think way too much mushrooms, which i kinda feel like its related to as why they're not growing in the mushroom farm), but yeah, this is what I do: Gather Nectar in 2 different spawns each day, beca
  23. So, i noticed the second a enemy is out or range it instantly regenerates health at a fast pace. this can be annoying when trying to fight a tough enemy like a spider, a way to fix this mabye is to have like a minute delay or something before it can regan all its health. please fix it somehow
  24. there should be more spiders added in future so I made a list of potential candidates from what probably makes the most sense to the least 1. hobo spiders would make a nice addition to the game having a moderate threat level between the orb weaver and wolf spider 2. daddy long legs would be really cool in an ecosystem like grounded preying on weak bugs like aphids to uncommonly trying to prey on other spiders! 3. brown recluse is likely to be really deadly and poisonous, the only reason its low is because im not sure they will add this since we have the wolf spider already
  25. I personally think a weather system would be nice. Like rain which could lead to floods and other things forcing you to higher ground, mini mini tornadoes, maybe even snow where you have to make warm armor to brave the cold. There could also be boats added for over water travel and maybe fish bosses that you could tackle which would be complimented by a underwater lake exploration maybe flippers scuba mask, ect those sorts of things.
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