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  1. You can think about the possibility to add the split screen from the same console or pc to play the adventures of the Grounded. I think it would be an interesting feature to add and not just the possibility to play online with our friends. What do you think about this idea? Greetings.
  2. Not sure what this would be called in dev-speak, but I'd love to see shared multiplayer games. I primarily play with friends, and we all wish we could log into and out of a shared game without the same specific person needing to host.
  3. I would like an option to make a burgl mission harder/bigger for a larger reward. It could be limited to one fully “buffed” mission (maybe 10x is max) at a time. Alternatively he could have a “memory capacity” To allow multiple small buffed missions or a single full buffed mission. You could increase it by a slider in the UI. This could be explained by “overloading” burgle’s circuitry. ————— so instead of - 10 Lawn mites for 100 Rs you could increase it to - 100 Lawn mites for 1200 Rs ————— I think a 10x
  4. Howdy all! I'm a long time survival player and recently picked up Grounded. What an awesome game! I love the style and feel and atmosphere. Very happy to be playtesting this awesome game. I recently unlocked the ability to build and have started to lay out my first base. One thing that immediately jumped out at me is the choice of basic building materials (square and triangle). I noticed that Obsidian chose to go with a 90°-45°-45° triangle piece rather than a 60°-60°-60° which unfortunately limits our building shapes, especially circular building. I've created a little graphic that
  5. First, I'd love to see more weed plank builds, such as plank floors (to give it a "hardwood floor" look). And maybe some plank roof parts for that rustic log cabin look. And grass floors can go over top of weed floors like carpet. Second, what about decomposing parts? Like with parts for a house? After all, armor and weapons need repairs, why not parts? After... say... 1 in-game month after building a house part, the grass parts turn yellow and the weed stem parts turn black. After 2 in-game months, the part automatically destroys itself (decomposed). But you can repair the
  6. I mean sooner or later we need to move that up the tier ... cant be stuck at tier 3 forever right ??? So we have acorns by the tree what loves acorns ... squirrels I mean since acorns are used for low tier tech ... the squirrel cant be hostile ... Make it passive until of course you attack it ... Bribe it or Defeat it in battle to tame it for fast travel ... It will bring acorns to your base ... it will help you fight Use it to scale the house and the shed ehrm .... a bid morbid but ... kill it for food and squirrel leather ...
  7. Since this game relies highly on cloud saves and getting updates from them, I'd love to have a manual resync option onthe main menu. That way, if my cloud saves don't load (just an example), I don't have to uninstall and reinstall the game just to get my saves.
  8. I'm playing on Xbox and noticed that when the bird is making the caw sound while perched at any location, the volume of the caw seems to be very low. As a suggestion, I think the volume should be increased considering the size of the bird. I think we should be able to hear the bird throughout the yard. If you are closer to the bird, the volume should be louder. Love the game, thanks for all your hard work!!
  9. I keep wondering about Seasons. Will they add Seasons? And what will that mean? Obviously some weather changes, but bugs hibernate, migrate, molt, change form completely sometimes. Seasons could bring some VERY strange and interesting changes to the game. Some of my Thoughts... : Different Seasons - Different Bugs Many bugs hibernate, so some bugs would be here all year around, but others wouldn't. Hibernating Bugs would retreat to a home and stay there sleeping entirely through the season, only responding to direct attacks. Some hibernating bugs bury themselves, so they w
  10. Can you please add a small timer like a bar that ticks down to tell us when a smoothie/power up is about to end?
  11. Can you please make the descriptions more direct? For example, instead of a vague description of each mutation, make the last sentence highlight what the mutation does? Thanks!
  12. Can we please have the day last longer. As far as I can tell, the game's timescale is one second real time equals one minute game time. So one minute real time is one hour in game. That means each day lasts 24 minutes, 10 of which is sleep time. That gives us 14 minutes to do anything before the day is spent.
  13. Crafted using the proboscis of a mosquito. Mosquito Arrows cause bleeding damage over time until it is removed. Creates drops of blood that can be slurped. Drinking enough drops of blood gives the Feral mutation and appropriate perks.
  14. I would like to see a way to break down grass planks into grass fiber. Maybe introduce a grass mill. Right now, there really is not a huge benefit of having grass pallets because when ur building its faster just to use grass planks right and when im not building and farming for grass fiber im not taking the time to save all the grass planks. Right now I need 2144 fibers for all of my fences for my sky catwalks so im not spending the time to take the planks to the pallets. If there was a conveyer system that would auto sort to a group of pallets that would be a huge benefit and make grass palle
  15. a saddle and ladybug bait unlocked at Burg.L the saddle can have small amount of storage and lets you attack with the ladybug and stuff.
  16. I know Obsidian has a lot on their plate with this game. And the issue of performance would be in question. But being able to play with only four people seems a bit small. I think up to eight would be ideal. PvP would be a fun addition to the game I think. But in all honesty keep doing what your doing Obsidian. Having a blast with the game and I eagerly await more content in the future.
  17. Hey obsidian! Loving the game so far I am HOOKED! I'm about 20 hours in here are my thoughts and suggestions; 1. The inventory could be a little more complex, shouldn't have to carry armour that we have equipped and it should re equip when you pick up your back just like the tools and weapons 2. Add some alternate control schemes or at least re vamp the custom control mapping for xbox because i can't place 2 commands on the same button, eg; swimming up to be added with jump on A button cant be done. 3. Make the wolf spider head bust bigger meaner, scarier and hairer than
  18. Hi Everyone! I am new to this game, and so far I love it! its both insane and cosy at the same time :-) What I would love to see in the game would be, big humans coming in the backyard sometimes. Like maybe the owner of the house or something? Lets say the owner of the house comes out in the backyard and we have to be carefull for not getting stepped on by big feets etc. This indeed would maybe make the game feel more "Alive" ?
  19. I think we need a kitchen set in the game it would be nice to have various kinds of ways to cooking like you get abilitys like the smoothy maker but in a kitchen set those effects would last longer and many have new effects like jump boost, cut less (like grass and weed stems), better attack strength,(sense the ant queen is coming soon) maybe ant leader plus: you can add meat to all the bugs and not to just to the smaller harmless animals I'm talking about ladybug meat orbed ever meat wolf spider meat ant meat maybe not larva because those things pop up to frequently and stink bug that'
  20. SUGGESTIONS: *NOTE* I'm on Xbox so its preview game. So some of these may be on the full release? 1) ability to show friends distance from you just like the GPS markers 2) dandelion flooring 3) colored carpet (different colored flower petal and gnat fuzz for example) 4) acorn fence gate 5) half walls 6) dandelion stairs 7) colored stair runners (same idea as carpet) hammock (portable but breaks after so many uses) need two grass to connect it to or build hammock posts? 9) ability to dual wield daggers (maybe a new armor perk) 10) tubu
  21. One of the biggest problems in Grounded is to find even surface to build on it. Or, there is place I want to build the base, but terrain is too uneven? For something relatively small like buildings it can be solved by using scaffolds and clay foundation, but for something bigger like home surrounded by a fence? It would be great to build first simple home without floor near the first field station, but the ground is too eneven there. This leads to the situations when you start planning the base from one side, and when you came to the opposite side, you have a fence or the door hanging in the a
  22. It would be super helpful if you could flag an item/tool/ETC to alert you when you have gathered all the parts to craft it. That way you wouldn't have to repeatedly check your inventory to see if you've got enough of something to craft it. I imagine you could either have all the needed parts on screen, or a less intrusive system where it just pops up when all the parts have been gathered. Loving the game! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!
  23. I just had an idea; what if there was an air conditioner somewhere on the far side of the yard. Perhaps by the sandbox so you couldn't get there until after you had some gear already (mid-game?) So what would be the point? Well, it would make for an interesting area to explore if you could get inside of it. Could be an "industrial" kind of area to break up all the other natural spots. Sparking wires, moving hazardous parts, leaky pools of (most-likely) freon, etc.). Maybe the scientists even put a lab inside of it to test "cold properties" or something. I know the inside of most AC u
  24. As well as the ability to turn on/off the markers; How about the ability to filter them? For example, if Im only looking for resources, I should be able to see only the leaf marker that I created. Im at a point in the game where there are so many markers when I turn them on.
  25. I was thinking as a shrunk down version of myself in the backyard; what if we had rockslides or mudslides to also contend with? I see big pebbles that we break into little ones but what if there were rocks that would hurt you or we would get caught in a mudslide and figure out a new way to get to a certain destination or wait until it dries.
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