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  1. I'm currently mid Magical Songs quest, got to Rancher Bill and had Timmy as an ally. Normally this puts into a cutscene and Timmy gets stuck stuttering and you can press a button to continue. However, no button is appearing and it just gets stuck on an eternal loop, no button will get me out. Also happened several different times I've loaded the game, this isn't just a one off. Please aid.
  2. When in quest mode, encountering goblins (in my current case, I encountered Goblin Cutpurse) may cause the game to get stuck immediately after the dice roll. The modifier in question says "When encountering a goblin, roll 2d4 and add the total to the difficulty of the combat check". After the game rolls the 2d4, the encounter never advances to combat (or the wisdom roll in the case of goblin cutpurse). Closing and reopening the game causes a new roll. Opening the vault and closing it causes a new dice roll. Returning to menu and going back to quest/continue causes a new dice roll. None of these options make the combat check begin.
  3. Delete this topic, the issue might be related to another bug I found out about browsing the other bug reports.
  4. Description: I'm playing the first part of The White March expansion. My party is in the village of Stalwart and every time I try to travel outside (in any direction of the White March or the Dyrwood), after accepting the timing of the trip the screen goes black. The music continues in the background and you can see the game cursor, and you can even feel the noise of the menu that opens by pressing esc, but do not see anything. Then you need to press exit in the darkness and try to return to the main menu and reload the game, but the bug is still present. The trip simply does not happen and when you try to return to the main menu for a while you see that the party is still at the point from which you tried to start the fast -travel. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1) Load one of my savegames. 2) Try to travel outside Stalwart. 3) Bug. Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/66p8xcqp2m5ft7d/Save%20Games.7z?dl=0 DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  5. I have Kana learn the "summon phantom" spell. I casted it in the next battle and saw the phantom die, through the hand of the enemy. And for that I got exp. Expected Behaivor: Creatures in the 30 Slot Party + rest Array should not count for kill rewards. Other Observation in exactly this fight: Aloth was knocked unconscious at some time, see the 3rd image. But was drawn still/again standing, image 2 and 3. At the end of the fight all got their endurance back, except Aloth. He was stuck to the place, and did not end combat. I could not save at this point (image 3). But i could rest, fortunate i had one camping supply. Kana told some lines after the sleep and the party was fully healed. Aloth too. But he was still stuck and wouldnt move a single pixel. But now i could save. And then load. And then Aloth was free. Player.log Savegame before fight Savegame after fight here: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/VFM0n%2FqtTrlfEqbPeya%2FHL2kNv0HDiXp
  6. Description: I've entered Lle a Rhemen after completion of the 2nd act having sided with the Crucible Knights. After selecting "Yes, I would." at the stone head for the soul transfer (to create the Cloudsplitter weapon), the animation / cut scene / scripted dialog does not continue, end or fade out. The dialog box closes but I'm left with no HUD, no way to select characters, scroll or zoom. All I can do it tweak options, load games and quit. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Place two characters on the pre-selected plates on the floor (those light up, when walked onto) which triggers the sripted cut scene. Then select "Yes, I would." The save game is exactly before placing those characters onto the plates on the ground. The result is shown in the screenshot. Additional Info: I had a similar experience at the showdown with Aelys and Wymund in the Dyrford Village Blood Legacy Sidequest. A different fighting approach (fallback to melee only to the end of the fight) after wiping Aelys' mind via Grieving Mother and prior to the cut scene where you tell Aelys to go, helped avert getting stuck in the cut scene after the dialog. Need not have anything to do with this bug but the experience of being stuck was exactly the same. I'm not able to circumvent the problem in Lle a Rhemen though. System Specs: MacBook Air (13 Zoll, Mitte 2012) Prozessor 1,8 GHz Intel Core i5 Speicher 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Grafikkarte Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F27) Unity Player.log tells me: Failed to execute flow chart script data/conversations/08_wilderness/08_cv_rhemen_soul_transfer.conversation Void StartCutscene(Guid)( b27e7ca1-483e-4a60-afcb-d5ab7947fe6e). Output Log / Savegame: Output Log and Savegame (quicksave) can be found here on dropbox. Best regars Tim
  7. I've hit a fairly serious bug that I haven't seen mentioned previously (if it has, I apologize - I scanned and searched the forum and couldn't find a mention of it). When I get to the Ducal Palace after talking with Lady Webb, I'm admitted to the Animance Hearings as expected. While attending the Animancy Hearings, the game pauses right after the Duc is killed and the cut scene with the 'he killed the Duc - get him' sequence finishes. After this cut-scene, the game pauses, and no keys or mouse clicks will take the game back out of pause. <ESC>, <space>, etc., do nothing, so it is impossible to proceed with the game or exit from the game. The only option is to <alt-tab> to the desktop and manually kill the game. This is with the v1.06 beta. I've played the game to this point several times, and this bug happens sometimes but other times does not happen. My best guess of the common denominator is that it appears that if the player completes the Searing Falls 'Cinders of Faith' quest prior to the Animancy Hearings, the bug happens. If the player doesn't complete this quest, the game proceeds normally. I'd upload a game save, but it is over 2 MB and the file upload has a limit of 1 MB. Let me know if it would be helpful to have a game save, and where/how to upload it.
  8. So my character is stuck on the ground. He cannot move. Its not a huge problem, as I can save and load, and have it "reset" back to normal. I figured I'd report it anyway. I'm not permitted to upload jack, so here's a dropbox link: Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64975302/output_log.rar (A lot of nullpointers in there)
  9. I got stuck in Raedrics Hold Dungeons... I'm sending the savegame, a screenshot and the output. I can't knockdown the character, also maimed him doesn't work, either trying to attack a teammate nearby. I could reload from the autosave from the start of the scene, but it's discouraging to start the whole scene again... I hope that dev's can create an alternative to solve those stuck bugs... Cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/s/24zwdkhdx6ewb55/raedrics%20hold%20dungeons%20stuck.zip?dl=0
  10. The issue appeared after i quickly exited and reentered the Blacksmith in Gilded Vale. Observations - I can see the party standing in the doorway, but i cant mark them. Also the portraits are not showing the the lower left corner of the screen. Nothing is interactable though the cursor can hover over items and the right cursor icon displays. When i display inventory the windows and frames of the inventory are blank, as if there were no party members. Both the quicksave and the autosave have the same problem. (I got no other saves then those effected) Quicksave dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfn71btob4r88sh/00fcd979-abc7-4a28-92d2-b853347afd56%20quicksave.zip?dl=0 Outputlog dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/3f89eod4sre9ewu/output_log.txt?dl=0 DxDiag dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/az3tyjo5p1yqbu7/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 Here are two screenshots, one of the gameplay and one of the inventory.
  11. I have the Linux version from Steam. I play an all-ranger party on PotD. I first encountered this bug on the 13th level of Od Nua; I lured a bunch of monsters from a larger group in one of the rooms out into a corridor to kill them separately, a tactic I've been using the entire game. I killed all the mosters close-by, but I noticed I was stuck in combat mode, so no regen, travel, or anything. I tried to resolve it by killing the rest of the group, which was pretty small at that point, so I gave my figurines a stretch and managed to solve this unplanned complication without regenerating. The second instnace occurred while fighting the undead Raedric. I managed to isolate Raedric from his fampyrs and kill him by a thin margin, but again, the combat didn't end, and I was too exhausted to do anything about the herd of fampyrs still remaining, and had to load. When will this bug be fixed? It's incredibly annoying, having to reload after just winning a difficult boss fight. Luring enemies away worked just fine before, so why not in these two cases?
  12. Dear developer team, I just encountered a severe bug that keeps me from moving further in the game: In caed Nua, my wolf companion disappeared after reloading a saved game (after I died fighting Maerwald). Now, I cannot leave the hold, because it is said that I have to assemble my party first (i.e. also the disappeared wolf companionā€¦). Now comes the tricky part: the wolf companion is also gone in all of my other savegames, thus I am completely stuckā€¦ I saw that some other people encountered this as well... Hope you can help me out, Best Alex Here is a dropbox link to the saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfja10p6ss4p3qm/7e8a9a48-5ffc-478b-b429-085ab79f6534%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 ...and the link to the output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/myvhw5buqm5gybj/output_log.txt?dl=0
  13. game just freezes, but the sound and music continue. see the screenshot here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415286568 i'm running steam mac version. can't upload the save file, keeps telling me 'This upload failed'.
  14. I was moving things into the stash and trying to combine my many beetle shells and venom sacks. When I figured out I couldn't combine them I closed the stash but when I did there was an item stuck on the cursor and I couldn't get rid of it. I couldn't drop it, give it to someone else, or close the inventory screen. I finally just had to close the game.
  15. After fighting upstairs in the Dracogen Inn, I went back over the bridge and talked to the Elf on the bank. I then started a fight with him and his friends and slaughtered them all without mercy. After the fight however, I began to loot the corpses but my cursor refused to return to normal. Instead it stays as the 'Sword' icon to attack people. It also would not let me drag a box over my party to select them all. 1) Talk to the smug Elf on the River Bank 2) Start the fight with the diologue option 3) Begin slaughtering said Elf and his party 4) Once victorious, start collecting loot 5) See that the cursor is still up for a fight and displays a sword icon. Expected Behaviour: I expect my mouse to adhere to my commands and select my party for further adventuring. There will be more for it to fight along the way I'm sure.
  16. Hi, i play on PC (Steam version) and i have an infinite loading after releasing Craig at school. I have a first loading screen with school in background and a second loading screen without backgroung who looping. I have already tried switching my buddy with an other, leave school then back in, unplug my xbox gamepad, disable my second screen, run as administrator, load an old save (before entering school) and i still have infinite loading at end of this mission. My game is updated with the last ~140MB patch. My save file is in attached files. Please help me, i want to continue that game. Thanks Save Slot 001.zip
  17. General Conditions: - Just installed, brand new out of the package for PS3. - Patch 1.1 applied from PSN at time of first loading (PS3 has the latest updates installed from PSN). - Followed link to apply game code for bonus content. Completed successfully. - Just started playing my very first character as a rogue. Problem: In the series of three battles against "Elves" after exiting tent in Cartman's back yard (right at the beginning as lvl 1), every time I get to the battle with the guy that is wielding the two-handed hammer and a shield guy, I defeat shield guy, but then I am unable to continue battle because it only allows me the option to use my dagger attack against two-handed hammer guy... which hammer-guy's stance will not allow. - I am unable to select any other combat type (other than the plain dagger attack) - After the one time it does allow me to attack him -- at which time I am notified that attack will not work on him -- I am no longer even able to attack the only guy standing there in the battle as he is greyed out and my dagger has the circle-slash symbol indicating unusable. - I even quit the game and returned to save point inside Cartman's tent just prior to the battle, but always have the same result in the third battle. - I also have the bow equipped -- as required in the second battle -- but it's use is not an available option for this fight, nor is my special backstab attack, nor is the use of any item... As far as I know, I am carrying ever single item available at this point in the game. So basically... I'm stuck and can't proceed past this point... Is this a known issue / bug? Is it avoidable some how?
  18. Hi, I bought the game from PSN and downloaded. I found a bug and my game is stuck, in Clyde's Fortress after defeating Craig and some Nazi Cows the loading screen shown but it turned black and the game didn't resume, the only function working was the Start Menu, so I decide to make a copy of my progress (note: my ps3 never turn off and the game still running), also I restart the game and it works fine, but when I select Continue the loading screen shows up but keeps loading and the game never start. Also I tried to load the game before the fight and it works but when defeating Clyde again the game freezes after, so I can not pass beyond this fight..!!! Also, I tried to create a new game and it worked fine the issue is that I can not play my old game only for a damn bug...... I don't want to lose all my progress I will hate that a LOOOT!!!... please Help. Thanks!
  19. Hey! Does anybody now what those half black indicators mean, when you interact with something, its impossible to press spacebar and it seems to only appear when I interact whit something like garbage or something. Thanks
  20. So I got to the cave in Canada and I was stuck at a glowing rock. I took a look at the walkthrough and apparently at this point in the game I am supposed to have learnt the "nagasaki fart" to break this rock, yet, I didnt....So i thought, no problem, Ill go hunt down randy and it will probably enable a cutscene to learn that fart....well, I found hin at the pta metting hall and hes just on his cell phone saying "the pta will call you again if we need you" or something to that effect.....so my question is, 1. When was I supposed to learn the nagasaki fart? 2. Is it possible to still learn it even though I seemed to have missed the time I was supposed to learn it 3. How could a fart spell that is vital to completing the game be something that can be missed? Help would be mega appreciated guys! Thanks so much, I really want to complete this game but I have no idea what to do now that I am missing a vital spell to break this rock to continue the game.
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