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  1. I have a Steam copy of the game. By default, the game runs in German; I want to play it in English. However, if I change the language to English (via Library > Properties > Language), the game still runs in German. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  2. I'm deciding between getting this on GOG and Steam, and wanted to know: Can the Steam version can be launched directly from the executable without starting Steam? For context, here is a list of such [strong air quotes] "DRM-free" games on Steam. Most Paradox titles are this way, as are Larian's and InXile's games. (I prefer GOG for its DRM-free version but manual patching is going to be a bother in the first few months when patches will come thick and fast. The Steam version being essentially DRM-free is the best case scenario.)
  3. I'm using Steam streaming to play the game on my MacBook Pro. The host machine is an i5 desktop with 16 GB of RAM and an nvidia 760 GTX. I'm running into some issues with this: 1) It occasionally won't show Load Game or Continue at the starting menu. Rather, they're grayed out as if I've never played the game. To fix this, I seem to need to open another game, then reopen Pillars. 2) It sometimes will not fill a 16:9 area of my screen, despite the resolution set for 1080p. Readjusting the resolution at least fixes this.
  4. There's this misconception that Steam is DRM. Steam is just a delivery system, but Valve supplies tool to implement DRM if developers and publishers want to make use of them. Steam games do not require Steam to run unless it is configured so by the game's manager. Skyrim on launch did not require Steam to run, but Bethesda patched it later. Many older games do not bother with Steam dependency, such as Commandos 2. Move the game folder around, copy it to another PC, launch it from the exe with Steam closed (and Steam will not start up). It makes no sense to say "We will offer a Steam versio
  5. Steps to Redeem Your Items All of the steps outlined below have assumed that you have set up your account and confirmed your pledge. If you have questions about confirming your pledge, please read through our previous update on how to do so. If you follow these steps below, you will able to redeem your rewards: Head to the Backer Portal and go to your My Products page. Each entry on the Products tab is a reward that you can redeem. Depending on your tier you may have many different types of products to redeem. Let's start with redeeming a game code for your platform of choice.
  6. Hello, everyone. We have released an update to the backer beta on Steam. We are still working on the Mac and Linux builds, so they are not currently up there (we are working as fast as we can on them, I promise). We have lots of new changes and fixes. As always, please play the build and give us feedback on our forums. Here are the patch notes for the newly released Backer Beta Build 301. Important Information Regarding Saves Saved game location has changed. You can now find your saved games located in C:\Users\\Documents\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity. Keep in mind that old saved ga
  7. Hello ever buddy I just recently rediscover Project Eternity (PE) and my mind was blown again . It is been a long time since I heard about PE, and I can't understand how I could have lost track of this game. Anyway, I'm happy to see it again and here is my actual question: What would you choose, steam or GOG? I have a steam account and I have purchased some game via GOG, but I fail to see the benefits of being DRM-free when it comes to digital distribution. Can someone evaluate for me where the advantage and disadvantage is in buying the game via steam or GOG? I mean, I can't resell
  8. Hello, as a passionate Linux user i have to wait 'a few weeks' until i can play the beta. Luckily i have other stuff to do at the moment, so there is little time to get jealous over the Windows beta Well, Steam seems to have this 'Library Sharing' feature for sharing games with family and friends. And i also know this fellow Backer who would test the Beta on Windows - and a little later on, when the Linux Beta goes live, i really would like to help find and fix Bugs in the Linux version of the game. Would it work to share my Beta-access via Steam, and would it work cross-platform? A
  9. Description: Much like it was the case for Southpark (Link to relevant topic), Steam won't launch the PoE public beta. It throws an error code 51 instead. Expected behaviour: Game launches. Reproduce: 1. Install FSecure Antivirus and update it. 2. Try to launch Pillars of Eternity beta from Steam Workaround: Go to Antivirus settings and set "compatibility mode" for Deep Guard, or disable Deep Guard. Fix: Obsidian should contact FSecure and register their game as non-virus or something like that...
  10. Hello. *pours himself some fine wine, sits by roaring fire* *starts J. Peterman impersonation* As many of you know, I post on this forum. Whence I learned that Obsidian was making a South Park RPG, I did a spittake in the manor of our lord and savior, Ron Burgundy. This was followed by clapping and looking around, telling people they needed to be impressed via my smile and vehemence. It was an empty room, but still. The idea is there. I'm sure you have it. I hath only played a minute portion of your vijeo gaem last night, if only to get the Are We Cool? acheevo for the Je
  11. I made steam groups a while ago. Made with the best of intentions I ended up ignoring them as part of me avoiding teasing myself with Eternity details. I am hiding no longer and very much want to part of the wonderful community here once more. So I am going to be more active with the steam groups going forward. Which brings us to the question. Originally the steam group was named after the working title Project Eternity. Steam doesn't allow group names to be changed which is understandable. So I need to ask, keep the old Project Eternity group or make a new Pillars
  12. I need to grab a bunch of new t-shirts (as happens about once a year), and an idea struck me. Why doesn't steam offer t-shirts for sale, emblazoned with achievements you actually have? And ONLY those achievements you actually have?
  13. Hi all, Just a quick question. I see that the choice between GoG and Steam is available for backers, and being a tree-hugging anti-DRM hippy, I'd obviously prefer the GoG version. My concern is that the FAQ states that if you prefer multi-platform, you should opt for Steam. Does this mean that the Mac version won't be available via GoG, even though they now supply Mac versions of games where possible? Does anyone have on info on this? Cheers, DF
  14. I just noticed some forum regulars own Dungeon Defenders. It is a fun little game as long as you have a fun group to play it with. Without friends it grows reptitive (and possibly unfairly difficult) real fast. I haven't played in ages. This is mostly due to the fact that I can't seem to motivate my friend list to do so. To remedy this, you are drafted: Picture a flyer with good ole Uncle Sam pointing at you over the caption that OBSDIAN WANTS YOU! I am supposed to be drowning in work for a few days, but I will need a break. Another problem is that Alan already has the Rome 2 release l
  15. Hey guys, its been about a decade since KotOR 2 came out and im tired of getting teased with them mentioning KotOR games all the time. The Old Republic has been released, along with a bundle of the 2 KotOR games just a few months ago. Now we are all wondering: Why has KotOR 3 not been created yet? No one knows, and after bioware lost so much money due to the Old Republic, they may have nothing to do with a Knights of the Old Republic 3. Anyway, i'm trying to get as many people together as possible to stand up for our beloved kotor games. I put together a steam group for the defense of the game
  16. Well hello everyone! It’s the day after our Kickstarter here at Obsidian, and while a few of us are a little rough around the edges right now, we’re already busy working on Project Eternity! In this update, we’ll go through a number of frequently asked questions we’ve received in the last day or so. If you have any problems with anything, please always feel free to head over to our forums, or reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or via support@obsidian.net. So… onward! Kickstarter and PayPal Stats So as of about 1:30 PM PDT, here’s where we stand funding-wise: Kickstarter Backers:
  17. My mouse is hovering over the $250 donation button, but before I click I want to make sure there will be a DRM free version. I see the FAQ on the Kickstarter page saying that "one" of the options will be Steam, but I want to make sure that one of the other options will be fully offline standalone DRM-free.
  18. A long time ago -- near the game's release, I bought this game. I still have the physical disks, and all the boxware, as far as I can tell. However, I'd love to activate it on Steam, as my CD drive is broken. But I can't find a CD Key anywhere on it! I have another computer where it's installed, but that's not the point. Is there somewhere, like in the application data, where my CD Key is stored? Or does the box simply not have one, and I have to re-buy on Steam?
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