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  1. Is there any plan for Next-Gen Ports of Stick of Truth? I really want to play this game. I have stopped buying games for my ps3. I also do not want to use the PS4 streaming service to play this game. I know this game will not push the limits of next-gen consoles. I just prefer to play new games on the new system. With 6 million other PS4 users I'm sure a large amount of us are waiting for this game. Please be planning a port,
  2. I have a problem. On the pc version on the game i am getting a random dead pixel looking thing in the top leftish. It looks like i have a dead pixel but i dont have one on my monitor. I tried other games and i do not have the dead pixel. Neither is it on my desktop or anywhere else. Only in this game. Is it a glitch in the game or should i reinstall the game? My pc is plenty to run this game so thats not a problem. Any answers?
  3. Hello. *pours himself some fine wine, sits by roaring fire* *starts J. Peterman impersonation* As many of you know, I post on this forum. Whence I learned that Obsidian was making a South Park RPG, I did a spittake in the manor of our lord and savior, Ron Burgundy. This was followed by clapping and looking around, telling people they needed to be impressed via my smile and vehemence. It was an empty room, but still. The idea is there. I'm sure you have it. I hath only played a minute portion of your vijeo gaem last night, if only to get the Are We Cool? acheevo for the Jewish class. You see, I love acheevos like I love the ladies. I aim to misbehave and by that I mean start a new game with the Fighter class. I know, I know; "but Bryy?", you ask "why the Fighter? It s the comfort zone choice for sissies and people that can't be bothered to have a real challenge". That it is, my friends. That it is. I will say this: my brief time in the land of South Park, even though it was rushed and temporary, was magical. It was as if a giant slug had attached itself to mine eyeballs and sucked out my capacity for anger. While there were plentiful bugs, I admired highly the robust and full combat system. The integration of cinematics and gameplay, or, to be more technical, narrative gameplay. The graphics were like Walt Disney's wet dream. I will play the many, many Stick of Truth clones that are bound to come out in the next two years. So just sit right there and let me tell you all about how my life got turned right upside down, just take a minute and sit right there as you read my adventures as Sir D-Bag the Fighter. Yours forever, to be continued...
  4. Seriously, though, in any sequel, please revisit the button smashing segments. Especially the ones that are required to progress. They destroy my soul (and make me not want to play). I've heard of ways to auto-mash, but have not found out how yet.
  5. I believe the Wii U is a perfect fit for rpg games because of the Wii U controller Touch pad. The second screen has the possibility to be your inventory box, a way to enhance and equip weaponry, and it be used to setup teams and what not without even taking you out the game. Please, I hope the delay is to make a Wii U version, even though its quite unlikely. To be honest, I would actually wait for Wii U version, if it was announced.
  6. I have watched every episode, have 13 pairs of boxers clad with Cartmans face. Yet I was severly let down by the E3 showcase of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Whatcha all think? Am I way off base?
  7. Does anyone have any information on the demo that was shown at EB Expo in Australia? I am one of the poor souls from the states that wasn't able to attend. Other than Twitter there is very little on it, apart from how awesome it was.
  8. Just making this thread so we could have all the speculations of multiplayer in one place as well as all the possibilities that it would bring to the game. Also, my decision of making this thread comes from the little information we have about the game so far, here is a video for reference of information: Click My main questions (Speculations): Will the game have co-op / multiplayer for the story mode? If so, will it range from 1-2 or 1-4 players / controllers at once? Also, will there be a possibility of customizing the other players? From my speculations, I came to the conclusion by myself that you would only be able to play one main character (which is the one you start with- fully customizable) and have the ability to control your companions, either with controller 1 or controller 1 to 4. My main thoughts (Possibilities): 1. You could swap out the companion with a new character (Player 2 / Controller 2) - This new character could be a character profile (Pre-Created Character), you know, such as with other games, you would have the ability to load up a character you already played with, or have the choice to create a new one. 2. Your companions for some reason has to travel with you - In this case (Player 2 / Controller 2) would be forced to play as the companion, if no other space is available in the "party". In this possibility I'm assuming there would be a maximum amount of characters that can be in the party during combat interactions. 3. When choosing a new character for (Player 2 / Controller 2) - The character would come out from the bushes - Come out from a taxi drive-by - Come out from the sewers - Summoned by Jesus Christ in a magician "realistic" way - Just suddenly appear when you enter a new zone / area - Etc Please reply with your own speculations & possibilities on how this would work in the game. Also- feel free to discuss randomness. Thank you for reading.
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