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  1. DISCLAIMER: I'm not in the beta. I watched videos about various classes and looked into their skills and abilities, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Now, I like playing Paladins. I also like playing "non-standard" paladins (the aligment is goal, not a singular path). So my paladins tend to be more lax and open in most situations and with some good brainstorming, one can justify a lot of things. But this is for D&D so its doesn't apply. What does apply is the combat gameplay. Some time ago I ran into a paladin kit for BG2 called Holy Avenger. It was a very combat-oriented p
  2. Not sure if this was mentioned in the past and cautious to post anything regarding the skill system considering the rage it tends to generate lately. What about simplifying the skill talent merger to talent skill tiers. What I mean by this is remove skills linked to talents and simply have different tiered talents that give you access to the skills you want. Such as basic athletics > intermediate athletics > advanced athletics > master athletics. This would allow you to make balanced combat/skill characters, combat focused (no skills) characters, or even a more passive skills ba
  3. It's a considerable design change, but I like it because: It's more strategic. It's now harder to mindlessly max out a specific skill. You actually have to sacrifice a talent if you want to be maxed Mechanics, maxed Lore, etc. You can have more/deeper talents, focus on more/deeper skills, or find a balance. This is more interesting to me than deciding which guy is going to max Mechanics, which one Lore, etc. It's more logical. Linking talents and skills makes flavor sense--Hold the Line tying into Athletics, for instance. Having skills exist in their own vacuum, completely independent of ta
  4. Quote from J.E.Sawyer (full post), emphasis added: That part in italics seems misguided, for a very simple reason: Disarming traps and picking locks is a Mechanics skill check. Therefore, reaping all XP rewards will require a Mechanics-focused character in your party. None of the other sources of XP require specific skill focus. Between bestiary, exploration, and quest/objective rewards, together with carefully-designed levels, progression should be plenty frequent without forcing players (or at least "power players") to max Mechanics. That skill's plenty desirable without binding
  5. First I'm not a backer, but I have this game on my focus. (Buying it at release if I think it's worth it.) So my only experience is from reading the wiki and footage from the beta. At first the concept of godlikes has appealed to me, but now I think the effects are to low for "godlike". Now there are only marginal effects. Pro: - few people will love you - small attribute bonus - one unique passive ability Con: - most people will hate you - no helmet How about giving it more impact? The people thing can stay, but instead of small boni it should be big boni balanced out with
  6. Ok, so I have a very interesting idea on how we can revamp and revitalize the 6 Attribute System. As we all know, Intellect and Resolve are "dump" stats. Might, Dexterity, and Constitution are REALLY good stats for all classes. So how can we make EACH attribute interesting for EVERY class? Well, read on and find out! First, I will thoroughly list what each of the 6 Attributes currently do: 1. Might (MIG): +X% Damage & Healing (+2%/point spent) During interactions, used for: intimidating displays and acts of brute force... Bonus to Fortitude Defense 2. Constitution (CON): +X% St
  7. Skills vs Abilities vs Talents what the difference? So far I gathered that Abilities are class specific things that we can do, gained with level. Talents are the same only not necessarily class specific and gained every three levels. While Skills are the same only can be gained by everyone and have levels?
  8. A simple thread to suggest new skills for future games set in the Eternity sphere or elsewhere, to provide alternative routes, non combat solutions and more ways of resolving situations. Sapper/Demolitionist: As the engineer builds and provides mechanical answers to problems, so the demolitionist destroys or works around those answers. A mechanic may pick the lock on a chest, set a trap or fix a malfunctioning ancient device, the demolitionist will simply take a hammer and chisel and pop the hinges from a treasure box, take apart the trap and store the pieces, or render an ancient devi
  9. The recent discussions about Combat Challenge =/= Obfuscation and the inclusion of a stat popup and Bestiary logs raises an important question to me regarding a particular feature of the Infinity Engine games (and Dungeons and Dragons) that I rather enjoyed. In all of the D&D campaigns that I played, the target values of skill checks and Armor class were never revealed by any Dungeon Master, you had to do the math yourself. You might be able to figure out what the AC of a monster was if you knew the value from the book and the DM was using it or you could approximate it by the armor th
  10. I am hoping that I can boil down a discussion that has been going on outside the forum for over year into a few lines. RPGs in general have skill progression in a linear curve*. Your character spends or gains experience as a gradual progression. +1 to +2; 30% to 32% and so forth. However, the thrust of thinking at chez Walsingham has been that progression in real people doesn't go this way. it is less of a curve and more of a staircase. For whatever reason (and there has been a LOT of debate on this) the effective capability of people/trainees etc. tends to move in bursts. They achieve
  11. For Wasteland 2, the community had significant impact on what attribute system was ultimately accepted. Is there an attribute system would you like to use? Do you have any suggestions for improving traditional concepts and systems? I for one, would like to see Strength and Constitution to be merged into one (physical) Fitness stat, and Intelligence and Wisdom to be refined into a Reasoning stat. Furthermore, I would like to see Charisma evolved beyond just the ability to interpersonally influence others, but also as reflection of a character's identity, sense of self, and fidelity to it. P
  12. This post is brought to you by armchair dev forum poster #209158 Dear Project Eternity developers, This is my attempt to create a well-constructed argument against the inclusion of Item Durability for the sole purpose of giving people a reason to take Crafting as a skill and some notes on your skill design and a proposed solution. Some of the stuff I talk about is ‘best-guess’. I apologize if I have misinterpreted any information I got from your forum posts at various places, but here goes… Grouping Item Durability in with Crafting achieves the design goal of making Crafting a s
  13. I am. A new element to branch out of would be a great way to add replay value and something new to the genre. Fire, water, ice, earth, lightning have seen its fair share of use since the ancient greeks first go the idea they made up the cosmos. Well, now that its 2013, how about we draw some information from more current sources understanding? Biology, particle physics, quantum mechanics, there's a great deal of awesome fields of knowledge to draw inspiration for! Why isnt anyone trying something new like this? The setting doesn't necessarily demand it, theres no rule saying a fantasy rpg has
  14. Hi I was thinking about persuation in PE. I must say that original type of class based persuation for NWN was for me iritating. I personaly like the system input in Alpha-Protocol or DA-Orings (but i prefer Alpha-Protocol) And what about you ?
  15. So, how are skills assigned in Project Eternity? Besides being "skills". Which brings up classes as well, what defines a "class" in PE? So far as I know, neither has been decided yet, besides "classes need to be flexible." "A wizard should be able to pick up a sword and be a melee fighter" paraphrased. What then defines a class? Well, let's take one, a barbarian. What defines a barbarian? A barbarian charges into the fray, heedless of safety to slaughter his enemies. So if that's what a barbarian is, that means that's what other classes aren't. Meaning, say, a unique set of skills only the
  16. SO we're very early in development, but we've already heard a bit about skills in P:E so I'd like to ask everyone about their preferences. Going by what Josh Sawyer and Tim Cain have said so far they'll try to balance skills very well. They'll try to make them equal in terms of both power and opportunity. That's fine. In fact, from a professional designer's standpont that's probably what comes to mind first as an ideal. After all, you're literally selling your mechanics to the customer. If you give the player options, better make them balanced. Recently Josh made an example by givin
  17. Okay, I can tell I'm going to make a fool of myself and my limited knowledge of the DnD system used by the games that have inspired Project Eternity, but oh well. Traits and statistics. The qualities and numbers, respectively, that define our characters. What would we like to see in Project Eternity? It might be intuitive to think that Project Eternity will mirror the classic cRPGs in this regard, but there is always room for innovation. ============================================================================= Statistics broadly fall into two categories: basic and derived. Basic st
  18. This is a minor suggestion to embellish and give a deeper dimension to characters and companions and also making players get more art related to the game. Since we will be playing this game for lots of hours and my characters will probably face months or even years in "game hour", i would like the possibility to make them register their journeys and i could get those registrations. This could be a very funny way and a great excuse to players to get fine desktop wallpaper, epic poems, cool songs, all made by the great artists that will be part of the making of Project Eternity. W
  19. I would like to see a more explicit effect of skills in dialog making during the game, better than in Planescape for example. When i have to choose dialogue options i would like to see more options according to my intelligence, wisdom, charisma and even strength (intimidation), or even, to make many role playing skills very useful such (examples from D&D and AD&D): 1. Knowledge, Local History (Ancient History) 2. Knowledge, Occult/Arcana 3. Wilderness Lore 4. Intimitade 5. Diplomacy And in help of those that english is a secondary language, a parenthesis indicating t
  20. We're not sure what exactly non-combat skills are to be yet - we've got some confirmation on lockpicking, and some interesting talk about the new mechanics. Likewise, we have indication of non-combat skills being usable to avoid combat, and some information of non-combat and combat skills not relying on the same resource. I've always been a big fan of skill checks for unusual things, be it in dialog, mini-text adventures, or in obvious ways. Obsidian, from all of their games I've seen, has always been pretty innovative in this - whether it be the usefullness of appraise and survival in Storm o
  21. I know that I am odd in this regard, which is why I make no claims that my view is in any way representative of the population present on these forums or elsewhere. This is a personal rant, and I say rant because it comes entirely from an emotional need I posses for which I have no logical explanation. I'm posting it here because if I don't, and this game fails to reach the admittedly high bar I set on this topic, I'll have only myself to blame for never having tried to make a difference. This way when it doesn't meet my requirements I can simply resume grumbling to myself, and I'm only out my
  22. I was watching Adam playing IWD2, remembered old times, and suddenly remembered concept "teachers of skills" that got some nice realization with related quests early in PST and more so in Arcanum. Which made this aspect of games so much cooler than simple "4to5 skillpoint droping on longsword skill" immediately inside leveluping mechanics in BG or IWD series. So the question is - will there be Teachers of skills in PE? With old infinity game like mechanics it may look like some mastery aspect unlocking (like Arcanum) or impossibility of end skill point distribution without teacher, or
  23. Should there be funny (but useful) perks and traits available when creating and leveling your character? And should abnormally low stats/skills (e.g., intelligence) affect dialogue and gameplay in a humorous and not-necessarily-game-breaking way? Finally, should there be items/consumables/wearables that affect gameplay in a humorous way as well? For example, in the Fallout games, there were perks and traits that would give you bonuses (e.g., to defense and bullet resistances) while lowering your charisma (essentially a terminator-like perk) -- or ones that would cause you to leave a bloody
  24. So yeah- it mostly derives from the idea, that our group of heroes shouldn't be "godlike" and able to cut down enemy armies in a single sweep. In order to survive I believe we should concentrate on wide range of trickery and talking our way out of the though situations (pacifist playthrough included). It's easier to implement in populated areas like towns, but what about dungeons and wilderness? Well, let's say that we have an option to avoid (and gain exp as well) enemy pack, by blocking the road for example (so they can't reach us and are trapped) and setting the floor on fire- in order
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