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Found 12 results

  1. This seems to get progressively worse until it takes about a minute to disarm traps. The game stutters more and more when disarming traps until eventually it freezes for 10-20 seconds. This only happens when disarming traps, and the only issue I'm experiencing. The rest of my computer seems to continue normally (ie: a video, or audio continues playing while this stalling happens).
  2. Before I begin, I must tell you that the game is great. How can it not be great among the heap of crap shoved to our faces by the gaming industry, but considering what is expected from Obsidian, when I set high standards for this game, it is not great. Not great does not mean that it is not "good". So I do like the game but I think the developers with their credentials are capable of doing much better (like how Baldur's Gate was very good, but Baldur's Gate 2 was epic, I hope the next addition to this series will be as such) And long story short, I am glad that this project happened, having wished for it way before it was on Kickstarter, so thank you Obsidian: There is one (maybe two) aspects to this game that amounts to my disappointment (and before I get flamed in the least constructive and silliest manners for my comments I must add that, yes, I am aware that I am not the ultimate authority on everything RPGs, and gaming, and I am aware that there is no reason my opinion should matter more than anyone elses). That one aspect is "The Setting" of the game and one particular thing done in this setting that bothers me the most, the second aspect is the "dull feeling" I got from the game. So here I go THE SETTING (3/10) I do like the world, I like the races, classes, and I like how the main story is interesting (just began Act III, and so far I am still curious), so why then I am giving the setting a 3 out of 10? It is because of this silly language thing that you have done... You know that I mean right, I am talking about this "fampyr" and "duc" business. Read my quote on the spoilers and my couple other posts, I find Elder Scrolls series utterly disgusting because the setting seems to have been created by 12 year olds who think changing monday and sunday to montag and suntag is creative writing, creative thinking. What I do not understand is that how come you guys have done the exact same thing here, and it is worse really. All those words with an unnecessary use of "th","w", and vowels with accents, all this "Anvii ora Toha", "Lle a Rhemen", "Cean Gwla", "Anamfatha" business. It was interesting when Tolkien did come up with entire languages but it really is not anymore, if you did construct entire languages for the game it is a waste of resources (which is actually not very hard to do). When I interact with NPC's it is as if all of them are my lingustics instructor, Elf: ...Our tribal leaders, the anamfath... Sagani: ...I am on "Torkik Zokrik"(do not remember the actual thing), a journey.... Glossary: ...Caen Gwla, blood mother,.... A direct relation of this is exactly like Talking to a French(Elf) person in English(Common), and they say "I am "aller au cinema", which means I am going to the movies, then I will eat "creme glacee", which means I will eat some ice cream. Seriously who talks like that? And of course there is all this: Duc = Duke Erl = Earl Conyg = King Thayn = Thane Fampyr = Vampire Gul = Ghoul Dargul = Greater Ghoul? goes on forever My goodness, how impressive, in this setting the local lords are "duc"s, very similar to dukes, but they call them "duc"s how original and inspiring. You should have called them ducks instead. Back to being serious now, I understand in fantasy settings there will be special occasions these pseudo-language names are to be used and they actually convey an interest, like personal names, names of a couple of landmarks where the idea is to add some mystery some obscurity, but when overdone it becomes meaningless gibberish!!! e.g. In Baldur's Gate, Watcher's Keep conveys an idea, Helm is "The Watcher", if it was called "Occulo Glavo Defil Krepta" it would mean absolutely nothing, just as Underdark, Trademeet, Umar Hills, are still very interesting names but also carry some meaning and are not complete gibberish, and there is a reason I remember these places but I keep forgetting "Lle a Rhemen" or "Cilaban Rilag" which does not stir any sort of emotion or a sense of danger or interest. However think how it would be if they were instead called, completely making these up, "Rhemen Ritual Circle" or "Ruins of Rilag"? or in Planescape Torment, can it get more interesting than "Alley of Lingering Sighs", would it be better to call it some gibberish? If anyone thinks this is meaningfully creative and immersive we should encourage more of this nonsense why don't we Dwarf = Beerdfolc Elf = Eeerfolc Orlan = Shirtfolc Sword = Sabr'edu Greatsword = Dar Sabr'edu Dagger = Shivv'ass Ship = Galley-vou Inn = Rest'a'casa Lion = Aslan etc. etc. THE DULL FEELING There is not much to say here, the cities and towns lack some dynamics, and the entire game is lacking on surprises and plot twists just as Baldur's Gate was lacking them but Baldur's Gate 2 actually had them so I am hoping this will happen in the next game. The towns and villages have just a background music not ambient sounds, again in Baldur's Gate 2 when you went to the Slums or in Copper Coronet you could hear muffled conversations, shouts (WHO ARE YOUUU, or WHY YOUU), doors creaking, people rushing to you etc. Or we had lords turning out to be dragons, commoners turning out to be bhaalspawns, complicated guild wars etc. END NOTE I did not get into Combat, The Exceptionally Dull Stronghold, The Half-Interesting Mega Dungeon (it does not matter if it is 15 floors, Watcher's Keep with 5 levels was much more interesting), The Items where none of them felt any special, The very short and not class specific Talent tree, and all that... As I said, I am happy that Pillars of Eternity exists, I am happy to play it but I really think that you can do much better. I hope the next game in the series will have more polished combat, much more interesting abilities and talents, dual-multi classes, and actually unique items. I also hope that there will be less of enchanting, or a much better system, hunting flowers, body parts and pets are for world of warcraft the intellectual resources might better be spent elsewhere. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi, I have been playing for about 15-20 minutes and I am experiencing low frame rates. I first noticed it during the character creation menu, my laptop usually gets these on most games but lowering the graphics settings usually fixes the problem. The game looks fantastic, but that's what is slowing down my game and I can't seem to find any useful graphics options anywhere, other than vsync and the resolution. Is there any way to tone down the graphics to up my frame rate? Or I am stuck in low fps? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. In this video, I try to explain what setting the game takes place in. What is Eora and the Eastern Reach? Who are the Dyrwoodans? What is Dyrwood? Who are the Glanfathas and why are they so concerned about their Engwithan Ruins? Who are the Aedyr? Hopefully I answer these questions. Sorry if I ramble too much on certain parts of the video, I apologize. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2SghKgVlFE
  5. There doesn't seem to be much discussion on the elements that, in my opinion, are the most important in a role-playing game. The elements that gave the Infinity Engine games the quality that they are renowned for: Narrative, Setting, Depth, Immersion and Choice and Consequence. Here are the topics analyzed by a youtube personality called MrBtongue in a insightful, articulate and entertaining way: Narrative: TUN: The Shandification of Fallout Setting and Immersion: TUN: The Elder Scrolls VI - Youtubia Depth: Creepy, Obsessive Nerdlove: Planescape: Torment: Colons Choice and Consequence: TUN: Choice and Consequence What is your opinion on these topics? Do you agree with MrBtongue on all of them? How important are these elements to you?
  6. I'm keen to know more about the game world. My understanding is that the setting will be detailed in the Campaign Almanac, which was included in some of the backer tiers and available as an add-on. So as we are about a week away from the backer beta and in the final few months stretch before the full release, I'm wondering when we'll get a heads up as to when this will be made available for download? This is certainly something that I'd like to devour before actually diving into the game and get immersed with all the lore and knowledge of what's going on in the world. I suppose the same question could be asked of MCA's novella as well.
  7. Not companions, not major enemies, maybe faction leaders. Traders, quest givers, people you meet and interact with. They can be humorous, they largely set the mood of the whole rpg. Remember any who stood out as particularly awesome? For what reason? What kind of NPC's would you like to see in PE? A few examples. Icewind Dale (and 2). Nym the Drow merchant. Now I don't remember what kind of dialogue he had, but I do remember that I do remember him. Maybe it was just that he had a good selection of items and a some kind of a good reason to have that selection. Not a good guy, not super evil either. Was there even a chance to fight him in iwd 2? Fallout 2, First Citizen Lynette. OMG what an arrogant uptight b*****. Set the tone for the whole vault city experience just perfectly. It's not an evil place and she's not evil, but... hell. And she's kind of a major NPC, so breaking my own rules straight away.. Fallout NV, Little Buster Now he's a minor NPC. Doesn't give missions, doesn't really help you at all, doesn't say much, but every single line he has is quotable comedy gold.
  8. Hello everyone! I was thinking to myself about all the information about Project Eternity. There is constant stream of updates about classes, world, lore, races, religions and many more things. There are however some of us (and there will be more when the game is released) that would like to know it all but instead of having to look around for it, to have it all in one place. Now don't get me wrong. I am fully aware Obsidian does not actually have lots of free time but hear me out. I think it would be great to have some Project Eternity PDF Compendium of sorts. That could get occasionally updated with new games and new information (if there are new games). It would allow many of us to indulge ourselves into lore-nerdinessy . Maybe even make it an online project instead of PDF, or both. I for one would be more than happy to know all the additional bits an' pieces that may not be thoroughly explained in the game. It would help players understand the world of PE better and get more out of the game itself. It would work as an additional background for the game and make it more alive, closer to us. Don't know if this has any chance of ever happening or if something similar was discussed/planned but I'm dropping it here. I am interested in hearing if anyone else would wish to see something like this made. EDIT: Just so you know. It would be a little different from the Wiki. I guess info from it would eventually end up on wiki too though.
  9. I've been thinking about the kinds of creatures and monsters which might inhabit the world of Project Eternity while adhering to the themes and the nature of the world. Here's a few main "types" I've come up with: 1. Soul-Swapped These are wildlife or people that have accidentally been assigned or possessed by other souls. Perhaps a person's soul was accidentally transfered to an animal, and both the physical animal and soul within become changed and twisted over time. This should allow an interesting menagerie of were-creatures - some good, some aggressive, while still adhering to the "natural" order in which the world works. 2. Corrupted Creatures or people who have had malevolent souls forced into them by necromancy or dark magic. There will be distinctive physical manifestations in many instances which would create an interesting assortment of twisted monsters. Evil mages may use these possessed creatures for protection or weapons. 3. Disembodied Souls These disembodied souls fail to complete the great cycle or have lost the ability to atune to living creatures, and thus become trapped in the physical realm for eons. They become either extremely wise as they observe the passage of time over many cycles, or become bitter and weary, as they are never allowed to die and be reborn. They often grow jealous of mortal beings, and this twists them into malevolent spirits. They either possess the area they were forcefully disembodied, or may wander aimlessly. Sometimes, they construct false bodies for themselves as a substitute for a real body. They can "possess" and animate a wide range of inanimate objects or forms - sometimes cobbled together haphazardly, sometimes fashioned meticulously over eons. To get even closer to their ultimate desire of inhabiting a living body, they often possess the dead. In combat, they can sometimes leave their physical form and attempt to wrestle with the souls of party members. Those with lesser powers may incapacitate the party member temporarily as they struggle, or sometimes very powerful souls may possess the party member and turn them against their friends temporarily. Only magic is capable of harming or destroying these souls. 4. The Godforged and the Abandoned. These entities are the results of attempt at creation by the gods. They either were forged to coexist with their makers in the god realm, or are abandoned creations which were never "born" into the physical realm. They are forged using soul energy, but do not possess souls as those on the physical realm do. These entities often reflect the nature of the god they are created by, and may be beautiful majestic creations or vile, ugly monstrosities. Because of their godly nature, they are rarely seen in the physical realm, but there exist certain phenomena which can open rifts between the two realms... What do you guys think? Are these ideas still too "conventional fantasy"? I suppose I've simply "justified" some conventional ideas for creatures/monsters by linking them with the idea of souls. Should Obsidian go for something more unique? How do you justify fantastical creatures in a fairly low fantasy and realistic setting? What are some of your ideas? It's definitely fun making this stuff up!
  10. So, I saw the thread "How 'medieval' do you want the world of PE to be?" and decided to make a poll out of it. Here's what was originally written by the OP there: This aspect of the game is very important for me. I want the setting to discuss all the issues resulting from it's various premises. So, from what we know from interviews and such: The general technology level will be roughly equivalent to Late Medieval Europe The printing press has NOT been invented Gunpowder has been invented, but guns are still primitive We will see colonization, probably roughly similar to what historically happened in the 16th century Iron is common enough to allow adventurers access to plate armor Thus we have a basic understanding of technology, but we are more in the dark about the societies in the game. Also, we don't know how magic has impacted technology and society. Magic can act as an equalizer between women and men, for example. This would result in high- magic societies following more closely today's feminist ideals, while notably the same is not true of low- magic societies. If magic is easy to learn and comes to a person naturally (if D&D- style sorcerers are common), it might serve to flatten out class differences (because it's hard to have serfs if one of them can throw a fireball in your face anytime). On the other hand, if it takes a lot of time and resources to learn, then we might see magocracies where class differences are even more pronounced than historically. Also, if magic is hereditary the magocracies will probably look like traditional kingdoms in their government structure, if not, well, they won't. Healing magic can serve as an explanation to why plagues and diseases are not more common - on the other hand, plagues could perhaps also be magically engineered. Intolerance is actually a topic that is often treated in fantasy games. Too bad that it's often extremely black and white, where the "bad guys" are intolerant of everything except their race/ religion, and the "good guys" are tolerant of everything. It's naturally a very, very easy plot device. A more realistic approach would be that intolerance should be more spread out. Here, magic adds the dimension of intolerance of magic users. Colonization could be vastly impeded by magic, if the colonized areas had a magic- using population. Arcanum was a setting which gave magic(k) and fantasy races a very serious treatment. No matter how historical Obsidian wants to make the setting of Project Eternity, I hope they will copy Arcanum in offering serious explanations to why the societies look like and work like they do.
  11. I've seen other threads on Project Eternity's races, but they seem to all be arguments over whether or not to have Elves and Dwarves. So, since it sounds like Project Eternity will have Elves and Dwarves, what would you like the other race or races to be? So far we have Human, Elf, Dwarf, and possibly the Godlike. That's four out of the five playable races. What else would you like to see? They've mentioned the possibility of an insect race; personally, I'm not that interested in having one. I've seen interesting insect races in some pen and paper games (Ashen Stars and Dark Sun), but I'm not sure an insect race really fits a medieval Europe themed setting (assuming that's what we are going to get with P:E). I would like the races to fit the world (although I suppose there could be parts of P:E's world where giant sapient insects would feel more appropriate). I liked all the bizarre races that we had in Planescape, but they seemed appropriate in the setting. I think the bizarre factor needs to be toned down in a more conventional setting (i.e. European inspired fantasy). Anyway, I think it might be interesting for the fifth race to be people who were born with souls that had somehow carried with them traces of their previous incarnations' deaths (maybe only in instances where the deaths were especially traumatic). As such, the soul would taint the new incarnation with an element of death, meaning that, while technically a member of their parent's race, these beings would be part mortal and part undead. This would leave them pale and sickly looking but would give them extended lifespans and heightened immunity to diseases and death magic. Their connection to death would also give them a greater sensitivity to the souls of others. Perhaps they could tell whether the soul was whole, fragmented, awakened, etc. This sensitivity would also make them more aware of the presence of concealed individuals (bonus to perception checks to spot hiding or invisible people) and possibly of ghosts, if they exist in this setting. Due to their cadaverous appearance, they might have penalties to social interaction, especially in societies in which they were stigmatized. I'm not really sure what to call them, the Deathborn? Deathwalkers? I got the idea from the Shade race in Shadowbane, so maybe they could be called that, although that would probably be a copyright violation. http://shadowbaneemulator.com/page.php?d=4&n=Shades I suppose these wouldn't be a "race", so to speak, since their condition wouldn't be hereditary and their offspring, assuming they aren't all sterile, would probably be normal members of their grandparents' race (unless they had the misfortune to be born with a tainted soul, as well). If Obsidian decides to go with something more traditional, I would be interested in playing a member of a stereotypically brutish race like an Orc, Troll, or Minotaur (the Minotaurs in Shadowbane were pretty cool). Anyway, what ideas do you guys have for the fifth race?
  12. I like games depicting deeply flawed societies fleshed out in a way so no obvious solutions to all the injustices come to mind. The rule of law - Regular egalitarian societies are boring, but introducing a prominent social contract theory into the mix would spice things up. - Separate courts of law for aristocracy and commoners are getting old. In "The Book of the New Sun" by Gene Wolfe, I liked the way society as a whole was 99% segregated. Middle age society lived in the ruins of space age society (of the same race). The few remainders of the space age society ruled all, while never interacting with the lower classes or even explaining or giving name to their technologies and motives. Language and education Incredible studies exist on how language serves as a framework for our thinking. If a ruling class were to somehow keep the "high language" for themselves, technological and socio-economical advance of the lower classes would stagnate. It wouldn't make peasants dumb, just unable to visualize and develop certain thoughts. While unlikely in the real world, the Project Eternity setting offers magic. If well done, the player character could undergo a memorable transformation from not understanding many parts of his/her world to discovering it fresh) By the way, I'd much rather have the main quest be internal (PST), instead of external (BG). Wide reaching changes for society should be incidental to choices resulting from personal development. Religion In fantasy games there is usually a good reason to be religious, because (very human) deities interact with the world. I'd rather not have that. Leave supernatural occurrences inexplicable. Let there be theories, cults and religions, but no proof. Let there be skeptics and believers, and let religion be abused as a political tool. I'd love to see unique characters, such as the Weaver from China Mi
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