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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, I don't know the exact rules regarding exploits, but since it's a singleplayer game I think it's alright to post them here. If not, moderators know what to do ***************** After having collected the remains during the Buried Secrets quest, and upon returning to Wirtan, it's possible to get in a dialogue loop that keeps on giving money (and I assume but haven't checked-- Aggressive disposition). Link to images showing how it's done: http://imgur.com/a/gPo3C Text-version: - Select "I found more than bones" - Select "[Might 15] [Lift Wirtan off his feet] I will crack your head in two if you lie to me again. [Aggressive]" - Select "Throw the remains at his feet" - Select "Fine, keep your silence. I want my payment." - Select "I found more than bones"-- and repeat. ***************** Love the game!
  2. Edit: Jesus christ, reading comprehension, I want a fighting style for the monk based on acupressure attacks, a crystaline tank, and mabe a ****ing shadow entity AS SECRETS, hidden abilities and techniques that part of hidden quests, not mainline or readily availible level up options This is me just spitballing an idea, but what if over the course of the game there were hidden subquests to trigger which led the party to learn a secret fighting style, kinda sorta how DA:O led you to discover the Archane Warrior class except more subtle and hidden. a simple example where you go find a clue which leads to a quest where you decide the outcome of some mundane event that ties to karma or some such, and depending on your action this leads to another clue where at the end you find a hidden passage under some waterfall where you find a wisened old man who puts you through a final test, and if you pass you become the next successor to that style of fighting. again, very simple example trying to get my point across and I think there should be level requirements as these styles should be very powerful. Basically, the idea hit me as a way to shoehorn HnK fighting styles for the monk, because I think it would be cool, of course there would be penalties associated with the styles, but it would be a very specific disadvantage... the point is because there are so secret, they need to be powerful to justify the time you spend finding them and there can be different secret styles for different classes Feel free to add your own/make suggestions/comment on but these a the few i'd like to pitch Monk: "Hokuto" Style (will be called something else, but deals with pressure points) ---Advantages: All styles deal superior damage to other martial styles, high kockback potential, multiple strikes, damage taken by hits is multiplied by (it's the pressure point hits) 10 (or some other number to make it super damaging) after 2 rounds, innate damage reduction, and special moves and enemies with struck power points explode in spectacular fashion. no crit fails ---Disadvantages: Works only on humanoid targets, monsters still take damage but no pressure point damage is added, style is locked in as you are the successor to the style, no crits, also hardship will follow your party, prepare for feels. (where Hokuto goes, chaos follows) --- Learned from three masters --- Heal Type (Toki) focuses on fluid motion and calm but accurate strikes, deals high damage to single targets, moderate AOE, weaker strengh, can heal party members with accupressure but must be out of combat, cures everything. --- Damage Type (Kenshiro) focuses on fast strikes full of damage, strikes faster and with higher base damage, great AOE, weaker defense --- Strength Type (Raoh) focuses of brutal strikes which knock back targets further, chance to crush enemies, high single target and AOE, slower attack speed, greater defense ^^^may restrict styles to alignment type^^^ "Nanto" Style: slashy cutty style Advantages: free flowing and deadly, this style allows the fighter to move across the battlefield with lethal grace, higher movespeed in combat, lots of attacks, added slashing or peircing damage, depending on sub style. characters using this style are harder to hit. Disadvantages: slightly lesser single target damage, style locked in, the more damage taken by the character, the slower and easier to hit he gets. Certain actions cannont be taken (star of Justice cannot let innocents suffer)((maybe)) --- Justice style (Rei) Characterized by extreme mobility coupled with massive AOE damage, baring special moves, single target damage is good. can not do or abide by evil actions --- Martydom style (Shin) Characterized by lightning quick puncturing moves, super high single target damage, moderate AOE moves. unable to make varied choices (tunnel vision) (might replace with Shuu's technique) --- Command style (Thouzer) Characterized by zero defense, lightning offense with brutal cleaving strikes, high damage all around, lowered defenses, cannot make emotional choices. (vvv these ideas are a little less fleshed out vvv) Warrior: Crystaline symbiote: You allow a crystaline entity to mesh with your warrior, giving you the innate mystical power of crystal and the toughness of a gem (your warrior is now DIAMONDS) Advantages: medium strength spells related to crystals and gems buff your party and deal damage to enemies, you look fabulous with your new crystals and gems popping out of your skin. obtain a crystaline blade of enerring quickness and razor sharpness, abilities include the ability to fissure the earth and ever increasing armor when healed from wounds. immune to slashing, heavy magic and peirce resistance Disadvantages: super weak to shatter or crush, Health is frozen at current level, immune to heal magic, only specific self heal can restore health, lower dex and char (you are a disfigured hybrid of flesh and crystal) unable to equip armor (may add ability to choose crystaline weapon according to pref) Rouge: Shadow infused: Despite what other rouges might bluff, you have actually are infused with the essence of shadow and as such can manipulate shadow to your will. Advantages: Characharized by massivly damaging pericing and slashing strikes, you stike with absolute percision and damage increases depending on the amount of shadow available. While cloaked in the night, you are perpetually stealthed and unable to be hit with physical attacks unless... Disadvantages: Useless during daytime, unless standing in shadow (in the shadow of a building, or inside a cave) Torches, flame arrows, or flame spells will deactivate your shadow power, making you hitable I still have a few ideas laying around, just too tired to write them all now, tell me what you think?
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