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  1. System Specifications: CPU: Intel i5-3470 @ 3.20 GHz (Ivy Bridge) RAM: 8GB Graphics: Geforce GTX 750 Ti SSD: Samsung EVO Occurrences: 2 Time: Right after loading the map "Brackenbury", coming from the inn. Right after loading the map "Copperlane", coming from the inn Problem Description: When opening the map, the computer freezes completely. The only option is to do a hard boot. Game is the steam version. Additional information: The first time it happened was when leaving the inn in Copperlane. Exactly the same thing happened when leaving the inn in Brackenbury. Simultaneous to this happening my save rolls back a lot. (I'm playing on iron man) The biggest reason for me posting this issue is that I was about 4 hours further in the game than before this crash happens, so it has really messed up my savegame which should have saved a lot of times using autosave in my ironman game. Failed troubleshooting (savegame restore): I noticed that in "C:\Users\<user>\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity" there were 2 saves which were altered today and I only played on my ironman save today. One that has Brackenbury in the name (which is where the game crashed), and another one in Dyrwood village, where the game rolled back to. I tried cutting both saves and saving them somewhere else, but the game seems to just reload them from the cloud. So I deleted them in game knowing I have a backup saved locally. This made the issue much worse as I am unable to restore the save from my local backup. The game still fetches both Brackenbury and Dyrwood saves from the cloud but they now no longer appear in game. Further testing reveals that when I try to place a different savegame I had backed up into the folder and start the game, the game automatically deletes that save file. I really like this game but I'm very discouraged of playing right now. It was fun while it lasted and I hope one day I can finish the game but I don't feel like starting from scratch right now. Edit: Found a way to restore a save. -> I had to turn off the steam cloud save option and place the save back from the backup. This made sure that steam didn't automatically delete the save while synching the folders. My Brackenbury save still doesn't work though. I guess it's corrupted and steam rolled back to the last backup it had stored in the cloud that wasn't corrupted.
  2. Hi all! For like 20 hours I played with little to no problems at all. But then I received two crashes, one right after another, during game's start up. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=03953899571812071570 They didn't happen again. Then I realized that game fails to read all save files. In game I have like 9 only plus quick and autosave. Sometimes number changes. In actual folder I have over 60 (yeah I do save a lot)! It might be just coincidence with those crashes but my bug with saves is very real. Normally I would be one, very sad, person but thankfully autosave and quicksave are registered every time so that allows me to progress with the story and enjoy that great game. Cheers! Hope to see some fixes soon
  3. Anyone found where the saves folder is ? (GoG version) Tried in main folder but can't even find the string "save" .. thanks for any help
  4. Hi, tried searching around but couldn't find an answer. I'm not in the backer beta so I've only been able to look at screenshots of the save screen so maybe someone can help me out here? It seems to list things like days and hours but I'm assuming that's the in-game time spent by my party? I would like to know if the save files will record how much time the player has spent on that save or if there are plans to add this as a feature? I am someone who likes to know how much time I've spent on a game before beating the final boss (even though I know that the number in the save file is technically off given reloads and deaths, as POE isn't like the Souls series that records everything including your deaths). Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that your Pillars of Eternity team is hard at work fixing up the game based on the bugs you have been reporting. I can't give you an exact date, but we would really like to release the patch next week, if possible. We have been focusing on save/load, pathfinding, AI, and class fixes. When we get the exacts nailed down we will let you guys know. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have put into helping us with the beta. The extra eyes are invaluable!
  6. I'm surprised by the lack of any topics about this bug, which leads me to believe that I must be doing something wrong. I hope that is the case, because I love the game enough to want an easy and fast fix. Here's the short of it: I got the "file not found" bug which prevents me from manual saving. Apparently that is easily dismissed, because The Stick of Truth is also supposed to make constant auto-saves. Now, I can find the auto-saves on my computer in the Documents/MyGames/South Park/save chain of files, but the game will not recognize that I have them. When I restart or reinstall the game, I am never presented with the option to load at the main menu. I have attempted to start new characters; their data is never found by the game. I have tried to mess with the administrator privileges for the game and its .exe. Nothing has changed. What can be done? Thank you ahead of time.
  7. I played for 3 hours I did 3 manuals saves and the they after it was impossible to load any of those games . auto saved and manually saved game anyone can Help me ??
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