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  1. Sorry if it's already pointed out, but i can't find a "search" function in the forum. The Wolf pet it's the only animal companion who seems to have "placeholders" stats: Bear 15/12/9/13/5/10 Antelope 10/10/14/15/5/9 Boar 11/16/8/10/5/15 - 64 total Passive: +20% damage when below half endurance Lion 13/13/12/11/5/11 Stag 13/10/12/15/5/10 on the other hand we have the Wolf 10/10/10/10/10/10
  2. Hi, as you all know, the ranger and his companion has a special friendship. If someone of them die, the other get a debuff. So...my Ranger got this debuff 24/7, despite the animal companion is alive. I dont know what to do, i took a rest after the fight, traveled much, took a rest again.... it looks like the special debuff will not dissappear. maybe i am to stupid, but i couldnt find something usefull in the manual.
  3. Hello! First of all, LOVE the game, this is why I'm such in a panic to post this and see it resolved. A game breaking bug happened this morning, as I spoke to Maerwald, listened to his rambling and initiated the fight. I noticed the ranger pet's icon was suddenly turned white, I didn't pay attention to it due to the intensity of the fight but when it ended, I realised I couldn't find the wolf anywhere. In fact, double clicking it just pointed to a point on the map which has nothing in it. Now, as much as it sucked, I figured "damn this will cost me a lot to dismiss this companion and create another one at the same level" but nope, I cannot leave any areas because I need to "Gather my party first". Uh oh. So... plan B, I reload an earlier save but no, SAME problem. Even if the save was before the fight. So my group is litterally trapped because my pet companion apparently just... disappeared. So : - Issue happened right at the Maerwald fight, right after he finishes speaking - I checked the integrity of Steam's files, no good, didn't do anything Please help! I'll include a savefile, please advise! http://www.filedropper.com/ceb2a3c1bbec46f3bab6cfbeb8af3f578989743endlesspathsofodnualevel1 Above is the link to download a zip with the three savefiles. It includes the autosave, the save BEFORE and AFTER. I've never seen a bug that applied to all saves before. If I could get a fixed save by email, joelbouchard@videotron.ca I would be immensely grateful.
  4. I do realize other people have made posts about this, just wanted to throw some more output logs and saves into the mix. I did attempt the restart fix, but it was a no go. Not sure if you guys need more outputs and saves, but there they are. Output is attached, dropbox saves are as follows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmn5owamb7d508m/54e9e5de-d056-45e5-91e4-43119f3e75dd%20autosave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 Hope it was of some assistance. output_log.txt
  5. I love the portraits in PoE especially the newer ones. But if you play with an animal companion a huge portion of your portrait is cut off, which annoyed me quite a bit. Is it possible to either change the shape or size of the animal companion icon or place it completely elsewhere (like above the portrait as an example) so that everyone including the rangers can appreciate the awesome artwork? Screenshot: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/526132676951183015/738A3BE1567476B00EEEB9DD6E4F59C73C774A46/ The latest build is great btw! I'm counting the days to the final release!
  6. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Welcome! First things first: if you have backed Pillars of Eternity but not yet completed your order on our website, please do so as soon as possible. Even if you have an all-digital order, we need information from you to make sure you get everything you are supposed to. If your backer tier includes an NPC, item, portrait, or other custom piece of content, an early response will make it easier for us to work with you on your designs and preferences. As always, we appreciate that our backers have made Pillars of Eternity possible and we want to ensure that you get your money's worth. Broken Age As most of you know, our friends at Double Fine have their new adventure game, Broken Age, coming out today. Double Fine and their Kickstarter adventure game paved the way for all of the games that came after - including Pillars of Eternity. If you are fans of the adventure game genre (or just fans of good games from indie studios), show them some love. You can find more about it on their website. Update Engwithan ruins sitting atop some cliffs. Things are going well at Obsidian on the Pillars of Eternity team. The artists are putting the finishing touches on the second of our two big cities, Twin Elms, and the environments look fantastic. Our designers are busy implementing narrative and quest content, in some cases returning to earlier areas to fill in cracks and flesh elements out more. The character artists are almost done taking all of our highest-priority creatures to alpha level and are starting to look at the second string of creatures and variants. Animation is right behind them, creating rigs and alpha animations as new creatures come online, and we're finally returning to our main character animations for a second pass. Programming continues to chug away at user interfaces, AI, and zany spells and many other items on our long list of features. In short, we're well past "the hump" and the game is looking and feeling better every day. Heavy Hitters In most RPG parties, there's a character type that focuses on dealing death to VIPs in the enemy roster. They are the heavy hitters, the characters who cut enemies down one-by-one with precise, overpowering attacks. We've previously talked about one of our heavy hitters, the cipher. Ciphers alternate between powerful mental attacks and the physical strikes used to power them. They are the only "caster" class that focuses heavily on individual enemies, in large part because their abilities all require an external concentration of soul energy to serve as a power source. In contrast to the cipher, the rogue and the ranger are more traditional, but just as deadly. Rogues rely on the vulnerability of their enemies to inflict devastating attacks in close quarters. Rangers coordinate their strikes with the help of animal companions, creatures with whom rangers form lifelong bonds. Outside of direct combat, rogues and rangers share a skill emphasis in Stealth and are commonly the sneakiest party members. But while rogues also have a specialization in Mechanics (most often to lay traps and deal with ones placed by their enemies), rangers focus on Survival, which improves the duration of many consumable items. Though the three "heavy hitter" classes have different styles of play with different strengths, they all excel at taking enemies down in the shortest amount of time possible. In Pillars of Eternity, the designation of a character as a "rogue" signifies their vicious, brutal style of fighting, not a propensity for theft or deception. More than any other class, rogues exemplify the adage that the best defense is a good offense. If fighters are the disciplined, reliable, well-trained units that hold the line, rogues are the shock troops that attempt to break through that line to take out vulnerable units before they can effectively retaliate. When pinned down, rogues can suffer from their weak defenses, but ideally they carry their momentum from one target to the next in short order. All rogues start with three abilities that allow them to immediately dive into heavy-hitting: Finishing Blow, Reckless Assault, and Dirty Fighting. Finishing Blow (Active) - Full Attack. This ability gains power the more damaged the target is. When the rogue uses a Finishing Blow, he or she makes a full attack at the enemy with his or her current weapons. The attack is made with an Accuracy bonus and does +50% damage if it hits. For every 1% under 50% Max Stamina the target has, the attack does an additional +3% damage. 3/rest. Reckless Assault (Modal) - In this mode, a rogue's Deflection is lowered but he or she gains a bonus to Accuracy and damage with all weapons. Dirty Fighting - 10% of the rogue's Hits with any melee or ranged weapon are turned into Crits. This occurs after the initial attack roll is resolved. The resulting shift is displayed in the combat log. As rogues advance, they gain access to abilities that allow them to maximize the damage and afflictions they can dish out to their targets. They can also learn a variety of tricks to help them get out of trouble when the going gets tough. Sneak Attack - Sneak Attack applies bonus damage to the rogue's ranged and melee weapon attacks when the target has any of the following statuses: Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned, or Weakened. It also applies to any target the rogue strikes with a weapon within the first 2 seconds of combat starting. Escape (Active) - Escape allows the rogue to break Engagement and safely move away from their current location. The ability must be targeted on open ground to which the rogue has a clear path. When activated, the rogue immediately breaks Engagement and swiftly moves to that location. 1/encounter. Crippling Strike (Active) - Full Attack. Inflicts extra damage and the Hobbled condition. 2/encounter. Coordinated Positioning (Active) - You are able to instantly switch positions with one target within 1m. If this is an ally, the switch is automatic. If it is an enemy, the maneuver is an attack against its Reflexes (only succeeds on a Hit or Crit). The switch is immediate and cancels Engagement (if any) on the rogue. 2/encounter. Adept Evasion - 50% of all Grazes against a rogue's Reflexes are converted to Misses. Blinding Strike (Active) - Full Attack. Inflicts extra damage and the Blinded condition. 2/rest. Deathblows - Against any target that is afflicted by two or more of the conditions that can allow Sneak Attack, rogues do additional Sneak Attack damage. Resident heavy-hitting rogue, Edér. Rangers are expert sharpshooters with any ranged weapon. Though they traditionally rely on bows and crossbows, some use firearms or even magical implements. Regardless of their choice of armament, even novice rangers can strike swiftly and leave severe wounds that quickly wear down an enemy's stamina and movement. They are assisted in their efforts by their animal companions, incredibly tough and loyal creatures who share their lives (literally) with their masters. All rangers start with the following three abilities: Animal Companion - The ranger begins the game with (and can name) an animal companion that fights at his or her direction. This companion shares Health and Stamina with the ranger, i.e. if either one is damaged, the same pool is reduced. Both the ranger and the animal companion die if their Health is reduced to zero. Animal companions have high inherent Damage Thresholds that allow them to run interference for their masters. Wounding Shot (Active) - Only usable when ranged weapons are equipped. The ranger's shot inflicts a continuous damage effect and Hobbles the target. 3/rest. Swift Aim (Modal) - This mode increases the ranger's rate of fire and reload with ranged weapons at the cost of an Accuracy penalty. At higher levels, rangers gain abilities that increase the effectiveness of their attacks and the coordinated use of their companions. By tactically applying the synergistic benefits of the ranger and his or her companion, players can lock down and quickly overwhelm powerful enemies. Defensive Bond - When both the ranger and his or her animal companion are subjected to an area effect attack, they gain +15 to the targeted defenses. Marked Prey (Active) - The ranger can designate a single target as his or her marked prey. He or she and his or her animal companion have a damage bonus against that target until combat ends. Once designated, the target cannot be switched. 1/encounter. Predator's Sense - The ranger's animal companion gains a damage bonus on any creature suffering from a continuous damage effect, including those caused by Wounding Shots. Stalkers' Link - When a ranger's animal companion Engages a target, the target is automatically Flanked if the ranger has a ranged weapon equipped and is opposite the target. Takedown (Active) - The ranger's animal companion will knock the target Prone with a Fortitude attack. 2/encounter. Defensive Shooting - When using ranged weapons against any target that is Engaging the ranger, the ranger's Accuracy is increased by 20 and his or her Interrupt rating is improved by one category. Master's Call (Active) - When the ranger issues Master's Call, his or her animal companion will immediately move back to him or her at increased speed, gaining a +20 bonus to Concentration and defenses against Disengagement Attacks. Any enemy it comes within 1m of is automatically attacked (Fortitude) and knocked Prone if the attack succeeds. 2/rest. In addition to the abilities listed here, ciphers, rogues, and rangers can gain access to additional class-specific abilities as well as Talents. Some Talents can be taken by any character, but many are class-oriented and can be used to distinguish or emphasize one character from another. One cipher's Talents may emphasize his or her physical attacks while another's makes his or her Focus use more efficient. One rogue may maximize his or her advantage against a specific type of affliction; another may improve the frequency with which his or her offensive abilities can be used. And while rangers can always benefit from improving their marksmanship and special attacks, investing in the durability and abilities of their animal companions can safeguard the ranger against disaster. Pillars of Eternity's heavy hitters all differ in how they bring the pain to enemies, but we hope you enjoy the concepts and mechanics we've presented here. As always, these are our current designs and implementations, but will be adjusting them in the months to come. We will be doing three more class pair updates in the future: The Leaders of the Band (chanters and priests), The Front Line (fighters and barbarians), and The Mob Rulers (wizards and druids). Let us know what you think of today's update and please vote on which of the three class pairs you'd like to see covered next. As always, thanks for reading and for your continued support.
  7. I searched these forums for topics on the animal companions, but couldn’t find anything dedicated to animal companion mechanics. Hence this topic. When I first played the BG series, I rolled an elven ranger who I stuck with throughout both games and the expansions. I really like the idea of a marksman tracker and therefore I’m toying with the idea of playing an elven ranger again. However, I feel that the ranger class is not quite as appealing as some of the other classes (e.g. the cypher or monk) based on the details that have been revealed so far. Where the cypher and monk have a lot of abilities and mechanics to fuss over, namely the concepts of focus and wounds that power special abilities, the ranger’s key distinction seems to be bonuses/abilities in ranged weapons and the animal companion which seem a little bland at first sight. What I mean to say is that, for example, cyphers, monks and wizards have plenty of abilities and “resources” that need to be managed and therefore allow the player to be more involved with the actions of the character. We don’t know much about the ranger class yet, but based on the information at hand, the class doesn’t seem to require as much attention from the player or provide as much strategic depth, except for the management of shared health/stamina pools between the ranger and animal companion. This is what Josh had to say about rangers: “ "Rangers have the second highest single-target damage output capability (behind rogues) but have the advantage of range. While many rogue abilities allow the use of ranged attacks, the rogue needs to be relatively close to the target to use them. Rangers do not have this restriction. Rangers also all have animal companions. They are an integral part of the class and animal companions gain additional abilities as the ranger advances. Because rangers and their animal companions are soul-bonded, they share a common pool of Stamina and Health. Mechanically, this means that rangers cannot use their animal companion as a "meat shield", but they can gain good synergistic benefits from working together.” As the animal companion is such a distinctive part of playing a ranger, it’d be interesting to hear the opinions of others on what you expect the animal companion to play like and what kinds of companion mechanics would you like to see implemented in order for the ranger class to be as unique and appealing as some of the other classes? Also, what kinds of animal companions would you like to see (e.g. large melee type animals, stealthy scouts, magical creatures)? TLDR: What kinds of animal companions and animal companion mechanics would you like to see in P:E?
  8. Hi all, I wasn't sure how Pillar of Eternity was going to handle Party traveling. I know in the old BG & Icewind Dale games basically had a random chance to have npc/monster encounters which was always cool but I was wondering you there was any thoughts on expanding that. It would be interesting to see if you tie into a Ranger skill. Perhaps like a trail blazing skill- that could help in a number of ways: 1) The PC party travel fasters from location to location 2) Avoid less monster encounter or not as difficult mobs 3) Find undiscovered locations (ancient tomb/burial ground, Roaming Gypsy camp) 4)Perhaps give the party potential bonuses as way of the ranger finding favorable terrain to traverse the wilds. 5) Finding party resources(Food, Precious Items, Herbal...etc) along the way 6) Avoid treacherous weather so they party is better/well rested. To me this would make the Ranger a much more attractive party candidate instead of just alternative to a fighter type. Any thoughts?
  9. Are Rangers being included? I always liked Ranger classes, not in the sense that they are necessarily archers but rather protectors of the wild. Think BG2 or LotR, that kinda Ranger. Equipped with typically (for me, anyway) a sword, bow and perhaps a spear. Some minor healing abilities and ability to calm enemy beasts and scan the ground for signs of whats ahead e.g. lots of wolf prints here so expect wolves ahead kinda thing.
  10. Not so big issu but what do you think about renameing this class ? Im for it becouse when i hear "Ranger" the first thing that somes to my mind is coockies or helping turist in mountains ... monster killer, troll hunter more like insted of thypical D&D "forest potector" sound more cooler and propably will be more interesting ... Expecionaly if Hunter can don't give **** about animals or forest ( not like druids ) ... That can be interesting character ...
  11. First of all, is this role even desireable? A scenario: Ragnar and Erule went first down the thick of the forest, shadows all around them. Sparkles of slight light, eyes in the blackness. One of the beasts lunged forward, and as if appearing out of the very shades themselves appeared Orianna and pinned down the beast to the ground by its neck. She whispered some carefully laid words into the beasts ear and shortly thereafter it ran away back to the pack, now leaving each other respectfully and knowingly alone. Later, accidentally falling into the beasts lair, the Wolves Den. At the heart of the pack. Though instead of lashing out and biting, they notice Orianna in the back, huffing and puffing. Sighing as if annoyed but respectfully abides to the "Truce". No words have been spoken, but simply put Orianna's knowledge of the wilds, human to beast, is what allows for such an interaction. ----- What I am suggesting is that the tribe of wolves you slaughtered mindlessly on Playthrough 1 could actually be a sentient tribe of Wolves that you can interact with on Playthrough 2. A Druid or Barbarian too, or a Scholar.
  12. As these are the three classes which haven't really been talked about by Obsidian, I thought I'd bring them up for discussion, particularly as to some degree I think they are all classes which have had conceptual problems in some games, so more or less just opening this up to have a place to debate a bit at what these classes are about/how to fix the problems. MONK Issue 1: Monks as the loot-poor class. I think this is perhaps the most pressing issue of the class historically in D&D as far as IWD2, NWN and NWN2 had it - because the whole point of monks was that they are a class which relies on their own body as a weapon they don't really get to partake in looting in the same way as all the other classes. This can be fixed to some degree by having robes for their armour slot, but I found many of the robes from the Neverwinter games not very exciting, finding a robe with resistance to 1 point of slashing just isn't even the same as finding, say, a +1 suit of chainmail. You obviously don't want them to become too similar to fighters as part of their appeal is that they are so different. This is also putting into account that Obsidian have stated that they want to be able to have anyone wearing any armour if they want to. The weapon thing is similar. So how do you make them be able to get loot (which I consider a cornerstone of the genre) without ruining the class concept? Issues 2: Monks as a low choice/linear class. The other big problem I see with monks is how they were handled in the D&D games had very little "give" in their levelling up/character creation. You would level up and though there were certainly feats you could use, there weren't really any designed for them. You got lots of cool abilities but you didn't have any say over them. How do you inject some player input into the design of a monk, without either breaking the class concept or going the opposite end and becoming overly "move" based? DRUID Issue 1: Druids, wildshape and spellcasting. I think one of the biggest problems with any class is that Druids are a two focus class, and those focuses don't really mesh well in combat - a cleric can go whack someone with a mace on the front line and then cast a spell the next, but when you have wildshape it doesn't gel well with casting. Yes, there is the NWN2 solution of giving the player a feat to cast spells while in animal form but that didn't quite work for me - it felt a bit silly to have a wolf stop in the middle of combat to cast a traditional spell, and if you are going to do that it should have been built into the class rather than having to take a feat to make the basic premise of the class useable. So, how to balance shapeshifting with wildshape? Issue 2: Wildshape becoming redundant At this point I'd like to clarrify, I really feel like wildshape is something that really makes druids stand out as a class, sure wizards can do it too, but not to the same degree. However, I do think the focus should generally be on versatility - in the 3rd edition games there was a bit of an issue where really, only the most recent shape you learnt was actually useful, the rest became gradually more redundant. This especially felt a bit of a shame when you progressed onto the elementals, which although technically less powerful, felt less cool than turning into, say, a polar bear. Is there a way to keep the wildshapes relevant throughout? Issue 3: Wildshapes outside combat This has never really been addressed in any of the IE games/NWN, but one thing I feel hasn't really been done is use of wildshapes outside of combat. Even if it were limited to anonymously scouting as a fox or eagle or something that wouldn't arouse suspicion (with some risk of being detected from other spellcasters perhaps so as not to be too useful) or to reach a certain place quickly using the form of some fast animal, it's never really been explored. RANGER Issue 1: Making Rangers stand out. I do feel rangers have been sometimes treated as a bit of a generic hybrid between rogue and fighter, but how do you make them more unique compared to those two? This was done in D&D by use of favoured enemy, spells and animal companions, but are these things you want in the class? Could they be elaborated on more (having favoured enemy options including classes perhaps?) or is there some other feature that you think would fit the archetype? Anyway, I do have my own ideas on these but for the mean time I mainly wanted to see what everyone else's thoughts on these were?
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