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  1. I still cannot find Azo anywhere in the Sanitarium, I first had the bug that the door would not open after that was fixed i could not find Azo (need the key to the North Ward). Tried to leave the area and reenter but it didn't fix my problem. I would be really grateful if anybody can help me. My game is updated to the latest beta patch. I played Pillars of Eternity some months ago and this bug ruined my mood for it because I didn't want to start a new game and I don't know if loading an old savegame will fix it. I hoped that upcoming patches would fix it but as of now there is no fix. I want
  2. So I've just encountered a weird bug that is causing negative XP rewards when turning in at least two different quests in Stalwart. Completing the final step of Okrun's quest resulted in a loss of 2190 XP (reducing total quest XP to 5292). I also lost 1792 for speaking to Thyrsc at the end of his questline (6588 total XP). Is this something I can fix at my end or am I doomed to exploit console commands until next patch. Also, I first encountered this bug in 2.01, and the update to 2.02 didn't rectify it. Cheers!
  3. I killed the Sky dragon at act III but the quest didn't get updated. So I can't end it. The dialog option just doesn't appear when I talk to the quest giver NPC. Is there anything I can do besides backtracking to my last backup save :/ Thanks.
  4. So in this quest, a sky dragon has taken over a temple of Hylea in order to raise its hatchling. You can talk with the dragon, but there's almost no point. Despite there being multiple ways to question the dragon's judgement or suggest it should leave, it will invariably attack you unless you just agree with it completely. Given the fact that Hylia would clearly value the dragon's life (since Hylia is the goddess of flying creatures and motherhood), AND the fact that Hylia clearly cares about her priests who were driven from the temple (she gave you a vision to help them), there is abs
  5. Spoilers, obviously. As part of the main quest, you eventually end up with the quest Council of Stars, during which you're asked to pray to a deity of your choosing. Except not really. You're limited to a number of deities, that is, to the ones that are present at the temple. Which is.. odd, considering that the temple is really, really, really, really, really old. Blue = Altar of which deity. Red = Corresponding symbol. Green = Missing altars. Notably absent is Eothas, who does not get a symbol nor an altar. And it's extremely odd. Even if you can't pray to all the gods for whatever r
  6. When you tell the head priestess that she has been rejected by Magran because she sent someone else to do her trial for her, you receive the worst reward. From listening to Durance and everything we've learned about Magran, that is the correct answer. The other answers are merely blowing smoke up her ass which Magran would not appreciate. At first I loaded and went with one of the fluff answers just to get the better reward but then went back and did it the first way and just decided to eat the negative reputation. It just seems bizarre and frankly wrong that the only Magran quest in defi
  7. Hey guys, So my game is at the point where I am trying to gain an audience within the animancy hearings in ACT 2. I have the quest from the Dozen to retrieve the engwithian weapons from the ruins. I went to the ruins, got the spear, but never received a quest update. I have the spear in my inventory and I'm standing infront of Weden and he keeps saying come back with the weapons. I've tried two methods of having it enchanted with my soul (Killing the spiderman) and without it, leaving the spiderman alive. The problem here is the crucible knights wont give me their quest and the Doemene
  8. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, i posted this to the steam community discussions and was told to come here. There's a quest in Gilded Vale called Against the Grain. It's listed under the tasks section in the journal. I talked to Trumbel and convinced him to lower the grain prices, then went to Sweynur to report such. While in the conversation with Sweynur, i saw that i had a diplomatic dialogue choice asking him to let up on Trumbel. I took it, thinking i could get a sort of "everyone ends up working together" sort of thing going for the end of this quest. Turns out though, i
  9. I can't say for sure if this happens in 1.04, but it did happen in 1.05beta, Current 1) I talked to Kaerna in the bar, and got the quest to return her ring to Purnisc. 2) I then went to Purnisc, but knowing what's upstairs from a previous playthrough, I never brought the ring up. 3) Talked about svef, asked to trade, and when exiting the conversation, I had a quest update as if I gave the ring to Pursnic. Expected 1) No quest update should happen, or if there's an update, the update shouldn't say that I gave Pursnic his ring, but rather something to the effect of "I didn't bring th
  10. Hi guys, I know there's a lot going on about Durance. I checked around and I can't find what I'm looking for. This guy has been bugged for me since the get-go. Nobody seems to be talking (or at least there's too much to sift through) about how to trigger Durance's 2nd dream. -I got the first dream triggered with a manual patch from this forum (I think a dev posted it temporarily). -Then eventually the patch came out that supposedly fixes Durance (which overwrote the overwritten files). -I'm in Act II and I'm trying to trigger 2nd dream, but no go. So... how do you trigger 2nd
  11. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) Sanitarium - Brackenbury interview Gram in the north ward Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  12. Hello everyone ! I create this topic because I have a problem with my quests. I did the whole Sanatorium Main Quest and spoke with the statue at the end to finish it (after : "SPOIL SPOIL" : Choosing Azo fate "END OF SPOIL"). I received no XP, so I checked my journal to discover that the quest was finished. I reloaded my quick save (I just did one before talking the the statue) to check the XP on my characters and retried it. The XP didn't changed after the quest ended. On the wiki it says it's a quest with a Major Experience Type and an Experience level of 4. My characters
  13. Hi all, Even with my stronghold fully guarded (8/8) and most of those guarding it giving more bonus to security than prestige I still lose money to bandits. How does this reward/theft relationship works? Note that my stronghold is not fully upgraded (Almost). How can you optimize this? Thanks
  14. Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" When i got this quest, i traveled to the sanitarium. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) asked me to search for clues downstairs. I went down, and i saw, that the door was open. At this point i have left the sanitarium to do sidequests first (i prefer to do them first in any rpg game, for completionism). When i have returned (days later), i noticed the quest have improved in the quest log (see the attached picture), without me doing any
  15. So I'll try and go through this step by step to make sure I get it right. When I first got to Twin Elms, I approached Teir Evron and got the main quest update to enter and talk with the gods. However, I figured I'd visit Oldsong first and maybe do some side-quests and stuff. So I did, picked up the quest from the priests of Hylea to clear out the dragon, the quest to look for the woman's missing sister in Noonfrost, and finally, The Old Queen and the New King. Since that seemed contained to the same area, I figured I'd just solve it straight up, and went to Sul's lair. But I didn't feel ri
  16. so by now ive read about at least 5 diff. large quests that cannot be completed because of simple scripting bugs! i personally have encountered at least 2 of them in my playthough already and im maybe 50% in. one is the quest where you defend the trader from house doemel - eventhough i defended him and he still lives the quest is simply stuck at "kill danna" (shes llying dead on the floor) the other one is the masters tools on endless depth lvl 12 where you are supposed to take the quest from the vitrachs but instead they auto attack you, then the dialogue starts, you get the quest and
  17. I can't progress beyond this quest, got to the point where i was going to "question the animancers about suspicoius activity" downstairs (one was already killed during the necromances quest, moedred i think his name was), but I could only reach one , the door the sanitarium and to one of the animancers (door to Riplys room) are locked and require key. Went back to the statue and he spoke as if I had completed the quest discussing the resolution and the patients i had never met. After that I cant speak to him, and the doors downstairs are still locked. Any workarounds or fixes for this?
  18. According to the thread Wailing Banshee, I'm supposed to be able to speak to Niah after I've gotten the log book from the lighthouse in order to unlock dialogue options to resolve the quest without having to attack Lilith. However, in my game, Niah is no longer at the location where I first found her, at the square platform at the docks, just a short ways right from the lighthouse. The NPC is missing, and I can't find her anywhere along the docks in Ondrana's Gift. Here's a link to screenshots, my save game, and system info: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/curm1fsga3vvyds/AADWG2x21
  19. I looked through text files of the game and found out there is supposed to be a quest with Pallegina about Leaden Key and saving the Valian Ambassador. Apparently there were supposed to be assassins that attacked her at the stronghold while you were away and then she talks to you about this event. However Pallegina never talked about this with me. Did anyone actually do this quest? What triggers it?
  20. So I understand that the various factions in Defiance Bay are at odds with each other and that choosing one will result in not being able to interact with the others. That makes sense to me, even if I messed it up in my most recent play through. However, I found that when aligning with one (the mafia-like one), I had already completed quests with both the dozens AND crucible knights. As such, the game has now locked me out of ALL factions, as I am at a "faintly good" reputation with each of them. Is this a bug or intended? I like the idea of exclusive faction quest-lines and such, but the
  21. I completed the quest "winds of steel" before handing in the task "missing sentries". Now after the armored assault i can't find Wyla, living or dead, in Crucible Keep. Has she moved or have i bugged the task out with doing quest/task in the wrong chronological order?
  22. I buried the scroll after getting it back from the thieves as requested by Wael's (?) voice, and then went on to report to Grimda. The result is that she does not trust me, and, I suppose, I will never get access to the Elder Archives. Here is what she says: . Afterwards, I can no longer get a dialogue with her; only a pop up bubble appears above her head. I wonder what this conclusion of the quest depends on? I did quite a bit of quests in between, including the Tower in Heritage Hill (where I chose to enhance my character with the souls). A quick search on Googl
  23. I've started a cheat run to see, what could you possibly get (in terms of NPC aggro range, quests and notable drops) by doing a 'chaotic evil' run, killing everyone on sight. I've encountered 2 quest bugs, hindering my progress. My fiddling with stats might've been the cause of those two bugs, and I'm too lazy to check if that's the case, so I'm reporting those bugs anyway. PoTD difficulty, with trial of iron and expert mode on. Here's 2 bugs I've mentioned: 1) Impossible to advance "Visions and Vispers" quest because if impossibility of rest at the inn. Steps to reproduce: 1. Ar
  24. I´ve finished Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 5, but I can´t find the things hidden in this floor.. don´t know why. I¨ve went through them in scout mode, but neither of them pop up: so I can´t complete that quest (I can´t enter the hidden room). http://guides.gamepressure.com/pillarsofeternity/guide.asp?ID=29959 if this map is correct, I can´t see the room 4´s hidden stash, neither the room 2´s way to enter. Thanks in advance, and thanks for this awesome game, guys!
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