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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. I'm towards the beginning of a Cipher run, and believe it or not, I've never played a Cipher before (I know, they're supposed to be amazing, but I'm just getting around to it). Now, I'm at the point where I need to start making some real commitments to what direction I'm going to take my character in, but I'm split between two: 1. Crazy Awesome DPS 2. Crazy Awesome Crowd-control As you can see, either would be crazy awesome. But essentially, my character could go either way and, since I have zero experience with Ciphers, I was just wondering what the masses would suggest. Of the Cipher powers, which ones do you think are more effective, which ones work well with a party set-up (I'm probably going to stick mostly with Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, Durance, and Kana - I'm thinking of carrying this character over to Deadfire), etc.? Just FYI, my build is as follows: Meadow Folk Might: 16 Constitution: 9 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 15 Intellect: 18 Resolve: 10 And I'm playing on Hard. All suggestions are welcome.
  2. I started out really liking Whisper of Treason, but then I read it becomes obsolete with dominate powers later on. Tenuous Grasp (fear/confuse) seems kind of pointless when you can charm or dominate them for a longer duration. Though I guess you could use it against a solo enemy and have it not break on damage. Antipathetic Field apparently does its listed damage once per second, I read, despite the description not stating this. Which makes it do way, way more damage than Soul Shock. A beam shouldn't be too hard to avoid friendly fire with. Though strangely, the description says nothing about an intellect duration bonus, so I guess it doesn't have one? Eyestrike seems like a great debuff. Mind Wave sounds good because it does irresistible raw damage and knocks down a crowd (no friendly fire, either). Do I have all that right?
  3. Plain and simple - which powers are awesome and absolutely required and which are really crappy? There's not a lot of space to go wrong here, so would like to know your opinion.
  4. Hi Obsidian! Thank you for all the work on Pillars of Eternity! I recently powered up the Beta Backer and I am enjoying having an early look at the game and testing it out. As I play through the game and come across bugs and balance issues, I'll try as much as possible to research these issues and highlight them if I feel necessary and beneficial to the final release play experience of PoE. This initial post will focus on the Cipher class and balancing issues and bugs related to it. SOUL IGNITION Soul ignition needs to be balanced. RANGE ISSUE: Right now there is a serious exploit with SI that allows a player to clear whole areas without entering combat. The range of SI is huge and a player can cast SI on a MOB and sit back and watch as the MOB is destroyed by the DoT effect without ever drawing aggro. I assume that this not working as intended and would recommend the developer's address this exploit in the next build if possible. Here is a post from another forum user confirming this exploit: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66960-cipher-soul-ignition/?hl=%2Bsoul+%2Bignition DAMAGE ISSUE: Right now now if a player pumps might SI can dispense huge amounts of damage. My character at 21 might delivers a crushing 500+ points of damage per cast. This completely obliterates most MOBS in seconds. I know that the Cipher was designed as a high burst damage class but I am unsure if this power is balanced. Instead of decreasing the damage for SI I would suggest that you INCREASE the FOCUS cost for SI. Require Ciphers to build up 45 or 50 focus prior to being able to cast SI. Here is a post from another forum user confirming the vast amounts of damage SI produces: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67469-another-touch-on-attributes-cipher-power-comparison/
  5. This is just a poll to see what people's general preferences are in terms of how much "magic" is necessary in the fantasy genre, and whether certain forms of magic are preferred to others. As such, the poll questions do not directly pertain to wishes or expectations to Project Eternity, but I feel it would be worthwhile to survey the community anyway; the results should prompt interesting discussion regarding Project Eternity. I had to rush the poll a bit, but hopefully it suffices.
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