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  1. Here's another video showing how a paladin is able to tank the adra dragon in potd and without heals - no traps, no cheap tactics. Base stats - wild orlan 17mig/15con/4dex/20per/3int/18res. Adragans had to be killed first to prevent summons/healing for the dragon... I used jolting touch scrolls because they're common/easy to craft and don't require high lore. https://youtu.be/0nNLwfGrpKQ
  2. I've finally decided to start playing POE again with the release of the 2 expansions and some significant patching. I'd like to play a Paladin for roleplaying reasons (can't get rid of the D&D love of them, despite the differences here). I'd like a Paladin as the main leader who is excellent at talking (high R, I, P?), who is also a good tank and party buffer. My question is - can anyone post a build that fits this description, but also taking into account any changes in the 3.0 patch re: abilities & stat selection? Thanks in advance.
  3. Since scaled Thaos can be even more cheap and brutal than the dragons I thought it would be interesting to find a good method to kill him. Tanking him (video 1) is possible but not very reliable (various bugs mostly and sometimes rng can screw you badly if you don't play perfectly). The second method is to run and shoot them to death (video 2) since the map looks like it was designed for that . https://youtu.be/6oGAmsXep34 https://youtu.be/E8jh6m-fO9o PS. In my game the spellward amulet is bugged and I'm losing 10 more defense against spells. With it you could reach 100% protection against Cleansing Flame more easily.
  4. Hi everyone Looking for some comments and suggestions. Aiming for a heavy-hitting, 2-H Paladin, that also has the accuracy to actually land-hits, and the resolve for dialogue. Might: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 12 Perc: 16 Int: 8 Res: 16 Ocean Folk, White Wends, Laborer Thoughts? My only thought was that perception may be too high, and would be better used bumping Dex or Con. Thanks for your help!
  5. Talent upgrading abilities seem to follow a trend - they make it 50% stronger. Examples would be upgrades to Arcane Veil, Lay on Hands or Flames of Devotion. How does Critical Focus compare to them? Very poorly, unfortunately. Zealous Focus gives 6 accuracy (let's ignore second bonus for a moment). To make it 50% more we need 3 more accuracy points. How much is 3 accuracy? In best case it converts 3/100 from misses to criticals: 3 * ( 1.5 - 0 ) = 4.5 weapon damage / 100 attacks. Not bad. But there are situations where accuracy gives less. It may also convert misses to hits or grazes to criticals. How much weapon damage per 100 attacks is that? Let's see: 3 * ( 1 - 0 ) = 3 weapon damage / 100 attacks. 3 * ( 1.5 - 0.5 ) = 3 weapon damage / 100 attacks. And now the Critical Focus, that converts hits to crits. Max hit chance is 50% so it can affect up to 2.5% of your attacks. 2.5 * ( 1.5 - 1 ) = 1.25 weapon damage / 100 attacks. Ugh.. that's bad. It's 3.6 to 2.4 times worse than it should. Fortunately Obsidian is not afraid to do 'doubling and halving' even after game release. Heck, they even divided some skills/spells by 4 or 5! It shouldn't be any problem for them to triple Critical Focus bonus.
  6. Been thinking about starting a new game as a crit build Paladin. Mainly going to use Battle Axe, and no shield for the accuracy bonus. Havent decided on order yet, though probably going for Kind Wayfarer. Stats are completely undecided. Max PER for the accuracy bonus, but that's it. I don't think that I need too much INT for this build, so maybe take points from that and add them to MIG and DEX. But like I said, not decided yet. Oh, and also, I'm going to play on hard, so no PotD stuff required.
  7. Hi! I've a simple question; well, maybe not so simple to answer. I want to play a Paladin, for RP reasons, but I want him to have high scores (min of 16) in the more "talky" stats: INT, PE and RE. I know that with 2.0 PE, being mainly offensive, doesn't synergize very well with the other two, that are oriented towards a tank-buffer character. So my question is: what kind of viable (not broken) build can I make with this limitations? I'm not a powergamer, and I don't want to play with him in PotD or something like that, but I want something that 'works' and feels rewarding to play I'm open to any kind of combat role: tank, off-tank, ranged damage... Thank you!
  8. I've been running a Bleak Walker with the new AI packages activated within my party. I recently noticed that when the Paladin's AI (as applied to abilities, not auto-attack) is set to "Aggressive" and the paladin is sneaking, launching a first attack on an enemy automatically applies Flames Of Devotion to the attack, but not in the way it's supposed to. When you set the paladin to attack in a normal fashion from concealment, the blue flame effect of Flames of Devotion activates on the character immediately (which is unusual, since it appears normally only when the blow is struck) and the ability is locked because it is "already activated". Sometimes the ability applies as it should, sometimes it doesn't, but in all cases the Flames of Devotion ability doesn't unlock until a save is loaded. When a character attacking in the prescribed way is sidetracked by obstacles or by the AI choosing to attack a closer or engaged enemy, the ability is likewise locked down. This doesn't seem to be an issue when entering in combat from out of concealment, and I can't replicate the problem from concealment when combat has already started. It seems to be an AI beginning-of-combat problem specifically with regard to stealth. I've attached a screenshot showing the toolbar with ability locked after my character had attacked from concealment, had Flames of Devotion activate and then been prevented from reaching the target due to engagement by other enemies. Note that the FoD icon does not have a green border - it is not currently queued as an action but is flagged as "already activated" anyway.
  9. Hi guys, I am one of mad man and I am going to try the game hard way for the first run. So I will play expert,Iron, and hardest dificulty. In this seting It will definately need character which is able to survive. For the first try I will try this: Race: Moon Godilke (because of healing wave at 75%, 50% and 25% each encounter) Class Paladin, The shieldbearers of Elcga (Mainly because I am benevolent, protective and diplomatic. So it will be my king of guy) Ability: Lay on Hands Attributes: (This I write at work just from my memory so it may not be exact. Numbe includes bonuses for race and culture) Might : 14 Constitution : 9 Dexterity: 4 Perception: 18 Inteligence: 15 Resolve: 18 As Background I choose Mercenary. Build is made this way because I tryed to maximalize deflection, Buff areas and duration and healing. But yes... Const is pretty low and it makes a room for disaster with permadeth option on. But I somehow hope that Quality is better than quantity. The goal is to have good secondary/support tank. I intent to have fighter as main tank. With Paladin I want tu support, protect, survive and be a leader type in conversation and events. For sure I am posting it here, to get a chance from experienced players feedback. (Please keep spoilers at minimum.) So feel free to post your point of view.
  10. Okay a while ago I started playing a Paladin and at first I thought I would not like it, but it turned out I did. ( It is my first Character to get this far in the game. ) At first I did not pay attention to Faith of Conviction ( How it works. ) because I thought that it got added to the defences silently. With that I mean I thought that even though it did not show on the defences it was still added. After the 1.06 patch got live my Paladins Defences suddenly got raised by amounts that seemed to look like those from Faith and Conviction. Just after patch 1.06 was installed. And it stayed like that until I reached level 10, then the defences suddenly showed up like this? ( As if FaC was gone? ) Now after reaching level 10? Now at the time of both screenshots above, the only icons that showed next to my Paladin and the rest of the party where those of Zealous Focus and the one for Dragons Lair resting bonus, and I was not in combat? I have no explanation of what causes this, and I have no idea whether it is a bug or not? Just in case some one wants to know the active effects on my Paladin ... Active effects. ( The same on level 9 and 10. ) The above seems odd to me, so hence my question.
  11. This is a tank build for PotD. It's designed to be an unmovable object, putting up with any punishment your enemies throw at you, while providing a modicum of support for your party. It does very little else. If you want a tank you can micromanage, or one that can deliver a respectable amount of damage or CC, you need a different class. Also, I would recommend this build only for the Watcher, since Faith and Conviction is currently bugged on hireling Paladins and you need those extra defenses. Note: There's a lot of discussion on this board about whether Paladins are weaker than other classes (yes) and what should be done to improve them. I'd prefer if that discussion remain in preexisting threads and not migrate here. This is for taking the Paladin class as it currently stands and making the most useful tank of it we can, not for debating what the class should and should not be. Race: Wild Orlan has the best ability bonuses for pumping Deflection, and Defiant Resolve gives you a nice defensive buff when Will gets targeted. As an added bonus, Orlan PCs seem to get more race-specific dialogue than other options, thanks to Fantasy Racism. Your other good options are Coastal Aumaua for the bonus against Proning and Stunning attacks, since those break your engagements, or Moon Godlike if you want some extra healing for you and your party, though later in the game you might find that your Endurance doesn't dip much or very often. Pale Elves are also nice for the added DR against Fire and Frost. Order: I recommend picking based on how you want to roleplay your character. If that's not a factor, you could consider them based on order-specific talents, but to be honest, most of them aren't useful for this build. Of the talents that are useful, most of them are only useful for getting through the early game and don't scale well beyond that. Since the Darcozzi Paladini have the one order talent that's useful the whole game, I recommend them if you don't care about roleplaying factors. If all you want is to get Faith and Conviction up quickly, however, you might go with the Goldpact Knights, as Rational and Stoic seem to be very easy to raise quickly. Attributes: The build I used for my PotD run was Might 2/Con 15/Dex 3/Per 20/Int 18/Res 19. After seeing how little use I got out of that extra health beyond the first few levels, though, I'd be inclined to swap Might and Con for better healing off of Lay on Hands. In fact, since the base durations on a lot of your abilities are pretty high to begin with, the best route might be Might 17/Con 3/Dex 3/Per 20/Int 15/Res 19, though that might give you trouble extending your aura over the whole party. I wouldn't bother with Dexterity in any case, as you don't have the melee damage to care about attack speed or enough active abilities to worry about how quickly you can fire them off. You can't dump Might and Con or your Fort defense will be terrible, and if you dump Intellect you're weakening Lay on Hands and might have problems getting your aura to stretch over the party. Skills/Culture: Take either Aedyr or Ixamitl Plains for the extra Resolve to keep Deflection and Concentration high, and grab your favorite +2 Lore background. Your stats and lack of anything better to do make you one of the better options for scroll-user in the party and it gives you more dialogue options. You've got a good baseline in Athletics already, so if you want to pump that too for scripted interactions, you're in good shape. Survival unlocks a few dialogue options if you have it in the 4-6 range (though I spotted one at 9) and can provide a nice boost to the duration of food and potions if you have points to spare, but I'd rely on someone else for scripted interactions with it. A little bit of stealth is nice for positioning, but otherwise skippable (I've only seen one dialogue option unlocked by Stealth, and that was at level 4, for the record). Abilities/Talents: Now to the nuts and bolts of the guide. I'll go level by level. Level 1: Lay on Hands. The tooltip on this one is misleading; it's actually one of the more powerful heals available in the early game, especially if you have high Intellect to boost it. It's single target, so only really good for helping a party member who's getting focused, but for that job it's better than what Priests or Druids will be able to provide for several levels. It can even be used on yourself if you need it. Level 2: Hold the Line. You need that extra engagement to tank properly, end of story. Level 3: Aura. This comes down to preference and party composition. The elephant in the room is the Priest; two of the Priest's bread-and-butter buffs, Armor of Faith and Bless, don't stack with the bonuses provided by Zealous Endurance and Zealous Focus, respectively. I prefer Zealous Endurance anyway, because it's only slightly worse than Armor of Faith, and that makes for one less spell your Priest needs to cast. If, for some reason, you aren't running with a Priest in your party, you might want Zealous Focus instead to make up for the missing accuracy; you can also take it and the Critical Focus talent if you want to stack hit-to-crit conversion. I prefer holding choke points to kiting, so I don't see much use in Zealous Charge, but if it fits your tactics, go for it. Level 4: Weapon and Shield Style. Cornerstone tanking talent which gives you a nice boost to deflection and shores up your Reflex defense, which is hurting a little from dumping Dexterity. If you're playing a Shieldbearer, you might consider Shielding Touch, as the deflection bonus is still pretty useful at this level, especially since you're already using Lay on Hands on allies getting focused by melee or ranged attackers, in all likelihood. The bonus doesn't scale, though, so it will become negligible later on. Level 5: Liberating Exhortation. This is not a very good ability. Most debuffs are AoE, so this is like trying to put out a forest fire with a tea cup full of water, and you can't even use it on Charmed or Dominated party members. At best, you can use it to negate a paralyze or stun on a party member you need active, or neutralize accuracy debuffs on one of your casters before they fire off some CC. If you're playing Darcozzi, though, you're about to get a talent that will make it worthwhile. Level 6: Inspiring Liberation (Darcozzi). +10 to accuracy for 20 seconds (boosted by Intellect) twice each encounter is nothing to sneeze at. The fact that it also cancels any debuffs on your ally is icing. If you're not a Darcozzi, just move up the schedule of defensive talents, or you could slip in Critical Focus if you grabbed the Zealous Focus aura. Level 7: Reviving Exhortation. The best of a bad lot. It's an encounter revive, which isn't bad per se, but the ability is currently bugged. It'll get your ally back up, but it'll probably drop them back down after the duration is up thanks to the massive Endurance penalty it inflicts. The only other option here that's worth anything is Deprive the Unworthy, which is useful in a couple of fights, but most of the tough enemies you encounter aren't tough because of their buffs, and you probably have someone else who can suppress buffs. Edit: Alternate Pick: A few people recommend taking Sworn Enemy here as an accuracy boost and a way to slip in a bit more damage. It works well if you've got a weapon property that debuffs on a hit/crit, like Disorienting or Stunning. If you're not playing a Darcozzi, you could even take this at level 5 instead of Liberating Exhortation, in case you want Deprive the Unworthy or are holding out for a bug fix on Reviving Exhortation. Level 8: Cautious Attack. More deflection. Level 9: Reinforcing Exhortation. Once again, the best of bad options. Your Paladin probably doesn't have anything better to do, so dropping a Deflection buff on an ally taking heat is something at least. Assuming your Priest can't be bothered to lay down a Circle of Protection or the like. You might consider going back for Deprive the Unworthy instead, if you need that buff suppression. There's also Righteous Spirit, but enemies don't seem inclined to try to Charm or Dominate your Paladin in the first place so it's somewhat marginal. Level 10: Superior Deflection. More deflection. You might actually be doing pretty well on deflection by now, in which case you can swap this one with the level 12 talent. Level 11: Hastening Exhortation. Finally something good. Attack speed buffs aren't that common, and now you've got one that lasts 30+ seconds. Level 12: Deep Faith. Rounding out the defensive bonuses here. Now, if you aren't playing Darcozzi or didn't pick up Critical Focus or any of the other order talents, you have a spare talent here. There's really not that much left that's useful. You could take Greater Lay on Hands, but you probably stopped relying on that ability a long time ago. You could take Fast Runner or Graceful Retreat for those times when you really need to re-position your Paladin, but that doesn't come up much at all. Your Fortitude defense is probably still lagging behind your other defenses, so you could always take Bear's Fortitude. This is why I'm not too opposed to taking an order talent that helps you out in the early game but doesn't scale; once you've got those core defensive talents, there's nothing else to take, really. Equipment: Grab a hatchet early for the extra deflection and use the best shield you can find. Your weapon damage is unimportant, so look for something that has a good support special. Shatterstar and Measured Restraint both have Guarding to give you an extra engagement and can be obtained relatively early. If you think you're just fine with two engagements, you could use something with Draining, but you probably don't hit hard enough or often enough for that to be significant. Look for something with Disorienting or Marking (assuming that one actually works) to help your allies out instead. After you retrieve the stolen shipment for the blacksmith in Gilded Vale, you should buy the Outworn Buckler, strap it to your arm, and never take it off. The Herald ability provides a +5 bonus to all defenses, including Deflection, to your entire party. That makes it a +13/+5/+5/+5 shield. Make it Fine/Exceptional when you get the resources and level necessary, and it will treat you well. Aside from those considerations, try to keep your Paladin equipped with the best Of Deflection/Protection items you can find, and prioritize Resolve and Perception boosting items while also boosting Might and Intellect if you can. The best Resolve/Perception boosting items go in the Neck slot, so focus on getting Rings for your protection items. If you need to stretch your aura further, the Boots of Zealous Command can be bought from Winfrith in Dyrford. There's not much else that's useful for you in the Boot slot, so you may as well. There you have it, a tough tank with some situational support abilities that you can point at enemies and forget about. If anybody can think of a good talent I've overlooked for that last non-Darcozzi talent slot, let me know.
  12. Its like a self buff lol. I want to play a Diablo 2 auradin. (and by playing i mean have as much fun). Why would they limit the range on it so much, his unique shield has map-wide effect. Speaking of which is saving with auras enabled still broken in 1.05? so far im turning everything off before quicksave.
  13. I have a plan to make 6 dwarf company but I am not very fond of the dwarf Priest idea, is there another suitable class for healing, paladin maybe? is he capable healer? I plan on having 1. row: Dwarf Chanter as a tank (buff/debuff) + Dwarf Paladin as a second tank (buff + possibly heal) 2. row: Dwarf Fighter DPS with a Pike + Dwarf Berserker DPS with a Pike 3. row: Dwarf Cipher DPS with Blunderbuss (hunting bow early game) + Dwarf Ranger DPS with warbow and Boar companion I want to play it more on roleplaying since I love dwarfs but I also want to make them efficient and capable in their respective fields do you experience players think this will work? thanks for reactions and advice p.s. still don't know which of them will be my PC though :D
  14. My PC was a Goldpact Paladin. Overall, I found the Paladin decently interesting to build and play. I liked the bonus to defenses from certain reputations. I felt that was a much nicer way to make Paladin's the "roleplay" class ala D&D without hamfisting it (like AD&D does with most things) and still allowing a wide representation of roleplaying Paladins that weren't all Lawful Good. However, I found the Paladin to be pretty boring in combat due to the low number of abilities, with a low number of uses, that were fairly niche as well and no distinguishing combat mechanics (other than a couple auras that overlap with Chanter anyway). By the end of the game, in particular, my PC Paladin had a laundry list of low-use abilities (many of which were per-rest) that I rarely used, and were frequently irrelevant anyway. (Some of that was because I would wear ability-granting equipment just because there was nothing else to wear in that slot, but that's another issue.) Even though I accidentally picked Lay on Hands at the beginning of the game, by the end of the game I was running out of abilities that I wanted to pick. I've read somewhere that the Paladin was supposed to be like a D&D4 Warlord, but giving the Paladin single-target buffs doesn't really play like a Warlord at all--it plays like a Priest. Putting the Warlord into RTwP gameplay would probably be hard, but I think you could do a lot better than PoE. First step would be to make Coordinated Attacks an early, rather than a late, ability, so that the player can build around it. I'd remove the melee limitation of Flames of Devotion, because that bombos with Coordinated Attacks. I'd add an ability that let the Warlord swap places with an ally without triggering Engagement Attacks. Liberating Exhortation works okay for this paradigm, because it's a bit about controlling the battlefield by helping your allies. I'd let nearby allies use Flames of Devotion, Sworn Enemy, and any other attack ability that makes sense. Abilities that trigger on killing enemies are yucky because they are "win more" abilities and they encourage unrealistic and unfun gameplay where you stop attacking an enemy so that the relevant character will get the kill. Instead, I'd give the Warlord an ability that applies a limited duration debuff to defenses when the warlord attacks a full-health enemy. That way the Warlord is leading the charge. But honestly, I'd make the Warlord paradigm a set of talents that anyone can take because, why not let the Fighter or any class be the battlefield coordinator too? To fix Paladins, first of all, I'd give the Paladin all the auras one by one, because they're not significant enough that it feels worth giving up an ability to get another aura that's mutually exclusive with the aura you already have. Second, I'd make Lay on Hands and Reviving Exhortation into Priest spells (because that's what they really are), and then just let the Paladin pick a spell from a list determined by his Order but taken (thematically) from the spell lists of all other classes, and have that spell as a 1-per encounter ability. Let the Paladin do it again at 6th and 11th level, or something. This should allow the player to build the kind of Paladin he or she wants to play while ensuring that the Paladin has abilities that the player actually wants to use. In this concept, the Paladin becomes a knights that draws on supernatural powers to complement his traditional martial abilities instead of pursuing an alternative martial art like the Barbarian or Monk. I felt that the Paladin didn't get enough tanking support in comparison to the Fighter. Some possible ways to improve that might be: Since Paladin's are known for wearing armor, give the Paladin a free small reduction to their armor penalty. I'd give them a Challenge ability that reduces the target's accuracy against other allies. Maybe give the Paladin an aura that slows enemy movement while the Paladin is standing still. Make the Paladin's single-enemy abilities allow the Paladin to engage that enemy for free.
  15. Hi mighty adventurers! Today's another great day of victory, Thaos died once again, but this time by the hand of a cruel and merciless Bleak Walker! This time I'm going to go a bit more in the details of the build that I used for my hero. 0. Introduction: Why a Paladin? Why a Bleak walker? Pros: - It's a good challenge to play a bad and mean character in a rpg - Paladins get bonus stats if you roleplay, and I was intrested in that kind of gameplay - Not the most common class used to solo the game, and I love new challenges Cons: - Not so many active and offensive skills, so a bit annoying the early levels - Extremely gear dependant - No shadowing beyond 1. Attributes - Might 18+ - Constitution 18+ - Rest of the stats 10 Constitution is the best stat to solo the game in my opinion. Some fights are really long (especially the last one) and without enough of Cons, you will not survive. Might is great, but I guess you can balance it with some Dex if you want to attack faster. 2. Skills Key points: - Athletics 2/3 (80/90% Combat fatigue reduction, essential imo) - Lore 2: You will need it the first part of the game to use flame fan scrolls for Caed Nua - Mechanics 10+ : OverPowered. Free traps, Free loot, Free XP all along the game. A Must have - Stealth: Optionnal, but still good to take when the rest is maxed out 3. Abilities & Talents Key points: - Faith and Conviction + Deep Faith: a must have to solo the game. Free defensive points - Lay on Hands: Free heal once per encounter - Cautious Attack (+10 Deflection) - Superior Deflection (+5 Deflection) - Unstoppable (+10 Defense against Blind, Daze, Hobble, Prone, Stuck) - Mental Fortress (+10 Defense against Charm, Confusion, Domination, Fear, Terror) - Zealous Endurance (+3 RD) - Sworn Enemy (Nice damage boost for single target) 4. Gear Those are Core Items, the rest of the gear is up to what you will find. Act1. - Outworn Buckler (Merchant Gilded Vale) - Gaun's Share (First dungeon, Gilded Vale) - Blunting Belt (Merchant, Gilded Vale) - Ring of Minor Deflection (Merchant/chest) - Plate Armor (Backer next to the tree, Gilded Vale) - Fire fan scrolls (Crafting + Chest) Act2. - Oaken Scarab Figurine (Hidden cache, Copperlane close to the comedians) - Iridescent Scarab Figurine (Heritage Hill) - Obsidian Lamp Figurine (First Fire) - Rotfinger Gloves (Merchant in Ondra's Gift) - Sanguine Plate (Task: The Forgotten) - Ring of Deflection (Merchant in Copperlane) - Gaze of the Adragan's Trap (Merchant, Copperlane) Act3. - Blesca's Labor (Merchant, Hearthsong) - Purgatory (On the way from Stormwall Gorge to Elmshore, group from the Key) - Animancer's Boots (on a corpse during the riot, end of act 2) - Bartender's ring (Locked chest, Copperlane) - Boots of Speed (Random loot) - Health potions (Craft) Screens of the Stats of my character here: - Attributes: http://i.imgur.com/1EfSeLU.jpg - Gear Bonuses: http://i.imgur.com/d2bAMEj.jpg - Abilities and Talent: http://i.imgur.com/yaHjino.jpg Final Boss Video: http://youtu.be/8GkU_V3gKVM I hope you enjoyed the video and the Build, if you need more explanations, feel free to ask as always
  16. So Dracozzi like Passionate/Clever responses... the acronym is PC... hence the PC paladin. This is just my fun build I used on normal and with a lower micromanage than other classes. I still think paladins need a buff or bug fixes on stacking overall but I'll at least try to highlight some things. Moon God Like [Living Lands] Might 19 Con 5 Dex 19 Per 3 Int 15 Res 17 (Stats were all over the place because I thought maybe I'd want to switch to being a damager with my other ranged DPS at some point and high dexterity would help that way, and thus give them Zealous auras, but see below...). I also noticed with the paladin's conviction bonuses as a main PC I was actually better as an offtank. You get 1 tank companion, 1-2 physical dd, and the other 5-6 are fragile DPS or support, so the one gap in my line was getting one more off tank that didn't need much baby sitting. Offtank version 1. Flames of Devotion: 2/enc, the burn acts as lash damage so is added before DR which is nice. Lash weapons make this check as normal though. -Typically, you have 2 weapon sets, 1 dual wielding 2 average weapons for a burst via this skill, and the other using the offsworn buckler and a drain weapon. 2. Fires of Dracozzi Palace: When using the above, +5 Freeze Damage Threshold, and 15 second (+int modifier) Fire shield. This gives 10 base dmg (+might modifier) as far as I can tell. Basically, you start retaliating nicely for all of act 1, and with Moon God-like you can actually take the hits. -Additionally, you can stand inside a chill fog from Aloth with little damage using Eder's saint armor. As this build is an offtank on the front lines, it works out nicely. 3. Zealous Focus: +6 accuracy for the group that actually stacks with Durance's Inspiring Radiance but none of his other spells. -I'm not sure if my playthrough is bugged, but I was able to keep most of my group under this buff as long as I had the ring of overseeing on as well as +2 int item. That said, without both 17+ int and overseeing, I could barely effect Eder at first despite the 15 int and one item or the other. [Offsworn buckler and the DR belt is available around this time from the merchant in Gilded Vale] 4. Vulnerable Attack: -20% attack speed, -5 Damage threshold bypass. -Purely for convenience of burning a little faster via Fires of Dracozzi or doing a big hit with Flames of Devotion. Also, I just couldn't decide on a weapon group so a focus could go here for people who know the game better than me but having retaliation so early was a nice feature of this build. 5. Liberating Exhortation: Setup for the other Dracozzi talent, actually quite horrible to use for anything else. -So situational it almost made me want to reroll, but it becomes better with... 6. Inspiring Liberation: +10 accuracy for 20 seconds (+int modifiers) is quite beastly. -This is where the build ends, most of the other talents and skill picks are up to the individual, and even the other lvl 4 pick is debatable with things like Hold the Line, Weapon/Shield, Scion of Flame and other more tanking talents. I just wanted to preserve the jack of all trades feel. This build actually does feel like a paladin that does the support and offtank. Moon Godlike gives you incredible heals for the entire group (thus less micromanaging), makes you a viable offtank despite being 20 or so deflection behind Eder, and finally having retaliation much earlier than other classes is good too. The only real con was constitution (pun intended) due to almost going through my health, (not endurance) so I would need to rest every so often from that rather than running out of spells or similar. [Please note though, its only because I used the master race Moon God-like, played a PC paladin on normal, and similar choices to make my game play easier that this build felt good. I still think paladins need a buff overall, but this is the one build that actually jived with my playstyle and after Act 1, "everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of the team."]
  17. Hello! I posted this in the Steam forums also. Since I have not gotten any input, I moved here also. I just leveled up my paladin to level 3. He gained only 12 endurance points instead of 14, as he should get according to the wiki here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class I also have Aloth along. He also advanced to level 3 and he gained the correct amount of endurance points: 10. I might miss something, I guess... or it's a bug? Thx.
  18. Hi everyone, new here. my main character is a rogue and i'm enjoying it greatly, just unlocked the stronghold and just about managed to defeat the drake on the 5th(?) level of Od Nua. wanting to create an off-tank who can also double as a backup healer... as im struggling greatly when it comes to large engagements. Completely clueless how to create this character as i still don't have a firm grasp of the stats system in this game and Paladin is a mystery to me (in honesty im quite new to this style of game.. the only one ive played thats similar is dragon age origins) so far ive decided on a moon godlike for the AOE heals but what should i choose in terms of main attributes? and then later talents spells? cheers
  19. I wander if is possible a DPS Paladin not specialized in any type of weapons (two handed, marksman, etc), that can be able to use all kind of stuff out there. I have two possible orders: Goldpact Knights (+Fire) and Bleak Walkers (+Corrode) this last one looks interesting because the variety of damage (If I found creatures with high fire immunity), but I have two problems with it: 1) I don't like to play its alignment (aggressive, cruel). Is that important to the lore or is just there to define a build? 2) Do I need a special weapon to have that corrode bonuses? This is the build: Human - Deadfire Archipelago (to hit more) Attributes Might 18 (+24% Damage +16 Fort) Constitution 10 Dexterity 20 (+30% Speed +20 Reflex) Perception 10 Intellect 10 Resolve 10 Abilities Faith and Conviction Flames of Devotion (+Fire damage) Zealous Focus (having average INT mainly is to buff myself) Sworn Enemy Liberated Exhortation Righteous Soul Haste Exhortation Talents Intense Flames (+Fire Damage) Remember Rakhan (+Corrode Damage) — for Goldpact Enduring Flames (+Fire over time) Critical Focus Scion of Flame (+Burn Damage) Spirit of Decay (+Corrode Damage) — for Goldpact Envenomed Strike Bloody Slaughter The final Flames of Devotion damage would be: [Weapon Damage] + 24% (Might) +100% Fire (Flames) +50% Corrode (Enduring) +20% Fire (Scion) +20% Corrode (Spirit) for Goldpact: [Weapon Damage] + 24% (Might) +100% Fire (Flames) +10 (Enduring) +20% Fire (Scion) What do you think? Is a useful build to play Hard with the lore companions?
  20. I was reading the strategy guide and it talks briefly about personality, it also points that it has influence based on the order you pick as a paladin. 1. Now i'm not sure if i'll pick a paladin. But as i was looking it seems Intellect, perception and Resolve embody certain personality traits. I asume the higher this stat allows you to unlock conversation options that embody a certain personality. Like intelect unlocks rational. Is this correct? I'd like my character to value Rational, Honest, Diplomatic and Benevolent. I'd rate Rational the highest and the others based on the situation. - I want to be Benevolant but if it's irrational to do so I won't or their is too much loss or gain I might be swayed the other way. - Honesty is something I value but in the life of an adventurer you sometimes have to use deception to help the one in need or achieve your own goals. - I do want to solve things diplomaticly, but in gamepedia it's more described as avoiding trouble and neutral instead of using diplomacy to achieve what you believe is best. I'd probably rate: Rational > Benevolant > Diplomatic > Honest. 2. Based on this are their any specific stats i should focus on? 3. Are their any class builds suited for this. Atm it seems paladins are, but their restricted by the order and you'd want to go tank with Darcozzi, Fires of Darcozzi palace seems to good. Based on my value's id either be Goldpact or Shieldbearers of St.Elga (stoic doesn't seem to be my thing). 4. Is it hard to gain progress with paladin order. Will it be extremely negative if you can't follow the order personality?
  21. Hi, I am trying to plan a build for my Paladin and I could use some help picking Abilities (I'm good on Talents, I think). This is going to be an off-tank with Eder as my main tank, so it is more geared towards damage, specially opening batles with a gun and flames of devotion before switching to a pike. Here is what I have so far (The attribute distribution is suboptimal on purpose): Human - Aedyr Mercenary - Goldpact Knights Mig 11 - 15 (4) -> +15% Damage and Healing, +10 Fortitude Con 10 - 10 (0) Dex 10 - 15 (5) -> +15% Action Speed, +10 Reflex Per 10 - 14 (4) -> +12 Interrupt, +4 Deflection, +8 Reflex Int 10 - 12 (2) -> +12% AoE, +10% Duration, +4 Will Res 12 - 12 (0) -> +6 Concentration, +2 Deflection, +4 Will *I'll be trying to pick up any item/talent that gives me +deflection... I hate being squishy (Probably will stick to breastplates). 1 Flames of Devotion 2 Weapon Focus Soldier 3 Zealous Focus - +12 in Accurecy is important since base accuracy is low, can't afford to waste any Flames 4 Intense Flames 5 ? 6 Scion of Flame - I am hoping this stacks with Flames... 7 ? 8 Two-handed Style - Do we know if it also works with guns? 9 ? 10 Superior Deflection 11 ? 12 Deep Faith Any thoughts?
  22. As a lvl 4 Paladin of the Shieldbearers of St Elcga my favorite dispositions are Honest & Diplomatic. Disfavored are Cruel & Aggressive. I currently have a rank 1 in Honest, Diplomatic, Benevolent and Passionate. I recently also killed Raedric which gained me one point in Passionate. Is there anyway you can change or are there different ways you can take/handle a fight with an other result? How can I see which will be the outcome?
  23. What class you think does the best buffs and why? Chanter, pally or priest? - I like the chanter, but don't like summons - Pally would be too busy tanking - If I make a priest it's to heal from afar. Thoughts?
  24. I unfortunately lack access to the backer beta, and so in my research to figure out what class I'll play on my first runthrough of the game I'm finding myself wondering about how 'active' some of the classes are. Specifically I'm interesting in rolling a more melee oriented character, however I'm concerned about how many of the abilities on the melee classes actually involve active use vs. giving passive buffs. From what I can tell it seems like the Fighter and Paladin, for instance, have a lot of abilities that just buff their own combat capabilities or that of their party whilst having relatively few abilities which are actively cast. Any suggestions on what melee oriented classes are the most 'active' to play?
  25. DISCLAIMER: I'm not in the beta. I watched videos about various classes and looked into their skills and abilities, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Now, I like playing Paladins. I also like playing "non-standard" paladins (the aligment is goal, not a singular path). So my paladins tend to be more lax and open in most situations and with some good brainstorming, one can justify a lot of things. But this is for D&D so its doesn't apply. What does apply is the combat gameplay. Some time ago I ran into a paladin kit for BG2 called Holy Avenger. It was a very combat-oriented paladin. No lay on hands, no ranged weapons, bonus against evil, penalty against good. It had some interesting abilities, including an aura of fear (can break enemy morale), aura of vengance (enemies that get too close get a small amount of damage) and my favorite, a high-level ability Heavens Fury (adds all types of elemental damage to your weapon for 2-3 rounds) Add in some standard cleric spells like Divine Might, Armor of Faith, etc... and you had a very powerful paladin, one I loved to play In PoE paladins use their faith/conviction to burn their souls for various effects. I don't see why this would be so narrowly specialized into leading troops. I like me my freedom to branch outside of a class stereotype. So far I don't really see much in the paladins arsenal for that (other than that skill that marks one as preferred enemy) So in case some devs are reading, I hope you take that into account. Failing that, PoE should be moddable enough that I can tweak it to my linking (I hope)
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