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  1. Now as a guy who really modded the old baldur's gate and icewind dale games (not actually making mods just using mods) can somebody clarify just how open the system is for let's say, Total Conversions and such things. Sorry for my horrendous English
  2. Thought it'd be fun to discuss some future ideas of Pillars of Eternity, in expansions or even mod viability. Ritualist: They are essentially weak, pansy Wizards but with demonic summoning and buffs, they take forever to do anything cast anything on their own, but if you have 2 or 3 Ritualists, their spells will cast faster, and naturally do more damage, than a single Wizard in a party. Their main part is their summoning. The price for demonic summoning is more than simply channeling some energy, there is a blood price, and the proper words, demonic demands, that has to be fulfilled such as trophies, sacrifices. To precure the right circumstances, the Ritualist must tread carefully, and thus ward the summoning area to defend themselves from the most nastiest of demonic bargaining. Thus, the more they are, the faster they can finish dealing with all the routine work (drawing circles, posture, domestication, focus, concentration etc. etc. resisting a demon and at the same time appeasing to it is busy work). If two Ritualists targets the same enemy with the same spell, they will cast a stronger version of the spell and whenever they chant a spell cast at the same time, they will chant faster as well. Together they resist demonic affliction as well, and can control it better. A single Ritualist controlling a Bull Demon early in the game might create a most unfortunate situation when the bandits are gone from its 9001 power that now sinks its teeth into its summoner. Two Ritualists could maintain control over it with ease. Resource: - Demonic Resistance: Ritualists have a 3/3 Per Encounter Resource, each Demon costs an amount of Resistance. Some Demons might cost 1 or 2 Resistance, others 9 or even 12. Thus, 3 Ritualists would have 9/9 in this resource. If number is greater, all Demons summoned go on a rampage or Unsummons based on their own strength and dice roll check. Example: 1 Ritualist, summons 2 Lesser Familiars with a cost of 4. The Ritualist now has -1 Resistance, and thus, the Demons get stronger. For each -1 the Ritualist have, the demons get even stronger, and you also lose control of them all. Meaning if you have 1 Ritualist summoning 7 Lesser Familiars, you'd have -11 Resistance, you'd have 7 pissed off, strengthened, hungry Demons after you. The Demons grow stronger the Weaker the Ritualist gets. With 2 Ritualists, you'd have 6/6, and could control 3 Weak Familiars (that are not as strong as 7 buffed up and angry -11 Familiars, obviously). Demons are both the Ritualists strongest weapon, and their biggest weakness. However, there are abilities such as "Unsummon" or "Hold Demon" as well, to be able to run away. Demons summoned could be permanent, and with this expansion/mod/sequel/future idea could be a combined hidden storyline (Populate the world with demons to wreak chaos everywhere in the world, and the world, NPC's, everyone, would fight back). You could summon demons into the world, which would unlock a new path, become a demonic lord over the lands of the Palatinate, or thwart a demonic plot? (Questline) Spells - Summon Lesser Familiar (In hindsight: Example ability throughout the post) The Ritualist summons a small demon, that serves excellently as a scout, or as an annoyance to target opponents. They reduce accuracy of anyone they attack, stackable, but hardly deals any damage - Costs 2 per Familiar - Unsummon (Core Ability) A basic spell that probably every Ritualist holds dear and thankful for. Many are experienced with rampaging demons, or a destroyed kitchen from too many small familiars. "Unsummon" allows the Ritualist, well, unsummon Demons up to -2. Upgradeable. - Summon Demon (Core Ability) A muscular, humanoid sized, strong naked dumb demon. A warrior. Upgradeable through Talents to give armor, weapon, strength. The more attire the demon gets, the more it costs. Some upgrades could even entail size of the Demon or mutations, making the Demon transform. The Demon is a mold, the upgrades the figure //Strategically, do you have many 5-6 Demons with low to mid gear, or 2 elite demons? A choice left up to the Player, nonetheless. This summoning can be copied, and named. Allowing the Ritualist to summon different types of demons. Example: - Memory Chant Pulling out from their library of knowledge inside their minds, the Ritualist increases the rate of their lips, their minds, concentrating with all their might to chant and ritualize the area of summoning. Their recoverary rate decreases greatly when summoning per Ritualist. - Demonic Affliction The Ritualist opens an eerie window through time and space, a phone call to the demonic plane, in target area of effect. In this zone, any demon currently summoned will go on a rampage and gain a buff, as well as Resistance would cost +1 more, as the smell and hunger is altered in this plane. After a Demonic Affliction has been cast, any Demon during encounter will cost more Resistance and be stronger (//You essentially give some bloodthirsty demons a wiff of some tasty souls to bloody, altered and modified to tempt the demons, baiting, teasing). - Summon Karaz'Gul Karaz'Gul is a captured demon, held in a flask. This demon is immensely powerful. Many naive Ritualists have tried to maintain his power time and time again, only to find a bitter end and sub-sequentally unleashing his power on the world. Karaz'Gul has a passive which randomly changes the Ritualist's Resistance over the course of an encounter, with a range of 12-20. Player can not control Karaz'Gul, but his AI will go for the enemies. Karaz'Gul is immune to "Unsummon" and must be trapped in a bottle (Item) by chanting a really slow spell (So you have to hold him off for a duration of time). Some math: A single Ritualist have 3/3 3x3=9/9 4x3=12/12 5x3=15/15 6x3=18/18 Summoning Karaz'Gul most safely would require 6 Ritualists in the party (Full), or a more daring approach at 4 Ritualists. Whilst this summon is intended to be super strong. Karaz'Gul is a sentient Demon, and can be interesting and interactive in the Plot, or even during/after in combat. - Sacrifice Ritualist (Quest Spell) This Spell uses the Ritualist as a conduit for a demonic summoning, and will summon a powerful demon to replace the Ritualist in the party (Permanent Companion). The Demon summoned is a melee NIP (Non-important) Demon, with the strength of a "Hero" or "Class". Can be named and levels up like a Class, with Demonic Spells. Though, depending on if the Player is a Ritualist himself, he may sacrifice himself to summon an alternate story-Demon. - Succumb to Darkness (Quest Spell) The Ritualist lets himself be possessed by Demons, to become a Demi-Demon, with new skills and powers, growing horns and fiery eyes (Unlockable Story Class) ----------------------------------- These are the only spells I could think of, but I'm sure if I gave it some more thought I'd think of way more. Also, Summon Lesser Familiar and Summon Demon could be the same. In fact, "Summon Demon" could be it's one and only summoning spell, and giving it the mechanic to upgrade the Demon Summoning Spell through Talents. Instead of gaining the option to pick a Spell (like the Wizard, Chanter, Cipher) at Level Up, the Ritualist could instead gain options to upgrade "Summon Demon". The rest of the spells would be for manipulating the demons, or freaking out enemies. The Ritualist relies heavily on each other, to gain the help from demons, compared to a standard party with Fighter, DPS, Tank, Ranged, Mage, Support etc. And it also can be inserted into a standard build. For instance, the Player having a Fighter, Rogue, Paladin, Priest, Ritualist, Ritualist. Or even have a build of 6 Ritualists, and rely 100% on the demons. Ritualists are physically weak, but can What do you think?
  3. This poll and thread is a 're-launch' attempt of another thread (@ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65236-co-operate-with-torment-ton-in-allowing-shared-art-assets/ ), with clearer languaging around the (now multiple) poll questions. The really key thing that would make this happen (or not!) in any form is dev interest, of course, and that is what these threads/posts will hopefully stimulate. For myself, Q1: Yes - of course. :D Q2: Only if the devs feel like it. Not attached either way. Q3: As Q2. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, I was scrolling across Kickstarter recently and came upon a new project from the makers of the Original Dungeon Siege games, and several other games I grew up playing that seems pretty cool called Wildman! Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG From the creative team behind Dungeon Siege 1 & 2, Total Annihilation, and the Supreme Commander Series comes the next great ARPG with real-time battle campaigns… Check it out here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uBBDO82ZWXQ Imagine a prehistoric world. Your tribe is slowly starving and as their best warrior, they have tasked you to venture out into the unexplored world and find the resources that they desperately needs to survive. As you leave the safety of your tribal cave, you’re attacked by hordes of strange beasts and dinosaurs that want to tear you limb from limb. Leaping into battle, you smash and maul your opponents — leaving their broken bodies in your wake. Your tribe is finally safe and wants to enjoy the spoils of your victory. But not you. You don’t want to settle. You want more lands... more weapons... and even bigger rewards. You are Wildman. As you explore uncharted lands and battle new enemies, you’ll discover hidden treasures, powerful weapons, and jaw-dropping technologies, as you you battle through the ages You’ll gain new skills, weapons, and armor. And as you gain victories and experience, you’ll… Unleash The Power Of Your Own Prehistoric Army… Siege enemy cities and pillage their lands... Call upon war dogs and elite units to rip your enemies apart... Unleash powerful magic on your foes to shatter their defenses... Transform into animal forms and use primal melee powers to kill the enemy warlords… Get Ready To Conquer The World… What's particularly cool is Project Mercury, a brand new visionary tech tool for developers and modders that not only allow you to have very powerful modding tools for Wildman, but for any game or project you want to use it on. It's a little tricky to explain briefly, so check out this video update! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuGdQqUhKD4 learn more on the the Kickstarter page, but hurry less than a week to go! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gaspoweredgames/wildman-an-evolutionary-action-rpg
  5. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this before, but I sincerely hope this game will be easily moddable. Some content added to F:NV is simply amazing. Almost endless replayability, and with the new ENB suites, it even has the look of a recently released game. Talk about aging gracefully. Community content for this upcoming classic would only serve to make it so much better in the long run.
  6. Best case scenario is ofc that everything they want in the game get put into the game. However as people might know content tend to get cut for whatever reason, time, lore, money, to many bugs... What i hope is that Obsidian consider is that they leave cut content on the disc. That way people can mod it in (with some modifications). So what do people think? Comments? Agree? Flames? cookies?
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