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  1. Hello. I've just created my first mod, and was about to upload it to Steam Workshop. But I can't find any good information on how to do so. Everything I find is very specific to a certain game, and I can't find any info for how to do it for POE2. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  2. I found the background skills for some of the backgrounds a little bit odd in terms of logic and rp. So I changed them. Dissident : History => Streetwise Hunter : Alchemy => Stealth Laborer : add Streetwise Scientist : Arcana => Mechanics Philosopher : Insight now (1), add Metaphysics (2) (Seriously, if there is one skill that screams "PHILOSOPHY", then it's metaphysics. ) Clergy : add History Raider : Stealth => Explosives Apprentice : add History Farmer : made Survival/Religion/Streetwise Gentry : add History and Bluff Marksman : add Alchemy Midwife : Explosives => Insight Trapper : add Alchemy Here is the link https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/204/ Unpack it into the override folder as all the other mods. Here is also a list of skill IDs, if someone want the backgrounds different. Alchemy = "SkillID":"1b26af87-fd19-4dc6-9380-4f5cec7aefd5" Arcana = "SkillID":"e5f33551-ec5c-4cc8-b5f2-1eb03d210374" Athletics = "SkillID":"fefc4d3d-250d-4c32-85e0-62a851240e62" Bluff = "SkillID":"6fa62ec8-6695-4a1d-8553-7486b0ac20c4" Diplomacy = "SkillID":"c7e22ee0-bdd6-4ca8-99f0-a46f3dd66606" Explosives = "SkillID":"e67f20e3-5bf9-4d87-9bda-211405107362" History = "SkillID":"c6b6f87a-0381-4219-93eb-77ae2b64f0af" Insight = "SkillID":"f5d2c2bf-1ffd-4741-b6d8-31ae01985d4b" Intimidate = "SkillID":"3ad9194b-4f41-480e-aa75-1c82df43be84" Mechanics = "SkillID":"3affbb70-86bd-41f3-82c6-325326d40796" Metaphysics = "SkillID":"98051b85-d7e5-4746-a66c-260e2fcd2d4b" Religion = "SkillID":"98cc5a0d-1387-42e3-9202-417bc42b53ad" Sleight Of Hand = "SkillID":"3b073ebf-0a4a-48a3-947d-ad38bef10b36" Stealth = "SkillID":"8cc41e27-e62f-4e75-9f7d-ae47986895d2" Streetwise = "SkillID":"eb8da173-4a3e-4910-94e8-dd0c1436ca40" Survival = "SkillID":"9c7962b8-bf69-4670-ba67-acc86a09fca8"
  3. I have this character concept of a cipher who have a perception filter similar to grieving mother but a little more complex, that gives him the appearance that would matter to observer so she can learn more about people, changing his race and sex to the eye of who sees her. Could someone please make this possible? maybe changing these traits so they can be added by console like with classes
  4. I can't console in the item to test. The game doesn't recognize it. https://github.com/Hohner20/POEII-Armor-Mod/tree/master/The%20Gloom%20Master's%20Coat
  5. Could someone add an ability for barbarians that turns Carnage off and gives bonus damage? For everyone: What do you think would be a balanced/good bonus damage? If not other balanced effect.
  6. Hey guys just made a new custom subclass mod. Hope you enjoy. The priest of Hylea is a fast and chaotic caster, hurling foes with gusts of wind and causing destruction with the turbulent dissonance in their songs and poetry. The priest of Hylea is a priest that focuses on evasion, range, summoning and most importantly croud control. The priest of Hylea uses a variety of buffs, familiars and wind elemental abilities. Description: Hylea is the goddess of songs, arts, language and maternity. She is the matron of sky creatures and her sphere of influence includes the sky and the wind element. Her followers are made up of poets, artists and bards. Her temples are located in mountain tops are built without roofs in order for her followers to be closer to her domain. Her priests celebrate life and live theirs to the fullest. (Favored Dispositions: Benevolent and Passionate, Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel and Agressive) The priest gains spells that correspond to Hylea when they reach a new power level. Winter Wind Summon Hylean familiars: Summon Birds from Hylea's domain. They provide a perception and power level bonus. Quite Fragile but fast. Spiritual Weapon: Summons The Harp of Hylea, a war bow that scales, has the "quickness" effect and has a chance to knock enemies prone with the power of wind. Deleterious Alacrity of Motion: Whip up winds to make your actions faster Hylean Squall: Extends the weapon and creates a small tornado that damages and slows enemies Cleansing Wind Resounding Discord: summons a tornado that bounces around enemies, So Singt Biting Winds o'Eld Nary Shockwave: creates a sonic shockwave that damages and knocks down enemies Wilting Wind Tornado, Incarnate: Summons a greater Storm Blight and a number of Hylean Familiars. Download from Here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/152/ Special thanks to everyone who discussed this class in my Class and Subclass Ideas forum! (Ps. I found it really enjoyable for, some reason, to unleash my bird familiars on all the enemies)
  7. Hey guys, I just made a new priest subclass, Priest of Abydon, hope you enjoy Description: God of golems, machines, industry, strength, hope, and aspiration. Favored most commonly upon the laboring class. "The Golem" is thought to have once been able to take a human-resembling form as most of the other gods are, but then been somehow killed, only to forge himself back into existence inside the shell of an immense golem. Various accounts of his death exist, and none is considered definitive. (Favored dispositions: honest and stoic, disfavored dispositions: deceptive and clever) The priest gains spells that correspond to Abydon when they reach a new power level. Spells and Abilities gained: Flames of the White Forge: Adds burn damage to attack, identical to Flames of Devotion skill, but with white flames fx Blade of the White Forge: Summons a white simmering blade made of Durgan steel. Scales similarly to spiritual weapon and has the effect "Quickness", which reduces recovery time of attacks. (similar to the "Last Blade of the White Forge" from POEI) Twin stones: the hammer of Abydon could send shockwaves across the earth Ironskin: known as the god of constructs, Abydon rebuilt himself into a being made of metal Calling the World's Maw Embrace the Earth's Tallon Rusted Armor: Corrode poorly forged armor Unbreakable: Rebuild yourself as Abydon once did Artifacts of the Pargrunen: Fabricate weapons and a breastplate out of thin air (similar to "Citzal's Enchanted Armory"), Incarnate/ Weapons of the white forge: Expend a substatial amount of energy to summon many weapons of the Pargrunen, applies similar debuff to incarnate (-5 power levels for ~30secs), spell is similar to "They Did Sing a Song of Carnage, Fair" The Golem Reconstructed You can download here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/150/?tab=description Thanks to everyone who discussed the subclass in the Class and Subclass Ideas Forum! Helped me improve my concept for the Abydon priest.
  8. This mod removes the attribute bonuses you get from race and culture, increases the amount of spendable attribute points from 15 to 18 and increases attribute's maximum cap from 18 to 20. This allows you to freely choose the race and culture you want without having to worry about min-max'ing your attributes. There is an optional version which also unlocks all backgrounds, inspired by Nizzy's Backgrounds Unlocked mod. The idea and request belongs to u/mporubca on r/projecteternity. Installation Download the archive and extract the folder from it, Place the "RP & MinMax" folder in "InstallPath\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override", Launch the game and confirm its state from Options > Mod Manager.
  9. I would love to have a chest of consumables that I could use to upgrade weapons and armour with. The scarcity of consumables is an important part of the game's balance, I'm aware, but this is for fun and possibly a useful thing for those intending to solo deadfire and I'm a linux player so I don't have access to windows-based cheat consoles to just give me the stuff. You can put an upper limit (but make it large) if you want, or make them infinite, but bear in mind there are about 15 that are very heavily used in upgrading the quality of items. Some items like adra ban and sapphires are almost never repeated or offered in vendor reloads, whilst a bunch of items are rare drops from unique entities, and there's only so many xaurips you can kill. Some items are equivalent but only work for certain weapons, eg to upgrade some items to legendary you can use kraken eyes, but that doesn't always work for other items. The chest should be on the initial island somewhere, whether with a vendor or not is up to you. Anyway, let's have a stab at it and I will do a solo run and advise requirements as I go if you wish.
  10. I would greatly appreciate a mod that adds 1 low level wizard invisibility spell. I'm thinking PL 2. And a higher level one with extended duration maybe at PL 4. I always found wizard's lack of such spells very odd. Plus I don't think it will be too OP. Considering we already have ciphers starting with a charm spell.
  11. Hopefully I'm not the only one that likes switching party members up but hates that their levels can vary so much. It'd be great if all companions would stay locked at my PCs level but I'd say that is more involved. Right now I'm working around it with the addexperiencetolevel console command but it'd be nice not to "cheat" and to still get achievements.
  12. I wasn't completely happy with how the spiritshift forms looked, so I made some new textures. Here's how they look. The goal was to make them look a bit more like natural animals, and downplay the "evil monster" look of the originals. You can download the mods at: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/34/? and http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/35/? I'm a bit worried that the mods will stop working when the next patch is released, since the other spiritshift mods broke after the last patch. Hopefully, Obsidian can prevent that next time.
  13. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/43/ Hello guys, I released the first version of my mod, aiming to increase the challenge on POTD. I would love it if you could give me feedback on whether things work the way they are supposed to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEADLY DEADFIRE v1.8 New optional weapon balance tweaks! New HARDCORE version of the mod has been added! New modular mods have been added for maximum customization! Changelog: NORMAL VERSION: v1.8 - Adjusted XP reduction to -28%. I finally found the perfect value. v1.7 - Increased XP reduction from -20% to -30%. v1.6 - Fixed duplicate files in download directory. v1.5 - Fixed Player Character Health getting buffed by the mod. v1.0 - Release HARCORE VERSION: v1.0 - Release WEAPON TWEAKS: v1.2 - Fixed uniquely named weapons not being afffected. v1.1 - Fixed spears and sabers not being affected. v1.0 - Release This mod is for all those that want to be challenged more by the combat encounters in this game. The devs have already said that the game is not difficult enough when played on Veteran or Path of the Damned, and this mod wants to fix those issues without breaking the feel of the game. *** THIS MOD IS MADE FOR POTD / VETERAN DIFFICULTY WITH LEVEL SCALING (UPWARDS ONLY) *** WHAT DOES IT DO: 1. Level Scaling - In vanilla enemies only scale upwards a maximum of 4 levels. If you are level 15 and find a level 5 enemy, he would be scaled up to level 9 but not any further. - This mod increases the scaling limit to 9. That enemy would now scale up to 14. (not quite this simple with location levels etc but you get the idea) 2. Named Enemies - Important Named Enemies will now scale an additional 2 levels higher than a normal enemy. If you find a level 8 named boss at level 10, he will now scale up to level 12, in an effort to keep even previously-missed lower level boss fights challenging. (again location levels matter too but this is the idea) 3. Increased HP - Enemy health has been increased by around 30% across the board. This is an attempt to stop a single empowered spell from halving the opponents right at the start of combat. 4. Reduced XP - Experience from quests and combat has been reduced by around 25% and 20% respectively. This is not really noticeable at the start but it will help with the over-levelling issue in the lategame. HARDCORE VERSION: I recommend starting with the normal mod, which already makes the game quite challenging. Then, if you feel like the game is still too unforgiving, or if you feel like the difficulty drops off during the latter part of the game, you can switch to the hardcore version. This hardcore version is very punishing, especially in the early game when you are lacking accuracy. Therefore I don't recommend it for a new game. WHAT DOES THE HARDCORE VERSION DO: - Further increases the scaling bonus levels and scaling range, for both normal enemies and even more for bosses. - Further reduces the experience gains up to a total of 35% and 30%. You can switch from normal version to hardcore version without problems. But keep in mind that enemies are generated when entering a new zone, so if you upgrade to the hardcore version, only areas you haven't visited yet will get the increased stats. WEAPON TWEAKS (OPTIONAL MOD) I have added a new optional mod called "Weapons Tweaks". - It reduces the penetration of all one-handed weapons by 1. Many have asked for this and I agree it makes sense. Now two-handed weapons have a purpose. In addition to dealing more damage, they now have more penetration compared to 1H weapons. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Go to the Pillars of Eternity 2 folder (Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\) 2. Look for or create an "override" folder in Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\ 3. Unzip the mod inside the "override" folder. 4. The path to the mod files should look like this: /PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/DeadlyDeadfireModX.X/gamedata/ 5. Launch the game. 6. The mod should work on existing savefiles, but only for areas not yet visited. 7. A new game is recommended. COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MODS: This mod changes these files: characters.gamedatabundle 'MaxLevelAdjustment' property changed; characters.gamedatabundle 'MaxHealth' and 'HealthPerLevel' values changed; progressiontable.gamedatabundle 'ExpectedCharacterLevelAdjustment' arrays expanded and 'AdjustedLevelAmount' values changed; global.gamedatabundle 'QuestXPMultiplier' and 'CombatXPMultiplier' values changed.
  14. This mod aims to increase the game difficulty by altering enemy's level progression, however it is more of a band-aid partial fix rather than a proper solution to current issues with PoE 2 difficulty. Also please bear in mind the mod is still work in progress and hasn't been thoroughly tested and balanced yet. What does it do: Enemy's levels are increased globally. This has been done by increasing the level scaling values by 2-3 in progressiontable gamedatabundle file. Note that actual level increase depends on the difference between the player's level and location level (see below). Enemy's levels scale up higher than in vanilla. Vanilla level scaling table has a hard cap of max 4 levels above the enemy base level. This mods changes the cap to 10 bonus levels. This has been done by tweaking the level scaling values in progressiontable and characters gamedatabundle files. Download link (Nexus): https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/24 Few notes: I am not 100% sure but it appears that the way level scaling works in PoE2 is that a same creature would get different bonus levels when spawned at different locations. The only logical explanation I have is that the amount of bonus levels enemy gets above its base level depends on the difference between the current player's level and the current location level (where the creature is spawned) rather than on the difference between the player's level and the enemy's base level. This means that an enemy spawned at early game areas would have higher adjusted level than same enemy spawned in later game areas - provided player's level remains the same. This mod should work on any difficulty but it is intended to be balanced against Path of the Damned difficulty. You have to turn level scaling on (all, only up) in order to make this mod work. Edit: different scaling options should run well with the mod, however this has not been tested. Note that the mod might work only in locations you haven't visited yet (this needs further testing). It does not require starting a new game. Neither of the mods should break any achievements. The mod should work with game version 1.02. How to install: Go to Pillars 2 folder (e.g. Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\) Create "override" folder in Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\ Unzip the mod to the created /override folder. The path to the mod files should be: /PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/LevelScalingMod/gamedata/ Run the game. Make sure scaling is turned on. Optional XP gain tweak: I have also included a separate XP reduction mod for those who want slower levelling. It decreases the quest XP gain multiplier and combat XP gain multiplier in global gamedatabundle files to 70% of the vanilla values. You can tweak the values yourself if you wish, the default vanilla values are 1.35 for QuestXPMultiplier and 1.25 for CombatXPMultiplier. Compatibility with other mods: A. The Level Scaling Mod is not compatible with any mods that change 'CharacterStatsGameData' objects in 'characters.gamedatabundle' or 'CharacterLevelScalingTableGameData' objects in 'progressiontable.gamedatabundle'. The following is a complete list of Level Scaling Mod's tweaks made to those files: characters.gamedatabundle: 'MaxLevelAdjustment' property changed from 4 to 19; progressiontable.gamedatabundle: 'ExpectedCharacterLevelAdjustment' arrays expanded up to 'ExpectedDifferenceMin: 8', 'ExpectedDifferenceMax: 50'; progressiontable.gamedatabundle: changed 'AdjustedLevelAmount' values (up to 10 - this is the mod's hard cap). B. The XPTweak_0.7 Mod is not compatible with any mods that change 'Game.GameData.ExperienceTableGameData' objects in 'global.gamedatabundle'. The following is a complete list of XPTweak_0.7 Mod's tweaks made to that file: global.gamedatabundle: 'QuestXPMultiplier' property changed from 1.35 to 0.945; global.gamedatabundle: 'CombatXPMultiplier' property changed from 1.25 to 0.875. I'd welcome any input.
  15. I noticed that none of the default ones match the two new male Moon Godlike heads so I did some Photo manip on some existing portraits MOD LINK
  16. { ENTRAPMENT } Important Info THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL MODDERS AT: POE2 Modding Framework On Reddit POE2Mods Github (Current framework release not updated for 1.0.2 POE2 patch). I have finally begun working on my first meaty rebalance and mechanics mod, Entrapment! Note: This is a WIP mod, this thread is here to give info for those interested in its development and releases. Note: Do not download any version of this mod from any site other than NexusMods or my own personal POE2 Modding Git Repository. (Links will be posted to download mod on release) Note: THIS MOD IS NOT CURRENTLY RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC, BUT WILL BE FORTHCOMING! Planned Features 1. Allow an individual character the ability to lay more than one trap (non-spell cast traps). [FINISHED] 2. Rebalance damage and scaling of all item and spell traps. 3. Increase mechanics requirements for laying/disarming traps. 4. Create skills regulating the number of traps that can be laid (for balance), potential "upgrades" to trap effects. Possible Features (needs further investigation) 5. Addition of entirely new traps. 6. Trap crafting. 7. Trainers/Instructors that can teach new "unique" versions of traps (at a cost or other requirement). 8. A new class revolving primarily around alchemy/mechanics specializing in the creation and use of traps/bombs/firearms (construct summons?) Initial Status Report WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IMAGES CONTAIN SMALL SPOILERS FOR A BOUNTY QUEST BATTLE!!! LYING IN WAIT... LITTLE DOES HE KNOW, THERE IS MORE... THE REGRET TAKES HOLD!!!
  17. Or rather, my game doesn't even want to open when I add in the SweetFX files.... Is my PC the problem? Or does this have a work around?? I'm pretty sure this mod worked fine about a year back, but now it just doesn't....maybe it isn't compatible with the the latest version? Anyway, If anyone knows how I can get it to work, that'd be great! Info; I have an intel I-5, 8gb ram. All I recall atm, but I'm pretty sure it the mod should work fine with the rest as well....it did before so, why not now? :/
  18. Hello, Been playing pillars of eternity again to get ready for dead fire and am trying to figure out how to mod some things, mostly for fun. Have not been too successful yet though I think I have a basic grasp. I am trying to change the enchantments on the whispers of yenwood sword, mostly because I like its lore and want to use it with a build I am making. more role-playing than anything. I am trying to replace the positive constitution and negative will with attack speed and draining. I know this will be a little over strong but oh well. Can someone please help me do this ?
  19. First @mods: Where is the modding section? Pillars of Eternity Quest editor Its here: https://xaratas.github.io/ Version 0.1: Works in FF 38 , *edit* does work in Chrome 43 but draws the lines wrong , *edit 2* tested IE 11 its totally not working What can version 0.1 do? * Load .quest and .conversation files and display parts (conditions, scripts) of them (other parts are not implemented) * Make the Structure in the xml files visible by drawing interconnections between the nodes. * Edit Comments and IDs (just to test the edit features of polymer, the underlying library) * Connect nodes via drag and drop * Reprint modified XML to the browser console (only the implemented parts, its currently not useable ingame) As this forum limits the time one can edit posts watch the end of the thread for updates. Suggestions, improvements, coding help: Be invited by posting here or fork https://github.com/Xaratas/PillarsOfEternity-Quest-Editor Documentation of the PoE quest system: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Modding Misses the documentation of useable function calls, help therefor is appreciated. Easiest way to obtain the functions is IL Spy, see the PoE Modding Framework setup guide.
  20. So, as Josh stimulated us to try different casting speeds ourselves, and since I've already been tinkering with those for awhile (props to Andrea for the idea) I think I would share these modifications for everyone willing to try it. I've made 2 mods: - BetaSpeedMod - it changes the values of casting and recovery categories, and also adjusts several selected spells - BetaBalancingMod - it includes the above, and also has a few balancing changes. This is still a WIP and I am experimenting with these. Here's the full changelog: - BetaSpeedMod: - BetaBalanceMode: Here are the download links: - BetaSpeedMod: download v2 - BetaBalanceMod: download v2, download v3 How to install: - go to <Pillars> folder (e.g: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta) - create 'override' folder in <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/ - choose one mod (BetaSpeedMod OR BetaBalanceMod), and unzip it to /override folder - you shall have the following path: <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/BetaXMod/gamedata/ What to do now: - if you are interested: try it and share how it feels) P.S: I am thinking now: - of iterating through all weapon types, as their base values require a few adjustments - re-testing few spells in combat (especially fireball) - adding -20 respective defense malus to rank 3 afflictions (still gotta figure how to best do it) - and perhaps later writing down the reasoning behind these changes. But am also curious: - Josh mentioned that they are going to increase the penetration of weapons by 2. Do you want this implemented in the mod?
  21. I have created a repository to hold as many as we can gather portraits for Deadfire. ⚠ I need your help! Could people upload the already done portraits as pull requests? Once we have those, I can generate a massive mosaic of them all as a preview. Could someone expend the section of how to install those portraits in game? Could someone explain how to create those portraits? Ideally, I would like to be able to have something working for the 3rd of April… Note that I cannot do this alone as I have neither the expertise for some of it nor the time to do it all myself. If no one helps, then it does not happen.
  22. Here's a simple guide to get a helmet for your Godlike character. You need to have the ability to change your race. To do this, you'll need either the paid Cheat Happens trainer or a free Cheat Engine table for Pillars of Eternity. Google is your friend. As far as I know, console commands can't change race, but if they can then that should work as well. Step 1: Get the trainer or Cheat Engine working. Step 2: Change your race to any non-godlike race. This will not change your appearance, but it will unlock the helmet slot. Step 3: Equip any helmet. Step 4: Change your race back to your original Godlike race. The helmet slot will be locked out, but you are still wearing the hat, and gain all it's bonuses. Please Note: Parts of the Godlike head is actually "hair", so most hats and helmets remove those excotic parts. Horns are always part of the head, and remain visible. Thankfully the Death Godlike growths are part of the "hair". Death Godlikes have red eyes and it seems that their faces are complete, even though we were never meant to see them. Ears on the other hand are incorrectly flesh colored. Flavor text: Fire Godlikes will always have horns poking out from the helmet, but that doesn't bother me. I think my elf bodied female Fire Godlike looks rather cute in that hood. And if your worried about going against the established lore, you could imagine that the hood on your Fire Godlike is made from fire retardant cloth, and that there are holes for the horns to stick out. Originally I wanted to play a human looking Death Godlike, and created a human character and then changed my race and added the Death Godlike ability, and this seemed to work. Unfortunately, since leveling your character is a variation of the chracter creation, it automatically changes your appearance to the correct race. I think you could circumvent this by always changing your race back to human before leveling your character, to keep your human appearance, and afterwards change back to Godlike. Why Would You Do This: Quite frankly, most of the Godlike heads are not pleasant to look at. Compare that rather attractive female Fire Godlike portrait to the actual heads, and you'll see the point that quite many have made. Or maybe you'd like to get the helmet bonuses, for gameplay purposes. Anyway, this is basically cheating. Sometimes, mods just aren't the answer.
  23. Hello I'll get straight to the point: I'd like to mod the game, and add a DR passive effect every certain amount of levels to the monk class. Sort of like the passive you get every several levels that increases unarmed damage. Maybe I could just add a DR effect to it and save myself the trouble of trying to add something completely new. My reason is, that I like the unarmed martial arts no armor theme of the class, but every time I tried to start a game as a monk, I felt either very weak and useless, or had to stray from the theme and use medium or heavy armor to utilize the wounds mechanic properly and to actually survive (I play on POTD exclusively). If I could add a passive DR value to Transcendent Suffering, I could make it reach 12 DR (like plate armor) at level 10, which seems reasonable to me for a front line fighter who's theme is to wear just clothes and be a punching bad-ass. I'm very proficient in Java, but I have never modded any game, so I'm feeling a bit lost. I mostly request guidance on where I could find the files I need to mod, maybe a link to a modding guide would be enough. If I eventually get this to work and other people would be interested in it, I'd gladly upload it somewhere and share it. Thanks in advance
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