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  1. Upon entering the blacksmith's shop in Dryford, some sort of random unclickable loot pile appeared on the floor. It looks like a spellbook and an axe. Savegame attached. The unclickable "items" were still there upon exiting and reloading the save. This also has occurred in the Inn, with what looked like a shield and weapon on the floor. None of my characters have dropped any items at any point. Edit: Please enable permissions for .savegame uploads so I don't have to keep renaming attached savegames with a .txt extension. Thanks! quicksave.savegame.txt
  2. [Description of the issue] Animal Companion can pick up items on ground. This can be done until the companions inventory is full. items can not be accessed from bears inventory. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Create ranger 2) Kill something 3) Select animal companion 4) order animal companion to pick up loot 5) hit take all button [Expected behaviour] Animal companion should not be able to pick up items OR items picket up by animal companion are added to rangers inventory. [Other remarks / Comments] Checked stash/characters/quest items for where items went, could not find any trace. output_log.txt
  3. Not sure exactly how you get those items, possible some at Winfrith's shop, and possible somewhere in the Skean temple. Type 1, displaying the hook version Type 2, displaying the rope version Expected: There is a duplicate here. Use one consistently throughout the game, update all scripts invoking the Rope and Grappling Hook, and get rid of the other entirely, otherwise this leads to potentially lots of broken scripts and clutter in leveled lists etc... This is possibly why a lot of people report failing the grappling hook check at the bridge.
  4. Picked up the "exceptional sabre", equipped it to the BBRogue, during combat it deals 0 damage. [Expected] should deal some damage
  5. This thread contains multiple bugs I have been running into since V278, but have been unable to constantly reproduce. each bug has happened multiple times under different circumstances. 1) Grappling hook disappears from main characters inventory on loading save file. 2) Character sheet is scrambled, all text moved to the top few lines, overlapping. 3) text on intractable story events is clipped by image at right of text. 4) Many odd health/stam bugs with ranger (I know these are known but there are SO MANY of them). 5) When out of combat if you order a character to use an ability that is part of an attack (rangers hobble, fighters knockdown, will not trigger on non attack ability's like AOE wizard spells or rangers prey ability) on an enemy: character will give confirmation and move into range but not activate ability, character can be ordered to move but will not use ability until you reload the game.
  6. You can add two fireballs to your Grimoire if you load a save, open a Wizard's Grimoire and remove a spell from 3rd level and add another Fireball. You can only add two, no more no less. Two shall be the number that thou shall add, and the number that thou added shall be two ... You get the picture. Only happens for Fireball out of the spells available in the Wizard's Grimoire, but if I find any more cases of this I will add more videos to this thread.
  7. When I try to sell "The moons of eora" to Winfrith I gain 1 coin and the item is not sold.. If I add other items I also get the value of these items without selling them, and the vendor do not run out of money.. So If I add "The moons of eora" and a sword with the value of a 1000, I get 1001 coins every time that I hit the Trade button. *spam button* ^^, Also, this game lags a lot.. even on my fairly "powerful" stationary computer. It would be nice if there was a show FPS button Like "Ctrl R" or similar. The game do not handle multiple monitors vell. (navigation gets ruined since the cursor jumps to the next screen) Maybe the collision box border for mouse navigation needs to be wider. CheerĀ“s! Edit: apparently the bug applied to any items and im just not able to sell items anymore, but trying to sell "the moons of eora" to any vendor breaks that vendor.
  8. [DESCRIPTION] In the inn, when I checked the innkeeper's inventory for sale, i noticed there were 3 camping supplies available. I decided to buy them all. When I tried, I got only one. [DETAILS] As above. 1) Ask to buy some ale 2) notice the camping supplies is listed as having 3 in stock. 3) try to buy them. You get only 1 Screenie attached, showing two bundles of supplies in the merchant window, although they're semi-transparent, which seems to indicate they cannot be bought. At this point my party had 4 bundles. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect to be able to buy all three unless there is a maximum limit of 4 on the number of camping supplies the party can carry at any given time. If this is the case, then fine. Not sure if there is a limit in place, so that's why I have the question mark in the title.
  9. Everytime I enter a location, there's a shield right in the middle of it: To reproduce 1) Create game 2) Go in Mill, Inn, Winfrith's Shop, etc... 3) Notice there's a shield on the floor. Expected: Shield shouldn't be lying around for no reason. Screenshots of the issue:
  10. Description: When I loaded a game with a "Major Potion of Regeneration" in my BB Fighter's quickbar, the quickbar became scrambled. What I did prior (Previous Bug thread): 1. Equipped Major Potion of Regen+Deflection Ring (Found when Scouting/Sneaking) 2. Went into cave 3. Took a screenshot of BB Fighter Animation Bug (which shows the quickbar just fine) 4. Saved Game 5. Loaded Game Expected: The quickbar should not be scrambled after loading. Comment #1: It looks as if the code has read the quickbar backwards or looped somehow, as the icons are now in reversed position. Comment #2: Open "BB Fighter Animation Bug" screenshot in one browser tab and the below "Quickbar" screenshot in another browser tab and you can see how the quickbar changes. Attachments: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/36348751588362649/41147B3A284744F3D7E257077ACA73B95FB9470C/ - Quickbar Savefile (Inside Cave) Output_log.txt
  11. Savegame: http://www.upload.ee/files/4244388/GhostWeapons.savegame.html Issue reproduction: 1) Load savegame (provided above) 2) Move between first and second floor of Dracogen Inn 3) Note that items in character inventories are moving about the game world in a disembodied fashion and / or piled in a non-interactive heap on the ground. Expected behavior: Items in character inventories do not appear in game world, those displayed on character models are produced once, on said models. Comments: I first ran into the bug after saving / loading due to non-music sound cutting out entirely after moving to the second floor of the inn. Upon reload, weapons were appearing onscreen as though being brandished, some distance from a given character - these weapons would move with the character, keeping the same distance. What's strange about this bug is that there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to which items are showing the way they do or why. Both the morning star and the rapier visible in the "Ghost Weapons.jpg" screenshot are not equipped by the characters nor are they in an auxiliary slot, they are sitting in their respective characters' inventory (the rapier in the death godlike's, the morning star in bb priest's). Upon returning to the first floor, the heap of inventory items seen in the screenshot appears. In this case, the items appear to be those actually equipped by the characters - you can see the wizard's grimoire as well as the kite shield worn by bb warrior. In addition, the unused inventory items are still appearing, but this time directly underneath the characters who are carrying them. You can see this in "Ghost pile.jpg" (the monk with the stave has no equippable items in her inventory). Saving and loading the game seems to reproduce the appearance of the Ghost Pile pic. I've attached my Dxdiag file to this post. DxDiag.txt
  12. When my main character tried to pick up head and blood from Korgrak they simply disapeared into the ether. Reloading did not resolve this, restarting the game also did not fix this. I managed to pick up the items with another party member just fine. The blood was moved to my stash without problems but when trying to move the head to my main character inventory it once more disapeared. I sadly have no savegame with the items still on the ground but I have this one. Steps to reproduce: 1) Load this quicksave 2) Drag Korgrak's Head from the BB Fighters inventory into Vin's inventory 3) Observe Head is gone. Expected Behaviour: Items should not disapear when picked up or moved into a characters inventory. (The Forum does not appear to like me uploading the savegame so I have uploaded it to my dropbox for the moment )
  13. The Mantle of the Dying Boar lists "... +0 Stamina per 1 sec, +0 Will". This seems like a fairly silly boost if true. The Talisman of the Unconquerable lists "... +0 Intellect per 1 sec, x1 Focus Gain". Like above, the +0 intellect a fairly silly boost if true, but what exactly would +X Intellect per 1 sec do anyway?.
  14. If you equip an elf or orlan with the rugged wilderness hat the ears of them will disappear see screenshots below. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. get a rugged wilderness hat (I think you can get it from the hidden container in the tower with the wolves in dyrford crossing) 2. equip it to an elf or orlan. 3. see that the ears are completely missing by an elf and floating in the air by an orlan. [Expected behaviour] The game should still show the ears of orlan and elves. [Other remarks / Comments] The ears are shown for humans, aumaua and dwarves if you wear the rugged wilderness hat. [Files]
  15. In the "not exactly critical" file -- I found a Footpad's Hood at some point of the beta, and equipped it. I was a bit surprised to see it look like a very nice helmet. Might want to check the model. It also didn't seem to do anything much.
  16. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended but the leather armor Night-Runner looks like a unique version of padded armor. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. Get night runner (to get night runner you need to do the task cat and mouse and kill merdreth and tell nyfres that you killed him) 2. Equip night-runner 3. See that night runner looks more like padded armor than leather armor [Expected behaviour] Night-runner should look like leather armor [Files]
  17. I know many people have reported disappearing items, so it's nothing new. However, I want to report this one specifically because in every run I've tried in the game so far, while I can pick up the Ogre Head and it goes into my Quest Items inventory, I have not yet been able to get and keep the Ogre Blood. No matter what character I've tried with, when I pick up the Ogre Blood, it disappears from my inventory for good. I've not yet been able to keep it.
  18. Grappling Hook Non-Detection [Description of the issue] Grappling Hook not being detected by cutscene 1. Load up the attached savegame 2. Open Inventory, note presence of Grappling Hook 3. Open chasm cutscene 4. No prompt available for using grappling hook [Expected behaviour] Presence of Grappling hook should allow completion of cutscene Lockpicking Not Working [Description of the issue] Lockpicking not functioning in Dyrford Ruins - No feedback - success or failure 1. Load up the attached savegame 2. Attempt to unlock door just to the north west using BB Rogue 3. Fail to do so [Expected behaviour] Lockpicking should work on these doors, or some feedback that it is impossible [Other remarks / Comments] I got to this state on my first playthrough of the beta, I autoloaded after a combat wipe and resumed a save more than once. This may be related to savegame corruption? Still, thought I would upload this file just in case Dyrford Savegame.zip
  19. I thought I'd heard about this bug but couldn't find anyone talking about it so I thought I'd report it just in case. [Description of the issue] Items sold at shop in Dyrford (and sometimes other item) appear immediately outside shops door. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Start new game. 2) Enter weapons store in town. 3) Open trade window and sell items 4) Exit shop 5) your sold items will be immediately outside. [Expected behaviour] Items should not appear without reason. I mean I like getting free $, but from a game balance standpoint it should probably be fixed [Other remarks / Comments] the extra items that sometimes appear are always items I have sold when previously testing this bug. leads me to believe something somewhere is not being emptied/deleted properly. [Files] Log files of two of my uses of this bug are included. Tried to upload save file got "you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" error. output_log_Shop.txt output_log_shop2.txt
  20. [Description of the issue] Loot screen displays the number of available spaces believed by the game to be correct although the inventory screen shows more available spaces. Despite appearing empty in inventory screen and loot screen, attempting to fill these empty-looking spaces with items results in strange outcomes. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame. 2) Open inventory and note that Main Character (character #2) and BB Wizard (character #5) appear to have 6 and 8 available inventory slots respectively. 3) Click on nearby container on ground (spider corpse) and note that although the spaces are still visually represented as empty in the loot screen, the number corresponding to the available spaces for the main character and BB Wizard are listed as 2 and 7 respectively. 4) Open inventory and add move 2 items to Main Character's inventory and 7 items to BB Wizard's inventory. 5) Close inventory. 6) Click on nearby container again and note that the number of available spaces for these characters have changed from '2' to 'FULL' for main character and from '7' to 'FULL' for BB Wizard. 7) Open inventory and attempt to move items to any of the Main Character's 4 visually empty slots, items will be redirected to inventory of BB Fighter (Character #1). Attempt to move items to BB Wizard's 1 visually empty slot and the items will disappear. [Expected behavior] Visually available inventory slots should be available, items shouldn't disappear. [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223517/quicksave.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  21. After loading my save all of my keys had vanished. I know there is a disappearing item bug but I haven't seen any post on having the items, then saving and coming back the next day and having some items disappear.
  22. [Description of the issue] An enemy spear is drawn on top of the tree foliage, while the enemy is drawn below it. See image below: [steps to Reproduce] Start a new game, new character, etc. Exit the starting map (just to the left of the start point). Go to Stormwall Gorge. Go west-northwest past the lions until you see the spear-wielding Feral Druid. Watch the druid as he moves under any foliage. If you kill the druid and wield the spear, the spear still has the same problem. [Expected Behaviour] Weapons should be on the same draw plane as their wielders. [Other Remarks / Comments] This is the only weapon I've noticed that has this problem, but there could be others.
  23. [Description of the issue] While exploiting the move between areas to double itmes for selling [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Started a new game, selected nothing other than the first choices -> Male Human Fighter - etc 2) Killed the people outside the church thing -> ie. the first people you see besides your own crew 3) Took their stuff, went into the church took the scroll in the jar, went out again. 4) The (now) dead guys stuff was back again, so rinse repeat. 5) Kept doing that until the game crashed, which was around the third time. [Expected behaviour] Well obviously I was trying to exploit the game bug ;-) But it shouldn't have worked in the first place. [Other remarks / Comments] I also equiped the stuf when I first found it. [Files] I have got no Savegames I have got no Screenshots Crash dump attached DxDiag attached [special] My computer is not top of the line, I have included the DxDiag file DxDiag.txt 2014-08-23_234646.zip
  24. [Description of the issue] By double clicking on an item to unequip it will cause it to be duplicated instead. The attached image demonstrates this quite well: [steps to Reproduce] Start game with default settings. Create a new character. Doesn't seem to matter what kind. Open inventory, choose a character, and double click on an equipped item. The item will appear to unequip properly. Switch to another character and then switch back (or close and open the inventory and choose the character again). Notice how the unequipped item is still equipped, and is also still in the inventory. Repeat as desired, with any character and any item, for unlimited items. [Expected Behaviour] Items should unequip properly when double clicked and should not duplicate themselves. [Other Remarks / Comments] Should help combat the disappearing item bug for the moment. Unlimited spellbooks ahoy.
  25. Am I missing something or is there no gear comparison when you mouseover? I would expect when I mouseover a weapon that I would see its tooltip, plus the tooltip for the weapon of my currently selected character. In addition, there could be a stats +/- section, but that's at least somewhat optional. Does this exist already (am I just missing it)? If it doesn't, hopefully it's a planned feature. Having to mouse back and forth between items is annoying. I'm pretty sure the tooltip system isn't completely done yet because they simply aren't accurate (they don't necessarily reflect the bonuses from "Fine" or "Exceptional", nor does the character sheet either for that matter). But figured I'd bring it up since I think it's a huge QoL improvement.
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