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  1. After loading my game, the Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff is permanently stuck on my character. He however is actually just punching things. Cannot remove or equip other items, cannot change weapon set, cannot cast spells. Furthermore, every character has 3rd equipment slot available, Only have 1 character that has armed to the teeth (Kana). This occured after arriving in Caed Nua and entering the castle savings and loading.
  2. After a 'level-up' I inspected Eder gear to see if I couldn't find him something more apropriate. However, as shown on screenshots below, the damage properties of his equipped Sabre was 13-19 when I was hovering a Sword in his inventory, and 14-21 when I was hovering the actual equipped Sabre. Is it normal? Did I missunderstand something?
  3. Not the beta anymore, but what the hey. On OS X, none of the cloaks show on the characters, either in the inventory paperdoll or in the main view.
  4. If you equip the Mail Coif, there will be clipping issues on the dwarf head (BB Fighter), and on the elf head (BB Wizard).
  5. It is all pretty much in the subject but to reporduce 1/ Place an item of food in the quickslot from the inventory menu. 2/ Exit the inventory menu and activate the food from quickslot 3/ As soon as animation starts, go back to menu, Remove food from quickslot. (You can place it in another character´s quickslot and repeat from 2/.) 4/ Any number of characters who did this will get the food buff icon but the food is still in the inventory or has passed to another character. You can literally have your cake and eat it. (I am of course aware that this was expected behaviour if one starts with a stack of food, and expect it to decrease by one, but this issue is with a single item of food)
  6. I crafted/enchanted an armor to add +2 resolve and +2 dexterity. The enchantment shows its there. The character does not however have extra dexterity or resolve. I saved, and reloaded. Unequipped and re-equipped. Checked to see if I have other items giving same bonus's , and it was a negative. I am not sure if this is reported else where or part of another series of bugs, I am not going to go and test all the enchantments, but if someone knows a workaround, I would gladly take it. Edit: added tags
  7. (BBv480, linux) [Problem] Descriptions/tooltips of different types of items with quality enchantment (weapons / armors / shields) behave differently. Weapons and Armors update their numbers (Damage or DR) to reflect the addition. However, in case of shields Deflection numbers are always the same. (although the description informs about the quality enchatment) [Detailed info] For example: All three items have added Fine quality and are equipped on character with 12 Might (+12% Damage), 16 Perception and 14 Resolve (+10 Deflection), 4 lvl Druid. Info on character sheet: Base DR: 9, Damage 10-15, Deflection: 51. The character sheet with the same gear without the Fine property lists: Base DR: 7, Damage 8-13, Deflection: 47. For the descriptions see the image below: -> The Fine enchantment is probably added correctly. However, when checking the item descriptions, we can see that the damage and DR numbers of the weapon and armor, respectively, are updated with the enchantment, while the shield's base Deflection is always of the base item (10 Deflection in case of Small shields). [Expected behavior] To minimize possible confusion and the need to experiment on the player's side, I would expect the unification of the behavior. As weapons and armors show a fair consistency, perhaps tweaking shields to reflect new modified Deflection number would be the easiest solution. [Comments] I think the unification would be the most useful for new players, due to ambiguity of the item descriptions. It's not clear right away whether the listed enchantment in the description is included into the item's damage/DR/Deflection number or not, without equipping or comparing to the base item. So then the different behavior is making it even harder to understand. Also may be related to the special shields' description issues Sensuki reported in the past beta: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70590-every-item-bug-i-can-find-in-v435/?p=1572648
  8. Hy Folks just wanted to know if there was any possibility to test a figurine in BB (i didn't play the quests, more fooled around with character builds and classes) Are there any information on these, exept the ones in the wiki? will they be usefull, how to use them and what kind of figurines would you wish?
  9. (BBv435, linux) [Problem] When browsing the stash container interface accessing it from inventory page, there is problem with readability of number of stacked items. The number itself is actually shown in the background under the item icon. See image below: When items are moved to character inventories, the number switches it's position to the foreground, and back to the background when moved back to the stash. The stash interface used in shops doesn't have this problem. [Expected behaviour] The number of stacked items to be displayed in the foreground above the item picture in all instances.
  10. [Problem] A combination of enchantments and Might damage modifiers causes the character sheet to display much higher damage than stated in item description or the mouse over tooltip. Furthermore, even in case of modifiers from talents, the character sheet is showing higher damage than when estimated additively. For example, see: Damage modifiers applied here: 21 Might (+33%) Exceptional (x1.3) Damaging 1 (x1.15) Damaging 2 (x1.3) Two-handed style (x1.1) Adventurer specialization (x1.15) Savage Attack (x1.2) By additive rule the resulting damage should lie between: min: 14 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 35.42 max: 20 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 50.60 --> Much lower damage range than the listed one on Character sheet (55-78). A few notes: - So far, the issue is not detected when there is only one damage modifier applied to the weapon presented (eg. in case of Fine or Exceptional weapon and Might = 10). - I think the damage numbers on item description page take into account only item enchantments (quality) and Might modifier. - Damaging enchantments stack, so Damaging 1 + Damaging 2 -> +45%. I'm pointing this out just in case it's not intended behaviour. [Expected behaviour] To see the right actual numbers on character screen according to the additive rule, in compliance with other sources of damage information (item description, tooltips, combat log). [Discussion and more examples] In the past BB version, there was problem with multiplicative application of damage modifiers. According to the discussion with Sensuki, who was reporting and repeatedly checking the the multiplicative issue, and according to statements of Josh -- the assuption taken here is that the right damage values are those estimated by the additive rule. In this report I speculate, that the damage issue is perhaps still preserved for numbers shown on the character sheet -> thus the higher damage values for more than one damage modifier. Below, there are some more examples to back this up. 1) Quality Enchantments (Damaging 1 | Fine: x1.15, Damaging 2 | Exceptional: x1.3): Though the issue is already presented for Damaging 1 + Might modifier (the middle picture), the most obvious is the right one: Sword (base 11-16) + Might mod (+33% damage) + Damaging 1 (x1.15) + Damaging 2 (x1.3) Additive: min: 11 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 19.580 max: 16 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 28.480 Multiplicative: min: 11 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 21.872 max: 16 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 31.814 -> The character sheet numbers are closer to Multiplicative calculation (22-32). 2) Modal talents (Savage Attack x1.2, Reckless Assault x1.2) Dagger (base 8-12) + Might mod (+33%) + Exceptional (x1.3) + Savage Attack active (x1.2): Additive: min: 8 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 14.640 max: 12 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 21.960 Multiplicative: min: 8 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 16.598 max: 12 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 24.898 -> Again, the rounded character sheet damage (17-25) is too high for additive estimation. 3) Passive talents (Specializations: I think it's x1.15, Two-handed style x1.1) Compare to the left picture, the BB Fighter on right has Two-Handed style talent: Pike (base 14-20 Damage) + BB Fighter (Might 22 --> +36% damage) + Two-Handed Style Talent (x1.1 Damage) Additive: min: 14 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 20.440 max: 20 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 29.200 Multiplicative: min: 14 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 20.944 max: 20 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 29.920 On character screen it's listed: 21-30 Damage -> This doesn't fit additive calculation.
  11. When you equip it you get an ability but when you put it off, the ability stays and works as if the cloak is still equipped.
  12. To replicate, go into stealth mode outside ogre cave and search the skeleton. right click on ring to bring up item description, close the loot box to see whole description. Now unable to close item description. Item description will still be on screen even when reloading a game. This doesn't happen in other instances.
  13. (BBv435, linux) I will try to list all the issues with traps in this thread, as some of them may be possible related... One trap per party member [problem] It seems there is some limit, like one trap per character, or so. When a party member plants the second trap, the first one disappears without triggering. There is no warning about it. In most cases, traps remain when each of them is placed by a different character (sufficiently far away - see the next bug report). [how to reproduce] Place two traps by one party member. [expected behaviour] If the one active trap per character limit is truly intended, then the disappearing of the first trap needs to be dealt with or at least warned about. For example, automatically return the former trap back into the party's inventory.
  14. (BBv435 linux) Swap items in full directory: [problem] Normally, when transferring items, you can exchange position between two things inside one or across different personal inventories, across inventory containers in general. This stops working when you want to swap an item from the outside (coming from different inventory, stash, or from equipped/quick item slots) for the item inside the full character's inventory. The exchange within the full inventory works as intended (because first you have to free a slot?). The same problem has the Quick items container. You can swap consumables, scrolls, etc., as much as you like, till all the slots are taken. Which has been already known: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70416-435-quick-item-slots/?hl=items [expected behaviour] The active item exchange should work consistently across UI, regardless the fullness of the container. Double click behaviour (recommendations): [unequip] When unequiping by a double click, while having full inventory, the behaviour is different, and the item remains in the equipped slot, in the end. The inconsistency of the double click behaviour overall may confuse the player. It would be helpful, if this is solved, as well. For example, you can let an unequip event to happen. But let the item remain to be picked up, as in case of the one mouse click, so the player can choose, where to put it. (he intended to put it out of the equipment slot after all) [equip weapons and shields] You can equip items (including rings) and put consumables into the quick item container by a double click. This doesn't work for weapons and shields, even when I have a weapon set slot free. It would be helpful, if you can implement equipping/switching by double click for weapons/shields too. Perhaps, it can be tricky with many weapon set slots. But you can set up an implicit behaviour, and the player then adjusts to his liking. For example, make it as in case of consumables and rings -> gradually filling the slots. [swap the first position in case of full container] Also, when quick items and ring slots are full, the double click equipping stops working for them, as well. Of course, it would have to swap the desired item with an already equipped one. (and which slot then?). But still, even if you make the double click swap work only for the first slot (aka as with armors), it would be useful. For example, when you want to use something fast, without too much mouse travelling, and don't care to which slot the thing goes... (consumables/rings/weapons) Edit to clarify: You can actually already swap rings in the first slot position by double clicking, but only if the character's inventory isn't full. That doesn't work for quick items, though.
  15. (BBv435 linux) This bug report will try to bring several issues and feedback to them together. The reason is: I think they are connected, and the connection winner is a rounding function. Please feel free to correct me in case of being wrong, and separate the bug reports. All the problems, which are reported below, stand on it's own, even if my understanding is wrong. [Overall description] For the player's convenience, the game shows combat variables, like damage, Damage Reduction (DR) of armors, Endurance, Health, etc., on several places as integer numbers. That is great and useful, of course. The fun starts, when sometimes the integer numbers are not equal, even though they represent the same thing. The common property of the issues is, that the difference is 1; (or 0.1 in case of decimal damage numbers in the combat log formula, see the bug report num. 4). The difference is not always an error, as the Endurance/Health behaviour (see num. 3) is probably a feature. But regardless of features and errors, in the end, the player can be confused by delivered information. And I suppose that is not a goal of the game's communication. List of the problems: 1) In window descriptions of quality armors show different subtype DR values compare to other sources of the information; 2) Red floating damage numbers and the combat log integers are sometimes not equal; 3) Possible confusion when subtracting damage from Endurance and Health integer variables; 4) From time to time, the combat log formula shows wrong calculation of the difference between weapon damage and the corresponding DR. For individual details and discussion see subsequent posts. [Overall Expected Behaviour] The information provided to the player should be consistently presented by UI. To minimize the player's confusion, the wrongly estimated (rounded?) integers should be corrected to fit the right ones. But naturally, I would prefer if the exact numbers are shown in all places, if possible. [speculations] The common differences by one, and decimal info from the combat log formula, indicate that many of the combat variables are perhaps used as floats (?). Thus the game is displaying the rounded results. My speculation is, that all the calculations are probably done correctly in the real numbers space in the code. But the translation into the rounded decimals or integers, which are shown on screen, is not executed properly in several troubled places. -> Possible rounding errors after add or subtract operations? Different rounding functions used, and/or used in incorrect places? There are probably other instances of similar inconsistencies as the listed ones. But besides the obvious errors, I don't know whether it's useful to seek them out further. As some of the confusing information can be connected to the overall design decisions.
  16. [setup: linux build of BBv435, although the same issue was detected while playing windows version of BBv392/BBv435 under wine in linux] [Description of the issue:] For all armors with a quality enhancement (fine|exception|superb), the DR subtype numbers (slash,crush,pierce,burn,...), which are listed in the right-click accessible description, are in the most cases off compare to the same info on the character panel, after equipping the quality armor. When tested by being attacked, all the tested numbers of the troubled DR subtypes are in the format of decimal numbers in the combat log. -> So the integers on the character panel and in the description are probably rounded from decimal numbers (eg. 6.5->7, 6.3->6)? However, in case of quality armors the values in the description window are rounded wrongly. Did a test for a few armors. For example: Normal Hide armor: Description window: DR: 5 (Pierce:6, Freeze:6, Corrode:3 ) Character panel : DR: 5 (Pierce:6, Freeze:6, Corrode:3 ) Combat log : DR: 5.0 (Pierce:6.3, Freeze:6.3, Corrode:2.5) Fine Hide armor: Description window: DR: 7 (Pierce:9, Freeze:9, Corrode:4 ) Character panel : DR: 7 (Pierce:8, Freeze:8, Corrode:5 ) Combat log : DR: 7.0 (Pierce:8.3, Freeze:8.3, Corrode:4.5) Combat log values are taken from the tooltip formula, after being successfully attacked by the corresponding DR subtype. The picture below shows the fine version of the item: Didn't had time to test all the armors in the combat to get the correct numbers. However at least, I made a table (see attachment), where the wrongly listed DR subtypes for individual quality armors are highlighted in the red. For many of these armors, the description inconsistencies are checked in the base game. Afterwards, I used Bester's IE mod and the console command AddItem to take a look at other accessible armors. And the result is, that when an armor had a Fine|Exceptional|Superb property, it usually came with the same issue. Nevertheless, not to spoil the special items, the table contains only basic armors and their quality enhancements. armorsBBv435_base.pdf [Expected behaviour] Expected behaviour would be, that all the armor DR values would be the same. I would prefer myself, if the correct decimal numbers (provided the combat log is right) are shown in all instance. And if not possible (easy readable integers?), at least correct the issue of inconsistently shown integer values for the quality armors. (used a wrong rounding function?) [additional comments] -- only exceptions to the quality issue are robe armors, because the base item (Robe) does not alter any DR subtype (It's flat 3 Base DR); and Fine Scale Armors (Exceptional ones still show the issue). -- in case of crafting, I have tried to add Fine quality to the basic Leather Armor and Padded Armor -> resulting items had the same wrong numbers as the bought ones. -- proofing and attribute enhancements are probably working right, but didn't check that in combat, only by equipping.
  17. (Character creation, linux version) [Description of the issue] Simple clothing and Aedyre clothing show graphical glitches on Orlan (resp. goodlike) males. Simple clothing shows glitches on elf male models too. See attached image. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start a new game; 2) Select a male, race Orlan or Elf; 3) Choose a Cipher class (+ Aedyr culture -- implicit); and/or in case of Orlan a Wizard/Monk class; 4) Graphical glitches should be visible on the character creation screen already. [Expected behaviour] Clothing should be without the glitches as for the other races.
  18. [Description of the issue] A stolen potion wouldn't stack with potions of the same type. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1.) Stole a Potion of Major Endurance from Hendyna's House. 2.) Attempted to stack it with my other endurance potions, but it wouldn't join the stack. 3.) After saving and loading, the issue resolved itself and the items were stackable. [Expected behaviour] Consumables of the same type should stack after being acquired. [Other remarks / Comments] I haven't tested this with other stolen goods.
  19. [Description of the issue] Golden Celery new ruined tower cannot be looted/interacted with. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Travel to Dyrford Crossing 2) Make your way to the ruined tower with the wolves hanging around and the burnt out campfire (see attached screenshot). 3) Note that there are two Golden Celery plants 4) The one inside the tower can be looted, the one near the wall cannot [Expect behaviour] I'd expect both of them to be lootable although I guess one could just be for decoration?
  20. Description: When consuming beer, the item description says that the base amount of time that the beer should be usable is 300s. However, after consuming beer, the bonus (1+ DR) does not expire nor is there a countdown timer on the bonus icon to the left of my character. To reprod: 1- Drink beer. 2- Wait the time stated (300-450 seconds). 3- Hover over beer icon and note that there is no count-down to expiration. What should happen: Beer's DR bonus should end at countdown, after traveling, or after resting.
  21. Description: Guildmaster staff causes character to continue to get multiple instances of "minor endurance restore" spell. Unsure how these instances are reproduced but it has slowly been increasing. To reproduce: 1- Give guildmaster staff to priest. 2- As you rest or change items, do not unequip the guildmaster staff. Over time the instances of MER spell will increase. image of game below. savegame can be uploaded upon request.
  22. Yeah.... I found an item in the spider caves that is called Missing Item -1. The picture says bug me. This a bug? OH! I figured out what it was. Description: The Beer becomes Missing Item -1. Unsure how to reproduce.
  23. Is it just me or is this really missing? Cause the way i see it (just by the informations show on the info page of the items) i got no advantage at all by choosing a Huntingbow over a Warbow.... the Warbow does more damage, so I'm never gonna use a hunting bow.... am i missing something? This is something they really should add...
  24. Once you've discovered a trap on a chest and it turns read, you can't interact with it anymore. Clicking on it does nothing. If you haven't discovered the trap, it gets triggered as intended, after which you can loot the container. Happens in the Skaen temple at least.
  25. [Description:] As Gairnulf had mentioned in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69558-364-ui-for-comparing-items-in-shops-could-use-some-feedback-improvements/ , the shopkeeper UI still needs some work with regards to showing who the selected character is. Additionally, the mouse-over comparison UI that is used in the inventory UI would also be very helpful when purchasing items that are equippable so that a quick comparison can be done between the item currently equipped in that slot and the item that the player will purchase. This would follow the same UI as found in the inventory UI. Furthermore, some additional changes have been mentioned in this link with regards to how the UI information is presented: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69556-in-answer-to-a-high-priority-feedback-question/ [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Open the shop interface with the armourer 2) Left-click the portrait of one of your characters 3) Examine some of the armours he is selling via mouse-over. You will get only a single box that gives you that information at a glance. 4) For comparison you have to right click the item then click the "Compare" button. 5) Notice which armour the examined armour was compared to. It was the one belonging to the character you clicked. 6) purchase an armor. Go to the inventory interface 7) Select the same character and mouse-over the armor that you just purchased. You will notice that the mouse-over at a glance information now shows both the equipped armor and the item that you have just selected. [Expected behaviour] The same UI of comparing two items that is present in the inventory UI should be present in the shopkeeper UI. [Other remarks / Comments] The whole presentation of the two items can still do with some additional iterations to make the information understandable. For the first 5 minutes I kept thinking that the items were showing the wrong descriptions when I was mousing over in the inventory screen because it shows the equipped item on the left box. It might be better to show the equipped item on the right box as players automatically look at the first box visible (the one of the left).
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