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Found 6 results

  1. As far as I know only chanter was able to get it at pl7 (the only t3 inspiration you get this late?) but instead of reworking the tier 3 int, you just downgraded the spell. So now it's impossible to get this inspiration? That expose a problem with the inspiration(and affliction) system, they are not really balanced and need some rework. The t3 INT (brilliant) is op, but a t3 dex is meh. Perhaps perception buff are in the middle? example 'Deleterious Alacrity of Motion' wizard spell : getting a dot for the swift inspiration don't feel a good tradeoff. Perhaps rework swift to give some action speed, or add action speed to the spell. But if it was brilliant for some dot, it would be a great bonus for a little tradeoff. Insp/aff don't stack, don't upgrade and sometimes cancel each other (like rogue persistant distraction). I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you have quick for 20sec and cast another ability that give you quick for 6sec(perhaps included with other buffs), your quick inspiration get downgraded to 6sec instead of keeping the longer duration. I just think the system could get some love to make it a bit more robust/balanced
  2. In Deadfire inspirations don't stack and most classes have access to self buff inspirations. Priests & chanters can even AOE self buff. But the 2 buffs spells Cipher get (inspirations) are single target and ally only. Valorous Echoes and Pain block could serve the cipher the most. Or Wild Leech need to be less random. Attack spells that target allies are fine, but the restriction on the buff spells make no sens. Description wise nothing block the cipher to apply them on himself. Balance wise, with all the buff most classes have access that don't seems to be a problem to allow cipher to self buff and that would boost the class. And you have the recovery. In one cipher cast, the wizard can full buff himself and be ready to cast an offensive spell. I don't see how allowing cipher to buff himself would unbalance the game. That would give more options for multiclassing too. MC is here for versatility, but if you mc some classes you loose that capacity to buff them with the ciper. Rogue & ranger + cipher, or druid + cipher. Just a little change to make the class more interesting to play.
  3. Specifically to the classes. Is there some weapons that just has an "umpf" in terms of fitting with a Class? The Grimoire as an example, Wizard tool. Is there any other items, tools or weapons that just resonate with a class discipline? Would the Barbarian be better with Axes because they like to be up close and personal and hack and slash? Does classes have an innate practice towards one of the weapon disciplines, because they are devoted to it? Unlike this thread "Outlandish Weapon and Armor" that touches "Exotic"/"Magical" weapons/armors, and also unlike this thread "Armor & Weapon Design A Plea Pt 3" which touches "Realistic" weapon/armor... This thread is a homage to the Classes and below I've brainstormed, top of my head. Barbarian = Axes, Clubs, Two-Handed/Dual-Wielding, Rocks (Big, Throwing), Fists, Polearms Chanter = Megaphone-ish, partiture, Jew's Harp, Harp, Guitar, Flute (Blowpipe?), Ocarina, Staff, Poem Cipher = Crystal, Emblem, "Implants" (alchemic potions and needles~injecting magical essence into veins)... I think the Cipher is most difficult to think about weapons, because the Cipher's weapon is the "Mind". Dream Catcher earrings? Enchanted glows that are special to the Cipher? Strings (to be able to do puppetry stuff) Druid = Nature, Staff..?? Fighter = Sword, Mace, Shield, Axe, Spear, One-Handed, Sword+Board Monk = Fists, Staff, Sword?? Ranger = Bow, Spear, Axe, Sword, Rogue = Dagger, Scimitar, Short Sword, Throwing, Gun Paladin = Hammer, Shield, "The Holy Word" Priest = Mace, Gun, Shield, "The Holy Scripture" Wizard = Grimoire, Lantern, Wand, Staff, Dagger Let's try to make a decent list instead of what I've presented, I understand that everyone will be able to wield everything (from my understanding of Obsidians comments) but is a Fighter better with a Sword than a Rogue is? The Rogue can still wield a sword, but initially (as an innate ability because of Class History/Lore) a Level 1 Fighter is better with a Sword than a Level 1 Rogue? True? False? Are some classes better with some weapons, just like some classes have some abilities that other classes don't have? I would like to say "Yes" (granted, I have no clue). That doesn't mean that a Rogue won't be able to equip a Sword, just that the Rogue would be weaker with a Sword than a Fighter to start off with. A Rogue could become great with a Sword, but never quite as good as a Fighter (the Rogue would become good in his own way). Input?
  4. A psuedo-introduction thread, because psuedo makes everything sound cooler! I believe that "Everything" is "Material". Reading some on the P:E Wikia I see relations between this board and what is being said there. I don't know if it is one way or the other (we are inspired by the Wikia or the Wikia is inspired by the forums). If the Wikia is inspired by the forums then your username and how you write here is also possibly an inspiration to characters and the world itself in P:E. So who do you see yourself as in P:E? Or as an inspirational material, what type of character would you be? Are you one of the Gods, one of the Companions? The bar owner? Are you the jester? How would you see yourself? Let me explain, when I went theater class we did some Commedia Dell Arte which is about putting on a "mask" and acting on the mask. The mask doesn't necessarily have to be like the picture seen below (there are millions of different masks, what kind of mask are you?), it could be a person, you put on and act on a different body language than your own really (Method Acting). We had one class where our homework was to go out to town and research, watch people and find one person to imitate (body language) then twist it up a notch making it hilarious and exaggerated (could get really awkward too if not authentic). A casual step forward could become a long slow motion awkward step forward. It was super fun to work with. Basically this is a thread about everyone. If you are imitated into P:E and exaggerated/twisted/tweaked similarly as explained above, do you have any "demands" on how you would wish to be presented or do you give Obsidian free reign? Getting to that awkward part where I haven't thought out ways I see myself and getting to that awkward point of presenting myself (which feels rather awkward)............. So... thinking about it a little bit, how do I see myself? As a Chanter, Cipher, Druid, Wizard or Monk. Tinkering and thinkering, friendly and passionate. A philosopher, necromancer in a sense, a Socratic individual (Socrates had to drink a vial of poison because his philosophy was not welcome, he was executed for his ways, I'd say that could be seen as "necromancy" in the eyes of the people who wanted him dead e.g., authority). Socrates was also believed to be a mad man by everyone, yet he is one of the most important historic figures for us today in philosophy. Irony right? I absolutely love to travel, Druidic and nomadic in that sense that I love the land. I intend to travel Europe next summer. When I was in Boulder, Colorado last spring I hiked a lot in the mountains and camped out as well. Boulder, Colorado is absolutely gorgeous, and they've got some pretty sweet rock climbing spots. "So Crat Es" in Latin translates to "So was the art". I like cryptic and deep riddles~information. Something that is more than meets the eye, something that can transform from one thing to another and/or deconstructed and then constructed again. I want to have an open mind and an open heart, often deciding to be positive before reading anything. A title in the Forum saying "Mini-Game", I can decide if I'm going to think "Not going to touch that blegh!" or "Oh! Mini-Games, I already get 11 ideas by the title itself!!". I've taken apart many computers just to put them back together just because I was curious. Self-aware and conscious what I am writing, how I am wording and how it is structured (where I put comas and parenthesis as well). I edit a lot post-posting because I notice structural failure when I've posted (In a sense it is like "production complete" and then I can work on polish/details). As long as the post isn't posted it is a work in progress, and there is a sense of relaxation and "rewarding success" when you've actually posted. A post is like a program, you won't notice some bugs until you've actually released it (because you didn't have the same mindset or whatnot pre-posting). I was asked once by a stranger (who felt like my sister) what my superpower was, and I told her "Kindness". I only want good. I stand with two feet on Mother Earth, and not with two feet in a country. I feel we are all family and friends on one planet, a floating big ball in space. I'm definitely a Chanter, being singer-songwriter. I like everyone here on the forums and think everyone has interesting points, thoughts and ideas Alignments A mix of Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good, trying to be True Neutral. Sometimes gets bitten by Chaotic Evil (in essence, being a selfish jerk), though I dislike being bitten by it and always feel bad about it (it happens you know, sometimes you've got a good day sometimes you've got a bad day). I feel strongly for having honor and a sense of duty, but not enough to touch Lawful Good. Osvir is a well thought out screen name, which started on a roleplaying board as "MaskedMan", wherein Os Vir literally translates to "Bone Man". It's my "Avatar"/"Alter Ego", like a character in World of Warcraft is (otherwise I would display my real name, I have told Obsidian my real name because they tell us their names, just felt it respectful). Os by itself can translate from Latin to English as "Mask", but seems to be more related to "Speech", "Mouth", "Lips", "Bone", "Source", "Mien", structure and presentation. Os is also "Opening", "Effrontery", "Impudence" and "Countenance". Vir can be "Lover", "Husband", "Virility", "Soldier" and "Manhood". ^I relate who I am to these, which is pretty funny and coincidental to me, been using the screen name Osvir for a couple of years now and I relate to the Latin translations. I'm a crazy and confused individual from time to time, and do weird things, but I'm not harmful, I don't bite (hard ). I'm just human like all of us. In video games I always play the good character for a more Passive Story Playthrough, and an evil character for Hack & Slash Action Playthrough and laughs. Laughs for both actually (Good/Evil). Who are you?
  5. Previous parts : 1) http://forums.obsidi...designs-a-plea/ 2) http://forums.obsidi...a-plea-part-ii/ Opening post :
  6. Hello, I was watching this the other day, where Tim Cain talks about movies, books, and other sources of inspiration for the first Fallout. I wanted to make a topic thread for everyone here and ask you, "What IMAGES you find inspiring your thoughts on Project Eternity?" I wanted to know what images you find yourself thinking about when imagining what the Project Eternity world to be, and I wanted you to post them here. Try to keep the text to a minimum and keep the picture sizes small (linking to them would be better). I wanted this to be a sort of "flipbook" for the devs to look at as inspirations for their own creativity when creating this world. Obviously, pictures you've taken yourself would be better than images you've taken from someone else. so... show them your pictures! Throw something up whenever it inspires you about something you know about the PE lore! This is, for example, what I thought of when Josh Sawyer was talking about the Vailians.
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