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  1. [Description of the issue] Some of the head/body combos don't have their neck seams aligned properly. See the attached image (Death Godlike head, human body). [steps to Reproduce] Play a Death Godlike with given head and human body type. Remove armor and observe the character model in the level up screen. [Expected Behaviour] Head and body should mesh better. [Other Remarks / Comments] Happens with other head/body combos as well. Possibly most of them.
  2. [Description of the issue] After teleporting to another location the Rogue´s model becomes invisible and takes no damage from enemies, not even poison. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Bring roude to a large group of enemies (Spiders in thsi case) 2) Once combat has started and the Rouge is being engaged, make her jump/escape to a point across the mob of enemies (we are taling about 10 or so meters) 3)Repeat until bug is achieved. Having the rest of the party dead may help. [Expected behaviour] The rogue apearing on the targeted spot and operating as norma. [Other remarks / Comments] I was fighting the Spider Queen on Hard difficulty. Party was nearly dead and the Rouge was engaged by one or two spiders. Made her jump to the other end of the mob. She re-apeared a few meters from her starting position with an invisible model being unable to attack or move, still being attacked by every spider and the damage registering in the combat log but without the rouge´s health going down. Employed heavy use of the pause. Heres a picture: Waited for a while and her stamina never went below 28. Incidentally I had just reloaded a save before the fight and noticed my barbarian had extra visibly unused skill slots: I cant think of what is causing this bug. I might have experienced the same bug with the wolves but since I won that encounter the rouge probably re-apeared while in the spider encounter since it was a TPW and combat didnt end, the Rogue stayed glitched. Thats all I can think off.
  3. This mostly pertains to the Aumaua, namely their 3D character models compared to their offical art and general model inconsistencies. Currently the Aumaua model options seem to be made with just island Aumauma in mind and this creates a mess of textures in addition to the unclear textures the models present. Here is the female Aumaua model made to be as close as possible to the official portrait: The Body textures and markings are unclear and blurry resulting in a very mudled effect. I get that the idea is a skin with rich patterns but this mixture of base patterns seems to be made specifically for the bluish coastal aumauma and the ensuing color mix ends up looking messy to say the least. Not to mention that the patterns are blurred enough so as to make them unreadable. The same happens with the faces. The textures end up being blurry or not contrasted enough that the tribal feel is lost in a mess of blurry patterns. Up next are the male Aumauma and their portraits: Coastal Aumaua: Island Aumaua: Here we kinda have the same problem as before with the muddled textures, only the blue patterns (made clearly for the coastal aumaua) are more aparent, especially in the body. The body patterns are much more defined in the male model but the blue coastal aumaua tint kinda ruins things for the island aumaua character. In short: Muddy patterns make muddy character models and they look bad on island aumaua due to blue coastal aumaua tint. Regarding the faces these are the other two island Aumaua ones: Male: Female: They both also have the "coastal aumaua blue tint" problem. Now since the blue tint should be for the coastal aumauma it should look good on them right? Lets see: It ends up being the same mess due to muddy patterns. The faces themselves end up looking a bit uncanny. The concept art shows sort of indian-esque faces but we have asian-ish ones here and the mess of paterns disort the faces further. It just doesnt feel like "fish people" or the exotic race Im asuming they are intended to be. Instead it kinda looks like the Blue Man Group: african tribe edition. Note: out of all of them I think the second female face is the best one but im still not seeing the concept art in that face. The face shape complaint probably falls under nitpic though as I have no idea to what measure an aumaua is a fish face or just a human with tropical fish skin and teeth. Concept art discrepancies: From the limited art we have seen so far shows Aumaumas with clearly defined patterns. The Island aumaumas have brownish/tan bodies with white/beige and black/brown patterns. Theor heads are round and meaty with big "fish eyes" with very big irises. Coastal aumauna are blueish with white and yellow patterns. Their heads have eyes with small light-colored irises and seem more squared/elongated in shape Also, lets talk about the new guy: Just as a heads up, Aumauma dont have facial hair options in character creation. I dont know about the lore but if there is a portrait of a race with facial hair and that race doesnt have the option for facial hair then as cool as the portrait is its best to not put it there and just use it for the special NPC it is probably for. I hope im not coming off as whiny or entitled (and I deeply apologize if I am), Im just trying to state these inconsistencies and visual issues that may hurt this original race (which is unique to this game) establish itself and hurt the legibility of the character model itself. As a disclaimer I REALLY like the concept of the Aumaua and their concept art but Im just not finding that concept art translated well into the game. I am placing this in the bug forum because I do consider the body types and colors mudding each other up a visual error. If mods feel this should be moved elsewhere feel free to do so, though I think its important that the devs know about this as I dont think its not a character model error.
  4. Currently, I run at 1920x1200 windowed mode. Full-screen, any of the currently supported resolutions look rather squished and unnatural. My monitors are 2048x1536. I realize that's a rather unusual resolution and so unreasonable to test for explicitly, but 1600x1200 would be good too, which many monitors can run.
  5. Not sure if this is just an effect of the item icon placeholders, but when you pick up the Medium Shield (Heater) and move it, the icon changes from the grain bag to a blank white square. Reporting this since it's the only item in the game that seems to do this. See attached screenie. (White square at bottom right of character model is the shield)
  6. Savegame: http://www.upload.ee/files/4244388/GhostWeapons.savegame.html Issue reproduction: 1) Load savegame (provided above) 2) Move between first and second floor of Dracogen Inn 3) Note that items in character inventories are moving about the game world in a disembodied fashion and / or piled in a non-interactive heap on the ground. Expected behavior: Items in character inventories do not appear in game world, those displayed on character models are produced once, on said models. Comments: I first ran into the bug after saving / loading due to non-music sound cutting out entirely after moving to the second floor of the inn. Upon reload, weapons were appearing onscreen as though being brandished, some distance from a given character - these weapons would move with the character, keeping the same distance. What's strange about this bug is that there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to which items are showing the way they do or why. Both the morning star and the rapier visible in the "Ghost Weapons.jpg" screenshot are not equipped by the characters nor are they in an auxiliary slot, they are sitting in their respective characters' inventory (the rapier in the death godlike's, the morning star in bb priest's). Upon returning to the first floor, the heap of inventory items seen in the screenshot appears. In this case, the items appear to be those actually equipped by the characters - you can see the wizard's grimoire as well as the kite shield worn by bb warrior. In addition, the unused inventory items are still appearing, but this time directly underneath the characters who are carrying them. You can see this in "Ghost pile.jpg" (the monk with the stave has no equippable items in her inventory). Saving and loading the game seems to reproduce the appearance of the Ghost Pile pic. I've attached my Dxdiag file to this post. DxDiag.txt
  7. a) During character creation the mace weapon looks transparent. create a new character pick a a class and culture that gives you a morningstar (Priest => Old Vailia) b) Great Sword changes self illumination. create a new character pick a class and backgorund that gives you a great sword rotate the character to the left and look at the lower sword while the idle animation plays (I assume this is an issue with the normal mapping / global illumination shader which is WIP) DxDiag.txt
  8. In the Skaen temple, when you enter via the Dyrford Ruins stairway, just to the south of the corridor leading to the right ( the one with the traps which eventually leads you further into the temple) is a room with a single guard. This guard always spawns in sideways and transparent. See attached screenie.
  9. In the chamber just outside Weymund's there are three guards. The center one spawns in transparent. See attached screenie.
  10. [Description of the issue] The resolution selector on the launcher splash screen doesn't set the game resolution correctly. It always ends up being the native resolution. [steps to Reproduce] 1 - Run the game full screen at a non-native resolution. Note how the "Obsidian" intro video runs at the selected resolution. 2 - When you reach the main menu screen, notice how the resolution has returned to the native resolution. 3 - Note the incorrectly sized main menu background. It loads a smaller image expecting a smaller screen, but instead gets a larger screen. 4 - Load a game. The game will load at the native resolution and not the chosen resolution. [Expected Behaviour] The game should run at whatever resolution is selected in the splash screen. [Other Remarks / Comments] This is probably the cause of my previous report about the incorrect menu background size. See here.
  11. Hi, I started a new game with a Chanter. After collecting the dragon egg quest I went east and in my first combat with the beetles I experienced a lot of slowdown after casting/chanting the spell which gives weapons fire damage. The slowdown continued after the combat and then into the next one, where the game hung just after I paused. I heard the 'ding' in the background from Windows signalling an error. The game continued to run while paused, the music continued but I couldn't interact with anything. When I unpaused, the game crashed to desktop. The game did not create any logs or reports (it had done this 2 previous times) but I've attached the output log as mentioned in one of the sticky threads. I've also attached a dxdiag anyway. Cheers philby_DxDiag.txt philby_output_log.txt
  12. [Description of the issue] Edge paning while in stealth mode causes all the detection radiuses (allied and enemy) to be displaced from the character models. Saving and Reloaded seems to fix the iddue but unreveals the entire map expcept for the area you are in. [Details] The following were the circumstances in which the bug happened: 1) I was in windowed mode (full widow) 2) The area was Stormwall Gorge. 3) I was revealing the area and moving to the left. 4) A deer´s detection radius could be seen but the deer model was still in the fog of war. 5) At one point there was a faded black line being displaced along the radiuses. Im assuming this was the edge of the screen. Screenshots included below. [Files] Displaced circles with border: Displaced Circles: After Reload:
  13. Just outside the ogre cave when trying to Zoom using mouse wheel zoom level remains the same but all the characters shadows appear to shift away from their bodies and the size of the viewable area in the fog of war expands and retracts. My character has also seemed to max out at 14461 experience, this is playing with a human wizard and just the BB followers
  14. When I load a savegame, the area I already have explored is blacked out(on the map).I have explored the area. It doesn't make any sense, since I have explored the map.
  15. Theirs a fun bug that i want you guys should keep - many on other forms like it as well when you have a pistol you can also have a sword in the other hand - you fire you pistol first then go in to swipe with your sword. i think its a glitch but we want to keep it it makes game-play more fun :D - Not sure if a its a glitch but its fun. i waset sure is this is considered discussion or bug forum stuff seems kinda like both mixed.
  16. [DESCRIPTION] When you have items in the far right slots of the inventory and you mouse over them, the popup description is partially hidden by the edge of the inventory window. [DETAILS] Put an item in the far right slot in the inventory. Mouse over the item. Note the popup description is obscured by the edge of the inventory panel. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] The popup should overlay the inventory panel edge, not be hidden under it. Screenie attached.
  17. [DESCRIPTION] On the Load screen, when you have a large number of saves under a particular character name, a 'ghost outline' of save slots appears under the save games window. (The window can only list so many in the space given). As well, when you delete a save, the cleared spot remains empty so that you have to scroll the list to get at saves toward the bottom of the list. [DETAILS] Make several saves (7 or more) so that when you bring up the Load screen, the window cannot show them all. You'll see the 'ghosts' of the saves that cannot fit in the window below it. Delete some saves. The slot area where the save was remains blank. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Would expect not to see the 'ghosts'. As well, I would expect the list to compress with each deleted save so you don't need to scroll the empty space out of the way to bring the saves at the bottom of the list into view. Screenie attached to illustrate.
  18. If you equip an elf or orlan with the rugged wilderness hat the ears of them will disappear see screenshots below. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. get a rugged wilderness hat (I think you can get it from the hidden container in the tower with the wolves in dyrford crossing) 2. equip it to an elf or orlan. 3. see that the ears are completely missing by an elf and floating in the air by an orlan. [Expected behaviour] The game should still show the ears of orlan and elves. [Other remarks / Comments] The ears are shown for humans, aumaua and dwarves if you wear the rugged wilderness hat. [Files]
  19. I had the game crash while using the chanter and made a thread for that. I was playing the game at 2560x1440 and thought I might drop it to 1080p in case the slowdown improves. When I got into the game after selecting 1080p, the main menu looked strange. The smoky effects seemed to take up all the screen but the background was almost windowed and was actually slowly moving from right to left then back again. I alt-tabbed out to take a screen shot and save it but I could not alt-tab back into the game. I only had a blank black screen and could not alt-tab to anything else. I pressed ctrl alt del and was able to start the task manager, but the screen went blank again. I had to press ctrl alt del again and choose restart from the options, I could not get back into or out of the game or back to the desktop. I've attached a screenshot of what the main menu looked like. Cheers
  20. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended but the leather armor Night-Runner looks like a unique version of padded armor. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. Get night runner (to get night runner you need to do the task cat and mouse and kill merdreth and tell nyfres that you killed him) 2. Equip night-runner 3. See that night runner looks more like padded armor than leather armor [Expected behaviour] Night-runner should look like leather armor [Files]
  21. [Description of the issue] Pace in the Drakogen Inn has partially invisible clothes. See image. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game, go to the inn, and look at the guy in the back. [Expected Behaviour] Clothes should not be partially invisible. Or at least I don't think they should be. [Other Remarks / Comments] None I can think of.
  22. I've noticed at a certain time in the morning, the water in each area does not behave correctly in relation to the lighting in the rest of the background. This is most evident in Stormwall Gorge. 1) At night, the water is an intense blue colour, which could be by design, but nevertheless looks strange: 2) At around 6am, the rest of the map begins to lighten, but the water not only doesn't lighten accordingly, but actually begins to darken: 3) At around 7am, the water begins to brighten from the darkened state into a natural light: Ignoring this bug, the daytime and nighttime water looks great in most areas except nighttime in Stormwall Gorge. It would be great if the intense blue in the first picture above could be tweaked to look more convincing.
  23. I made a video showcasing character shadows jittering left and right while inside the Blacksmith shop I created a new character and walked into the shop, and noticed the jittering. Here is my unity log: http://www.upload.ee/files/4219715/21-8_536AM_AEST.txt.html
  24. I did a really quick search to see if anyone had reported this or if it was in the known issues thread and didn't spot it, but apologies if I missed it. The game runs perfectly well in 3840x2160 windowed, but when you attempt to launch it in fullscreen at this resolution the screen just flickers and flashes. I can hear audio playing so I know the game is running, it just doesn't display anything. I know 4k support is only in its infancy, but I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or if it was just me.
  25. Hi all, Just curious if anyone has tried running the beta on a laptop with integrated graphics? I have an older (2yr) Toshiba ultrabook with i5, 4GB RAM and the Intel HD3000 integrated graphics. It runs Shadowrun Returns quite capably, and I've played things like Torchlight on it. I've been beta testing on my home PC, but wondering if I can take PoE mobile! Cheers,
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