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Found 7 results

  1. By modifying Assembly-CSharp.dll one can achieve with ease many frequently requested things that are otherwise not possible or very difficult. I have decided to make this tutorial instead of mods since mods for Assembly-CSharp.dll have some drawbacks (see below). Difficulties with Assembly-CSharp.dll modding - A modified Assembly-CSharp.dll won't be properly recognized by patches. So one has to use the BACKUP and patch the game or reinstall it. After that one has to redo all modifications to the new Assembly-CSharp.dll. It helps if one keeps track of the changes in a text file. - Assembly-CSharp mods are incompatible with any other mod that modifies Assembly-CSharp.dll Getting started - Assembly-CSharp.dll is located in "...\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Managed". - MAKE A BACKUP of Assembly-CSharp.dll !!!!! - To modify the dll you need a de/compiler like dnspy. - Launch up dnspy and open Assembly-CSharp.dll. The rest should be self explanatory for everyone with little programming skills (else leave your hands out of it!!! and learn programming). What can be done? 1. Helms for godlike 2. Does "waiting" from the rest menu take to long? 3. XP Gain. You dislike PoE2 xp system? The lines you need to edit are under "Partymanager" "AddPartySizeBonusXP" and "AssignXPToInactiveParty" I prefer no party size and no inactive penalty (changes for that below). This lines can also be modified to have a difficult scaling. 4. Difficulty scaling under "DifficultyScaling" "public class ScaleData" right click on the token and chose "edit class" this things can be changed... CreatureAttributeBonus CreatureLevelMult = 1f; DetectableDifficultyMult = 1f; DisarmDifficultyMult = 1f; TrapEffectMult = 1f; TrapDamageMult = 1f; SkillCheckMult = 1f;
  2. I can't seem to find any info on xp bonus for having less than 5 people in party. It this still a thing? I recall it being a thing in PoE 1.
  3. I made a review of PoE recently after I finished it for the first time (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92610-my-late-review-of-poe/). In it, I mentioned that PoE1 v3.05 had, personally, two major issues to be fixed: 1 - Encounter design and the limiting nature of combat mode, 2 - The leveling up system. As for n.1, I have reasons to believe it will be quite improved in PoE2. We already have sneak peeks showing us exploding kegs and difficult terrains, we know that Maia's bird will be able to scout and adding to the bigger number of ability options with the new subclasses and multiclassing, I am very optimistic about the combat experience in PoE2. The leveling up still worries me though, and here's why: It was clearly unbalanced in PoE1. You didn't have to be a completionist to become overpowered in the second half of the game and go through every encounter like pie. The level scalling option in the expansion and Twin Elms helped a little bit, but it was more like plugging holes with cement. The increased level cap to 20 in PoE2 only makes me more worried, since it will make the characters level up faster in a game that will be about the same size as PoE1. The leveling up system needs a more permanent solution in my opinion, and I would like to open the discussion in this thread for suggestions and thoughts. My suggestion: In addition to the fast paced leveling (I got to level 4 in the blink of an eye in the game), the main reasons that make the game too easy after a while is the big difference between high-level and mid-level accuracy and defenses and the lack of challenging combat design. For me, the linear increase in accuracy and defenses could be replaced by a curve-like increase (ex: +5 per level until 10, than +3 until 15, +1 from there on), or the increases could be tuned down... or maybe both. Realistically, it makes sense that a high-level character would hit or crit a regular xaurip easier, just because now he/she gathered enough combat experience for that, but that doesn't mean that a well organized tribe of xaurips shouldn't prove a challenge for a high-level party (too bad that doesn't happen in PoE1). The game tries to improve difficulty introducing new harder enemies and that's also a good strategy. The problem is that without dynamic level scalling, it is hard to balance encounter difficulty in a non-linear game. Say, if the game's beggining and end are fairly linear and the middle portion has branching story, with monsters with similar levels in each branch, if the player can choose which monsters to kill first, than the later will become easier by consequence (in that middle non-linear portion of the game). This is where a curve progression of accuracy and defenses becomes a good strategy, as it generates a plateau of stats in higher levels, preventing the player to become over-powered after a number of levels. The difference in high-levels, specially for the late portion of the game, could then be expressed by the widening of the ability options (ex: the per-encounter abilities for vancian casters is a nice touch). I was never a big fan of high-level, or "legendary" adventures, so my opinion might be a little biased. But I really think the game could benefit from an anti-overpowering approach on leveling up. It also fits with PoE's more realistic setting, where having a demi-god warrior killing thousands of enemies with single punches just feels out-of-place (unless you're Waidwen). Other obvious suggestions would be: - Dynamic level scalling, where the number of monsters in every encounter throughout the game always scale with your level, - Just forget about the 20 level cap stretch goal and slow down the level gaining.
  4. I'm sure this has been reported many times but I just wanted to add to it because I feel like this really killed it for me. First off, I love the game. I played the card game a lot with my friends, so naturally as soon as this came out I dropped $25 on the full card/expansion pack. I'm the type of player who never pays for games and really hates microtransactions, and this game gave everything I wanted. I could pay for a full game, and I can get gold and exp when I play so I still feel like I'm working towards something. Plus my roommate usually takes a pretty passive approach when we play video games (he's autistic and usually just likes to watch), but with this game he's actually played with me! Granted we don't play hot seat and just kinda play it together, but he'll roll the dice and touch the iPad and be a lot more involved than when he watches me play other games. Plus the game is super fun! I love obsidian and was more than happy to pay for this game! And I'm not one of those disgruntled customer who shouts "I want my money back" so this isn't one of those posts. However, I just had the worst luck and played a quest with my level 9 squad, so excited to get to level 10 and get that much needed card feat. I was really excited for it, but unfortunately, on the quest, 3 of my 4 died, and the 4th went in for the quick kill on Nualia and won! I was super excited, but then everything just kinda died when I noticed that my characters had leveled but only Valeros (the one who survived) actually got the card feat. I tried playing again but no dice. That unlock just got lost forever. Honestly, this killed it for me. I don't want to continue knowing I won't get that feat I really wanted (due to a freaking bug!!), and I don't want to start over because it's taken me a while to get to this point. I have a job so I don't get to sit around and farm all day like I used to, so getting characters up to level 10 will take me a while. It just killed my excitement and now I just don't want to play anymore. I'm hoping this bug gets fixed and I get my card feat back. I know it's hard dealing with the myriad of bugs, and I know there was a lot of pressure to get this game out, especially with all the delays and stuff, but please fix this Obsidian! It's not necessarily game breaking, but for me it was really spirit breaking.
  5. Okay, so I know that we get up to six talents. Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9 Level 11 Which, in my opinion, is great with the types of talents there are to choose from. It makes sure that no one PM (party member) is overpowered, and makes you think long and hard about specializations. If you are going for a straight bruiser, you would go straight down the Weapon Set tree. Snipers would want to go straight down the Marksman tree, picking up Gunner and Interrupting Blows. Deep Wounds, too. But what else about leveling am I missing? When do they offer new abilities? New spells? Is there a site that has all this information, because I've been searching?
  6. So I planed on making my own personal post about this topic, since i did not see anyone else having this problem on these forums. But google directed me to a fellow on Reddit that has had the same issue, but was unable to post it here. His link is here http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31ccgp/bug_getting_unlimited_xp_after_completing_the/ Essentially the cause seems unknown since, when mine started and his and everyone that commented all appeared at different times and places without much in common. But after performing some? action and completing a quest afterwards in that save or in some cases picking a lock you get exp but you get it continually without stopping(screenshots in the link), in my case it gives the xp to the first person in your 6 man line up. If you move the portraits it starts giving the unlimited xp whomever is in the first slot and none of the others. With that it sounds similar to that stat boost bug, as in its like a cheat that gives xp only you dont even get to play the game that way because the exp never stops, it prevents you from saving your game and when you try to switch zones the screen goes black and crashes. Any saves that has the bug is unplayable, unfortunately in my case all 3 of my saves have the bug since they are all around the same time frame, but in the Reddit post someone was able to load a old save and could play again without problems, which is good but in my case and anyone in a similar case we aren't able to play the game until it is fixed without making a new character.
  7. Seriously, its hard to keep up with conversation when there are three threads on same subject...
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