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  1. Due to the longish load times in the beta, I've played with switching tasks (Alt + Tab out) while waiting for a game to load. I notice that when the game is full-screen, this seems to suspend the process of the game loading. I then wait while the game loads where it left off before I switched out. To work around this, I find myself going Alt+Enter to Windowed mode, where the game seems to process correctly in the background while I'm doing other stuff. Other times, I've switched back to PoE while loading a game (full screen) to find the screen completely black, or frozen on "Game paused" w
  2. [Description of the issue] Trying to load a game, to change major location or to exit an interior results in crash. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start new game. 2) Create a character. 3) (optional) Level up the main character to level 5. 4) One of the following: 4-1) (optional) Save game. 4-2) (optional) Enter the mill interior. 5) One of the following: 5-1) Load saved game. 5-2) Exit interior. 5-3) Change map location using global map. 6) Loading screen appears and in a few minutes game crashes. [Expected behaviour] Loading a village area
  3. This was my very first time playing the game. I created a wild godlike and when I choose Druid for my class, the game froze and then crashed. While the game was frozen, I noticed the Druid's armour was a uniform blue colour, so I'm guessing the texture didn't load properly, but I'm no expert in these things. Also, I've attached the error log. Love and kisses, Dr_Explosion.
  4. Each time I click a button in the character creation screen the game "hangs" for about 5 seconds. The animation stops playing, but the mouse cursor can still be moved. The lag happens with almost all buttons, e.g. clicking "male" or "female", or clicking the little arrow button to distribute attribute points. Due to that bug I am unable to create a character or play the game because distributing the 57 attribute points would take forever... My system: Windows 7 64bit (Service Pack 1), GeForce GTX670, Driver 332.21
  5. Don't have many details - was going from the inn back to town after completing Blood Legacy. Loading crashed, got dialogue box that just told me to send the crash report to the developer. 2014-09-14_085104.zip
  6. reloading since one of the henchmen wouldn't move on the map caused the game to crash. Files attached, report.zip
  7. [Description of the issue] Going to the Character Screen and repeatedly clicking the Level Up button will take to to the Level Up screen for the character. After the level up options are selected and you click "done" the screen will become black. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Open Character Screen 2) Click on Level up button until Level Up screen apears 3) Proceed to level up. 4) Click "done" 5) Game will black screen with background music still on. [Expected behaviour] Not being able to level up without the required experience. [
  8. A couple things: I resolved the Ogre quest peacefully and headed back to Rumbald to give him the news. Before talking to him, I saved the game as I wanted to check to see if the party was getting the XP award that pops up in the combat log. I've seen the game report in the old build that the party gets 1500 XP when you tell Rumbald you convinced the Ogre to leave, but the game never actually gave the points. So, I tested it this time and no joy again. Game reports you get the piglet, the Lead Spitter, and 1500 Xp. You get the items but not the XP. So I decided to load up the save and try i
  9. The game froze when I tried to save right after leveling up my character at the beginning. It remained froze for like two minutes before unfreezing while I was typing this. (I couldn't alt-tab either, I had to ctrl+alt+del to bring up the consol). Also, when creating a totaly new character you still cannot Cancel the creation process. Or I really missed how I am supposed to be able to do it. Not working when pressing Previous or Esc.
  10. Selecting "New game" allows you to select difficulty options, then shows the "loading" graphic in the bottom right corner. Then about 1/2 second after you hear a noise (chirping I believe), the game crashes and gives an error box with the caption "Oops!" and some text to the effect that the game has crashed and an error log generated that I should please send to the developer. I never even get as far as the character creation screen. I was hoping this patch would fix the issue, but apparently not and moreover this issue is not even mentioned in the list of things that are still being pursue
  11. In the current state the game is unplayable for me - it crashes every few minutes: - during character creation (especially when choosing the class) - during loading to game - sometimes in the game - and always when I want to leave some "building" - for example the first church - I can go inside, but when I try to leave the game, it always crashes. I attached the error logs (about ten in like hour) + the DxDiag - is it possible that it crashes because of the older pc I am playing at? (Dual-core 2.4 GHz, Nvidia GF 8800GT, 4GB RAM, Win7 ...) Thanks for the help! I payed for the be
  12. [Description of the issue] Game crashed [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Occurred after clicking settings button to load game - never got to load option [Expected behaviour] Settings menu appears [Other remarks / Comments] Has only occurred once. Had loaded and reloaded same game multiple times in the session. [Files] 2014-09-04_194416.zip
  13. [DESCRIPTION] Suffered a full party wipe in the Ogre cave and hit ESC before the party-wipe message could pop up. Game froze and crashed. [DETAILS] 1) Get into combat. 2) Lose 3) As soon as the last party member is down, hit ESC and select Quit. 4) Game freezes and crashes. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Shouldn't have to wait for the party death message. If you hit ESC and Quit right away, game should take you to the main menu. Crash files here: http://www.upload.ee/files/4244404/2014-09-03_191334.rar.html OF NOTE: I did one modification of the game by using custom portrai
  14. Exiting any building causes the game to randomly freeze (looking at about 40% of the time). 1. Click on the door icon 2. Get blank screen with Loading down in the lower right. 3. Music continues to play but screen never loads. 4. Esc will bring up the menu but if you choose continue or load a game then journal is wiped. 5. Have to quit the game and restart and hope when you load it that instance will work. Repeat as necessary to be able to actually exit a building. Tried it 10 times and still can't exit the dang buidling...sigh...restart number 11.
  15. Just started up PoE after playing for under an hour, stopping the other night in the Inn. When I hit Continue from the main menu screen, game froze.
  16. Hi, I started a new game with a Chanter. After collecting the dragon egg quest I went east and in my first combat with the beetles I experienced a lot of slowdown after casting/chanting the spell which gives weapons fire damage. The slowdown continued after the combat and then into the next one, where the game hung just after I paused. I heard the 'ding' in the background from Windows signalling an error. The game continued to run while paused, the music continued but I couldn't interact with anything. When I unpaused, the game crashed to desktop. The game did not create any logs or reports (i
  17. Bug Description: In the Ogre cave, while transitioning back to Dyrford Crossing, game freezed in the loading screen; alt+tab showed me the crash pop up. Steps: Not sure that it will happen again but: -Use the Cave savegame in the attached file; -try to get back to Dyrwood Crossing via one of the two exits; -wait to see if the area transition goes well or freezes. Expected Behavior: The game should let the party travel from an area to another without crashes. Files: Here you'll find the Dump Crash, the DXDiag, the Output_log and the Savegame directory. http
  18. I want to report an issue that I've experienced with both this beta, and the wasteland 2 beta in the past: My computer gradually becomes more unresponsive the longer the client is running untill it freezes completely, forcing me to shut down the computer via the power button. I could start the game fine (it felt like the startup time was longer than it should though), and edit my preferences, but once I got to character creation I would notice that mouse movement and button clicks would register slowly, and incorrectly (the mouse did not move precisely to my input). Switching to another window
  19. Several Issues to report, some of which I have already seen, but seen no saves/log files associated with them. The first being my inability to return to the town. 1. When I attempt to enter the town from several separate(not at once), the game gets stuck on the loading screen. The cursor changes to the movement cursor, and I am able to enter the menu and exit the game normally, but not save the game or load it. This first happened when I tried to enter the town from the old broken down tower after going through the ruins and all those skaen cultists. What I did following that may have
  20. Anyone else noticing after 20 minutes or so the game totally freezes and gives you a GE Error, and the only way to excite is to ALT DEL CTRL to remove the root process and kill the application. I have noticed it happens a lot when I either try to save or in my sub screens such as character sheet, or spell book\Items.
  21. crash on leaving the apothecay's house. 1) in starting village, went into apothecary's house 2) exploring house 3) taking coins 4) clicking on door to get out 5) loading screen 6) got the crosshair but only black screen 7) crash report error report attached error.txt
  22. Got a couple of crashes so far. Saved the crash.dmps and output/error logs for each. Can't repro any of them, though. If you guys wanted the files, where would we go to get them to you?
  23. As the topic title states, crash happened while in Windowed Mode, while paused and looking through the combat log (mousing over values and such) right after killing a lion. A window stating "GetThreadContex failed." apeared and the usual "a crash has happened, notify developers" window poped. Unfortunately "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" regarding any file in the crash folder so heres the output log: And the error file: Hope its useful.
  24. I had the game crash while using the chanter and made a thread for that. I was playing the game at 2560x1440 and thought I might drop it to 1080p in case the slowdown improves. When I got into the game after selecting 1080p, the main menu looked strange. The smoky effects seemed to take up all the screen but the background was almost windowed and was actually slowly moving from right to left then back again. I alt-tabbed out to take a screen shot and save it but I could not alt-tab back into the game. I only had a blank black screen and could not alt-tab to anything else. I pressed ctrl alt de
  25. When i open my inventory (Right click) my characters sometimes move all over. I think it might be the lag from the inventory, but im not sure its really annoying.
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