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  1. I'm running into a problem under 10.1.1 on an iPad Air. When I go into quest mode, it goes to the intermediary screen, then crashes instead of loading the party choice screen. I can get to that screen in story, but not in quest. I have tried uninstall/reinstall. User ID is 6282.
  2. Can't find a report button in the app nor in this forum so I'll post it here. General (For all issues) Device type: iPad OS: iOS 10.2.1 Model: iPad Pro 12.9" PFID#: 7913 Gameplay issue: pass & play off permadeath off Quest Mode Characters in Party - Seelah, Lem, and Lini Location - don't remember Turn Order - as above Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. Can't see since screen is crashed What card was encountered when the issue occurred - after permanently closing location, where location power was to recharge item. Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subseq
  3. I've got a bit of an odd bug where when I try to either build a new party or manage a party in story mode, the game just crashes me back to the 'desktop' of my phone. It's been persistent through the past two updates - I'd hoped that one of those update/reinstalls would fix the issue, but no dice. Any ideas? The crash started happening right after I bought the updated Kyra, and I'm suspicious of that, as it occurred for the first time when I was trying to select her alternate-gear outfit, and then thereafter whenever I tried to play with that party, and whenever I tried a new party. A
  4. At a check for the last stone head location before the boss’ location is unlocked. Merisiel has fallen and all other characters are at the same location. Kyra failed the check to defeat the stone head. After all damage was resolved, Kyra had one card in her hand (Favor of Shelyn). I was then presented with the choice to either shuffle or place on top the stone head card. Selecting ‘Top’ made the choices disappear for a moment, and then the game crashed. Upon reloading of the game, I was presented with the same decision of ‘Shuffle’ or ‘Top’, and the game will crash a moment after either select
  5. Hello, I have a new installation of POE that is crashing randomly. The attached save game is in a location where I shortly encounter combat. When the combat became significant the game crashed. I am launching the game as admin and also confirmed there is no font listed in the output log or *UN* font present in the font folder as described elsewhere in this forum. save game located here: ; https://www.dropbox.com/s/yudvpbb3gv3q1ru/26f2dfea-601c-47c7-976a-b52685370c89%20autosave_1.savegame?dl=0 So far the game seems terrific - I did read one customer who downgraded his Nvidia drive
  6. I just purchased the game for my iPad. I can go to the store. I can make purchases. I can go to settings. I have not unlocked story or quest yet. If I try to press start game, the game crashes back to my iPad home screen.
  7. I have a 4K display, and when I have my desktop at 4K (3840x2160) and run the game, it won't actually run at anything more than 1080p (1920x1080) unless I turn off DPI scaling for the executable. I hated the way it limited how close I could zoom in once I was at that resolution, so I opted for 2K (2560x1440), but then I ran into a separate problem. If I changed my desktop resolution to anything less than 4K and tried to run the game, it crashed with no report. Then I tried to switch back and launch at 4K, and it crashed with no report again. I spent a while before figuring out tha
  8. Hello! Created this account to say two things on this forum: Damned fine game you created Damn buggy one at that Allow me to expand on the second point: I have an Archos 101e Tablet and I get random crashes all the time. I can usually play 10 minutes at a time, when the planets are aligned, and otherwise the game just crashes to "desktop", while it still counts as opened on the background. If the game was not good, I would give it to the second crash and uninstall. Since it's like a legal version of some high grade drug, I installed it on my cellphone (Huawei something or the ot
  9. Hi, I cannot visit Durgan's Battery - no matter from which location. The game crashes during loading screen. So far, I've tried lowering graphics setting, disabling vsync, lowering the framerate from max to 75 - did not seem to make a difference. I/m using GOG version of the game (I have both expansions installed), version 3.02 (as far as I can tell). My system information: Linux Mint 17.2 Cinammon 64-bit (Cinammon version 2.6.13) Linux kernel: 3.16.0-38-generic Processor: Intel Core i3-4000M CPU 2.40Ghz x 2 Memory: 3.8 GiB Hard Drives: 642.9 GiB Graphics Card: Intel Corporation 4th
  10. Hi guys, I'm having a lot of fun with the game. I've purchased the full campaign and the daily gold bonus. Today, I seem to have run into a progression blocker (corrupted save?) during Gogmurt's boss fight in Approach to Thistletop (1-4). Attempts to continue my game closes/crashes the app to the iOS springboard. Steps to reproduce IIRC are listed below. General What device type are you on? iPad What version of the OS are you running? iOS 8.1 What model is the device? iPad Air 2 What is your PFID#? PFID-9B361BFFD3E20774 Gameplay Is pass & play on? N
  11. Hi, my game just crashed and I got this message: I was in Stalwart, inside Thirsc's house. It happened after I read his soul (doing this for the Durgan Battery's Cantec quest), when I left his house, imediately after the transition screen from the house to the village, it crashed. Im sending a dropbox link to the folder mentioned and a save right before the crash https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0rv1qu7orn6gqcq/AACdzXHqn8MhZ0iLEekwxpcFa?dl=0 dxdiag: DxDiag.txt
  12. Please help! My characters are trapped! I am admittedly running the game on old hardware, an iPad 2. As a result, it crashes occasionally, and I've gotten used to putting up with that. But now I've reached a point where it crashes 100% consistently, and I am stuck. I have a team of 6 characters, and they have decided to start "Before the Flood", on Legendary difficulty. When I enter Story Mode, they are already committed to this, and the first screen I get is the "During this scenario" page which tells me about Black Magga, and also tells me which random wildcard powers have been
  13. IOS Ipad Permadeath, Legendary, Quest Sajan on Apothecracy Scenario Power - Giants deals 1 damage after defeat, After Monster is defeated roll d6 on a 1 deal 2 damage..forgot the last one aside from adjacent location movement only. encountered the Golem Boss ( one who discards and reset hand on 2nd combat check) on the said location ( one where you roll d6 heal if you don't explore on the turn ) Defeated him on both checks..the giant damage scenario kicks in as he runs away to another location (map view) then as he is running AI rolls a 1 on the d6 scenario power..i can't discard no
  14. Description The game always crashes right after I've made it to the point where I can move my character the first time. Sometimes it might crash while the first monolog is coming, sometimes I can move around for about 1-30 seconds first. I deleted the one time I made it so far I could perform a save because I thought there might be something wrong with that save file and then tried a new character, but I haven't made it so far I could perform another save game yet. I've fully reinstalled my graphics card drivers, I've reinstalled the game in Steam and have verified the cache, I've stopped eve
  15. Hello, I have a lot of crashes when I backup or I change areas. This completely blocks my computer, I have to restart. I have reinstalled the game I updated the drivers for the video card and sound. It's always the same. I attach files that can be useful. Thank you for your responses. Jerome ps i cant post the save (too big) 4 MB DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  16. I'm running the the newest GOG version of PoE (GOG v2.8.0.14), and it's crashing immediately when I run it. As soon as I start it, I get an error popup saying "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way". Earlier versions of PoE have worked fine, but it's been a while since I updated. I've tried fresh installs, and have downloaded from both the GOG downloader and directly from the website. I do not have any DLC installed, this is a fresh vanilla install. I do get an error log, which is attached. output_log.txt
  17. Issue Report: Description: When attempting to travel to Crägholdt Bluffs, the game crashes to the main menu while the location is loading. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1) Be in Caed Nua. 2) Go to the South East travel location. 3) Click on the button and select Crägholdt Bluffs. No changes were made to my party composition, which included: Eder, Kana, Sagani, myself, Aloth, and Durance. X) The game crashes to the main menu while loading Crägholdt Bluffs. Player.log: Selecting FBConfig GLX_FBCONFIG_ID=242 GLX_BUFFER_SIZE=32 GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER=1 GLX_RED_SIZE=8 GLX_GREEN_SIZE=8 GLX_BLUE_SIZE=8
  18. Game is fine until the very first sequence for the Gilded Vale loads (where caravan is standing around campfire). When the first NPC in this sequence takes a step, game crashes to desktop w/ no error. Fresh install of PoE w/ no mods Graphics drivers up to date Windows 7 64-bit w/ 16 gigs of ram Please advise, =Khalysto=
  19. Hello, I just purchased the game a couple days back from the Apple store. I installed, booted up, created a character. The game begins with the beginning of the dialogue, but then it simply crashes and I cannot continue. What are the steps to resolve this? Thank you, Dale
  20. Everytime I try to play Pillars Of Eternity it crashes. Quite annoying, some times crashes on load screen other time opening a box, even on main menu. Here error log https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5t1YfMx_7hGVXprRmU5azVMbVU/view?usp=sharing
  21. Game crashed whilst i was in sauna (it was during "respec" of lvl9 Durance from general shopkeeper of the castle) -> "2015-11-26_151336"
  22. I have random game crashes. It happens often without a reason. Starts after Caed Nua (or near that). After crash, i can load savegame and go farther. But this crashes very annoying. Reinstall game not help. savegame is here (too big to attach) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzw94gz5nns6mtj/63a9a88c-ce07-4c21-b8cb-104cb0858a31%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 crash in Anslog's Compass after i deal with a Dozens. 2015-11-02_211312.zip
  23. Hi guys, Hoping you can help me fix this issue I am having. First of all I am using the GOG version of PoE. I cannot play for more than a few minutes without this crash happening. Description: Last night, with an FPS limiter on (not sure if helped), alt tabbing to frequently monitor all temps/fan speeds, I was able to play almost 30 minutes and quit without crashing. Otherwise, every other attempt (20+) has resulted in said crash that requires a reboot. I had an identical issue with Terraria the same day I picked up PoE, but that was resolved by disabling cloud support for t
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